January 17, 2012

PCW House Show
January 17, 2012
Save-On-Foods Centre - Victoria, British Columbia
Attendance: 4,410 (63%)

- Alberto Del Rio comes out with Roberto Rodriguez to start the show. The crowd boos Del Rio as both men enter the ring. Del Rio grabs a microphone and says that, until tonight, he had never heard of Victoria, British Columbia; and that everyone in attendance was lucky to be in his presence. Del Rio says that he didn't come out to waste his time talking to the crowd, but to get something very important off his chest. Del Rio says that, two weeks ago, he lost the Television Title to Lance Bravado… but that it didn't feel like a loss, because he was cheated out of the title by Eddie Edwards. Del Rio says that he can't change the fact that Rex Butler has signed a Triple Threat Match for next month, and that both he and Edwards will get a shot at the title. But, Del Rio says what he can do is make Edwards pay for ever sticking his nose where it doesn't belong. Del Rio says he knows that Edwards and Bravado have their issues… but, because of his actions, Edwards now has an issue with Del Rio. Del Rio issues a challenge to Edwards, for a one-on-one match later tonight, before leaving the ring,. with Rodriguez in-tow.

PCW Television Title Match
Joseph Mercury vs. © Lance Bravado

From the onset of the show tonight, it looked as if the situation surrounding the Television Title was just heating up, two weeks before the huge Triple Threat Match that will take place in Honolulu. Alberto Del Rio and Eddie Edwards would be squaring off with each other later in the evening. But, it was the champion, Lance Bravado, taking on Joseph Mercury to start the show.

Mercury was coming off a very impressive debut against Ken Anderson last week. And, because of his performance, he was awarded a Television Title shot by Rex Butler. From the moment the bell sounded, Mercury looked like a man who would never get a second chance to challenge for the title. He hit Bravado with everything in his arsenal, and on a number of occasions, nearly picked up the victory. But, over the years, Bravado has proven that he fought his way back through some terrible odds; and tonight was just another example. Bravado fought back into the match, but it was clear that he didn’t have the strength to take over the match. Mercury connected with a fisherman’s suplex, in the center of the ring, only to have Bravado kick out just before the three-count. Mercury then jumped on Bravado and grabbed his throat. The referee warned Mercury to let go, before ultimately calling for the bell.

[PCW Television Title Match]:
Lance Bravado defeated Joseph Mercury by disqualification in 0:19:21.
Rating: ** ¼
(Lance Bravado retained the PCW Television Title.)

After the match, the referee grabbed Mercury and pulled him off Bravado. Mercury rolled out of the ring, and slapped the canvas, before making his way up the ramp.

- A preview for the upcoming HWL pay-per-view, Best of the Best is shown.

Non-Title Match
David Otunga/Bryon Saxton vs. © Jay Lethal/Daniel Bryan

Lately, David Otunga and Bryon Saxton have been showing that they are taking leaps and bounds when it comes to getting better as a team inside the ring. On the other hand, the Tag Team Champions are coming off a very strange outing, two weeks ago, when their partnership seemed to be questioned due to events that took place during the ten-man battle royal. Tonight, either one of these teams would have the chance to continue their success, or get back on the same page. However, The Big Show had other plans in mind. Just moments after the match started, The Big Show came down to the ring, and cracked a steel chair over the back of Otunga. The referee disqualified Lethal and Bryan, awarded the match to Otunga and Saxton.

[Non-Title Match]:
David Otunga & Bryon Saxton defeated Jay Lethal & Daniel Bryan when D. Otunga defeated D. Bryan by disqualification in 0:01:47.
Rating: **
[The Big Show interfered against David Otunga.]

