February 27, 2011 - HWL Best Of The Best - Richmond, VA

HWL Best of the Best PPV
February 27, 2011
Richmond Coliseum – Richmond, Virginia
Attendance: 4,502 (40.6%)

A video montage begins to play, showcasing the 15 men that will be in the Best of the Best battle royal. Highlights from the three winners' matches are showing, followed by highlights from the Triple Threat Match from Monday night. “Better Think Again” begins to play through the Coliseum, as fireworks shoot from the stage, and the camera pans through the audience. Josh Daniels and Scott Michaels welcome everyone to Richmond, and announce that seven huge matches are going to take place tonight, culminating with the 15-man Battle Royal, to determine the number one contender for the Heavyweight Title.

Backstage, KURT ANGLE is seen entering the Coliseum, carrying the Heavyweight Title over his shoulder. JD and SM question what could be going through his mind as he gets ready to defend the title against “The Monster” Abyss…

(1) Michelle McCool vs. © Velvet Sky (Women's Title Match)

This match was all about payback, as these two Vixens squared off for the Women's Title to start off the pay-per-view. Michelle McCool was hoping to get even with Velvet, who was responsible for giving McCool her first-ever loss in the HWL, during her debut match no less. McCool earned the right after winning a battle royal, and was determined to make sure she didn't lose to the champ again. Velvet Sky came into this match looking to get even with McCool for the humiliating attack that took place, Monday night, on Anarchy. Both Vixens gave their all tonight, taking the match nearly 30 minutes, fighting both inside and outside of the ring. Velvet used the ringside area to her advantage throughout thevet match, but McCool was still able to hit two Faith Breakers; both times only getting a two-count. Velvet somehow managed to connect with the Beauty Mark, to pick up the victory, and retain the Women's Title. After the match, ANGELINA LOVE joined Velvet in the ring, as she was awarded the title, and celebrated with the crowd.

Velvet Sky pinned Michelle McCool with the Beauty Mark in 0:27:40.
Rating: ** ¼
(Velvet Sky retained the HWL Women's Title.)

Backstage, Alisha Hicks is seen with NATALYA., who says that, for the past couple weeks, all she has bee able to do is think about what Sarita did to her last month; causing her to lose to Velvet Sky, and costing her the Women's Title. Natalya says that, every night, she would dream of ways to get back at Sarita for what she had done, and that she had been devising ways to harm Sarita in a way that she would never forget. She says that, tonight, she gets that chance; and that Sarita has nowhere to hide. Natalya says that Sarita will pay for sticking her nose in other people's business…

Also, backstage, Ted Hanson is backstage with “The Pope” D'ANGELO DINERO. When asked, Dinero says that his back is still sore, and that he still gets moments of pain shooting through his body, but that none of it matters. He says that he has had a lot of time to think, and that he has come to the conclusion that, even in the short amount of time it took, Adam Cole has given him his biggest challenge – and been his biggest threat – for the X-Division Title. Dinero says that he has held the belt longer than anyone else in the history of the HWL, and that even with his injury, he has every intention of walking out of Richmond with the belt. But, Dinero says, that keeping the title may not be his biggest priority, as he wants to exact payback on Cole…

(2) Natalya vs. Sarita

Natalya had said that she wanted to make an example out of Sarita, and to teach her a lesson for interfering in things that weren't of her concern, but tonight it seemed less about the punishment then getting the victory. Natalya made very, very quick work of Sarita, hitting her with that appeared to be a loaded punch. Sarita fell to the canvas, motionless, as Natalya covered her for the three-count. After the match, Natalya left the ring to a chorus of boos as the referee tended to Sarita.

Natalya pinned Sarita after a Discus lariat in 0:00:30,
Rating: *

Backstage, Ted Hanson is with ADAM COLE. Cole says that he heard what “The Pope” had to say, and that when he loses, he expects Dinero to use his back injury as an excuse. He says that he's aware of the fact that Dinero has been the longest-reigning X-Division Champion in HWL history, but says that it's time to clear out the “old”, and start a new era. Cole says that Dinero is “damaged goods”, and that he no longer needs to be the standard-bearer for the X-Division. Cole says that tonight, he is going to make it his night, and prove that he is the “best of the best”.

