January 03, 2012

La Crosse Civic Center - La Crosse, Wisconsin
Attendance: 9,900 (99%)

The camera shows the inside of the Civic Center as Alfred Pressley and James Westerfield welcome everyone to La Crosse; and thank the at-home audience for tuning into the live PCW telecast. They go over the five matches that have been scheduled for the evening, but speculate what will happen to the main event tonight, with the news that Heavyweight Champion Max Buck was injured two weeks ago.

PCW Commissioner, Rex Butler, makes his way out to the stage. Pressley makes note that Butler has the PCW Heavyweight Title over his shoulder. Butler says that he’s sure everyone is aware of the news concerning Max Buck, and the injury he sustained at a live event. Butler says that, according to the reports from the doctors, Buck will be sidelined for a number of weeks; and because of that, Butler had no choice but to strip Buck of the Heavyweight Title last week.

Butler says that, over the past two weeks, he has had the unenviable task of trying to find an opponent for David Hart Smith - who is still the number one contender for the title belt. Butler says that he came up with, and wrote down a number of ideas that he thought would make a great main event; but that, in the end, he was going to let the superstars of the PCW make that decision for him. Butler announces that, tonight, a 10-man battle royal will determine who will face Smith in tonight’s main event, with the PCW Heavyweight Title on the line! (Crowd cheers) Butler leaves the stage as Pressley and Westerfield speculate as to who the ten men will be.

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PCW Television Title Match
Lance Bravado vs. © Alberto Del Rio (w/Roberto Rodriguez)

Lance Bravado and Television Champion, Alberto Del Rio have been at each other’s throats -over the past few weeks, including last week’s show, in which both men played intraocular parts in each other’s matches. But, just a week later, they started off the first televised show with the TV Title on the line. Alfred Pressley and James Westerfield were both looking forward to this match, as were they fans in La Crosse. And, they would’ve been in for a great opening contest, no doubt, had it not been for the appearance of EDDIE EDWARDS at ringside! Edwards has had a long history with Lance and his brother Harlem - who he would face later in the show - but, instead of going after Bravado, Edwards gave him a pair of brass knuckles, behind the referee’s back, that Bravado used to sucker-punch Del Rio with! Bravado stuck the weapon into his boot before making the pinfall for the 1-2-3!

[Television Title Match]:
Lance Bravado pinned Alberto Del Rio after hitting him with brass knuckles in 0:03:24.
Rating: ** ½
(Lance Bravado won the PCW Television Title.)
[Eddie Edwards interfered against Alberto Del Rio.]

After the match, Edwards made his way back up the ramp, as Roberto Rodriguez screamed for justice. Bravado was awarded the Television Title as Pressley and Westerfield stated their outrage on how the very first televised match of the year ended. Pressley said that he is astonished that Edwards would openly help Bravado win a title after all the torment the three of them have put each other through. Westerfield said that Lance Bravado is now a champion, and Eddie Edwards will have some explaining to do in the coming weeks.

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10-Man Battle Royal

Ten men stepped into the ring with life-changing chance to face David Hart Smith, later tonight, for the Heavyweight Title. A lot could be argued both for and against some of the men in this match getting such a high-profile chance, but in a match with 10 superstars in the ring, two of them really stood out. Eddie Edwards and The Big Show, though never working as a team during the match, were dominate, as they both eliminated four superstars apiece, on their own. Edwards easily dismissed David Otunga seconds into the match, and followed that up with the elimination of Alberto Del Rio, adding insult to his actions at the beginning of the broadcast. The Big Show then took over the action as he eliminated Robert Roode with ease at the 2:33 mark. The match then focused on the brawl between Show and The Great Khali, as both men tried to take the other out. The Big Show proved that he wanted it more, and after over three minutes of fighting, finally eliminated Khali - with help from Jay Lethal at 5:49. After a back-and-forth fight with James Storm, Edwards took over, scoring two eliminations in quick succession: Storm at 7:22, and Kenny King at 8:00. Jay Lethal then got into the action, blindsiding Daniel Bryan after a big boot from The Big Show, and dumping Bryan over the top rope at 10:25. Then, it was down to three, as Edwards and Lethal looked, for just a moment, ready to team up to take Big Show out of the match. It was easier in theory then it was in reality, as Show was able to fend them off after a tense few moments. After shoving Lethal to the ground, Show caught Edwards in mid-air off the turnbuckle, and dumped up to the apron at 14:17. Ninety seconds later, at 15:48, Show caught Lethal with a right hook, and nonchalantly toss Lethal over the ropes to win the match.

