January 09 2012

Attendance: (9,408) 64%

The show begins as AJ Styles leads The Conglomerate down to ringside. Josh Daniels and Scott Michaels talk about what must be going through AJ’s mind after what happened last week. Inside the ring, Ric Flair, Chelsea, Matt Morgan and Rob Terry stand along the ropes as AJ stands in the center of the ring with a microphone. He says that he came out for two reasons tonight. First, to admit that last Monday night was one of the worst days of his career. Watching the people in the ring get attacked, simply because they are associated with him, Styles says, made him sick to his stomach. Styles says that somehow, CM Punk was able to outsmart everyone in the ring; and for that reason, maybe he should Heavyweight Champion. But, the second reason he came out tonight, is to tell his “friends”, and everyone in the arena, that it will never happen again. Styles says that they have all worked “too damn hard” to let the last image of them be at CM Punk’s feet. Tonight, Styles says, he wants to let everyone know that he is ready for the fight that he knows will come this Sunday night at Brutality. And, he knows that Matt Morgan and Rob Terry are ready for their match against “those lying bastards”, Kurt Angle and Martin Maldonado. Styles says that he has confidence in Morgan and Terry, and that sooner - rather than later - The Conglomerate will hold the Heavyweight and Tag Team Titles. And, when that day comes, he says, they will take control of the Horizon Wrestling League.

As the group leaves the ring, Josh says that he wasn’t expecting that side of AJ tonight; and that he seems a little more “subdued” then Josh would’ve thought after last week. Scott says that AJ might seem that way, but there has to be something brewing on the inside, that AJ’s not ready to reveal just yet. They then go over the matches tonight, including the main event: a non-title match between Matt Morgan and the Heavyweight Champion, CM Punk.

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Backstage, SANTINO MARELLA is seen walking through the arena, when he is confronted by DAVID OTUNGA. Otunga, visibly limping from his injuries at Caged Rage, says that he didn’t see Marella’s match last week, but has heard that he and Sebei fought off Steve Corino and Eddie Edwards. Before Marella can speaks, Otunga tells him that he’s been screwed over before by someone who claimed to be Otunga’s friend; and that he won’t let it happen again. Otunga turns and walks away as Marella stares, shaking his head.

Colt Cabana vs. AJ Styles (w/Chelsea & Ric Flair)

After the break, Colt Cabana is standing in the ring, when AJ Styles is announced, getting a mixed reaction from the crowd. Josh Daniels wonders what Styles has on his mind as he makes his way to the ring; and Scott Michaels says that Styles probably wants to set the example for the other members of The Conglomerate. “What better way to do that then in the ring?”

The fans were treated to a great opening match-up as Cabana did not seem fazed at all by having to face the current number one contender for the Heavyweight Title. Cabana came out strong, and managed a number of near-falls throughout the match. Styles worked his way back into the match, connecting with a power bomb, but only getting a two-count. Both men fought for control of the match, until Styles whipped Cabana over the top rope. While Styles was taunting the crowd, RIC FLAIR went around the ring and laid out Cabana as he was getting back to his feet! Styles slid out of the ring and whipped Cabana into the ring steps, before working over Cabana’s ribs. Back inside the ring, Styles attempted the Styles Clash, only to have Cabana slip out of the move. Styles was quick to connect with a devastating clothesline before hitting a gut buster in the center of the ring. Styles made the cover for the 1-2-3.

AJ Styles pinned Colt Cabana after a gut buster in 0:10:04.
Rating: *** ½

After the match, Styles, Flair and Chelsea celebrate in the ring, as the crowd rains boos upon them. CM Punk is shown watching the events on a backstage monitor, and Josh Daniels asks what must be going through Punk’s mind after what Styles had to say earlier tonight. Punk walks away from the monitor as Anarchy goes to commercials.

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THE BELLA TWINS are seen backstage, talking to each other, when from behind, they are attacked by NATALYA and DAFFNEY. Natalya and Daffney work over Brie Bella, throwing her into the women’s bathroom, before turning their attention on the Women’s Champion. They go to work on Nikki, landing a number of kicks to her midsection. Natalya grabs her by the hair, pulling her to her feet, as Daffney grabs the Women’s Title and gets ready to smash it over Nikki’s face. But, before she can, PETER BRADSHAW grabs her arms - causing Daffney to turn and stare at the HWL owner. Bradshaw says that he will not tolerate the behavior being shown right now, by the women he’s hired to represent his company. Bradshaw says that, if they want to settle their differences, then they can do it in the ring at Brutality. Bradshaw says that there will be a Fatal Four-Way Match for the chance to face Nikki Bella - or Velvet Sky - at next month’s PPV. Bradshaw says Natalya, Daffney and Brie Bella will compete; and so will Hamada.

