January 24, 2011 - Monday Night Anarchy - Orlando, FL

Monday Night Anarchy
Januar 24, 2011
Amway Arena – Orlando, Florida
Attendance: 9,065 (49%)

The final moments of last week's main event, between Ted DiBiase and Kurt Angle, are shown as Anarchy comes on the air. “Headstrong” by Trapt begins to play through the arena as fireworks shoot from the stage area. The camera pans around the smoke-filled arena as Josh Daniels and Scott Michaels welcome everyone to Orlando, just six days away from Brutality. It is announced, that tonight “The Blueprint” Matt Morgan will take on Mr. Anderson in the main event; and, also tonight, the new team of Skip Sheffield and Rob Terry will take on The Hart Dynasty in non-title action. They send it to the ring for tonight's first match.

(1) Michelle McCool vs. Velvet Sky

Tonight saw the debut of former WWE Diva, Michelle McCool, who was making her debut not far from her hometown in Florida. This match was very physical, and both women but their hearts and souls into it. McCool came out very strong, shocking Velvet with her offensive display; even hitting the Faith Breaker on two separate occasions! But, Velvet showed why she has been able to earn the right to challenge for the Women's Title this Sunday night, as she fought back, and kicked out of McCool's finisher for the second time. Frustrated, McCool shoved down the referee, and this gave Velvet the opportunity to hit the Beauty Mark for the 1-2-3! Velvet rolled out of the ring, and celebrated with her fans as McCool slowly made it to her feet.

Velvet Sky pinned Michelle McCool with the Beauty Mark in 0:18:21.
Rating: * ¾

Backstage, PETER BRADSHAW is seen in his office as RIC FLAIR, AJ STYLES, and MR. ANDERSON enter. Flair tells Bradshaw that something needs to be done about Kaz's actions last week. Flair recommends that Bradshaw suspends Kaz for attacking Flair last week, because Flair's not on the active roster. Bradshaw asks what happened to “The Nature Boy”, and says that Flair brought it upon himself by repeatedly interfering in Kaz's matches the last two weeks. Bradshaw says that the Flair, standing in front of him, is not the same one that would fight his own battles – especially ones that he started. Flair rips off his suit jacket and demands that he be put on the active roster, immediately, and that he wants Kaz in the ring tonight! Bradshaw says that he can make that happen, if it's something Flair really wants… but, before Flair can respond, Styles stops him, and volunteers himself to face Kaz in Flair's place. Flair storms out of the office, followed by Mr. Anderson, as Bradshaw agrees to sign Styles-Kaz for later in the show.

In another area backstage, SARITA is seen walking through the hallway, when she is blindsided by NATALYA, who attacks her with Women's Title. Natalya stands over Sarita and tells her that she doesn't need anyone's help to keep the title around her waist. Natalya walks off as the camera focuses on Sarita's body, before heading back out to the ring…

(2) “Die Hard” Eddie Edwards vs. “Dashing” Cody Rhodes

Last week, Cody Rhodes said that he planned on staying a fixture in the Heavyweight Title picture, and tonight he stepped into the ring with Edwards, who was making his third appearance inside an HWL ring. Unfortunately, the match never really got started, as MATT MORGAN made his way down to the ring, and blindsided Rhodes with a vicious chair shot to the back! The referee quickly called for the bell, as Morgan made his way to the back; dented chair in-hand.

Cody Rhodes defeated Eddie Edwards by disqualification in 0:02:28.
Rating: **
[Matt Morgan interfered against Cody Rhodes.]


Coming back from the break, Alisha Hicks is seen with RANDY ORTON, sporting a small bandage on his head, backstage. Hicks says that, over the past few weeks, Orton has become a marked man, in the eyes of Alex Shelley and Evan Bourne; but that most of it could be attributed to Orton's own actions at Caged Rage. She asks Orton why he had never given an answer as to accepting their challenge for a match this Sunday night; Orton says that he was waiting to see which one of them wanted it bad enough. He says that they both proved that they want it, and that he will accept a match for this Sunday night, but that it will only be against one of them. Orton says that the decision must be made by Peter Bradshaw by the end of the night, or that Orton will not be in Miami.

MATT MORGAN is seen walking through the backstage area, still holding the chair from moments ago, when he is encountered by Ted Hanson. Hanson asks for a reason for Morgan's actions, and Morgan says that Cody Rhodes said he wanted to be a big-name player in the Heavyweight Title picture. Morgan says that the road to the Heavyweight Title goes through “The Blueprint”, and that after Sunday night, Rhodes' path to the title will end with Morgan.