[10-Man Battle Royal]:
The Big Show won a 10-Man Battle Royal in 0:15:48.
Rating: ***

The Big Show celebrates his victory as Jay Lethal is helped backstage. The camera shows DAVID HART SMITH appear on-stage, as Lethal walks past. Smith grabs Lethal from behind, and whips him into the steel of the stage. Smith then picks up Lethal and throws him through the backstage current, before pulling a microphone out his waistband, and telling The Big Show that he didn’t care who won the battle royal, because they stood no chance of beating him for the Heavyweight Title. But, now that he knew the Big Show was his challenger, Smith said that he would take “great pride” in embarrassing him later tonight.
Smith left the stage as the show went to commercials.

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PCW Tag Team Title Match
Beer Money vs. © Jay Lethal/Daniel Bryan

After the break, Jay Lethal and Daniel Bryan made their way to the ring to defend their Tag Team Titles against the former champions, Beer Money. The question was raised in to the introduction, of whether or not Lethal and Bryan could coexist tonight, after Lethal was the reason that Bryan is not challenging for the Heavyweight Title tonight. Westerfield said that the answer would be given soon enough as the bell rang.

Both James Storm and Robert Roode took great pleasure in beating down Daniel Bryan over the first five minutes of the match, giving him no room to stage a comeback, or even the slimmest of chances of making his way to Lethal in the corner. Storm and Roode made no attempt to pin Bryan, and Pressley said that it was clear they were trying to take one member of the champions completely out of this match, to better their chances of walking away with the titles. But, Bryan, being the crafty veteran that he is, found a way to get away from the multiple double-teams he faced, and tag in Lethal. Things got a little better for Lethal, but he was essentially defending the titles alone from this point forward. He was able to hold his own in singles action, but when either Storm or Roode saw their advantage slipping, the double teams continued. Lethal fought his way through, though, and was able to throw Roode outside the ring, allowing himself some breathing room. On the outside of the ring, Bryan - now somewhat rested - connected a low blow with his boot - sending Roode crashing to the concrete. Inside the ring, Lethal was ready as Storm went to blindside him; and Lethal hit the Lethal Injection in the center of the ring! The referee counted Roode out, and Lethal and Bryan retained the Tag Team Titles.

[PCW Tag Team Title Match]:
Jay Lethal & Daniel Bryan defeated Beer Money (James Storm & Robert Roode) when J. Lethal defeated R. Roode by count-out in 0:15:37.
Rating: *** ¾
(Jay Lethal & Daniel Bryan retained the PCW Tag Team Titles.)

After the match, the referee handed Jay Lethal both title belts as Daniel Bryan walked up the ramp, and through the backstage curtain. Pressley and Westerfield say that they hope Lethal and Bryan can patch up any difference they might have from earlier tonight, because their reign as Tag Team Champions depends on it.

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Returning from the break, Brooke Barlow is seen backstage with DAVID HART SMITH. Brooke asks Smith for his reaction to The Big Show winning the 10-man battle royal just moments ago, and knowing that Smith will face him for the Heavyweight Title in tonight’s main event.

