February 20, 2012 - Boston, MA

The show opens with a recap of the David Otunga-Randy Orton match from last week, and the post-match attack by CM Punk. Josh Daniels and Scott Michaels welcome everyone to Boston.

Shane Hagadorn, Steve Corino and Jesse Neal make their way down to the ring, with the crowd booing. Hagadorn says that Steve Corino and Eddie Edwards were one of the most successful teams to ever step foot inside an HWL ring. Hagadorn says they were a dominating force in the Tag Team division, and that without his guidance, they would have achieved none of it. Hagadorn says that eight days ago, at Best of the Best, was nothing but a blip on the radar; a speed bump in their continued path to greatness. Hagadorn says that, along with everyone in the arena, Kurt Angle and Martin Maldonado know that Corino and Neal should still be Tag Team Champions. Hagadorn says they have come out tonight to use their rematch clause for Wrestleocalypse.

This brings out David Otunga and Santino Marella, who get into the ring, and into the faces of Corino and Neal. Otunga says that Corino and Neal may have a rematch clause, and as good a case as any for why they should face Angle and Maldonado; but Otunga says that he, Santino, and the rest of the fans are sick and tired of seeing the same old thing, over and over. Otunga says that there are a number of teams that would love to challenge for the Tag Team Titles; and that he and Santino are one of them. Hagadorn screams at Otunga that he was nothing before Hagadorn brought him in, and that Otunga is still nothing without him.

This brings Peter Bradshaw out to the stage. Bradshaw says that, yes, Corino and Neal have a guaranteed rematch clause in their contracts; that they can implement any time they want. Bradshaw says that he also agrees with Otunga and Marella: that the HWL fans would profit from seeing something different inside the ring. Bradshaw says that, tonight, the team of Otunga and Marella will face Corino and Neal, in a Number One Contenders match. Bradshaw says that the winners will face Angle and Maldonado at Wrestleocalypse. Bradshaw leaves the stage, as the five men in the ring stare at each other.

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X-Division Tournament Match
#1 Adam Cole vs. #8 Matt Morgan (w/Ric Flair)

Last week, Peter Bradshaw announced that an eight-man tournament would be held to determine the challenger for Rami Sebei and the X-Division Title at Wrestleocalypse. In tonight’s first match, former champion Adam Cole faced off against a very angry and determined Matt Morgan. In this type of match, Morgan would surely be dangerous, and he was exactly that, using his size and strength advantage to overpower Cole. With the no-disqualification stipulation in these matches, it was no surprise when RIC FLAIR interfered. But, it was also no surprise when Cole shoved Flair of the apron when “The Nature Boy” tried to interfere a second time. However, Flair’s distraction allowed Morgan to powerslam Cole, and make the cover for the 1-2-3.

[No-Countout-No-DQ Match]:
Matt Morgan pinned Adam Cole after a powerslam in 0:13:52.
Rating: ** 3/4

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Returning from the break, Colt Cabana and CM Punk are seen backstage. Cabana tells Punk that he wasn't trying to take away from anything Punk has accomplished by helping Punk win at Best of the Best. Punk says Cabana ruined his chance to prove that Punk is the "Best in the World", at the event that should been named in his honor. Cabana apologizes to Punk. Cabana says they've been friends for a long time; and Cabana just wants to see Punk succeed. Punk thanks Cabana for his concern, but says that he won the Heavyweight Title without any help; he'd like to retain it the same way. Punk walks off and is met by Randy Orton. Orton says that, whether or not Punk will admit it, Punk will need all the help he can get pretty soon.

Non-Title Match
Velvet Sky vs. © Hamada

The last time these two Vixens met inside a ring, Hamada was just getting her feet wet in the HWL, and Velvet was challenging for the title against then-champion, Nikki Bella. Just over a month ago, Hamada came in with a lot to prove. Tonight, it was Velvet who was hoping to come back from a unneeded loss. Velvet came out strong from the onset, quickly hitting two headscissor takedowns. Hamada fought back, only to have Velvet throw her to the concrete at ringside. Hamada rolled into the ring at six, and was taken down by another headscissor. Velvet kept up the attack, hitting the Beauty Mark, but only getting a two-count. Velvet argued with the referee, allowing Hamada to get back to her feet. Hamada landed a number of stiff chops to Velvet’s chest. Hamada whipped Velvet into the ropes and went for the Hamada Driver. Velvet slipped out of the move, and rolled out of the ring. Velvet walked up the ramp as the referee counted her out.

[Non-Title Match]:
Hamada defeated Velvet Sky by countout in 0:10:34.
Rating: ** ¼

After the match, Hamada was handed the Women’s Title. At ringside, Josh and Michael question what Velvet’s motives were for walking away from a match that, had she won, would have helped her status as a possible challenger to the title down the line.

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Returning from the break, Chelsea and AJ Styles are seen inside the Conglomerate locker room. Chelsea tells AJ that she's sick of being nothing but his eye candy. Chelsea says she feels stupid for having stuck around Styles and the others for as long as she did. Chelsea heads towards the door, but Styles grabs her by the arm. Styles says that if he sees Chelsea anywhere near Brutus Magnus, she's not going to like what happens. Chelsea escapes Styles's grasp and leaves the room…

Also backstage, Alisha Hicks is seen with Eve Torres. Alisha congratulates Eve on her victory in the battle royal last week, and asks how it feels to debut and become Number One Contender. Eve says she could've be more excited about becoming Number One Contender. Eve knows she hasn't been in the business as long as the other Vixens, but that she has had success in her short career. Eve credits the other Vixens for being great at what they do; and says she was fortunate to win last week. Eve says she looks forward to facing Hamada at Wrestleocalypse, and is humbled by the opportunity. Before Eve can walk away, Brie Bella stops her and says that Eve was nothing but lucky last week. Brie says she hopes to see Eve lose at Wrestleocalypse, because Eve doesn't deserve a title shot. Brie slaps Eve and walks away.

