January 02, 2012

Resch Center - Green Bay, Wisconsin
Attendance: 7,956 (78%)

The show starts off as AJ Styles, Chelsea and Ric Flair make their way down to the ring. Josh and Scott mention that AJ seems to be in a good mood after what The Conglomerate did to CM Punk last week. AJ says that things have been quiet in the HWL locker room for the past week, because a certain Heavyweight Champion hasn’t been heard from since last Monday. AJ wonders if Punk is afraid to show his face around the boys, because of what they’d say behind his back, or even to his face. AJ says that he can only imagine how embarrassed Punk is, because now it’s going to be hard for anyone to take him seriously as the Heavyweight Champion. But, AJ says that won’t be a problem in two weeks, when he takes back the title that should still be his.

AJ is interrupted as the titantron flickers on, to show CM PUNK standing backstage, outside the locker room of The Conglomerate, with a baseball bat. The crowd cheers as Punk tells AJ that his little games last week were like an awakening. Punk says that it was good to see that AJ still had the mentality to get other people to do his job for him; just like Flair did when he ran The Four Horsemen. Punk says that it’s OK for AJ to get his satisfaction that way. But, that’s what makes them different.

Punk then bursts into The Conglomerate locker room, and attacks ROB TERRY with the baseball bat, hitting him in the back of the leg. Punk continues to crack the bat over Terry’s back and legs, before throwing the back down and turning to the camera.

Punk says that there’s going to be a new game played tonight, and that’s there’s only one rule. Punk says that AJ better “hope to God” that he finds Punk, before Punk finds him.

Punk walks out of the locker room, as AJ, Chelsea, and Flair leave the ring and run up the ramp towards the backstage area.

Commercial Break

Returning from commercials, Alisha Hicks is with SANTINO MARELLA. She asks Santino about his decision to make the jump to the main roster. Santino says he was glad to get the opportunity to come up to the main roster. After becoming a three-time PCW Heavyweight Champion, Santino wanted to show what he could do to a whole new audience, and it would allow him to work with a new group of athletes. But, Santino says that another factor was his respect for David Otunga. Santino says that, after watching what happened at Caged Rage, and knowing that Otunga was out on his own, Santino wanted to offer his help. But, he says that all changed, last week, when Eddie Edwards and Steve Corino attacked him. Now, Santino says that he will stop at nothing to make sure he - and Otunga - get their revenge on the Tag Team Champions.

Jeff Hardy vs. Martin Maldonado

Martin Maldonado returned to action tonight, for the first time after his brutal contest with Cody Rhodes at Caged Rage. Maldonado finds himself now, in the middle of a feud that is just now beginning to gain steam, with The Conglomerate. In just two weeks, Maldonado and Kurt Angle will face Matt Morgan and Rob Terry in what should be a very physical match. But tonight, Maldonado had to deal with the speed of Jeff Hardy. Maldonado started off the match well, but soon fell victim to that speed - and the usage of chairs that the referee allowed by Hardy. Hardy was able to pick up a few near-falls, each time, believing he had that match won. But, every time Hardy chose to argue with the official one too many times, it allowed Maldonado to get back to his feet, and gain control after a vicious shoulder block. Maldonado connected with the Gringo Killa to pick up the victory.

Martin Maldonado pinned Jeff Hardy with the Gringo Killa in 0:08:03.
Rating: *** ¼

Backstage, VELVET SKY confronts DAFFNEY, and demands to know what “The Demonic Princess” was thinking, interfering in Velvet’s match last week. Velvet says, if it weren’t for Daffney, she’d still be Women’s Champion. Daffney says it’s too bad that Velvet wasn’t able to retain the belt, because all Daffney was trying to do was make sure that’s what happened. Daffney says that she didn’t want to see Nikki Bella win the title, because she wanted to be the one that beat Velvet for it. Daffney laughs, and walks away, as Velvet stands, fuming at the news.

Commercial Break

Backstage, Alisha Hicks asks X-Division Champion, Rami Sebei, to respond to the comments made by Eddie Edwards last week. Sebei says that whether or not Adam Cole had anything to do with the match two weeks ago, it doesn’t change the fact that Sebei has to wake up every day and admit that he tapped out to Edwards. Sebei says that Edwards has every right to feel like challenging for the X-Division Title; but that he should heed his partner’s warning and focus on making sure he can keep his own title at Brutality.