In the locker room, ROB TERRY is seen getting ready for an up-coming match, when SKIP SHEFFIELD enters the room. Sheffield apologizes, again, for the mistake that happened on Monday night; and says that it was nothing but an accident. He says that he hopes “Big Rob” isn't upset, and that they can put it behind them in order to face The Hart Dynasty. Terry tells Sheffield that, yes, he is still mad about what happened on Monday night; and that it might take some time for that true trusting to come back. But Terry says that one thing that would make things easier, is if they go out and win the Tag Team Titles tonight; and work as a team to do it. Terry walks past Sheffield, and leaves the room, as the camera goes back to ringside…

(3) Adam Cole vs. © D'Angelo Dinero (X-Division Title Match)

For weeks, Adam Cole had been a thorn in “The Pope's” side, interfering in matches, and ultimately injuring the champion's back, just two weeks before this match. Cole had said that he would take the HWL by storm, and that he would soon make his way to the top of the company. Dinero, on the other hand, had stood by his comments of getting payback on Cole for everything he had done. This match went all over the ringside area, and saw multiple near falls, but it was clear that it was Adam Cole's night. After being able to slide his foot on the bottom rope, to stop a three-count after Dinero hit the DDE, Cole fought back; and using all of his energy, was able to hit a Northern Lights Suplex for the shocking 1-2-3. After the match, Cole was handed the X-Division Title, and left the ring as KYLE O'REILLY joined him at ringside to celebrate as the crowd booed.

Adam Cole pinned D'Angelo Dinero after a Northern Lights suplex in 0:17:50.
Rating: ¼
(Adam Cole won the X-Division Title.)

Backstage, Alisha Hicks is seen with DAVID HART SMITH and TYSON KIDD. Hart says that he and Kidd have had some fierce competition during their reign as Tag Team Champions, but that no match has ever seemed so easy, as the one they're about to have later tonight. He says that, last Monday night, Skip Sheffield ruined Rob Terry's trust in him, just like Terry's last partner did when he left the company. Hart says that he knows Terry is going to second-guess Sheffield all night long, and that will make it much easier for The Hart Dynasty to continue their reign as Tag Team Champions. Kidd says that, after tonight, there won't be a team in the HWL that they haven't gotten the better of… ever.

In the locker room, AJ STYLES and MR. ANDERSON are seen, getting ready for the battle royal. CHELSEA and RIC FLAIR enter the room and stand next to the two. Flair says that, for months, they have each been talking and dreaming about being back on top in the HWL. Flair says that he knows they both want to challenge for the Heavyweight Title, and that they want to be a threat to whoever the champion is for a long time. He says that now is the time to prove how badly they want it; and to stop at nothing until they get it. Flair says that he won the WWF Heavyweight Title after winning the Royal Rumble, and was in the match the longest: because he wanted it. Flair says there are going to be 13 other men who want the shot next month, but neither of them can let that get into their head. He says that, in order to win, they both have to overcome those 13… and each other. Flair says that he doesn't want to see any hostility between them, no matter what, because the focus of the match is to face the Heavyweight Champion at Wrestleocolypse.

(4) Skip Sheffield/Rob Terry vs. © The Hart Dynasty (HWL Tag Team Title Match)

A lot was riding on this match tonight, as the matter of trust hinged on the outcome for the challengers, and the champions were hoping to continue their reign on the top of the tag team division. From the get-go, Natalya made her presence known, tripping Rob Terry just moments after the bell rung. The referee had warned Natalya, but allowed the match to continue. However, just a few moments later, Natalya pulled down the top rope, causing Sheffield to fall onto the concrete floor. The referee quickly called for the bell, awarding the match to Sheffield and Terry, as Smith and Kidd grabbed their title belts and hurried up the ramp, laughing at their opponents' expense. JD and SM exclaimed that The Hart Dynasty “stole” the victory, and that they had hit a new low. On the apron, Rob Terry looked disgusted as he jumped down and helped Sheffield to his feet…

Skip Sheffield & Rob Terry defeated The Hart Dynasty (David Hart Smith & Tyson Kidd) when Sheffield defeated D. H. Smith by disqualification in 0:01:59.
Rating: **
(The Hart Dynasty retained the HWL Tag Team Titles.)

