January 10, 2011

Attendance: 13,500 (75%)

A recap of last week's episode ends with Randy Orton standing victorious over Matt Morgan. “Headstrong” blares through the arena as Josh Daniels and Scott Michaels welcome everyone to the “Big Easy”, just 20 days away from Brutality. Tonight, they announce that Matt Morgan will face Cody Rhodes for the right to face Kurt Angle for the Heavyweight Title on January 30th. Also, tonight, X-Division Champion D'Angelo Dinero, will be in non-title action against Adam Cole.

Kurt Angle's music begins to play as the champion walks down to the ring with the Heavyweight Title draped over his shoulder. He gets on the microphone and begins to address the crowd….

KA: (looking around the arena) “You know, after hearing what Matt Morgan had to say last week, I felt like I needed to come out here and getting off my chest, too. Last week, Matt Morgan said that he was never given chances to challenge for the Heavyweight Title during our time in TNA. But you, I, and even Matt, himself, know that's a lie! He was given chances when he deserved them; he just couldn't win the “big one” when it mattered! Don't get me wrong, though, he was the first-ever Heavyweight Champion here in the HWL; and that's something that will never be taken away from him.”

“But, Matt, two weeks ago, you crossed the line when you interfered in my match against Cody Rhodes. Head games don't work on me, Matt. You, more than anyone, should realize that. But, I'm not out here to say that I'm going to get revenge on you, because I don't have to. Karma already struck, and you can't imagine how loud I laughed, when I watched Randy Orton beat you last week. But, Matt, you do have a chance to redeem yourself tonight. All you have to do is beat Cody Rhodes, and you'll have your chance to win the “Big One”. But even if you are lucky enough to win tonight, we all know that you'll just come up short – like always – at Brutality.”

Angle then leaves the ring as Anarchy goes to commercials.

(1) Kaz vs. “Die Hard” Eddie Edwards

Eddie Edwards was looking to get back to even with a victory over Kaz, tonight. The match was very fast-paced, and the crowd got into it from the beginning, but things took a much slower pace as AJ STYLES and MR. ANDERSON made their way down to ringside. Anderson tripped Kaz, nearly getting Edwards disqualified, and thus causing Kaz to have to spread his attention from his opponent to the two men wanting to screw him out of a victory, outside the ring. Kaz was able to hit the Wave of the Future, but being so close to the ropes, Styles placed Edwards foot on them, causing the referee to stop the count. Frustrated, and staring right at Styles, Kaz hit a German suplex in the center of the ring, and covered Edwards for the win. After the match, Kaz and Styles shared words as, beyond Kaz's view, Mr. Anderson entered the ring. Anderson connected with a surprise Mic Check, and stood defiantly over Kaz as the crowd booed.

Kaz pinned Eddie Edwards after a German suplex in 0:12:27.
Rating: *** ½
[Mr. Anderson interfered against Kaz.]

Backstage, Evan Bourne is seen walking though the aisle ways, when he is approached by X-Division Champion, D'Angelo Dinero…

DD: “Yo, Bourne.”
EB: (turning to face Dinero) “… hey.”
DD: “The Pope just wanted to say congrats for that win over MVP last week.”
EB: “Thanks.”
DD: “Keep it up.”

Dinero walks away as Bourne stares at him, questioning their interaction. In another area of the arena, Alisha Hicks is seen with Matt Morgan…

AH: “Matt Morgan, tonight, Kurt Angle started off the show with some pretty strong words about you and the past you two have shared. Do you have any comment?”
MM: “Kurt Angle said that I had my chances for the Heavyweight Title during our time in TNA, and he's right. But, we've all seen what that company does to the people that want to make something of themselves. They build them up, right to the level of “stardom”, and then drop them back to the bottom of the barrel in favor of some aging piece of dirt, who had their best days 10 to 20 years ago. I wasn't going to sit around and watch my career be decided by people who should be sitting on their asses, getting retirement. I was the first-ever HWL Heavyweight Champion. The X-Division Title and the Tag Team Titles mean nothing to me, because I've been to the mountain top. Nothing is going to satisfy me until I get back to the peak of the HWL. Kurt Angle should know, first-hand, that I won't let anything stop me until I get there.”
AH: “He also mentioned your actions two weeks ago, and how Karma has already given you what you deserved…”
MM: (laughs) “Angle thinks that he can get inside my head with “karma”? Because I lost to Randy Orton last week? That might be the case, but it doesn't change the fact that I'm still fighting for a shot to get inside that ring with Angle at Brutality. I believe in Karma, and if it's already struck, like Angle wants to believe, then I have nothing to worry about tonight. Plain and simple.”

