January 10, 2012

PCW House Show
January 10, 2012
Bob Devaney Sports Center - Lincoln, NE
Attendance: (8,370) 62%

Newly crowned Heavyweight Champion, DAVID HART SMITH, joins James Westerfield as the show begins. Westerfield congratulates Smith on his victory. Smith says that there wasn’t a doubt in his mind that he would walk out of La Crosse without the Heavyweight Title. Smith says that he was bred to be a champion. He says that the it was poetic justice that The Big Show won the Battle Royal last week, and that Smith was able to get his retribution for Big Show’s actions a few weeks ago. Smith says that he ended things the way he wanted to, and that he can now move on to continuing his reign as champion.

This brings out THE BIG SHOW, who says that he, too, has to congratulate Smith on his victory last week. But, Show says that the victory was a fluke, and that Smith took advantage of the injury Show suffered. Smith argues that, if Show is out here to say that Smith didn’t pin him, he’s right. Smith says that he did something better than pin The Big Show - he mad him pass out! This enrages The Big Show, who says that he wants another shot at Smith, because there’s no way Smith could beat him at 100-percent.

Before Smith can answer, Commissioner Rex Butler joins them, and says that what’s done is done. Butler says he understands Big Show’s unhappiness with the result last week, but that Show has to accept the fact that he was beaten. Butler says that, even if Show had a valid reason to want a rematch, it wasn’t going to happen tonight. Butler says that Show will be taking The Great Khali’s place - who couldn’t make to the arena tonight - in the main event against Alberto Del Rio. But, Butler says that there is a man who does have reason to challenge Smith for the Heavyweight; and he will do that at the February 6th live show.

MAX BUCK returns - and gets a huge reaction from the crowd - as he comes out and says that David Hart Smith is holding Buck’s title. Buck says that Rex Butler agrees that Buck never lost the title, but had to forfeit it due to injury. Therefore, on Feburary 6th, Buck will get his chance to win back the Heavyweight Title!

Alex Payne vs. Michael Tarver

Alex Payne got a better than expected reception tonight, hailing from nearby Des Moines, IA. Payne was looking to pick up his first-ever victory here in the PCW; but he had to step into the ring with a newcomer by the name of Michael Tarver. Alfred and James called Tarver “a monster”, as he towered over Payne, and outweighed him by a substantial amount. But, to the surprised of everyone, it didn’t seem to faze Payne, as he routinely locked Tarver in an armbar submission, nearly getting the big man to tap out! But, Tarver fought back, and gained the advantage, using his strength and size to wear Payne down. Tarver finished off the match with a moved Alfred and James called “Tarver’s Lightning”, for the 1-2-3.

Michael Tarver pinned Alex Payne with the Tarver’s Lightning in 0:14:00.
Rating: * ¾

After the match, Tarver stood over Payne, as the referee checks on him. Tarver leaves the ring, as the crowd responds with a mixed reaction.

Backstage, Brooke Barlow is seen with the PCW Tag Team Champions - JAY LETHAL and DANIEL BRYAN. Brooke asks the two how things are going after the events that took place last week on the live show. Jay says that he thinks everything has been going pretty well; and that he, again, hopes that Daniel knows he wasn’t doing anything on purpose to eliminate him from the battle royal last week. Bryan is quiet for a moment after that, before finally saying that he knows, and that he’s sure everything will be back to normal by February 6th.

Brooke then asks who they’d like to defend the Tag Team titles against at the live show in Honalulu. Lethal says that it doesn’t really matter who they face, because they have proven to be worthy champions; and that it will take a lot to take the belts away from them. Bryan says that it doesn’t matter to him either, except that he knows that on any given day, and in any given moment, things can change; and the Tag Team Titles could easily be taken away from them. He tells Jay that they both need to be on their guard from now on, because there’s not telling who will be coming after them. Bryan walks away, looking back over his shoulders, as Brooke and Jay stare after him.

Ken Anderson vs. Joseph Mercury

The fans in Lincoln got to see their second debut in as many matches tonight, as Joseph Mercury took on Ken Anderson tonight. Anderson has been having a hard time finding his identity since making the move to the PCW from the main roster, and tonight seemed to be his best chance at picking up a victory. But Mercury looked comfortable inside the ring, and displayed quite a few skills that caught Anderson off guard. This match was back and forth, and both men picked up a couple near falls each, but in the end, Mercury connected with a Double Underhook DDT to pick up a huge opening victory.

