February 14, 2012

Attendance: 13,911

Eddie Edwards makes his way out to the ring to start off the show. Edwards says that, even though he didn’t walk away with the Television Title around his waist, he still walked out the winner; and because of that, he should receive a title shot against Lance Bravado, one-on-one.

This brings out Alberto Del Rio, accompanied by Roberto Rodriguez. Del Rio says that because the title did not change hands last week; and because the match was not on singles match, Del Rio still has a rematch clause in his contract. Del Rio says that, as the former champion, he is entitled to his rematch before anyone else faces Bravado for the title. Edwards interrupts and reminds Del Rio that it was Rodriguez that cost Del Rio the match last week; and any claim Del Rio had to a rematch was lost when the bell rang.

As Del Rio goes to respond, Daniel Bryan comes out to the ring. Bryan says that the only way progress will be made within PCW, is if changes are made. Bryan says that he is a four-time Heavyweight Champion, and the former Tag Team Champion. Bryan says that he has not held a singles title in over a year, and that its time that changes. Bryan says he deserves a shot at the Television Title, based on the history of his past work.

This brings out Commissioner Rex Butler to the stage. Butler says the thought of having three former champions battling for a shot at the Television Title is very intriguing; and that whoever won would be a great opponent for Lance Bravado come the March 6th live show. Butler then signs a Triple Threat, Number One Contenders Match between the three men for next week. Butler leaves the stage as the crowd roars with approval.

Alex Payne & Wade Barrett vs. Kazarian & Jeff Hardy

Last week, at the live event, Alex Payne, Wade Barrett and Jeff Hardy took part in an elimination Fatal Four Way match that ended in a time limit draw. Tonight, they were be in tag team action, but the PCW crowd was introduced to Kazarian, who was making his debut. Known as Kaz in the HWL, Kazarian was another member of this match known for his speed and high risk ability. He and Hardy seemed to team well with each other, having had a working past in TNA. Barrett, the “brawn” of this match, struggled early against Kazarian and Hardy; but midway through the match, his size and strength advantage took over, and he was able to take control for his team. However, with the use of numerous chairs brought in by Hardy, and double teams, Barrett succumbed, tagging in Payne. Payne quickly fell victim to a half nelson by Kazarian and tapped out.

Kazarian & Jeff Hardy defeated Alex Payne & Wade Barrett when Kaz made A. Payne pass out in a half nelson choke sleeper in 0:16:14.
Rating: ***

A video package is shown, recapping the injury that Ken Anderson suffered to his knee last week at the live event. In a voiceover, Alfred Pressley says that Anderson is at home recovering, and that Anderson will make a statement next week.

In a segment taped last week, Brooke Barlow is shown asking Kenny King about Ken Anderson's injury. King says that any injury is unfortunate in this business. An injury could mean the difference between any number of lifestyles. King says that he and Rhett Titus have grand plans for themselves, and the lifestyles they want. King says that The All-Night Express will, in due time, take over the PCW, and be the strongest force the company has ever seen. King says that the only way to ensure that is by starting at the bottom; to wean out the weak. King says that's exactly what he started doing last week.

Kenny King vs. The Great Khali (w/Ranjin Singh)

Kenny King came out, looking very confident, especially after hearing his words from last week. It’s difficult to have much confidence when you’re stepping into the ring against The Great Khali, as many on the PCW roster are well aware. King gave Khali a good fight, but got a little help from Rhett Titus, who came down to the ring and hit Khali in the back with a steel chair. Though, instead of giving King the advantage, the chair shot only angered Khali, as he looked to do some permanent damage to King. Before he could get his hands on King, though, Ranjin Singh tripped King from the outside, in full view of the referee! Khali was disqualified, as King rolled under the bottom rope, and joined Titus on the ramp.

Kenny King defeated The Great Khali by disqualification in 0:05:21.
Rating: -** ¾
[Rhett Titus interfered against The Great Khali.]
[Ranjin Singh interfered against Kenny King.]

A video taken after the live event, last week, shows Daniel Bryan and Jay Lethal in the locker room. Lethal apologizes to Bryan for losing the Tag Team Titles earlier in the evening. Bryan says nothing while packing up his gear. As Bryan turns to leave, Lethal stops him, and says that they can get the titles back. Lethal says he knows he and Bryan and beat David Otunga and Bryon Saxton. Bryan asks why they couldn't beat them tonight. Bryan says that he has tried to look past a number of the loses they have; but they get more and more consistent. Bryan says that he doesn't want to get back the Tag Team Titles, and if Lethal wants them, he can get them with another partner. Bryan pushes past Lethal and leaves the room.

James Westerfield is joined on-stage by new Heavyweight Champion, The Big Show. James asks how it feels to be the new Heavyweight Champion. Show says that every time he has held a championship it was special; but beating David Hart Smith last week, and winning the PCW Heavyweight Title means something extra, because of the injustice Show felt he was served in the weeks leading up to their match. Show says that he rid himself of those injustices last week, by winning the Heavyweight Title, and ending Smith's reign as champion. James begins to ask Show another question, but Show is attacked from behind by James Storm. Storm chop-blocks Show's left leg, dropping the champion to the stage. Storm works over Show's leg, stomping on his knee. PCW officials rush out, pulling Storm away from Show, as Show lies in agony, holding his leg.

Non-Title Match
The Bravado Brothers vs. © David Otunga & Bryon Saxton

The newly crowned Tag Team Champions were in action tonight against the Television Champion and his brother – a combination that, as of yet, has not tasted tag team gold in the PCW. Otunga and Saxton were cohesive as a team; and the Bravados were as well, since they had been teaming together for most of their careers. This match was fast-paced, with a number of near falls from each team. However, the mood at ringside quickly changed as THE GREAT KHALI made his way to ringside. Still upset from his earlier loss to Kenny King, Khali stalked the ringside area, as the focus of the participants turned towards the Punjabi Giant. Using the distraction, Lance tried to roll up Otunga, but Otunga kicked out before the three. Lance tagged in Harlem, and immediately fell under Khali’s attack. Khali dragged Lance off the apron and up the ramp. Harlem focused on his brother, but Otunga locked in an abdominal stretch. Harlem quickly tapped out for the victory.

David Otunga & Byron Saxton defeated Harlem & Lance Bravado when D. Otunga made Harlem submit to an abdominal stretch in 0:16:12.
Rating: * ½
[The Great Khali interfered against Lance Bravado.]

After the match, Harlem rolled out of the ring and ran up the ramp, chasing after Khali and his brother. Otunga and Saxton celebrated their victory in the ring.

Card rating: ¼*

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