January 13, 2013 - HWL Brutality - Buffalo, NY

HWL Brutality PPV – January 13, 2013 – First Niagra Center (Buffalo, NY)
Commentators: Josh Daniels & Scott Michaels
Attendance: 6,168

Josh Daniels and Scott Michaels welcome everyone to Buffalo for the first pay-per-view event of HWL’s 2013. Tonight, there will be eight huge matches, including what could be Cody Rhodes’ last match, just 24 hours before Peter Bradshaw hands down his decision on Anarchy. Also, the Caged Rage rematch between John Cena and CM Punk for the Heavyweight Title.

Number One Contenders Match
Matt Morgan vs. Randy Orton

The feud between Randy Orton and X-Division Champion Kevin Steen started way back in November. At the Wicked Games event, Orton defeated Steen in the quarterfinals, eventually losing to CM Punk in the finals and injuring his knee in the process. The injury kept Orton out of action for a month, and during that time, Steen was very vocal about being a champion whereas Orton had come up short. Upon his return to action after the Caged Rage event, Orton and Steen finally had their rematch which ended in Orton winning by DQ. Not happy with that outcome, Orton demanded a title match against Steen tonight but was told that he would have to earn it. The man standing across from him tonight, Matt Morgan, came up short against Steen at Caged Rage and was thrilled to get another possible shot at the title. Orton and Morgan put on a hell of a match, but it seemed as if Orton was overlooking Morgan, expecting to face Steen later tonight, and this led him to make a costly mistake. As he went for the RKO, Morgan caught Orton in the air and hit him with a back suplex. A running forearm smash took Orton by surprise just long enough for Morgan to get the 1-2-3.

Matt Morgan pinned Randy Orton after a forearm smash in 8:10.
Rating: ** ¼

In a recorded video from earlier, Delirious and Daizee Haze are seen talking to each other with their backs turned to the camera. Delirious looks over his shoulder and jumps back, startled. He taps Haze on the shoulder, causing her to turn around look at the camera; a sadistic smile on her face. Haze says that David Otunga is going to get what he has worked so hard for tonight… and maybe a little surprise while he’s at it. She blows a kiss at the camera as she and Delirious walk off-screen.

David Otunga vs. Delirious (w/Daizee Haze)
Nearly a month ago, these two men stepped into the ring against each other during the Anarchy after Caged Rage. In that match, Otunga fell victim to the numbers game, getting distracted by a chair shot from Haze. This took Otunga’s eyes off of Delirious, who used the chair to pick up the victory. During the ensuing war of words, Otunga promised to get back at Delirious and take back the victory that should have been his from the start. But, playing mind games is what Delirious and Haze excel at, and they made sure to get inside Otunga’s head, interfering in his matches on multiple occasions in the lead-up to tonight’s match. When the bell rang tonight, Otunga was intent on fulfilling his goal of avenging his loss due to unacceptable means; but he still had to worry about what this “surprise” was from Haze at ringside. Haze revealed that surprise when she jumped onto the ring apron and planted a kiss on Otunga’s lips! The distraction allowed Delirious to get back to his feet; but when he ran into the ropes, Otunga moved out of the way, and Delirious sent Haze crashed to the concrete at ringside! Otunga grabbed Delirious and hit The Verdict for the 1-2-3!

David Otunga pinned Delirious with The Verdict in 10:37.
Rating: *** ½

Backstage, Alisha Hicks is seen with the Tag Team Champions AJ STYLES and KOFI KINGSTON. Alisha says the last time they tried to talk, on Monday night, Eric Young and Martin Kirby attacked them from behind. Styles tells Alisha that’s what scared men do. Men who aren’t confident in their abilities to fight for what they want. Kingston says that Young and Kirby resorted to sneak attacks, trying to soften them up for tonight, when really, they just made them stronger. Styles says that Young and Kirby wanted another shot to take the titles away from them. But after tonight, there won’t be a third.

