January 12, 2013 - New Beginning - Syracuse, NY

Attendance: 2,400

Alfred Pressley and James Westerfield welcome everyone to Syracuse, New York, for the first pay-per-view event of 2013. They run down the matches on the card and discuss the main event Strap Match for the Heavyweight Championship between Kenny King and James Storm.

Justin Gabriel vs. Cody Rhodes
As of late, Justin Gabriel has been working his way up the ladder, in the hopes of challenging for the Television Title down the line. After Tuesday’s program went off the air, Cody Rhodes approached General Manager Rex Butler after facing Gabriel in preparation for his match against Eddie Edwards tomorrow night. Butler signed the match, thinking that it would be a good test for both men and a great way to start off tonight’s event. But it was obvious from the start, that something wasn’t right with Rhodes. Gabriel was making it hard for Rhodes to get any advantage during the match, and Rhodes seemed to be working with a short fuse. After not getting a three-count, Rhodes attacked the referee, throwing him into the ring post! Rhodes grabbed a chair and attacked Gabriel with it. The referee called for the bell, and PCW officials rushed to the ring, pulling Rhodes off of Gabriel. Rhodes was escorted to the back, as Gabriel was attended to.

Justin Gabriel defeated Cody Rhodes by DQ in 10:08.
Rating: *** ¼

In a pre-recorded video, Brooke Barlow interviews Newling-sama, moments before her title match against Natalya. Brooke says that Newling-sama has had nothing but success since joining the PCW and asks if she thinks that success will continue tonight. Newling-sama looks at Brooke and says nothing for a moment. Finally, in broken English, she tells Brooke that she will be the new Women’s Champion.

Live, backstage, Luke Gallows is seen with his partner Gabriel Fuerza. Fuerza looks nervous, trying to loosen up, but Gallows tells him there’s nothing to worry about. Gallows says to not worry about the pressure of tonight being Fuerza’s first match or the fact that it’s for the Tag Team Titles. Fuerza stops moving his arms and looks at Gallows, who smiles and slaps Fuerza on the back before leaving the locker room.

Women’s Championship Match
Newling-sama vs. © Natalya

Since debuting with the PCW towards the end of 2012, Newling-sama has taken the Women’s Division by storm. Earning a shot at the Women’s Championship on her first night with the company skyrocketed her potential. But potential will only get you so far, and the newcomer would have to prove herself against Natalya inside the ring. A victory would go a long way in continuing her rise, and she looked well on her way, as her unorthodox style was one Natalya is not familiar with. However, the second-generation member of the Hart family quickly recovered and took control of the match. In her own unorthodox fashion, instead of going for the Sharpshooter, Natalya connected with a front-layout suplex to retain the title.

[Women’s Championship Match]:
Natalya pinned Newling-sama after a front-layout suplex in 6:12.
Rating: -1/4*
(Natalya retained the Women’s Championship.)

Backstage, Brooke Barlow is seen with the Tag Team Champions, Jay Briscoe and The Esperanza. Brooke asks how they feel going into tonight’s title defense against Luke Gallows and Gabriel Fuerza. Briscoe says that Gallows is a big man, but they’re not worried about him. Then he promises to give Gabriel Fuerza a welcoming gift he’ll never forget.

Tag Team Championship Match
Luke Gallows & Gabriel Fuerza vs. © Jay Briscoe & The Esperanza

Last month, the PCW was introduced to two masked men, who quickly made a name for themselves by winning the Tag Team Titles at End of the Line. It was later revealed that Briscoe and The Esperanza were under those masks, and that they intended on holding onto those titles for some time. After winning and losing the titles on the same night, Luke Gallows found himself in a situation where he needed a partner in order to challenge for the belts he only had a taste of. Tonight, Gabriel Fuerza made his wrestling debut and looked very impressive inside the ring. However, after chop-blocking Gallows’ leg, Briscoe and The Esperanza double-teamed Fuerza outside the ring, drawing the attention of the referee. This allowed The Esperanza to grab a title belt and smash it against Gallows’ head before pinning him to retain the titles.

[Tag Team Championship Match]:
Jay Briscoe & The Esperanza defeated Luke Gallows & Gabriel Fuerza when Esperana pinned Gallows after hitting him with a title belt in 10:12.
Rating: * ½
(Jay Briscoe & The Esperanza retained the Tag Team Championships.)

In a pre-recorded interview, CHRIS HERO says that The Big Show thinks he should be worried because he’s pissed off. Hero says that The Big Show could barely get the job done against David Otunga in order to earn this title shot. Hero says he’s already beaten The Big Show once before, so there’s no need for him to be worried about him tonight. Hero says it doesn’t matter who he’s in the ring with, the Television Title is staying with him.