After the match, Bryon Saxton jumped off the apron and went after The Big Show, only to get met with a stiff right hand, that dropped him to the concrete. Lethal and Bryan watched from inside the ring as The Big Show ripped the steel ring steps away from the ring, and flipped over the time keeper’s table. The Big Show shouted that he isn’t finished with David Hart Smith. The Big Show said that no one will stop him from getting his hands on the Heavyweight Champion. PCW officials and security officials rushed down to the ring, and tried to escort The Big Show backstage. The Big Show pushed them away, and stormed back up the ramp, as the crowded responded with boos.

- On the stage, James Westerfield introduces Max Buck. Westerfield says that there were some concerns about whether or not it was in Buck’s best interest to return to the ring, because of the injury suffered to his neck. Westerfield asks Buck if he shares those concerns. Buck says that his doctors are keeping a very close eye on him and his condition; and that an agreement was struck that Buck would be evaluated after every match, to determine if he is still cleared to compete. Buck says that is something he has to deal with every week, but that it wasn’t enough to keep him from coming back and facing David Hart Smith for the Heavyweight Title.

Westerfield asks Buck for his opinion on the Canadian Bulldog. Buck says that Smith is a tremendous athlete, and that by being a second-generation superstar, it’s in his blood to want to be at the top. Buck says that he was at the top of the PCW until his injury; so, for Smith to to stake claim to the top of the mountain, he has to beat the man who was there before him.

David Hart Smith runs out from the back, and smashes the Heavyweight Title into the back of Buck’s head. Westerfield runs off as Smith stomps on Buck’s back and neck. Smith whips Buck into the guardrail and then back into the stage set-up. Buck slumps to the ground, holding the back of his neck, as Smith says that he’s not going anywhere. Smith says if Buck’s neck can hold up until Feburary 6th, it’ll be the last match Buck ever has. Smith walks away as the medical staff runs out to check on Buck.

Alberto Del Rio (w/Roberto Rodriguez) vs. Eddie Edwards

Last week, both men made their claims as the rightful challenger to Lance Bravado and the Television Title. What started out as an argument ended as a brawl, while Bravado slipped out of the way. Both Del Rio and Edwards got their title show - in a Triple Threat Match - at next month’s live show. But, tonight, there was plenty of unfinished business between them. Their match started off with both me jockeying for the advantage, only to have things escalate into another all-out brawl that spilled out to the concrete. Robert Rodriguez got involved, attacked Edwards from behind, giving Del Rio the chance to whip Edwards into the guardrail. But, Del Rio was not concerned with winning the match, as the referee counted both men out as they continued to battle each other at ringside.

Eddie Edwards and Alberto Del Rio battled to a double countout in 0:12:16.
Rating: *
[Roberto Rodriguez interfered against Eddie Edwards.]**

After the match, officials rushed down to the ring, and separated both men from each other. Roberto Rodriguez tried to get a cheap shot in on Edwards, but officials grabbed him and escorted him from ringside as well. Officials cleared the ring as Westerfield and Pressley agree that it’s not over between Edwards and Del Rio.

James Storm vs. Max Buck

Max Buck made a surprise return last week, as the former Heavyweight Champion was named #1 Contender for the title he lost due to a neck injury a number of weeks ago. Tonight, Buck made his return to action against James Storm - who, with Robert Roode - was still upset about not winning regaining the Tag Team Titles at the live show. Storm looked to make up for the disappointing showing two weeks ago, and from the onset of the match, he didn’t allow Buck much breathing room. It didn’t help matters that Buck was viciously attacked by Heavyweight Champion David Hart Smith earlier in the show. Buck spent most of the match fighting back, making sure to protect his neck; but in doing so, he left himself vulnerable to Storm. Though beaten for most of the match, Buck fought his way back, and with his tenacity and will-power, was able to gain control of the match, using his speed to take Storm off the attack. No longer showing fear for his neck, Buck began hitting high-risk moves to wear Storm down. Buck went to the top rope, and in a moment that the fans were on the edge of their seats, hit a moonsault for the 1-2-3.

Max Buck pinned James Storm after a moonsault in 0:07:49.
Rating: ** ½

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