January 15, 2012

HWL Brutality PPV
January 15, 2012
Rogers Arena - Vancouver, BC, Canada
Attendance: (8,384) 45%

A video intro is played, highlighting the feuds that led up to tonight’s event. Josh Daniels and Scott Michaels welcome everyone to Brutality, in the Rogers Arena in Vancouver. Cut to the backstage area, where Heavyweight Champion CM PUNK is seen entering the arena. Josh and Scott say that there’s not telling what type of condition Punk is in, after the brutal attack by The Conglomerate six days ago.

— Backstage, Alisha Hicks is with VELVET SKY. Velvet says that 12 months ago, she walked into this event, challenging for the Women’s Title, and that she walked out with the title around her waist. She says that Nikki Bella doesn’t deserve to be Women’s Champion, and it his Velvet’s goal to bring that belt back where it belongs.

Fatal Four #1 Contenders Match for the Women’s Title
Hamada vs. Brie Bella vs. Daffney vs. Natalya

Weeks of back-and-forth bickering and fighting backstage led to this match, as Peter Bradshaw wanted to put an end to the Vixens’ issues, and name a new number one contender for the Women’s Title. The match started off with Natalya and Brie in the ring. Natalya led off with a lot of offense, getting support from her home-country fans. Brie turned the tide with a short lariat, and tagged out to Daffney. Daffney and Natalya, who had been teaming up as of late, chose not to confront one another, as Natalya slapped Hamada across the back to tag her into the match. Hamada and Daffney squared off. Daffney’s offensive tries were repeatedly stopped by Hamada’s quickness, and Hamada stunned Daffney with an enzuigiri. Hamada made the tag back to Brie. Brie rammed Daffney into the turnbuckle before connecting with the Bella Buster for the 1-2-3!

X Brie Bella eliminated Daffney in 0:03:34.

Hamada was back in the ring, as the match restarted. Hamada, again, used her quickness to take down Brie, and take control of the match. Hamada and Natalya then went back and forth, tagging each other into the match, keeping Brie isolated. Brie tried to mount a comeback against Natalya, but it was countered into a DDT, which led to a 2-count. Natalya tagged in Hamada, who went to work on Brie’s back. Brie struggled to get back into the match, catching Hamada in a Samoan Drop, but Hamada countered it into a crucifix for another 2-count. On the second rope, Hamada attempted a splash, but Brie rolled away from it, and made her way to Natalya. The crowd went crazy as Natalya and Hamada went at it. But, it didn’t last long as Hamada countered a kick into a dragon screw, and quickly re-tagged Brie into the match. In no condition to mount any offense, Brie ran into the ropes, only to be clothesline to the canvas. Natalya quickly locked in a surfboard, and Brie screamed out in pain as she tapped out.

X Natalya eliminated Brie Bella in 0:10:32.

Hamada quickly entered the ring, hoping to take Natalya by surprise, only to have Natalya counter a lariat into an armbar submission. Hamada grabbed the ropes to break the hold. Natalya stayed on the attack, but Hamada was able to reverse an airplane spin into a crucifix for a two-count that she argued with the referee about. Natalya rolled Hamada up for a near fall. Back to their feet, both Vixens battled back and forth, trying to gain the advantage, when Hamada connected with a DDT for a quick one-count. She then hit the Michinoku Driver, but Natalya was able to get her foot on the bottom rope. Hamada waited as Natalya got to her feet, before surprising her with a stiff boot to the side of the head! Hamada then connected with the Hamada Driver for the 1-2-3!

X Hamada eliminated Natalya in 0:15:13.
Rating: *** ¼

After the match, Hamada gets to her feet and celebrates her victory as Josh and Scott announced that she is the new #1 Contender for the Women’s Title. Hamada will now face either Nikki Bella or Velvet Sky, next month, at the Best of the Best pay-per-view.