(3) Skip Sheffield/Rob Terry vs. © The Hart Dynasty (Non Title Match)

The Tag Team Champions were determined to prove that they could be successful without having Natalya at ringside. Tonight, they had their chance against the newly formed team of Sheffield and Terry. Smith and Kidd looked impressive; the fear of not getting disqualified gone, they began to show what they could do inside the ring, until AJ STYLES and MR. ANDERSON made their way down to ringside. The challengers for the Tag Team Titles watched as The Hart Dynasty's confidence began to fade, and Sheffield and Terry began to take over the match. Anderson and Styles both became involved in the match, respectively, and allowed Kidd to become distracted, falling victim to “Big Rob's” Freakbuster! Sheffield and Terry picked up a huge victory for themselves as Styles and Anderson made their way to the back.

Skip Sheffield & Rob Terry defeated The Hart Dynasty (David Hart Smith & Tyson Kidd) when R. Terry pinned T. Kidd with the Freakbuster in 0:22:15.
Rating: *** ½
[Mr. Anderson interfered against David Hart Smith.]
[AJ Styles interfered against Tyson Kidd.]

Backstage, TOMMY DREAMER is stopped by PETER BRADSHAW. Bradshaw says that he has been giving Dreamer's request some thought, and that he has finally agreed to give Dreamer his rematch, against Abyss, this Sunday night at Brutality. Bradshaw says, however, that neither Dreamer nor Abyss will know what kind of match they'll have until the the bell rings. Dreamer says that the match type doesn't matter; all the matters is that he redeem himself from a couple weeks ago. Dreamer thanks Bradshaw and walks away as Anarchy goes to commercials.


As Anarchy returns from the break, Ted Hanson is seen with MATT MORGAN. Hanson says that Morgan has already commented on his actions toward Cody Rhodes, earlier tonight; but, that he wants to know Morgan's thoughts on last week's main event between Kurt Angle and Ted DiBiase. Morgan says that he couldn't lie and say that he wasn't impressed by Angle's “change” last week, when their match went outside the ring. But, Morgan says, that Angle could look very impressive against someone like Ted DiBiase… and that it wouldn't mean a thing when he stepped into the ring with Morgan this Sunday night. Morgan says that DiBiase was an unwilling participant, and that he had no idea what Angle was thinking. The difference is, this Sunday night, Morgan will go into the match knowing exactly what Angle will try to do, and will have a counter for it. Morgan says that he hasn't been this prepared for a fight, probably throughout his entire career. He says that that means only one thing: that the HWL Heavyweight Title is leaving Miami on his shoulder…

(4) Kaz vs. AJ Styles (w/Ric Flair)

Program error. Match was not run. –

Backstage, Alisha Hicks is seen with PETER BRADSHAW. Bradshaw says that he has had a very busy evening, and that a lot of things have been taken care of concerning Sunday night's pay-per-view. Bradshaw says that he has spent most of the night thinking about Randy Orton's conditions for his match at Brutality, and that he has to agree with “The Viper”. Bradshaw says that he is aware of how badly both Evan Bourne and Alex Shelley want to get into the ring with Orton, but that only one of them will get the chance. Bradshaw says that, on Sunday, Bourne and Shelley will face off, and the winner will face Orton later on in the event. Bradshaw thanks the crowd for their time, and walks away…

The final preview for “Brutality” is shown, with “World So Cold” by Three Days Grace playing in the background. The event will take place, live, on January 30th, from the American Airlines Arena in Miami, Florida.


(5) Mr. Anderson vs. Matt Morgan

With less than a week left before he challenges for the Heavyweight Title once again, Matt Morgan looked very impressive against Mr. Anderson, here tonight. Morgan used his strength advantage to wear down Ric Flair's egotistical charge, and to send a message to Kurt Angle – his opponent this Sunday night. Morgan even surprised the crowd tonight, displaying a variety of aerial moves that seemed impossible for someone of his size. Anderson tried his best to fight back, and to give himself a chance to win, but he quickly fell victim to a vertical side suplex slam, as Morgan picked up the victory.

Matt Morgan pinned Mr. Anderson after a vertical suplex side slam in 0:08:55.
Rating: ** ½

Card rating: ** 3/4

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