Joseph Mercury pinned Ken Anderson with the Double Underhook DDT in 0:11:57.
Rating: ¼

The All-Night Express vs. David Otunga/Byron Saxton

All four of these men took part in the 10-man battle royal at the live show last week, only to come up short of being able to challenge for the Heavyweight Title. So, tonight, both teams were looking to get one step closer to eventually challenging for the Tag Team Titles. That distinction went to Otunga and Saxton. Saxton started off the match, and Rhett Titus and Kenny King used double teams to get the better of him at the onset of the match. But it didn’t take long for Saxton to recover and tag in Otunga, who cleaned us - much to the delight of the fans - and locked in the abdominal stretch onto Titus. Saxton ran across the ring and stopped King from interfering as the Titus passed out. The referee quickly called for the bell.

David Otunga & Byron Saxton defeated The All-Night Express (Rhett Titus & Kenny King) when D. Otunga made R. Titus pass out in an abdominal stretch in 0:02:15.
Rating: **

Alfred Pressley and James Westerfield run down the events that took place during the live event - for those that were not able to see it. EDDIE EDWARDS interrupts them, as he comes down to the ring. Edwards says that he has come out to the ring tonight, because he wants to hear an explanation for Lance Bravado’s actions last week. Edwards says that Lance has him to thank for becoming Television Champion last week; but then he turns around and attacks Edwards later in the show. Edwards demands that Bravado meet him in the ring, or there will be hell to pay.

After a few moments, LANCE BRAVADO comes out to the ring, carrying the Television Title around his waist. Bravado starts by thanking Edwards for his help in becoming Television Champion, though there was very little doubt in his mind that he would beat Alberto Del Rio last week. Bravado then says that there is a simple explanation for his actions last week. Lance says that Edwards is either naïve or stupid to think that Lance would help him defeat his own brother - especially after all the hell and torment Edwards put Harlem through over the past few weeks. Lance says that it was sweet vindication to win the TV Title and see his brother get payback. Lance says that, in one night, the Bravados went right back to being the happy family they once were, and it was all thanks to Edwards.

Edwards gets into Bravado’s face, and tells him that he could take the TV Title from him at any moment; and that he’s lucky Edwards isn’t kicking his ass right now. This brings out ALBERTO DEL RIO - without Roberto Rodriguez - who comes to the ring and says that if anyone gets a chance to take the belt from Lance, it’s the former champion. Del Rio says that Edwards can have what’s left of Bravado after Del Rio is finished with him at the Live Show. Edwards attacks Del Rio as Bravado slips out of the ring and stands at ringside. The fight continues until Commissioner Rex Butler comes to ringside and demands them to stop fighting. Butler says that he can see both Edwards’ and Del Rio’s claims to the a title match, so he’s going to give them both a title shot at the February 7th live show. Butler walks away as all three men stare at each other.

The Big Show vs. Alberto Del Rio (w/Roberto Rodriguez)

Both of these men came up short in their respective title matches last week during the live show. They both had scores to settle, but tonight, it looked like Del Rio had the most to prove. The former Television Champion came out with a fury, shocking the much larger Big Show, by not allowing the big man to get in any offense for the first few moments of the match. The Big Show slowed down the match, when he grabbed Del Rio and threw him through the ropes, allowing him to catch his breath. Show’s offense was short-lived as Del Rio reversed a choke slam attempt into an armbar submission. Show, for as strong as he is, tried to get out of the move, but after nearly a minute, he tapped out.

Alberto Del Rio defeated The Big Show when The Big Show tapped out in an armbar submission in 0:10:10.
Rating: ***
(The Great Khali no-showed.)

Card Rating: ** ¾

PCW LIVE SHOW - 02/07/12 - Honolulu, Hawaii
Heavyweight Title Match: Max Buck vs. © David Hart Smith
Television Title Match: Eddie Edwards vs. Alberto Del Rio vs. © Lance Bravado

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