February 07, 2012

PCW Live Show
February 7, 2012
Neal Blaisdell Center - Honolulu, Hawaii
Attendance: 5,054 (65%)

Four Corners-Elimination Match:
Steve Corino vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Wade Barrett vs. Alex Payne

The first match of the night pitted three newcomers to the PCW, and a veteran of the company, all looking to turn their luck around. Neither man wanted to be the first eliminated from this match. In fact, there were no eliminations during the 20-minute match. But, one that that was clearly evident was that a new rivalry might be brewing between Alex Payne and Jeff Hardy, as they continued to brawl with each other after the bell had sounded.

Jeff Hardy drew Steve Corino, Wade Barrett, and Alex Payne:
X time limit expired (J. Hardy and A. Payne) in 0:20:00.
Rating: ** ½

After the match, PCW officials came down to the ring, putting an end to the brawl inside the ring, and escorting the four men backstage.

PCW Tag Team Title Match
David Otunga/Bryon Saxton vs. © Daniel Bryan/Jay Lethal

The situation between Daniel Bryan and Jay Lethal has been left on the back-burner for a couple weeks now, because the duo has been focused on retaining the PCW Tag Team Titles. For the time being, it has appeared that championship gold can hold a friendship together; but the challenge in front of them tonight was one they had not fought before. David Otunga and Bryon Saxton both had their sights set on getting an ounce of payback against The Big Show for attacking them a few weeks back. A match that would test whether or not they could face the largest athlete in the world after preparing for him or not. However, their luck changed as they were given a chance to challenge for the Tag Team Titles tonight. Both men looked eager and up for the challenge when the bell rang.

Bryan and Lethal started the match off strong, taking out Otunga for a better part of the match; but somehow, Saxton was able to take over the match, clearing the ring, and giving his partner time to regain his composure. However, being undone by a single person did not sit well with either Bryan or Lethal, who came back and singled-out Saxton. Bryan put Saxton in the LeBell Lock for a total of just over two minutes, but Saxton was able to escape the hold each time! With that not working, Lethal locked in a figure-four that nearly caused Saxton to pass out, but Otunga was able to break up the submission. The match quickly went outside, where all four men began to brawl. The referee tried to get control over the match, as Saxton and Lethal re-entered the ring. Saxton connected with the Recommendation, in the center of the ring, and picked up the pinfall and the Tag Team Titles!

[Tag Team Title Match]:
David Otunga & Bryon Saxton defeated Daniel Bryan & Jay Lethal when B. Saxton pinned Lethal with the Recommendation in 0:25:16.
Rating: ¼
(David Otunga & Bryon Saxton won the PCW Tag Team Titles.)

After the match, the referee separates Otunga and Bryan outside the ring. Otunga slides into the ring and celebrates with Saxton, as the referee retrieves the belts. Bryan walks up the ramp, alone, keeping his back to the ring as the live show goes to commercials.

Commercial Break

Ken Anderson vs. Harlem Bravado

Harlem Bravado has been steadily climbing the ladder, hoping for a chance to challenge for the Television Title in the near future. Last month he picked up a huge payback victory over Eddie Edwards, and tonight he looked ready to continue his winning ways against Ken Anderson. Anderson, however, has been on the losing side of things as of late; and tonight would be a great way to turn things around for him – on live television. Those plans were quickly derailed as KENNY KING made his way down to the ring, smacking Anderson in the back with a steel chair, and allowing Bravado to hit the X Marks The Spot for the victory.

Harlem Bravado pinned Ken Anderson with the X Marks The Spot in 0:08:43.
Ken Anderson injured his left knee. He will be out approximately six (6) weeks.
Rating: ***

After the match, Anderson laid in the ring, holding his knee in pain. Kenny King slipped through the crowd, and Bravado walked back up the ramp, as medical personnel made their way to the ring. Anderson was helped out of the ring by a trainer, and hobbled up the ramp a James Westerfield and Alfred Pressley hoped that the injury wasn’t too serious.


PCW Television Title Match
Eddie Edwards vs. Alberto Del Rio (w/Roberto Rodriguez) vs. © Lance Bravado

The boiling pot that these three men found themselves in had been bubbling over for weeks now, and tonight the lid was pulled off, allowing things to overflow. The on-going feud between Edwards and Bravado was given a little bit of something extra with the addition of the Television Title; and former champion Del Rio was looking to get back what he felt was rightfully his. The start of this match saw Bravado taking on both Edwards and Del Rio, before finally Del Rio and Edwards were forced to face each other as well. The action was back and forth, and there weren’t as many pinfall attempts as expected, but the fans were satisfied throughout. The end of the match saw Edwards and Del Rio in the ring. Edwards ran into the ropes, only to have ROBERT RODRIGUEZ pull down the top rope, causing Edwards to crash down onto the concrete! The referee called for the bell and awarded the match to Edwards.

[PCW Television Title Match]:
Eddie Edwards defeated Alberto Del Rio and Lance Bravado when E. Edwards defeated Del Rio by disqualification in 0:19:35.
Rating: ** ¼
(Lance Bravado retained the PCW Television Title.)
[Roberto Rodriguez interfered against Eddie Edwards.]

After the match, Rodriguez started stomping on Edwards as he laid on the concrete. Del Rio slid out of the ring, grabbed Rodriguez, and both of them made their way up the ramp. Bravado jumped of the apron and grabbed the Television Title. Bravado also walked up the ramp as the referee checked on Edwards at ringside.


PCW Heavyweight Title Match
The Big Show vs. © David Hart Smith

For weeks, it had been obvious that David Hart Smith had his sights set on defending the Heavyweight Title against Max Buck. But his own actions caused not only Buck’s career to come to an end, but a change to be made for the title match. Smith would have defended the belt against anyone in the PCW, but the number one contender was a man who Smith made angry, by making him tap out in their first title match. The Big Show had the same goals as everyone else: to become Heavyweight Champion. But with him being named Smith’s opponent, The Big Show now found himself looking for vengeance. He wanted to wipe away the image of himself submitting in the center of the ring. Only one thing would do that: becoming Heavyweight Champion.

Smith knew what he was up against tonight, and from the get-go, he set out to wear down The Big Show with constant offense. He was able to take “The World’s Largest Athlete” off his feet, but The Big Show kept coming back. Smith’s efforts were effective at first, but Show’s ability with withstand the onslaught, and the strength and power of any move Show made, started to take their toll on the champion. The Big Show took advantage of Smith’s state, and began to take control of the match. In one final effort, Smith attempted to powerslam Show, only to have the move reversed. Show then called for – and hit – the Choke Slam for the 1-2-3, and to become the new Heavyweight Champion.

[PCW Heavyweight Title Match]:
The Big Show pinned David Hart Smith with the Choke Slam in 0:18:25.
Rating: ** ¼
(The Big Show won the PCW Heavyweight Title.)

After the match, The Big Show was awarded the Heavyweight Title. He celebrated in the center of the ring, with the crowd cheering, as the broadcast came to a close.

Rating: ** ½

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