— Backstage, Alisha Hicks is with Women’s Champion, NIKKI BELLA. Nikki says that all week long, all she’s heard about was how Velvet Sky won the Women’s Title at this event last year. She says that Velvet has gotten all the attention leading up to tonight, and she’s not even the champion. Nikki says that there’s a reason she’s the champion, and it’s because she beat Velvet fair-and-square in the center of the ring two weeks ago. Nikki says she doesn’t care about what Velvet did last year, because it’s the past; and Nikki is the best Vixen presently, and will be the best in the future.

— Also backstage, Todd Hanson is seen with ADAM COLE. Cole says that tonight isn’t just about winning the X-Division Title, but that is his ultimate goal. Cole says there’s more that he wants to do tonight, and they all have to do with making Rami Sebei suffer. Cole says, in a Last Man Standing match, anything and everything his possible - and legal. Cole says he intends on inflicting as much damage to Sebei as possible; and that’s before taking back Cole’s X-Division Title. Cole says that he will walk out as champion, and that Sebei will be lucky if he walks out on his own.

Women’s Title Match
Velvet Sky vs. © Nikki Bella

Velvet Sky demanded this rematch after the shocking way in which Nikki won the title from her a couple weeks ago on Anarchy. Velvet had luck at this event last year, and Josh and Scott made a point to ask if Lady Luck would strike twice in a row. From the onset, though, it looks like Nikki had Velvet’s number. But Velvet is a veteran of the ring, and took the offense that Nikki gave her, but was able to wear the champ down with a number of submission moves throughout the match. One such move - not really a submission move - nearly got Velvet disqualified, but she broke the hold before the referee’s five-count. Both Vixens picked up their fair share of near falls over the match, but the end saw Velvet attempt a Northern Lights suplex that Nikki countered into a DDT. Nikki then clotheslined Velvet before hitting the Bella Buster for the 1-2-3.

[Women’s Title Match]:
Nikki Bella pinned Velvet Sky with the Bella Buster in 0:08:07.
Rating: * ½
(Nikki Bella retained the Women’s Title.)

After the match, Nikki rolled out of the ring, grabbed her title belt, and made her way up the ramp, celebrating her victory. Inside the ring, the referee tended to Velvet Sky.

— Backstage, Todd Hanson is seen with X-Division Champion, RAMI SEBEI. Sebei says that he and Adam Cole have never seen eye to eye on anything, but that they agree on one thing: tonight is going to be the fight of both of their lives. Sebei says that he wishes Cole would learn that he doesn’t have what it takes to beat Sebei. He says that Cole has tried to do everything he can to get the better of Rami, but that Sebei keeps coming out on top. He says it doesn’t matter how long the match lasts; where the match finishes; or how much damage is inflicted on the two of them. Sebei says that he will walk out with the title belt around his waist.

— Also backstage, Alish Hicks is with the Tag Team Champions, STEVE CORINO and EDDIE EDWARDS. Noticeably absent is Shane Hagadorn. Alisha says that their challengers tonight have not been seen or heard from tonight, and if that bothers either Corino or Edwards. Edwards says that he isn’t concerned at all by the silence created by Kaz and Evan Bourne tonight. He says that silence is a virtue, and that he, for one, is happy to not hear them spout their lies of winning the Tag Team Titles tonight. Corino says that this is not a case of silence speaking louder than words, because neither Kaz nor Bourne have the ability to strike fear in the hearts of anyone with their words alone. He says that, if anything, it would be in their Kaz and Bourne’s best interest to remain silent until they realize who the most dominant tag team is in the Horizon Wrestling League.