The interview stops as ADAM COLE walks into the scene, getting between Alisha and Rami. Cole tells Sebei that, even before he starts thinking about Eddie Edwards, he needs to think of a way to survive their “Last Man Standing Match” at Brutality. Cole slaps Sebei, before walking away. Alisha tries to get a comment, but all Sebei says is “Enough”, before walking away, himself.

Natalya & Daffney vs. The Bella Twins

For the past couple weeks, Natalya and Daffney have seemingly formed an unusual alliance, setting their sights on Nikki and Brie Bella. Both Natalya and Daffney blame the Bellas for costing them the chance to challenge for the Women’s Title - in which Nikki Bella inherently won. Since then, Natalya and Daffney have set out to get even with the twins. Tonight, they all squared off in this tag team match, where Natalya and Daffney gained control early on. But the twins hung in, and surprised Natalya and Daffney with their offense. Brie nearly made Daffney pass out in a sleeper hold, but the end of the match came when Nikki scored the pinfall after hitting Natalya with spinning head scissors.

The Bella Twins (Brie & Nikki) defeated Natalya & Daffney when Nikki pinned Natalya after spinning head scissors in 0:10:50.
Rating: ** ¼

After the match, the twins rolled out of the ring, where Nikki grabbed her Women’s Title, before making their way up the ramp. Inside the ring, Daffney stared at them, pulling at her hair, as Natalya slapped the canvas before getting to her feet.

Commercial Break
Coming back from the break, MATT MORGAN makes his way down to the ring, as Josh and Scott make note that Rob Terry is not with him, thanks to the attack by CM Punk earlier in the evening. In the ring, Morgan says that for months, he has had to hear about Kurt Angle and Martin Maldonado wanting to take over the HWL. Morgan said that it was an absolute pleasure to see Kurt Angle lose his chance at the Heavyweight Title at Caged Rage. Morgan says that he and “Big Rob” heard Angle’s challenge for Brutality, and Morgan - speaking of both of them - accepts the challenge, saying that they will gladly put Angle and Maldonado back into their place.

Kurt Angle’s music begins to play, as Maldonado drops the microphone and prepares for a fight. Out from the crowd, CM PUNK jumps the guardrail, and slides into to the ring. He runs and takes out the back of Morgan’s left leg. Punk gets back to his feet and stomps Morgan’s upper body and head, before leaving back through the crowd. In the ring, Morgan holds his leg in pain, as Anarchy goes to commercials.

Commercial Break

Colt Cabana & Yoshi Tatsu vs. Evan Bourne & Kaz

Two weeks ago, during the tag team Four Corners Match, to determine the new number one contenders, these two teams were the last ones remaining; and it was obvious that bad blood remained between Tatsu and Kaz. Tonight, in a rematch of sorts, Tatsu and Cabana were looking to avenge their elimination loss, and put a black mark on Bourne and Kaz’s record as they head into Brutality. It looked as if that was going to be the case mid-way through the match, when Tatsu locked in a reverse chinlock to his former teammate, Kaz, in the center of the ring. Kaz appeared to be seconds away from passing out, but was able to gain a second burst of energy, breaking the hold and fighting back. Making the “hot tag”, Bourne cleared the ring as the crowd went crazy! Tatsu re-entered the ring and quickly tagged in Cabana; and he and Bourne went back and forth, before Bourne connected with a dropkick. Kaz, resting on the apron, pleaded to get back into the ring; and after Bourne tagged him in, Kaz knocked Tatsu off the apron, before connecting with a leg lariat on Cabana to pick up the 1-2-3.

Evan Bourne & Kaz defeated Colt Cabana & Yoshi Tatsu when Kaz pinned Cabana after a leg lariat in 0:10:05.
Rating: *** ¼

After the match, Kaz and Bourne left the ring as, at ringside, Tatsu slammed his hands against the apron in frustration. Josh said that it was another big victory for the number one contenders, while Scott said that it appeared Yoshi Tatsu wanted nothing more than to get a victory over his former friend and teammate.

Backstage, AJ Styles, Ric Flair, and Chelsea are seen standing in front of The Conglomerate locker room. Styles says that they have been searching all over the arena, and have yet to find CM Punk, before advising that he and Flair split up, and that Chelsea stay in the locker room for her own good. Flair says that Punk won’t make it out of Green Bay, and he sure as hell won’t make it to Vancouver, if Flair has anything to do with it. They split up, as Chelsea walks into the locker room, and Anarchy goes to commercials.

