February 14, 2011

Attendance: 12, 524 (62%)

Highlights from last week's episode are shown, ending with the assault on Cody Rhodes by Abyss and Matt Morgan. “Headstrong” plays through the arena, and fireworks shoot from the stage, as the camera pans around the crowd, where people cheer and wave their signs in the air. Josh Daniels and Scott Michaels welcome everyone to Charlotte, and announce that tonight, the second-of-three battle royals will take place tonight. Cody Rhodes will take on D'Angelo Dinero, in a non-title match; and “The Viper” Randy Orton will step into the ring with “The Monster” Abyss.

For the second week in a row, Abyss makes his way to the ring, smiling at the boos he's receiving from the crowd. In the ring, he says that last week he said that he knew the fans didn't think he was smart enough to get the better of Kurt Angle. Abyss says that, for the second week in a row, that's exactly what he did. He says that last week's match meant nothing to him; he didn't care if he and Matt Morgan won at all… he just wanted to leave Angle in a crumpled heap for the crowd to stare at. Abyss says that nothing made him happier, last week, then looking down at Angle's lifeless body as the referee counted him out. He says, that at Best of the Best, he has every intention of making sure he walks away with the victory, but not by countout. Abyss announces that Angle is not in the building, but that he wants a message to be relayed to him: Angle got “this close” to hitting the Angle Slam two weeks ago; but, last week, Abyss proved that he could win the Heavyweight Title “that fast”… and, that's what his plan is for February 27th. He leaves the ring as the crowd greets him with more boos…

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(1) Jimmy Uso (w/Tamina) vs. Mr. Anderson (w/Chelsea & Ric Flair)

Jey Uso returned to the ring tonight, on his own, after his brother Jimmy left the company. He came out with a kind of aggression that he hadn't shown during his tag team days, as he took the fight to Mr. Anderson. These two have a history, battling amongst the tag team division, and they brought that animosity into this one. After just over 30 minutes, Uso had seemingly had enough of the close calls he was getting, and out of frustration, threw the referee into the ring post. Uso and Anderson continued to brawl until the referee called for the bell, awarding the match to Mr. Anderson. Afterwards, Uso got into the face of the referee and began complaining about the bad calls, when Anderson snuck up and connected with the Mic Check! Anderson left the ring as the crowd gave him a mixed reaction…

Mr. Anderson defeated Jey Uso by disqualification in 0:35:25.
Rating: ** 1/2

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Backstage, The Hart Dynasty – and Natalya – are shown entering the arena, when they are attacked from behind by Skip Sheffield and Rob Terry. “Big Rob” grabs Natalya as Sheffield tells her to inform her family that Best of the Best will not be like any other time they've defended the titles. He says that he and Terry are going to be unlike any other team they have faced, and that Sheffield and Terry will end their reign as Champions. Sheffield walks away, as Terry lets go of Natalya, and follows suit. Natalya tends to Hart and Kidd as the camera goes back to ringside…

(2) Daffney vs. © Velvet Sky (Non-Title Match

A week after facing off with the number one contender, Daffney found herself in the ring with the new Women's Champion, who she has had a very well-known past with. Tonight, they started where they had left off, but the sides became a little stacked as Michelle McCool came down to the ring. McCool connected with a chair shot to Sky's back, giving Daffney a chance to roll up the champ, but Sky was able to kick out of the move before the three count. The referee admonished McCool to the back, as Sky fought her way back into the match. Sky won the match, after hitting the Beauty Mark, but was attacked by McCool after the bell rang. McCool whipped the champ into the ropes, but Sky ducked the Big Boot attempt, and sent McCool down with a clothesline. McCool rolled out of the ring, slapping the mat in frustration, as the crowd cheered on Velvet. Velvet called McCool backed into the ring as Michelle slowly made her way up the ramp…

Velvet Sky defeated Daffney by disqualification in 0:17:14.
Rating: ** ½
[Michelle McCool interfered against Velvet Sky.]

