January 31, 2012

PCW Wrestling
January 31, 2012
BancorpSouth Center - Tupelo, Mississippi
Attendance: 6,720 (84%)

- Max Buck makes his way to the ring, wearing a neck brace. He is accompanied by Rex Butler. Buck enters the ring, and says that he had every intention on stepping into this week, next week, and taking back the Heavyweight Title from David Hart Smith. Buck says that Smith beat him to the punch, and two weeks ago, Buck reinsured his neck. Buck says the doctors have told him that he has significant damaged to the neck and spine area. Buck says, because of the risk of paralysis, he has come out to announce his retirement from professional wrestling. Buck says that it was an honor to be apart of the PCW, and that one day, he hopes the legacy of he and his brother Jeremy’s success can encourage others to do the same. Buck says that he couldn’t have been more lucky to hold each of the titles in the PCW of two separate occasions, each. Buck says that he will forever be a fan of the PCW, and he thanks Rex Butler for the ability to come out and speak from the heart.

Butler thanks Buck for his time and service to the PCW, and wishes him a safe recovery from his injuries. Butler says that, in light of the situation, he has had to make some difficult decisions concerning next week’s live show. Butler announces that, due to Buck’s unfortunate situation, he will not be challenging David Hart Smith for the Heavyweight Title. The man who will be replacing Buck next week is The Big Show. Butler says that, because of the switch to the main event, the handicap match between The Big Show and the team of David Otunga and Bryon Saxton has been called off. However, Otunga and Saxton will be in action, as they are the number one contenders for the Tag Team Titles. Butler announces that, next week, Otunga and Saxton will challenge Daniel Bryan and Jay Lethal for the titles at the live show. Butler leaves the ring, assisting Buck down the steps, and both me make their way up the aisle as the crowd gives Buck a standing ovation.

Bryon Saxton vs. Jeff Hardy

After being announced as one-half of the number one contenders for the Tag Team Titles, Bryon Saxton stepped into the ring against HWL’s Jeff Hardy. Hardy was coming off a tough loss, with Steve Corino, against The All-Night Express last week, and he was looking to make up for that effort tonight. Over the last few weeks, though, Bryon Saxton has been coming into his own. Whether it’s because he’s feeling more comfortable in the ring, or because of his partnership with David Otunga, no one really knows. But, tonight, he looked focused and the crowd noticed it as well. The arena rocked with Saxton was on offense, and this seemed to build his confidence as the match went on. Hardy got in his shots, and even body slammed Saxton onto a chair, but it wasn’t enough to put him away. Bryon picked up the victory after hitting the Recommendation or the 1-2-3.

Byron Saxton pinned Jeff Hardy with the Recommendation in 0:12:37.
Rating: ** ¾

Non Title Match
Beer Money vs. © Daniel Bryan/Jay Lethal

These two teams have been across the ring from each other numerous times, and have a knowledge of what their opponents will bring to their matches. The story heading into this match was whether or not Bryan and Lethal could continue to coexist after their personal difference a couple weeks ago. Tonight there was a chance for all to see if they could work as a team, now knowing who they would defend the Tag Team Titles against at the live show next week. However, Bryan did not allow that to happen, as he quickly locked James Storm into a guillotine choke, forcing Storm to submit.

[Non-Title Match]:
Daniel Bryan & Jay Lethal defeated Beer Money (James Storm & Robert Roode) when D. Bryan made J. Storm submit to a guillotine choke in 0:01:24.
Rating: **

After the match, Robert Roode looked on in shock from the ring apron, as Bryan and Lethal left the ring area with the Tag Team Titles over their shoulders.

- A video is seen from “Last Week”, of Eddie Edwards confronting Steve Corino backstage. Edwards says it’s good to see Corino in the PCW. Edwards says that they are the hottest tag team in the HWL, and that they could be the greatest PCW tag team of all time. Edwards says that he wants to discuss something with Corino, and they walk away as the video comes to an end.

Alex Payne vs. The Great Khali (w/Ranjin Singh)

We had not seen either of these men for some time over the past couple weeks, so tonight was their chance to pick up a much-needed victory. Payne came out firing on all cylinders, using his speed and agility to get the better of the “Punjabi Giant”, knowing that even the smallest mistake could spell the end. The match went outside the ring, where Payne was able to use his surroundings to continue his attack. But, while outside, Payne’s momentary distraction by Ranjin Singh was enough to turn the tide of the match. Khali could control, whipping Payne into the guardrail and the ring steps, before rolling him back into the ring. Payne attempted to fight back, but Khali’s size and strength was too much for him. Khali connected with the Punjabi Plunge for the 1-2-3.

The Great Khali defeated Alex Payne with the Punjabi Plunge in 0:21:27.
Rating: -* ¼
(Wade Barrett no-showed.)

Eddie Edwards/Joseph Mercury vs. © Lance Bravado/Alberto Del Rio (w/Roberto Rodriguez)

The feud between these four men has been brewing for some time, as each one feels they have a claim to the Television Title. Alberto Del Rio feels that he has been screwed out of the belt, due to Eddie Edwards’ interference at the previous live show, where Edwards feels he is next in line for a title shot - and the chance to right the wrongs caused by his loss to Harlem Bravado to start the year. Joseph Mercury, the newest challenger feels that he was cheated out of a title shot, as he got himself disqualified two weeks ago. And, the champion, Lance Bravado has stood strong, facing all the challenges he could, knowing that next week he will faced Edwards and Del Rio in a Triple Threat Match for the belt. Tonight, with all four men sharing the same ring, it appeared to be too much for the referee to handle, as things started unraveling from the beginning. The crowd was into the action taking place in the ring, as an all-out brawl ensued mid-match! Once the referee restored order, Bravado and Edwards were left in the ring. The animosity between these two is well-known, and for the second time in the month of January, Edwards fell victim to a Bravado. Lance picked up the 1-2-3 with a Tiger Bomb, scoring the victory for him and Del Rio.

Alberto Del Rio & Lance Bravado defeated Eddie Edwards & Joseph Mercury when Lance pinned E. Edwards with the Tiger Bomb in 0:30:25.
Rating: ¼

After the match, all four men were shown, exhausted, as the crowd cheered their efforts. The show came to a close as Bravado grabbed the TV Title and made his way to the back.

Card Rating: **

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