Morgan walks away as the camera goes back to the ring…

(2) Velvet Sky vs. Sarita

Velvet Sky has been climbing up the ladder in the Vixen's division, picking up more and more experience as she gets closer to her Women's Title match against Natalya, at Brutality. Tonight, she stepped into the ring against former champion, Sarita, but the match ended almost as quickly as it started. NATALYA made her way to the ring, just after the bell rang, and began tormenting Velvet. Sarita tossed Velvet outside the ring as Natalya stalked her from the other side of the ring. As the referee began the 10-count, Sarita distracted him, allowing Natalya to throw Velvet into the ring steps before making her way back up the ramp. The referee eventually continued the 10-count, effectively counting out Velvet, and awarding the match to Sarita.

Sarita defeated Velvet Sky by count-out in 0:03:53.
Rating: * ¼
[Natalya interfered against Velvet Sky.]

Backstage, Alisha Hicks is seen with AJ STYLES, MR. ANDERSON, and RIC FLAIR…

AH: “Ric Flair, earlier tonight, we saw these two men come down to the ring, and attack Kaz during his match with Eddie Edwards. Do you, or either of them, have any explanation for your actions?
RF: (smiling) “Listen up, toots! AJ Styles, Mr. Anderson, and certainly, “The Nature Boy”, don't owe you – or anyone – an explanation for what we do. You're looking at the greatest World Heavyweight Champion of all time; a two-time HWL Heavyweight Champion; and a man, who's just about to break out in this business. But, most importantly, you're looking at the next HWL Tag Team Champions!”
AS: “You know, Alisha, Ken and myself have just been sitting on the back burner for the past couple months, buying our time before we start breaking out and making our way back to the top. Having the dirtiest player in the game giving you advise is one of the biggest honors we could ever have. But, now it's time for us to go out there and show everyone that we're not going to be held down; and there's no one that's going to stop us from winning those Tag Team Titles.”
MA: “It's simple, really. Like AJ said, we've been sitting in the back, watching everybody else get their chances handed to them. We couldn't sit back and watch those same people get the chances that should rightfully be ours. So, we're not going to wait for handouts anymore; and, we've decided to go out and get what we want. Kaz, tonight, he was just a casualty of the war we're going to take to The Hart Dynasty. They've held those belts for far too long, and it's clear that we're the team that's going to take them from them. So, all those little peons in the crowd will have to brace themselves, because at Brutality, they will see the Tag Team Titles placed around the waists of “The Phenomenal” AJ Styles and Mr. Anderson!… … … Anderson.”
RF: “Woo!”

The three men walk away, as the camera shows Ted Hanson, backstage, with CODY RHODES…

TH: “Cody Rhodes, first things first, how are you feeling tonight?”
CR: “I'm feeling alright…”
TH: “You've been cleared to wrestle tonight, but do you think you're ready to step into the ring with the man who concussed you, with a chance to challenge for the Heavyweight Title on the line?”
CR: “Ted, what in the world makes you think that I'm not NOT ready? Not only is there a chance to fight Kurt Angle for the Heavyweight Title in three weeks, but tonight, I get the chance to get my hands on Matt Morgan. Of course I'm ready! If anyone should be ready, it's Matt Morgan, because, he may've gotten past karma and all that; but I'm not gonna be so easy on him.”

Rhodes walks away as Ted Hanson looks off into the distance…

(3) AJ Styles/Mr. Anderson (w/Chelsea & Ric Flair) vs. The Usos (w/Tamina)

After making their presence known, earlier tonight, it was time for Styles and Anderson to prove what they could do inside the ring. They faced off with a team who came up short in their own quest to win the Tag Team Titles Chelsea and Ric Flair were kept at bay by Tamina, so the match would be decided by the four men in the ring. Styles and Anderson started off strong, but the power advantage was with The Usos, as evident when Jimmy Uso lifted Anderson into a choke lift while the referee threatened disqualification. The match ended on an odd note, as Jey connected with a backdrop on AJ, who had a hard time getting to his feet. Jey made the cover, and the referee counted to three, giving The Usos a huge victory. After the match, Chelsea and Flair entered the ring to check on Styles, slowly escorting him to the backstage area.