Last Man Standing Match for the X-Division Title
Adam Cole vs. © Rami Sebei

Adam Cole and Rami Sebei have been going after each other for a number of weeks, ever since Sebei won the X-Division Title late last year. Many thought that their feud was going to end inside the steel cage in December, but that wasn’t the case, as it was decided the best way to end things was to let both men beat each other senseless until there was a winner. That’s exactly what both men did for over 30 minutes here tonight! For most of the match - if you could call it that - Cole and Sebei brawled all over the arena, neither one of them looking for a pinfall. The only goal both men had tonight was to inflict as much physical pain as possible onto the other one. Everything they could get their hands on - chairs, vending carts, etc. - were used as weapons. The brawl became so violent, at one point, that innocent people in the stands were dodging chair shots from Cole. A verbal confrontation started between Cole and a male fan, and Sebei took advantage with a vicious chairshot to the back! Both men started showing signs of fading as they made their way back towards the ring. Sebei managed to throw Cole into the ring steps; and he took the time to set up a table onto the concrete. Josh and Scott mentioned that, whoever went through that table, probably wouldn’t get back to their feet. Sebei grabbed Cole and brought him over to the table. Cole fought back and both men ended up back inside the ring. Sebei ran into the ropes, and slid between Cole’s legs, ending up on the apron. He kicked Cole in the gut, and set up for a suplex. Cole tried to counter the move, but on the third attempt Sebei lifted him into the air, but he didn’t have the strength to keep Cole up, and Cole and Sebei crashed through the table, landing on the concrete in a heap! With the crowd chanting “holy s*it”, the referee counted 10 to both men before calling the contest a draw.

[X-Division Title Match]:
Rami Sebei and Adam Cole battled to a draw in 0:32:00.
Rating: ¼
(Rami Sebei retained the X-Division Title.)

— Backstage, Alisha Hicks is seen standing in the middle of the hallway backstage. She reports to Josh and Scott that after speaking with Steve Corino and Eddie Edwards, she had gone looking for Kaz and Evan Bourne to get to word from them before they challenged for the Tag Team Titles. Alisha says that she was unable to find either one, and that HWL personnel and Rogers Arena staff are searching the arena for any signs of the superstars.

— In the Conglomerate locker room, AJ STYLES and RIC FLAIR are seen sitting together. Styles has his head down as Flair looks up at the ceiling. Flair says that it took two months, but tonight Styles can finally get his hands on CM Punk, and take back that title that he should’ve never lost. Looking down at the floor, Styles says that he is still the greatest wrestler in the history of the HWL, and will go down as the first three-time Heavyweight Champion. But he says that isn’t enough. Styles says he wants to win his fourth Heavyweight Title; but that he wants to hurt CM Punk tonight. Styles says that what happened to Punk was only a taste of what was going to happen to him tonight. Styles says that it won’t be just a physical beating that Punk gets, but a mental and emotional one, when he sees Styles walk out of that ring with the Heavyweight Title. Styles says that he knows first-hand what it’s like to see someone else leave with his title belt; and that it makes all the physical pain seem like nothing. He promises Flair that, tonight, he will make Punk feel what Styles felt…

HWL Tag Team Title Match
Kaz/Evan Bourne vs. © Steve Corino/Eddie Edwards (w/Shane Hagadorn)

Shane Hagadorn comes out to the ring during the introduction of Kaz and Evan Bourne, and says that he has a surprise for everyone in Vancouver. A surprise that will answer a lot of questions that have been asked tonight. A video then plays, showing KAZ and EVAN BOURNE riding down an escalator at the Vancouver airport, where a driver holding a sign with their names, meets them at the bottom. They grab their bags and make their way outside, where a limo is parked, waiting for them. The driver puts their belongings in the trunk of the limo and closer the lid. As the driver goes to open the door to let them in, STEVE CORINO and EDDIE EDWARDS attack them from behind! Corino and Edwards brutally attack Kaz and Bourne, using the limo as a weapon. Men and women run from the scene as Corino grabs Bourne and smashes his head into the door window, and Edwards tosses Kaz into the rear windshield. Bourne crumples to the ground and Kaz rolls off the trunk, into a heap of glass as Corino and Edwards flee the scene.

Hagadorn smiles from the stage and announces Corino and Edwards as the reigning Tag Team Champions. Hagadorn leaves the stage as Josh and Scott voice their outrage and disgust at the actions of the Tag Team Champions.