Tag Team Title Match
Eric Young & Martin Kirby vs. © AJ Styles & Kofi Kingston

Eric Young and Martin Kirby earned a second chance at the Tag Team Titles the night after Caged Rage, defeated Colt Cabana and Edwin Colon in a Number One Contenders Match. It was clear that Eric Young was going to stop at nothing until he secured the title belts for himself and whoever his partner was. After recruiting Kirby to take the place of the departing Ted DiBiase, Young set out on getting under the champs’ skin as much as possible. Though Styles and Kingston were not seen on television much between Caged Rage and last Monday night, Young and Kirby made the best of what little time the champions did have on-screen, attacking them backstage. But, as Styles and Kingston said before their match, it appeared to only make them stronger. Young and Kirby were hoping for a different outcome this time around but facing a tag team that hasn’t lost a match since joining forces, you need to bring you’re a-game. Tonight, Young and Kirby came up short again, as Young fell victim to a spinal tap as Styles made the cover.

[Tag Team Title Match]:
AJ Styles & Kofi Kingston defeated Eric Young & Martin Kirby when Styles pinned E. Young after a spinal tap in 10:01.
Rating: ** ½
(AJ Styles & Kofi Kingston retained the Tag Team Titles.)

In a pre-recorded video, ODB says that Brie Bella was able to run from her Monday night in their tag team match. But tonight, there is nowhere for her to hide when falls count anywhere.

Women’s Title Match
ODB vs. © Brie Bella

Brie Bella became the first-ever four-time Women’s Champion last month, when she survived a Fatal Four Way match at Caged Rage. The next night, on Anarchy, ODB earned her shot at Brie for tonight, defeating Leva Bates. From the start, Brie would routinely tell anyone who would listen that ODB didn’t belong in the same ring as her, and that no one in the Women’s Division could hold a candle to what she had been able to do in the ring. This led to some very harsh and personal things being said by both women, which quickly escalated into backstage attacks as the weeks progressed. This led to Peter Bradshaw signing a Falls Count Anywhere Match for the Women’s Title. A match like this would have been perfect for ODB’s style, but Brie Bella was surprisingly prepared for what the “One Dirty Bitch” threw at her. As both Vixens made their way outside the ring, ODB attempted to swing a steel chair at Brie, but the champ ducked and ODB’s shot clanked against the ring post. ODB dropped the chair and Brie capitalized, rocking her with a kneelift. Brie made the cover on the concrete floor as the referee counted to three.

[Women’s Title Match]:
Brie Bella pinned ODB after a kneelift in 7:20.
Rating: * ¼
(Brie Bella retained the Women’s Title.)

In a pre-recorded video, JESSE NEAL and SHANNON MOORE talk about how Shane Hagadorn keeps running his mouth about how good Claudio Castagnoli and Steve Corino are. They say they only thing they have going for them is Shane Hagadorn in their corner.

Ink, Inc. vs. The Independents (w/Shane Hagadorn)
For the past few weeks, Shane Hagadorn had been singing the praises of his charges Claudio Castagnoli and Steve Corino. Three weeks ago, Castagnoli and Corino took aim at Jesse Neal and Shannon Moore, attacking them after their match on Anarchy. Feeling slighted by the sneak attack, Neal and Moore requested a match with the former indy superstars and were granted their chance to face the duo tonight in Buffalo. In their pre-match interview, Neal and Moore made it clear that they had to figure Hagadorn into the equation tonight. Their premonition was correct, as Hagadorn did interfere against Neal, allowing Corino to hit a powerslam for the 1-2-3.

Claudio Castagnoli & Steve Corino defeated Ink Inc. (Jesse Neal & Shannon Moore) when S. Corino pinned J. Neal after a powerslam in 8:04.
Rating: ** ½
[Shane Hagadorn interfered against Jesse Neal.]

Backstage, Alisha Hicks is seen with Matt Morgan. Hicks asks Morgan about beating Randy Orton earlier in the evening and the chance to face Kevin Steen again for the X-Division Title. Morgan says that Randy Orton had every reason to want a shot at Steen for the comments that were made over the last month. But, when it came down to actually following through, Orton couldn’t get the job done. Tonight, Morgan says that he’s going to do what he couldn’t do last month and retake the X-Division Title.