Bradshaw walks away as Daffney looks on, with fury in her eyes; Natalya tosses Nikki to the ground before walking away.

Hamada vs. Velvet Sky

Josh Daniels and Scott Michaels talk about the situation that’s erupting between The Bella Twins and Natalya and Daffney. Josh says that Nikki Bella seems to have a full plate, dealing with those two, and knowing that in six days, Velvet Sky will be wanting to regain the Women’s Title. Scott Michaels says that Velvet has history on her side, because she walked out of the Brutality pay-per-view with the title last year.

Velvet Sky came out tonight, hoping to get a win under her belt before heading into Vancouver to challenge for the Women’s Title. Hamada came into this match, wanting to continue the success that she has seen since her short rivalry with Daffney late last year. It was evident from the beginning of the match that Hamada was the one who wanted to make the statement, as she came out and didn’t allow Velvet a bit of offense for a majority of the match. Velvet struggled to get back into the match, and was only able to make a significant impact after attacking the referee. She then attacked Hamada from behind, and went for the Beauty Mark, only to have it reversed into a roll-up, for a near fall. Hamada was quick to grab Velvet, and connect with the Hamada Driver, for the 1-2-3.

Hamada pinned Velvet Sky with the Hamada Driver in 0:08:06.
Rating: *** ¾

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The Tag Team Champions, STEVE CORINO and EDDIE EDWARDS make their way down to the ring, along with Shane Hagadorn, as Anarchy returns. Corino says that throughout the history of the wrestling business, men have stood inside the ring and claimed that they were going to reign supreme over their companies - if not the business as a whole. He says that only a few - a very small number - have been able to accomplish that feat; and they are the Hulk Hogans; the Randy Savages; the Ric Flairs. He says that those men will be remembered way past their final days; and that’s what everyone hopes for… except for Edwards and himself.

Edwards says that neither he nor Corino want to come out and claim that they are going to rule the industry as a whole. No, rather, they are coming out to claim that they fully intend to rule the HWL Tag Team Division for a very, very long time. Edwards says that he and Corino have been unstoppable as a team; and minus a couple blemishes on their record, they have been the most dominant team this company has seen. That’s why they’re the Tag Team Champions. He says that they were great on their own, but they became greater - and stronger - when Shane Hagadorn shocked the world and joined their cause.

Hagadorn grabs the mic and says that no one saw what was coming at Caged Rage, but everyone can see what the future of tag team wrestling looks like in the HWL. He says, this Sunday at Brutality, some half-assed, makeshift team - Evan Bourne and Kaz - will have absolutely not chance of walking away with the Tag Team Titles. He says they’re not good enough. He calls Corino and Edwards “major league”, whereas Bourne and Kaz are “barely single-A”. Hagadorn then says that, when Corino and Edwards are through with the “tee-ballers”, if David Otunga ever recovers for the beating he took, that all three of them would be waiting to meet him and Santino Marella in the middle of the ring.

Hagadorn throws down the microphone and goes through the ropes, as Josh Daniels hypes the up-coming six-man tag match.

Commercial Break

Six Man Tag Match
Kaz/Evan Bourne/© Rami Sebei vs. © Steve Corino/Eddie Edwards/Adam Cole (w/Shane Hagadorn)

Returning from the break, Josh Daniels and Scott Michaels discuss the on-going rivalry between Adam Cole and Rami Sebei; and how the members of the Tag Team Title Match this Sunday night got involved last week, as a video of the event is played.

Because of the recent events between these six man, Daniels and Michaels speculated that things were going to get out of hand quickly, once the bell rang. But, much to the surprise of the commentators and the crowd, all six men appeared to focused on making sure their respective team picked up the victory tonight. Adam Cole and Rami Sebei did not see much action against each other in this match, Edwards and Corino spent much of the match inside the ring. Kaz and Bourne evened things up, by subduing the offense from the Tag Team Champions. The end of the match saw Corino drive Bourne’s head into the canvas with a DDT for the 1-2-3.