— Cut to backstage, where MARTIN MALDONADO, KURT ANGLE, MATT MORGAN and ROB TERRY are brawling in the backstage area. Debris is seen scattered all over the floor, as Angle and Terry are fighting each other on one end, and Maldonado and Morgan are on the other. HWL officials rush in to try and break up the brawl, but they are pushed away by the stronger superstars. The fighting continues until PETER BRADSHAW appears and threatens to fire all four of them if they don’t stop. The four are separated, and Bradshaw says since they can’t control themselves - at least a little bit - until they get to the ring, he is making the decision to send them out of the arena. Bradshaw tells the officials to escort all four men out, and that he will deal with the situation later.

Josh and Scott are shocked by what they’ve just witnessed, and wonder what Bradshaw will have to say when he has time to think about what just happened.

— A preview for the next HWL pay-per-view, Best of the Best, is shown. A 15-man Battle Royal will headline the event, and the winner will go on to face the Heavyweight Champion at Wrestleocalypse II. Best of the Best will take place, live, on February 12th, from San Diego, California!

HWL Heavyweight Title Match
AJ Styles (w/Chelsea & Ric Flair) vs. © CM Punk

For weeks, AJ Styles and CM Punk had been sharing ways of one-upping the other, in the name of coming into Brutality with a clear advantage on their side. Last Monday night, it looked like Styles would come into this match with that advantage, and from the look of Punk’s physical condition earlier tonight, the questions of whether or not Punk could defend the title tonight were asked. After a great night of action, the stage was set for the main event, as both participants were introduced.

After the bell, both men set out to show each other up more. Styles used a drop toehold to bring Punk to the mat, and strutted across the ring - much to the delight of Flair at ringside. Moments later, Punk ducked a clothesline and connected with a smack that echoed throughout the arena! The two men stared at each other before locking up. Both men continued to trade the offense back and forth, until Styles took over after a dropkick. Styles worked over Punk before whipping him into the corner and hitting a running clothesline. As Punk stumbled out of the corner, Styles went for the Styles Clash. Punk had enough wherewithal to escape, but Flair made sure he knew how close Punk was to losing the title.

They locked up again, and this time, Punk took control, hitting kicks and landing punches, trying to wear Styles down. Punk whipped Styles into the ropes, and missed with four consecutive clothesline attempts, before succumbing to a shoulder block by Styles. Styles worked over Punk some more before whipping him into the corner. Styles set Punk on the top rope and went for a hurrancarana, only to have Punk reverse it and hit a top rope power bomb! Both men crashed to the floor as the referee started his 10-count. Slowly Punk used the ropes to get to his feet, and waiting before locking in the Anaconda Vice. Styles quickly grabbed the ropes and the hold was released. Punk looked at Flair and motioned with his fingers how close he was. As Punk went after Styles, Styles grabbed Punk and threw him through the ropes to the concrete outside. The referee stopped Styles from leaving the ring, as Flair worked Punk over on the outside. Flair tossed Punk into the apron and landed a vicious chop across his chest before LUKE GALLOWS ran down from the back. Flair ran away from Punk, as Gallows helped him back to his feet, and was at ringside to even the score.

Punk rolled into the ring at nine - breaking the count - as Styles went right after him. Styles lifted Punk up and connected with the Styles Clash, but Punk was able to lift his shoulder after a two-count. Styles worked Punk over more, before attempting a Pele kick, only to have Punk shock him with a dropkick. Both men lay on the floor as the referee started another 10-count. Flair jumped onto the apron, distracting the referee, but Gallows was there to pull him off. The two men started brawling as Chelsea entered the ring, and hit a low-blow on Punk as he was getting to his feet. The referee called for officials to escort everyone from ringside, before seeing the pinfall. Punk got his foot on the rope after a one-count, and Styles started pleading his case. Styles grabbed Punk, pulled him to the center of the ring, and attempted a third Styles Clash, only to have Punk reverse it into a G.T.S! Punk connected with the GTS and covered Punk for the 1-2-3!

Heavyweight Title Match
CM Punk pinned AJ Styles with the GTS in 0:19:24.
(CM Punk retained the HWL Heavyweight Title.)
[Chelsea interfered against CM Punk.]

Card Rating: *** ½

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