X-Division Title Match
Matt Morgan vs. © Kevin Steen

Last month, Matt Morgan and Kevin Steen squared off inside a steel cage with the X-Division Title on the line. Steen walked away from that match still in possession of the title belt. However, after that night, Steen’s attention turned primarily to Randy Orton, whom he claimed to be at a higher standing than. In the ensuing weeks, Orton made it clear that he wanted to prove who was better in the ring – especially after defeating Steen in late December by DQ. However, to do so, Orton had to get past Morgan, on the orders of Peter Bradshaw. Orton was unsuccessful in his attempt, and Steen appeared to be unprepared to face Morgan, as these two did battle all over ringside, eventually resulting in a double countout. After the match, HWL officials rushed down to the ring and separated the two men as questions circulated about what would happen in the wake of this result.

[X-Division Title Match]:
Matt Morgan and Kevin Steen battled to a double countout in 12:37.
Rating: ** 1/4
(Kevin Steen retained the X-Division Title.)

Backstage, Alisha Hicks is seen with CODY RHODES. Rhodes says that there’s no denying how important tonight is for him. He has a lot to prove and really only one chance to do it. Rhodes said he didn’t get the job done against Jay Briscoe last month, and he has one shot against Eddie Edwards tonight. Rhodes says that he will be a man of his word and adhere to whatever punishment Peter Bradshaw hands down to him tomorrow night. But tonight, his main focus is being a man and taking care of business as best as he can.

Cody Rhodes vs. Eddie Edwards
Two months ago, Cody Rhodes returned to the HWL after a summer feud with Kurt Angle. However, the former Heavyweight Champion was different. He had become erratic inside the ring and was some people were complaining about him possibly putting their careers in danger. After enduring a very personal feud with Jay Briscoe – in which Rhodes was not able to overcome, thanks to Eddie Edwards – his life became a living hell. Edwards corroborated Briscoe’s “evidence” of Rhodes’s suspected drinking problem, turning over that evidence to Peter Bradshaw in the weeks leading up to tonight’s event. Last Monday night, Rhodes requested one final match before Bradshaw handed down his decision and was given the chance to face Edwards. Knowing how important tonight’s match would be, Rhodes appeared more in-control of his actions inside the ring. But the longer the match went on, Rhodes’s ability to remain in control began to slip away. Edwards began to toy with Rhodes, attempting to make him look foolish inside the ring, but Rhodes had enough wherewithal to stay in the match. However, Rhodes was not able to overcome his personal demons and the onslaught by Edwards, eventually succumbing to a kneelift, as Edwards picked up the victory.

Eddie Edwards pinned Cody Rhodes after a kneelift in 18:25.
Rating: ¼

Backstage, Alisha Hicks is seen with Heavyweight Champion CM PUNK. Alisha asks Punk about facing John Cena again for the Heavyweight Title again tonight. Punk says that this marks the third time he and Cena have faced each other with main event implications; and each time he as walked out victorious. Tonight, will be no different, and at the end of the night, he will stand in the ring as the best in the world like he always has.

Heavyweight Title Match
John Cena vs. © CM Punk

It had been quite the year for CM Punk in 2012. After coming into the year with the Heavyweight Championship, Punk lost the title at Wrestleocalypse and spent the better part of the year trying to get back into contention after a lengthy feud with Golden Opportunity winner Adam Cole. However, when John Cena debuted in the HWL towards the end of the summer, who was there to welcome him? The self-proclaimed “Best in the World”. After an impressive victory in their first outing, Punk continued to stay stranded at the bottom of the ladder while Cena managed to work his way into a title match against Kurt Angle at the Wicked Games event. On that night, Cena would become Heavyweight Champion and Punk would secure himself a title match – inside a steel cage – at Caged Rage, where the two men would meet for the second time. Once again, Punk emerged victorious, ending 2012 the same way he started it: with the title belt around his waist. Tonight, was the third match between these two men, and Cena’s change to retake the title he lost last month. Both men gave their all inside the ring tonight, and after trading finishing maneuvers, both men seemed to be running out of steam towards the end. Yet, Punk managed to send Cena into the corner and hit a running knee that left the former champion dazed. Running into the ropes, Punk connected with a forearm smash which gave him just enough to finish Cena off for a successful title defense.

[Heavyweight Title Match]:
CM Punk pinned John Cena after a forearm smash in 15:09.
Rating: ** ¾
(CM Punk retained the Heavyweight Title.)

Card rating: ***

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