February 21, 2012 - Springfield, MA

James Storm starts off the show by coming out to the ring, and is met by boos from the crowd. Storm says that everywhere he has gone, since last week, people have been begging for an explanation as to why he attacked The Big Show. Storm says that ever since Max Buck was forced to retire; and ever since The Big Show and David Hart Smith arrived in the HWL, Storm has been forgotten. Storm says that's fine. Storm says that was why he attacked The Big Show — to remind people that Storm is still here. Storm says he was never given the credit he deserves: he was a three-time Heavyweight Champion. He was the last person to pin Max Buck for the Heavyweight Title before he was forced to leave. Storm says that he has sat back and watched both Smith and The Big Show have their time fighting over the Heavyweight Title. Storm says it's time for him to have it back.

Wade Barrett vs. Jeff Hardy

Last week, these two were not a part of the finish in their tag team match, so Rex Butler decided to put them in a match tonight. Hardy started with fast-paced offense, hitting a rana right after the bell, followed by a sunset flip that only got him a 2-count. Hardy then went for a cross body block, only to have Barrett roll through the move. Barrett took over the match from that point, working over Hardy. Barrett connected with a gutbuster. Barrett hit a high knee. Barrett locked Hardy in a neck crank. Hardy reached the ropes, quickly, but Barrett hit a knee drop. Barrett whips Hardy into the ropes. Hardy reverses and attempts a dropkick, but Barrett pushes him aside. Barrett hits a vicious spinebuster slam in the center of the ring, and covers Hardy for the 1-2-3.

Wade Barrett pinned Jeff Hardy after a spinebuster slam in 0:03:57.
Rating: **

A video clip is shown from "last week". Brooke Barlow and Ken Anderson are seen inside Anderson's home in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Brooke asks how Anderson's knee is holding up, and how his rehabilitation is going. Anderson says that ever since coming to PCW he has experienced a string of bad luck. Anderson says that, at the beginning, he could come to terms with a losing streak. Not being used to a roster of guys will do that, he says. Anderson says that the one thing he can't wrap his mind around is that, just when he felt things might have been getting better, he suffers an injury and is out of action for six weeks. Luckily, Anderson says, there is no need for surgery. Anderson says that the knee causes him intense pain; and doing rehab work every day is similar to being tortured. Anderson says there's no way around the pain, and that he must deal with it if he intends on getting back into the ring — which he does.

Brooke then asks about the comments made by Kenny King last week regard Anderson's injury. Before he responds to the question, Anderson says that there is no one to blame for his injury; that they can happen to anyone at any time. Anderson then says that Kenny King is just some young kid who is trying to make a name for himself. Anderson says that King had nothing to do with what happened, yet he's running around saying that the weak ones need to be taken out. Anderson asks who King thinks he is, and what King has done to feel the need to get involved in something that doesn't concern him. Anderson warns King that, if King keeps running his mouth, Anderson will put his fist down his throat. Anderson then looks into the camera and implores Rex Butler to sign a match between Anderson and King for the April 3rd live show. Anderson says he's done with the interview as the video ends.

Rhett Titus vs. The Great Khali (w/Ranjin Singh)

Last week, Rhett Titus interfered against Khali, allowing his partner – Kenny King – to defeat the Punjabi Giant. Khali came out tonight looking to make Titus pay or those actions. DANIEL BRYAN came out to the ring, tossing the ring bell to Khali, only to have it picked off by Titus. Titus hit Khali with the bell and made the cover for a 2-count. Titus worked over Khali, but Khali used his size and strength advantage to get back into the match. Khali overtook Titus for most of the match, wearing him down. Khali hits the Punjabi Plunge, but Titus is able to kick out just before three. Titus manages to keep fighting, getting a good reaction from the crowd. Ranjin Singh enters the ring, and tries to hit Titus with a steel chair. Titus ducks, and Singh hits Khali, knocking him to the canvas. Titus tosses Singh over the top rope. Titus goes for the cover, but Daniel Bryan enters the ring, and breaks up the pinfall. The referee calls for the bell.

Rhett Titus defeated The Great Khali by disqualification in 0:25:15.
Rating: - ¾
[Daniel Bryan interfered against Rhett Titus.]

After the match, Bryan continues his assault on Titus. Kenny King comes down to the ring, making the save, as Bryan rolls out of the ring. Rex Butler appears on-stage, and announces that, due to the events that just took place, next week, The All-Night Express will face The Great Khali and Daniel Bryan in a tag team match!

Backstage, Brooke Barlow is seen with Jay Lethal. Brooke asks Jay what his thoughts are now, a couple weeks after losing the Tag Team Titles, and splitting with his former partner Daniel Bryan. Lethal says that he's taken the last couple weeks to come to terms with what has happened, but admits that it was hard to do. Lethal says that he first had to admit that he was the reason he and Bryan lost the Tag Team Titles. Lethal says that it's difficult to admit his failures, but knows what he is capable of when given the opportunity. Lethal says he has to transform back into a singles competitor now, and focus on doing what he does best.