Smith says that it’s simply an example of poetic justice. He asks, Who else would it be? Who other than The Big Show would - or should - he face for the right to call himself PCW Heavyweight Champion? Smith says that it’s no secret that there’s a lot of blood between the two of them; and that it’s only fitting that they get to settle things with the biggest prize in the company on the line. Smith says that he’s sure Commissioner Butler is beside himself with joy; and that the PCW fans should thank whatever gods they believe in for allowing this match to happen, because he has every intention of beating The Big Show tonight, and becoming the new Heavyweight Champion.

Street Fight
Harlem Bravado vs. Eddie Edwards

Going into this match, everyone in the arena, in the backstage area, and even watching at home knew that there was a ton of emotion felt by Bravado and Edwards towards each other. This match had been weeks in the making, ever since Harlem - confined to a wheelchair - embarrassed Edwards, and the resulting bullying that came from it in retaliation. There was only one way for these two men to settle their rivalry, and Commissioner Rex Butler agreed to let this match take place all over the Civic Center. Things quickly escalated as newly crowned Television Champion, LANCE BRAVADO made his way to ringside, moments after the bell rang. Lance, for the most part, kept his distance from the fight, allowing his brother and Edwards to get their shots in. There were a number of weapons involved in this match, and most of them were used by Edwards, trying to reinjure Harlem and pick up the victory. But, Harlem proved to be back to 100 percent - if not better - as he took the onslaught from Edwards, but gave it back as well. After seeing his brother beaten continuously with weapons, Lance blindsided Edwards with a forearm to the back, which resulted in the referee banishing Lance from ringside! Edwards turned his attention on calling Lance back, but the distraction allowed Harlem to regain his composure. As Edwards turned around, Harlem connected with spinning head scissors to pick up the 1-2-3!

[Street Fight]:
Harlem Bravado pinned Eddie Edwards after spinning head scissors in 0:10:15.
Rating: *** ¼
[Lance Bravado interfered against Eddie Edwards.]

After the match, Harlem made his way back to ringside, as Lance returned from the backstage area, and the Bravado brothers celebrated in the center of the ring. Alfred Pressley said that Harlem was able to savor the taste of retribution tonight; but James Westerfield said that, even though Harlem won, his victory was tainted because of his brother’s help. Westerfield says that he doesn’t think Edwards’s issues with the Bravado will be over any time soon.

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Match for Vacant Heavyweight Title
David Hart Smith vs. The Big Show

It’s probably safe to say, and both men would agree with you, that David Hart Smith and The Big Show downright hate each other. Their rivalry has stretched into its second month, and all the while, the center of their issues was on the line in this match: the PCW Heavyweight Title. For weeks, The Big Show and Hart have been on a collision course, and they finally got to settle their difference in a match that would make the winner the new “top guy” in the PCW.

The match started off with both men wanting to prove their dominance, but neither of them was willing to relent, and it became of game of “anything you can do, I can do better”. The Big Show was finally able to take control after hitting a Big Boot on Smith, and he followed that up with a standing suplex. Alfred Pressley said a fall from that height would do serious damage to anyone’s back, even “The Canadian Bulldog’s”. Show went on the attack, but Hart somehow managed to find the strength to fight back, eventually take the fight outside the ring. Outside the ring, Smith was able to take advantage of the ringside area - using the guardrails to help wear down his taller, and larger opponent. Smith smashed Show’s head into the steel steps, opening up a gash in Show’s forehead, before rolling him under the ropes.

Back, inside the ring, Smith took advantage of Show’s blood loss, keeping Show on the canvas with a series of kicks. Show pushed Smith away, and tried using the ropes to pull himself up, but Smith connected with a bulldog to keep Show down. By this time, Pressley and Westerfield were starting to get worried about the amount of blood that Show had lost up to this point; and it was clear that Smith was thinking the same thing. Smith grabbed Show in a double reverse chinlock, in the center of the ring, and watched as the referee dropped Show’s hand three times, before calling for the bell.

[PCW Heavyweight Title Match]:
David Hart Smith defeated The Big Show when The Big Show passed out in a double reverse chinlock in 0:09:25.
Rating: **
(David Hart Smith won the PCW Heavyweight Title.)

Card rating: ***

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