Commercial Break

From his office, in the back of the arena, Peter Bradshaw announces that, next week, there will be a six-man tag match on Anarchy. The match will between the teams of Kaz, Evan Bourne and Rami Sebei, and the team of Steve Corino, Eddie Edwards, and Adam Cole.

Non-Title Match
Santino Marella vs. © Rami Sebei

In just his second week on the HWL roster, Santino Marella made his singles debut in this non-title match against Rami Sebei. Leading into this match, Sebei had quite the night, as he was attacked by Adam Cole - who then announced the stipulation or their match at Brutality. So, Sebei came into this match at less than 100 percent, and hoping that was the most her had to concern himself with. But things quickly escalated as STEVE CORINO and EDDIE EDWARDS made their way down to ringside. And, in a shocking turn of events, the Tag Team Champions didn’t focus their attention on either Sebei or Marella, but rather attacked both of them during the match! Having to deal with two men on the outside of the ring - yet let themselves as opponents - Marella and Sebei did everything they could to put on their match; but the referee, who had been trying to restore order throughout, had seen enough and called for the bell.

[Non-Title Match]:
Santino Marella and Rami Sebei battled to a double disqualification in 0:08:42.
Rating: *** ½

After the match, all four men brawled with each other inside the ring as the crowd went crazy! The timekeeper repeatedly rang the bell, as HWL officials rushed down to ringside. The brawling continued until Marella clotheslined Corino over the top rope; and Edwards got free from Sebei and rolled under the ropes. The Tag Team Champions made their way up the ramp, being booed by the crowd with every step. Inside the ring, Marella and Sebei looked at each other as Anarchy went to commercials.

Ric Flair is seen, creeping through the hallway, in his search for CM Punk. Flairs pays no attention to the people staring and pointing after him, as he makes his way down the corridor. From behind him, Flairs hears someone calling his name, “Ric”. Flairs waves the voice off, as he comes to the end of the hallway - a dead end surrounded by various equipment cases. “Ric.” Flair demands that the voice “shut up”, and he turns around to find CM PUNK staring him in the face! Punk attacks Flair, pushing him into the concrete wall and landing a number of rights to “The Nature Boy’s” jaw. Flair tries to fight back, but Punk whips him into an equipment case. Punk grabs Flair and slams his head into a storage door, before opening the door and shoving Flair inside. Punk pulls an equipment case in front of the door as the crowd goes crazy. Punk smirks and tells Flair that he’ll send for “the old man” when his business is settled. Punk walks away as Scott exclaims that AJ Styles has no one else to protect him. Scott Michaels says implores Styles to forego the main event, and just leave the building.

Commercial Break

Randy Orton vs. AJ Styles

After a night of watching his Conglomerate mates get taken out, one by one, by Heavyweight Champion, CM Punk, AJ Styles made his way to the ring alone for the main event. Styles stepped into the ring with “The Viper”, who would have loved to have made up for his showing against Punk a few weeks ago. Orton’s willingness to stop at nothing - mixed with Styles’ continual looking over his shoulder - gave Orton the chance to make up for that showing. Orton gave this match everything he had, but Styles showed that he could hold his own, even with no one at ringside to watch his back. Orton was able to get in some offense, outside the ring, but even with the use of the ring apron and guardrail, he wasn’t able to put Styles down. The end of the match saw Styles connect with the Styles Clash, only to get a two-count as Orton laid his foot on the ropes. Quickly back to his feet, Styles connected with a stiff elbow to Orton’s face; and while grabbing Orton’s tights, Styles was awarded the 1-2-3.

AJ Styles pinned Randy Orton after a back elbow in 0:15:04.
Rating: ¼

After the match, Styles celebrated his victory inside the ring, while Josh and Scott agreed that this victory would be a huge boost for Styles heading into Brutality. Suddenly, CM Punk’s music began to play, as the crowd went crazy! Styles turned towards the stage, only to stare at nothing, as Punk was nowhere to be found. Moments passed by, as the music continued, until Punk jumped the guardrail, and slid into the ring, stalking Styles. As Styled turned around, Punk lifted him onto his shoulders, before connecting with the G.T.S. Punk called for a microphone, and said that all night long, he has proven what can happen with a “true champion” takes care of his business, by himself. Punk says that he would find a way to get to Styles, and that at Brutality, he will remind everyone why he is “The Best in the World”. Punk then left the ring, as Anarchy goes off the air.

Card rating: *** ¾

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