Backstage, Alisha Hicks is seen with MATT MORGAN. “The Blueprint” says that everyone nowadays is all about the “surprise” factor. He says that Abyss and Kurt Angle are trying to surprise the other one into thinking there's no way that either of them can lose tonight. He says that Velvet Sky surprised everyone when she won the Women's Title, and defended it here tonight. Morgan says that even The Hart Dynasty surprised everyone by keeping the Tag Team Titles around their waists… with a little help. But, he says, the one thing that shouldn't be a surprise to anyone, is what's going to happen to Cody Rhodes in their match tonight. Morgan says that this match has been a long time coming, and Rhodes deserves everything he has coming to him. He says that he's been using the past two months as fuel, and promises to leave Rhodes lying on the canvas like he did Monday night.

In the locker room, YOSHI TATSU is seen sitting alone, when he is approached by KAZ. Kaz says that he wants to know what's been going on with his partner, and Yoshi tells him that he's tired of being overlooked by everyone in the HWL. He says that, even after he and Kaz came close to winning the tag team titles, he feels like Kaz abandoned him, and left him to fend for himself. So, he says, he found a common enemy in everyone on the roster, and that he won't be happy until he gets some recognition for what he can do in the ring. Kaz tells him that going through and attacking opponents – and the referees – is not the way to get that recognition; it's a way to get fired. Kaz also says that Yoshi would've had a chance to get that recognition by being a part of the Battle Royal tonight, but he no-showed the match. Infuriated, Yoshi shoved Kaz out of his way and walked out of view as the camera goes back to ringside…

(5) Matt Morgan vs. Cody Rhodes

This feud has been brewing since the latter part of 2010, when Matt Morgan caused Rhodes to sustain a concussion in a match against Kurt Angle. Morgan then defeated Rhodes to earn a shot at Kurt Angle last month, in which Rhodes got his revenge, costing Morgan the title belt. These two had been dueling it out since then, and tonight, they left it all out in the ring. The constant, outside of the ferocity of both competitors, was the frustration caused by the referee. On multiple occasions, Morgan connected with the Carbon Footprint, only to complain about a slow count after Rhodes was able to kick out. The same could be said for Rhodes, who had several chances to put away Morgan, only to feel like the referee had slowed down the three-count. In the end, Rhodes connected with a beautiful Cross Rhodes, that left no question that Morgan wouldn't kick out, and picked up a huge victory. After the match, Rhodes celebrated in the ring as the fans cheered on his effort.

Cody Rhodes pinned Matt Morgan with the Cross Rhodes in 0:24:45.
Rating: ***

Backstage, Ted Hanson is seen with KURT ANGLE. Angle says that, at first, he didn't need any motivation coming into his title defense tonight. But after feeling the trainers pull out the hundreds of thumbtacks that were sticking in his back Monday night, Angle says that he is more motivated then ever to beat Abyss. Angle says that Abyss crossed the line on Monday night, and that there is no more waiting; the time for action – and redemption – is tonight.

Also backstage, JEY USO is seen warming up in the hallway, when STEVE CORINO comes from behind and pushes Uso into the wall. Corino warns Uso that what he and Tamina did on Monday night were not going to be forgiven, and that the battle royal tonight would not be enough for Corino to feel even.

(6) “The Monster” Abyss vs. © “The Olympic Gold Medalist” Kurt Angle (Heavyweight Title Match)

The utter hatred that these two feel for each other was on display tonight, and there was very little the referee could do to stop it. Abyss took advantage of Angle's lower back pain with his arsenal of power moves, but Angle was resilient and was able to kick out before the three on multiple occasions. Both men eventually found their way outside the ring, where nothing was left untouched – including the announce table! In the process, Abyss was busted open after being rammed into the steel ring post, and the wound would get worse as the match went on. A bit of controversy took place during the match, as the referee was seen, noticeably, counting to 10, but not calling for the bell as both men continued to battle outside the ring. Back in the ring, Abyss brought in a nail board, and used it successfully on Angle, opening up a small gash in the champion's back. But, by this time, Abyss was losing lots of blood, and had become weaker. He was unable to gather any further momentum, and Angle connected with a surprising belly-to-belly suplex before locking in the Ankle Lock. It too no time at all before the referee called for the bell, awarding the match to Angle.