Backstage, Brooke Barlow is seen with JAMES STORM, who is drinking from a bottle of beer. Brooke asks Storm about tonight’s Strap Match and how he feels about letting Kenny King pick the match. Storm says it didn’t really matter what type of match King picked because he knows King is pissed off and wants a fight. Storm says that he’s never one to back down from a fight, especially if someone’s coming after his Heavyweight Title. He says that he’ll go out there tonight, beat King at his own game, and walk out with the Heavyweight Title around his waist. Storm says that King’s damn luck runs out tonight.

Television Championship Match
The Big Show vs. © Chris Hero

A month after turning his back on his friend and teammate, David Otunga, Chris Hero had been a thorn in the side of both Otunga and The Big Show as they battled to see who would be challenging for the TV Title. The Big Show won the chance and was ready to avenge his loss to Hero back in November. Hero resorted to playing mind games with The Big Show, hoping to lessen the giant’s chances. Despite Hero’s attacks, The Big Show came prepared and looked poised to become TV Champion. But, after hitting a chokeslam and only getting a two count, it appeared the wind was going out of The Big Show’s sails. Frustrated with not being able to put Hero away, The Big Show started arguing with the referee as Hero slipped under the bottom rope. When Show followed, Hero pulled a pair of brass knuckles from his trunks and connected with The Big Show’s jaw, staggering the big man. Hero rolled Show back into the ring and made the pinfall, stealing another victory.

[Television Championship Match]:
Chris Hero defeated The Big Show by pinfall in 10:31.
Rating: * ½
(Chris Hero retained the Television Championship.)

Backstage, Brooke Barlow is seen with CARNAGE and BAD BONES. With thick German accents, they tell Brooke that they haven’t had the type of success they were hoping for since arriving in the US and the PCW. They say that they have been fighting with Ishikawa and Sheamus since Day One and that tonight they will turn their fortunes around.

In a pre-recorded video, KENNY KING says that a lot of people have told him he’s crazy for challenging James Storm in a Strap Match tonight. King says he appreciates what his friends and family have told him, but he didn’t get to where he is by listening to others. King says he wasn’t going to be held back by what others thought he couldn’t do; by a tag team partner that couldn’t hold his own weight; and certainly not by some beer-swilling Tennessee Cowboy. Storm might have a history of drunken bar fights on a Friday night, but King says that he grew up fighting on the street. That’s what tonight is going to be – a fight. King asks Storm if he feels lucky before walking off-screen.

Oberhausen Terror Corps vs. Shinya Ishikawa & Sheamus
Since arriving on the scene in PCW, these four men have wrecked havoc on each other. The German duo, Carnage and Bad Bones, seemingly made it their mission to enact some semblance of payback after coming up short in their first bid to defeat Ishikawa and Sheamus in their debut match. Ishikawa and Sheamus certainly weren’t shy about giving back what was given to them, and would routine interfere in the Terror Corps’ matches over the following weeks. It culminated with the rematch tonight, but it looked as the Terror Corps were out of their element, as they took swings at crowd members more than once during the match. Their unreadiness for this match proved finite as Sheamus hit the High Cross on Carnage to pick up the victory.

Shinya Ishikawa & Sheamus defeated Oberhausen Terror Corps (Carnage & Bad Bones) when Sheamus pinned Carnage with the High Cross in 12:04.
Rating: ** ½

A preview for the next PCW pay-per-view – FULL THROTTLE – is shown. Full Throttle will be LIVE, February 10th, from Grand Rapids, MI!

Strap Match for Heavyweight Championship
Kenny King vs. © James Storm

Last month, James Storm retained the Heavyweight Championship by some nefarious means, and Kenny King made sure everyone knew about it. Over the next few weeks, the ensuing war of words between these two raised a lot of eyebrows of fans and non-fans alike and came to a head with Storm allowing King to decide the stipulation for tonight’s title match. The Strap Match was picked, since King felt it was the only match he’d have a fair shot in. Tonight, two men from two different “worlds”, were tied together for nearly 20 minutes, vying to see who wanted the Heavyweight Title bad enough. King played the spoiler on a number of occasions, using the strap to pulled Storm out of the ring as he tried to touch the turnbuckles. Storm would use the strap to clothesline King during his attempts at reaching the corners. Towards the end, both men found themselves outside the ring, trying to use the strap to their advantage. As both men were pulling, Storm let go of his end, and King smashed the back of his head on the concrete! Storm then ran King into the steel ring steps before rolling him inside the ring. Storm whipped King into the ropes, connecting with a spear, before dragging him to all four corners to pick up the win.

[Heavyweight Championship, Strap Match]:
James Storm defeated Kenny King in 18:08.
Rating: *** ¼
(James Storm retained the Heavyweight Championship.)

Card rating: ** ¼

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