Brooke then asks Jay about Daniel Bryan's quest for the Television Title. Lethal says that Bryan is gifted and very talented inside the ring. Lethal says that if Bryan wants the Television Title, there's nothing stopping him from doing so. But, Lethal says he doesn't want to stir the pot before saying that he will not follow Bryan's path to the TV Title, because he has his own career to focus on. Lethal says he wishes Bryan all the best, but that Lethal has to do what's best for him now… and that starts tonight against Robert Roode.

Robert Roode vs. Jay Lethal

Robert Roode and Jay Lethal have had many encounters with each other as members of their respective tag teams. Tonight was the rare occasion for a one-on-one match between them. It was clear, from the onset, that both men knew each other very well. Lethal started off by securing a headlock on Roode, who quickly grabbed the ropes to break the hold. Moments later, Roode fought back and locked in a reverse chinlock. Lethal fought the hold, struggling to get to the ropes, eventually breaking the hold after 35 seconds. Roode worked over Lethal, who was feeling the effects of the submission move. Lethal continued to battle back, throughout the match, hitting a knee lift in the latter stages of the match. Lethal goes for a clothesline, but Roode counters it into a crucifix for a 2-count. Roode then connects with a power bomb for another 2-count. Roode connects with the Payoff for the 1-2-3.

Robert Roode pinned Jay Lethal with the Payoff in 0:14:52.
Rating: *** 1/2

Television Champion Lance Bravado makes his way to the ring-side area, joining James Westerfield and Alfred Pressley at the announcer's table. Bravado grabs a microphone and stands atop the table, looking out into the crowd. Bravado says that he wants to get an up-close and personal view of the man he will be facing in two weeks. Bravado says that he has already proven he can beat Eddie Edwards and Alberto Del Rio, yet they keep wanting chance after chance. Edwards advises them to give up on their dream and accept the reality that neither one of them are as good as Bravado is. Bravado says that the only wildcard is Daniel Bryan. Bravado says that Bryan has an impressive track record — being a multi-time Heavyweight Champion — but says that Bravado isn't intimidated by Bryan or what he's been able to do in the ring. Bravado says even if Bryan wins tonight, there's no guarantee that he will take the TV Title away from Bravado. Bravado jumps off the table, grabs a seat at ringside, and awaits the start of the match.

Number One Contenders Match
Eddie Edwards vs. Alberto Del Rio (w/Roberto Rodriguez) vs. Daniel Bryan

For the past few weeks now, Eddie Edwards and Alberto Del Rio have been battling with Lance Bravado over the Television Title. Last week, Daniel Bryan threw his name into the mix as well, and Rex Butler signed this match to determine who would face Bravado for the title at the next live show.

Edwards and Del Rio have become familiar with each other over that span, so throwing Bryan into the match added something new. Bryan, a former Heavyweight Champion in the PCW, had his work cut out for him, as Edwards and Del Rio took it upon themselves to take him out of the match early on. Edwards and Del Rio would tag each other in fairly quickly, making sure to keep the offense on Bryan for the majority of the match. Del Rio locked in the cross-arm breaker, but Bryan was able to reach the ropes, breaking the hold. Del Rio focused on Bryan’s shoulder, working it over, before tagging in Edwards. Bryan cut off the entrance, keeping his arm to the side. Edwards took back control with a kneelift, and continued to work over Bryan’s shoulder. Edwards locked in the Achilles lock in the center of the ring. Bryan was finally able to reach the ropes, but the damage appeared to be done. Edwards worked over the lower leg of Bryan. Bryan started making a comeback, ducking a clothesline and rolling up Edwards for a 2-count. Bryan whipped Edwards into the ropes and connected with a dropkick for another 2-count. Bryan worked over Edwards, and caught Del Rio with a right hand, knocking him off the apron. Edwards came back with a clothesline, but Bryan reversed it into the Lebell Lock. Edwards tried to reach the ropes. Bryan locked in tighter, and Edwards tapped out.

[Number One Contenders Match]:
Daniel Bryan defeated Eddie Edwards and Alberto Del Rio when D. Bryan made E. Edwards submit to the LeBell Lock in 0:24:13.

After the match, Daniel Bryan rolled out of the ring and celebrated his victory. Lance Bravado stands up from the broadcast table, and the two men share words. Bryan taunts Bravado, and the two men start brawling at ringside. They battle up the ramp as Edwards and Del Rio watch from inside the ring. On the ramp, Bravado whips Bryan into the steel. Bravado stomps Bryan. THE GREAT KHALI appears from the back, grabbing Bravado by the neck. Khali hits the Punjabi Plunge onto the steel stage. Khali, Bryan, and Ranjin Singh stand over Bravado as the crowd boos.

Card rating: ** 1/4

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