Eddie Edwards, Steve Corino & Adam Cole defeated Kaz, Evan Bourne & Rami Sebei when S. Corino pinned E. Bourne after a DDT in 0:13:11.
Rating: ***

Commercial Break

MATT MORGAN and ROB TERRY are seen chatting in the hallway, as RIC FLAIR appears. Flair wants to know if they have AJ’s back. Big Rob says that he does have AJ’s back, and that should be pretty plain. Morgan says that he and AJ don’t always get along, but that he has proven he’s had - and will have - AJ’s back. But, he says, that he and Big Rob have their own things to deal with, too. Flair says that he knows they will take care of Angle and Maldonado this Sunday; but says that everyone needs to make sure AJ is in the right frame of mind to win back the Heavyweight Title. Flair walks away, as the camera goes to the ring.

Brutus Magnus vs. Luke Gallows

Both of these men have been quiet recently, inside the ring, and tonight they were given the opportunity to shake off any ring rust they might have. This was a back and forth match, and both men took advantage of the ringside area to wear down the other. But, in the end, Magnus was able to hit the Tormentum for the 1-2-3.

Brutus Magnus pinned Luke Gallows with the Tormentum in 0:10:31.
Rating: **

Non-Title Match
Matt Morgan (w/Chelsea & Ric Flair) vs. © CM Punk

It has been some time since there two men have stepped into the ring to face each other. The last time, of notable reference, was during the very beginnings of the original HWL; and Matt Morgan was Heavyweight Champion. Tonight, the belt was on the other side of the ring, but from the onset, it appeared that Morgan came into this match with a champion’s mentality. Not to mention that Morgan had the pressure of The Conglomerate on his shoulders, but it handled it well, as he locked in a bear hug early on in the match. It was clear that Morgan was going to focus on the champ’s back, taking away Punk’s chances of hitting the G.T.S. The match went outside the ring, where Morgan did more damage to Punk’s back - ramming him against the ring apron, and throwing him against the steel steps. Back inside the ring, Morgan worked over Punk’s back, using a number of mat moves to wear down Punk’s lower half. It was obvious that Morgan had no intention to pin Punk, but rather, to wear him down before Sunday’s title defense. Finally, Morgan went for a power slam, but Punk was able to get his shoulder off the canvas before the three-count. Morgan then walked around the ring taunting the crowd, telling them to look at their champion.

By now, Punk had gotten to his feet, and as Morgan turned around, hit Morgan with a spear in the center of the ring. With what strength Punk had left in him, he fought his way back into the match, but it was clear that the damage done to his back was effecting him. Punk used a number of kicks to Morgan’s legs and body to stun the big man, before taking him down with a dropkick to the back of the head! Punk signaled for the G.T.S, but his back was not strong enough to life Morgan, and both men fell to the canvas. Morgan was up first, as Punk used the ropes to get to his feet, Morgan clothesline the Champion back to the concrete below.

Outside the ring, and with Ric Flair’s urging, Morgan whipped Punk into the steel steps again. Morgan positioned himself across the ring, and as Punk slowly stumbled forward, connected with the Carbon Footprint outside the ring! Morgan rolled Punk back into the ring, and made the cover. But, somehow, Punk had enough wherewithal to put his foot on the bottom rope, breaking the three-count. Furious, Morgan slapped the canvas and got to his feet. He grabbed the referee and flung him into the corner, getting boos from the crowd. But, from behind, Punk crawled over, and connected with a low blow, sending Morgan to his knees. Punk used the ropes to get back to his feet, and willed his way to the second turnbuckle, before hitting another dropkick to Morgan’s head! Punk slowly made the cover, and waited as the referee regained his bearings. As the referee began the count, AJ STYLES ran down to the ring, and attacked Punk! The referee called for the bell, ending the match…

CM Punk defeated Matt Morgan by disqualification in 0:15:11.
Rating: ** ¼
[AJ Styles interfered against CM Punk.]

After the match, as Styles continued his attack, Flair enters the ring - as does ROB TERRY from backstage- and the three of them beat Punk down in the center of the ring. As HWL officials rush down to the ring, “Big Rob” shoves them off the apron, keeping them at bay. Flair picks Punk up, and calls out to Terry. Flair and Styles hold Punk up as Terry connects with a massive lariat! Styles then tells Flair to “lock it in”, before Flair puts Punk in the figure-four leglock. Styles tells Chelsea to get the title, and she enters the ring with it. Styles takes the belt as Flair gets back to his feet, and the four of them stand over Punk; Styles holds the Heavyweight Title in the air as “Anarchy” goes off the air.

Card rating: ** ½

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