The Uso (Jimmy & Jey) defeated AJ Styles & Mr. Anderson when Jey pinned Styles via pinfall in 0:13:12.
Rating: *** ¾

Backstage, ALEX SHELLEY is seen walking through the hallways, when he his approached by EVAN BOURNE…

EB: “Alex. I know you've challenged Randy Orton to a match at the pay-per-view…”
AS: “Yeah.”
EB: “I just wanted to let you know, that I'm in, too. I want to get my hands on Orton just as bad as you do…”

Bourne walks away, leaving Shelley in the hallway, nodding his head…

PETER BRADSHAW is seen, sitting in his office, backstage, when TOMMY DREAMER enters…

TD: “Peter, are you busy?”
PB: “No. What's on your mind, Tommy?”
TD: “We both know, just like all the fans out there tonight, that the match Abyss and I had last week, just isn't going to sit well with either one of us, especially me. I want another shot, at Brutality… in a hardcore rules match.” (Crowd cheers)
PB: (thinking) “Ya know… that doesn't sound like a bad idea, Tommy. I'll see what I can do, but plan on being in Miami.”

Dreamer smirks before turning, and walking out of the office…

(4) Adam Cole vs. © “The Pope” D'Angelo Dinero (Non-Title Match)

In just his second match on the main roster, Adam Cole stepped into the ring with the X-Division Champion, and put on one of the best matches the Champion has seen since winning the belt. Cole came out strong, stunning Dinero with a variety of kicks and high-risk moves. Cole went for the Yakuza Kick, but Dinero was able to duck out of the way, just in time to see Montel Vontavious Porter making his way to the ring. The match made its way outside the ring, where both men battled through the ringside area, just barely getting back into the ring before the referee counted to 10. Minute later, Dinero was able to connect with the DDE, but Cole, showing a display of fortitude, kicked out of the move and rolled out of the ring. Feeling the match was in hand, Dinero followed suit, and the two men began to brawl at ringside. However, neither was willing to re-enter the ring, and the referee counted them both out! After the match, Porter made his presence known, attacking Dinero from behind. Cole and Porter teamed up to assault Dinero, until EVAN BOURNE ran down to the ring and cleared the scene! Porter and Cole escaped through the crowd as Bourne helped Dinero to his feet.

D'Angelo Dinero and Adam Cole battled to a double count-out in 0:16:21.
Rating: ** ½
[Montel Vontavious Porter interfered against D'Angelo Dinero.]

Backstage, Ted Hanson confronts RANDY ORTON…

TH: “Randy, earlier tonight, Evan Bourne told Alex Shelley that he, too, wanted to step into the ring with you at Brutality. What do you have you to say about that?”

Orton stops and stares at Hanson, not saying a word, before walking away…

A preview for “Brutality” is shown, with “World So Cold”, by Three Days Grace, playing in the background.

(5) “Dashing” Cody Rhodes vs. “The Blueprint” Matt Morgan (#1 Contenders Match)

Matt Morgan appeared to be quite prophetic tonight, saying that karma had already struck, last week, by coming out and appearing to have nothing to worry about as he stepped into the ring with Cody Rhodes. Two weeks ago, Morgan connected with a vicious Carbon Footprint, that kept Rhodes out of action with a concussion. Tonight, Morgan seemed intent on doing more damage to Rhodes, focusing his attention on Rhodes' neck and head throughout the match. Morgan used a lot of mat hold, putting pressure on Rhodes' neck, wearing him down, and Rhodes – who seemed to still be suffering from side effects – was never able to mount any reasonable offense. Morgan connected with his second Carbon Footprint, in three weeks, and pinned Rhodes… crowning himself as the new number one contender for the Heavyweight Title. After the match, KURT ANGLE appeared on-stage, with the Heavyweight Title…

KA: “Well, well, well. I guess I should come out here and give you the credit you deserve, Matt. Apparently, you were right; karma had already struck, and you came out here and did exactly what you said you were going to do. Congratulations on earning your shot at me, and the Heavyweight Title. This is going to be your one last shot at me, Matt, and with the title on the line, you better make it worth your while. Because, on January 30th, I plan on keeping this title around my waist. And, when I make you tap out, or pin your shoulders to that canvas, I will know that I am finally finished with you, once and for all.”

The two of them stare at each other, from across the ring, as Anarchy goes off the air.

Matt Morgan pinned Cody Rhodes with the Carbon Footprint in 0:12:42.
Rating: *** ½

Card Rating: ***

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