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Number One Contenders Match
David Otunga & Santino Marella vs. Steve Corino & Jesse Neal (w/Shane Hagadorn)

The crowd in Boston was all set for these two teams to finally lock up, and the anticipation was building as Corino and Neal were introduced. They came out to a roar of boos from the crowd, and paced across the ring, waiting for their opponents.

Otunga and Marella were introduced, but as they made their way to the ring, Shane Hagadorn instructed Corino and Neal to leave the ring, meeting their opponents halfway up the ramp. The four men brawled up and down the ramp, as the referee tried to intervene, to no avail. Under Hagadorn’s instruction, Neal speared Marella into the steel ramp, getting a huge groan from the crowd. At the bottom of the ramp, Corino whipped Otunga into the steel ringsteps. Corino then stomped and punched Otunga until HWL officials rushed down to the ring, pulling Corino away. Corino, Neal and Hagadorn leave the ringside area as the officials check on Marella and Otunga.

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Returning from the break, Brutus Magnus is shown walking through the backstage area, where, for the second week in a row, he is attacked by Rob Terry! Magnus and Terry brawl inside the hallway. Magnus take control, and whips Terry into the cement wall. Terry fights back and whips Magnus into a metal door, denting it. Terry stays on the attack, grabbing a chair and repeatedly hitting Magnus in the back. Chelsea appears and screams for Terry to stop. Terry drops the chair and walks away as Chelsea calls for help.

X-Division Tournament Match
#2 Martin Maldonado vs. #7 Brutus Magnus

Josh and Scott discuss the events that just took place backstage, as Martin Maldonado is introduced to the ring. Maldonado waits, as the crowd begins to grow antsy, until Peter Bradshaw appears on-stage with a microphone. Bradshaw says that, due to the attack moments ago, Brutus Magnus is in no condition to compete tonight. Bradshaw then awards the match – and advancement into the second round – to Maldonado. Maldonado looks around, unsure of what to do, as Bradshaw leaves the stage. Josh and Scott talk about the surprising announcement as “Anarchy” heads to commercials.

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A preview for "Wrestleocalypse II" is shown, as "The Crazy Ones" by Stellar Revival plays in the background. The event will take place live from New Orleans, La., on March 18th, only on pay-per-view.

Non-Title Match
AJ Styles (w/Ric Flair) vs. © CM Punk

AJ Styles came out to the ring with only Ric Flair by his side tonight, a result of the earlier confrontation with Chelsea backstage. Josh and Scott wondered how heavily that was weighing on Styles’s mind as he entered the ring. Could AJ push away his personal issues and focus on a match with the man who holds his Heavyweight Title?

Similiary, CM Punk came into this match with questions of his own. Could he trust Colt Cabana? Josh and Scott talked about Randy Orton being in the early stages of mind games with the champion, heading into the biggest event of the year. They wondered if it would be effective, and ultimately lead to a changing of the guard in the HWL.

Punk came out strong, clearly using the event of the night to fuel his aggression, which he took out on Styles. Punk was methodical in not giving Styles much room to breathe, hitting him with a number of clotheslines. Punk whipped Styles into the corner, and landed 10 shots as the crowd counted out loud. Punk jumped out of the corner and said that he was “The Best in the World”, which got a pop from the crowd. Styles ran out of the corner, only to get caught in the Anaconda Vice. Styles struggled to get to the ropes, but Flair jumped onto the apron to distract the referee. Punk goes after Flair, who flees, as Styles rolls out of the ring, gathering his breath. Punk slides out of the ring, and follows after Styles, only to get dropped by a low blow from Flair on the outside! Styles recovers and rolls Punk back into the ring a six.

Styles works over Punk, stomping his midsection, as Punk recovers from Flair’s attack. Styles bodyslams Punk and goes for a cover, only getting a 1-count. Styles whips Punk into the ropes, and hits a dropkick, sending Punk through the ropes. Flair quickly runs over and rolls Punk back into the ring, where Styles covers him for 2-count. Styles whips Punk into the ropes and connects with the Pele kick in the center of the ring. Styles hits the Styles Clash, but Punk barely gets his arm up before 3. Styles argues with the referee as, outside the ring, Flair grabs the title belt. Flair slides the belt into the ring and jumps back onto the apron, distracting the referee. Styles grabs the belt as Punk gets to his feet. Styles goes to smash Punk with the title, but Punk ducks, and connects with a gut kick on Styles. Punk grabs Flair by the hair and flips him into the ring! Punk takes Flair and throws him over the opposite-side ropes. Styles comes after Punk with the belt again. Punk ducks, and catches Styles in the G.T.S. Punk covers Styles for the 1-2-3!

[Non-Title Match]:
CM Punk pinned AJ Styles with the G.T.S. in 0:17:27.
Rating: ¼

After the match, Punk grabs the Heavyweight Title and stands on the turnbuckles, looking down as Flair drags Styles out of the ring. Anarchy goes off the air with Punk holding the title above his head.

Card rating: *** ½

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