Commercial Break

As Anarchy returns from commercials, Adam Cole and Kyle O'Reilly make their way to the ring. Cole says that he and O'Reilly had been discussing something ever since they both joined the HWL, and their plan come to fruition last week, when they beat down D'Angelo Dinero. Cole says that he and O'Reilly played a huge part during their time in another company, and that they plan on raising the same kind of hell in the HWL. Cole says that he sees the shocked expressions on the faces of people in the crowd, and says that he understands that no one saw what happened last week, coming. Cole says that the quiet ones are the ones that get the biggest reaction when they break out of their shells. He says that he and O'Reilly will set their sights on winning the Tag Team Titles in their precious, due time… but says that his main goal is to walk into Best of the Best leave “The Pope” looking like he did last week; and to walk out of the event as the new X-Division Champion. Cole says that he will be watching Dinero's match tonight intently, because he knows he's gotten into Dinero's head, and he wants to make sure “The Pope” is aware that anything can happen… at any time. He laughs and drops the microphone, as he and O'Reilly leave the ring; Josh Daniels and Scott Michaels wonder what the new team have in store for the rest of the HWL in the future…

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(3) 5-Man Battle Royal

Alex Shelley, Evan Bourne, Kyle O'Reilly, Eddie Edwards, and Adam Cole are introduced to the crowd. Josh Daniels announces that Yoshi Tatsu has been replaced by Adam Cole, and that he and Scott Michaels will have updates later on Yoshi's whereabouts. Alex Shelley and Adam Cole were in charge of the eliminations, each eliminating two opponents. But, in the end, it came down to a battle between Cole, Shelly, and Edwards for the second spot in the Triple Threat Match. Cole shocked the crowd by making the final two eliminations within a minute of each other, to earn himself the spot in the Triple Threat Match, but also a chance to become Number One Contender for the Heavyweight Title at “Best of the Best”. After the match, Cole celebrated in the ring as the crowd began to boo…

Adam Cole won a 5-man Battle Royal:
x A. Shelley threw out E. Bourne after the Dominator in 0:01:43.
x A. Shelley threw out O'Reilly after a Discus lariat in 0:10:59.
x A. Cole threw out A. Shelley in 0:22:53.
x A. Cole threw out E. Edwards in 0:23:39.
Rating: *
(Yoshi Tatsu no-showed.)**

Commercial Break

HWL Owner, Peter Bradshaw, is seen sitting behind his desk, in the corporate offices in Nashville, Tennessee. Bradshaw says that he has an important announce concerning next week's edition of “Anarchy”. He says that the final five-man battle royal will take place, to name the final order for the match on February 27th. But he also announces that, next week, the three men who were successful in winning their respective battle royals, will face off for the right to enter the pay-per-view at number 15. Bradshaw wishes everyone a good night, and says that he will be in (city) next week…

(4) Cody Rhodes vs. © D'Angelo Dinero (Non-Title Match)

Cody Rhodes was certainly the fan favorite here tonight, as the hometown crowd watched him take on the X-Division Champion. Dinero had his own cheering section, but one person who wasn't cheering for “The Pope”, was Adam Cole. Cole, who had just won the battle royal earlier in the evening, came down to the ring, and clobbered Dinero with a steel pipe, allowing Rhodes to hit the Cross Rhodes and pick up the victory. After the match, Rhodes stared at Cole, as he made his way back up the ramp. Rhodes stayed in the ring as medical personnel made their way down, and tended to Dinero.

Cody Rhodes pinned D'Angelo Dinero with the Cross Rhodes in 0:13:56.
D'Angelo Dinero suffered a back injury. He will be out approximately 1 card.
Rating: *
[Adam Cole interfered against D'Angelo Dinero.]**

Commercial Break

(5) Randy Orton vs. Abyss

For winning the battle royal last week, Randy Orton's reward was to step into the ring with the Number One Contender for the Heavyweight Title. The match quickly became one-sided as Kurt Angle made his first appearance of the night, shocking the crowd, and pulling the top rope down to bring Abyss outside the ring. As “The Viper” distracted the referee, Angle connected with an Angle Slam onto the concrete floor! Angle rolled Abyss back into the ring, and made his way up the ramp, as Orton locked in a sleeper hold, causing “The Monster” to pass out. After the match, Orton celebrated his victory as the crowd roared with disapproval.

Randy Orton defeated Abyss when Abyss passed out in double reverse chinlock in 0:06:43.
Rating: **
[Kurt Angle interfered against Abyss.]

Card rating: ***

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