After the match, as the referee handed the Heavyweight Title to Angle, and tended to Abyss, PETER BRADSHAW made his way on-stage. Bradshaw said that the referee should've have done his job, and kept the integrity of the match, but failed to do so by allowing the match to continue. Bradshaw said that, because the referee had officially counted both men out, Angle's victory would be voided, and the match would go down as a double count-out; yet Angle would retain the title. Bradshaw said that he would make a decision on what would be done about both the referee and the outcome of the match, tomorrow night. Bradshaw left the ring as Angle stared down at the referee, who shook his head in disbelief.

Kurt Angle and Abyss battled to a double count-out in 24:52.
(Kurt Angle retained the HWL Heavyweight Title.)

Backstage, Alisha Hicks is seen with CM PUNK. Punk says that he had been sitting at home, after being released from the HWL last year, wondering why it bothered him so much that no one took up his cause; why no one listened to what he had to say. Punk said that the two people who had listened to him, turned their backs on him, and left him to float in the sea of wasted humanity alone. But, he says, that they're no longer with the company, and he's one match away from headlining Wrestleocolypse. Punk says that, during his time away, he came to the realization that he wasn't going to get people's attention just by talking to them; he needed to prove that he was worthy of being heard and believed in. Punk says that he came back with the simple mission of getting the respect he deserved from the people in – and the fans of – the HWL. He says that there's no better way of doing that than eliminating 14 other men to become Number One Contender for the Heavyweight Title…

A preview for “WRESTLEOCOLYPSE” is shown, with “Canto” by Five Finger Death Punch playing in the background. The first installment of the event will take place March 27th, live from Ford Field in Detroit, Michigan!

(7) #1 Contender's Match (15-Man Battle Royal)

This match was full of surprises, including a quick 14-second stint by Kaz, who was eliminated by AJ Styles. Styles, and his partner Mr. Anderson, worked well as a team, singling out Ted DiBiase as the match wore one; Anderson quickly disposed of Evan Bourne after just over a minute upon Bourne's entry into the match. Two other big surprises were the two quick stints by both Randy Orton and CM Punk, who were both quickly eliminated, minutes after entering the ring – with the two final spots! Alex Shelley and Eddie Edwards showed off their tenacity, as they both were in the ring for over 30 minutes, but Shelley shocked the crowd in Richmond as he made the last elimination after throwing Adam Cole over the top rope to win the match, and earn himself a main event spot at Wrestleocolypse.

After the match, JD and SM both voiced their shock as Shelley celebrated the huge victory in the center of the ring. The crowd watched disbelief as PETER BRADSHAW made his way down to the ring to shake Shelley's hand. The event went off the air with the two men standing in the center of the ring.

Alex Shelley won a 15-man battle royal:
x Styles threw out Kaz after a clothesline in 0:00:14.
x Anderson threw out E. Bourne in 0:07:17.
x A. Shelley threw out Anderson after an armdrag takedown in 0:10:16.
x A. Shelley threw out Styles in 0:13:36.
x O'Reilly threw out DiBiase in 0:23:23.
x Kaval threw out S. Corino after a backslide in 0:24:53.
x R. Orton threw out Jey after a DDT in 0:28:57.
x Kaval threw out Punk after a kick to the chest in 0:29:29.
x Kofi threw out R. Orton after an elbowsmash in 0:29:49.
x Kaval threw out O'Reilly in 0:32:18.
x A. Cole threw out Kaval in 0:32:51.
x E. Edwards threw out Kofi in 0:42:23.
x A. Shelley threw out E. Edwards in 0:44:49.
x A. Shelley threw out A. Cole in 0:49:29.
Rating: ***

Card rating: ***

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