July 02 2012 Monday Night Anarchy Rochester Ny

A clip of Kurt Ange’s victory over Adam Cole last week is shown. A voice-over announces that Angle is now the No. 1 Contender for the Heavyweight Title, and will face Randy Orton at Justice.

Inside the arena, Josh Daniels welcomes the audience to Rochester, just three weeks away from Justice. It is announced that Randy Orton will be in action tonight, against Steve Corino. Also, The A-List Knockouts will take on Colt Cabana and Edwin Colon. And, there will be a six-Vixens tag match later on in the program.

Kurt Angle’s music begins to play as the newly-named No. 1 Contender makes his way to the ring in street clothes. Inside the ring, Angle says that standing in the center of the ring, once again the challenger for the Heavyweight Title is an indescribable feeling. Angle says that he wanted to come out tonight, and get just a couple things off his chest. First, Angle thanked Adam Cole for having the courage to accept Angle’s challenge last week. Angle says that Cole may not have won the match, but he earned Angle’s respect. Angle says he still doesn’t like Cole, for busting him open three weeks ago; but that he doesn’t have to like a man to respect him.

Second, and most importantly to Angle, is the fact that in 13 days, he will get the chance to step into the ring with Randy Orton one more time. Angle says that they’ve already met two times in the past, with the Heavyweight Title on the line. The only difference was that Angle was champion. Angle reminds Orton that he never lost those matches, and currently sits at two-and-oh in main events. Angles wonders what makes Orton think things are going to be different this time. Angle says that Orton, whether he asked for it or not, will not have Adam Cole to help him along, continuing his reign. Angle says that he not CM Punk, a man who couldn’t get the job done in three consecutive tries. Angle says that he will become a two-time champion at Justice, and try as he might, there is nothing Orton can do to stop it.

Angle leaves the ring, while his music plays, as Anarchy goes to commercials.

Grizzly Redwood vs. CM Punk

Last week saw the debut of Grizzly Redwood, who came up short in his match against Alex O’Riley. Two weeks ago, in a steel cage match to end what was a very personal feud, CM Punk lost a hard-fought match against Adam Cole. Tonight, both men were looking to get back on the right track; and it appeared from the start that Punk wanted it more. Punk dominated most of this match, however Redwood was not willing to concede victory. Punk’s aggression and frustration over losing two weeks ago caused him to not have the same focus as he is known to have. He connected with the G.T.S, and went for the cover, only to have Redwood shock the crowd by kicking out! The underestimation took Punk by surprise, and he was unable to keep up momentum. Redwood fought back and hit a springboard leaping swinging DDT for a huge victory.

Grizzly Redwood pinned CM Punk after a springboard leaping swinging DDT in 8:10.
Rating: ***

After the match, a stunned – and elated – Redwood rolled out of the ring, and quickly made his way up the ramp, as the camera goes backstage.

Backstage, Alsha Hicks welcomes Maryse back to the HWL, and asks what brought upon her return. Maryse says that she returned because now is the best time to come in and take control of a Women’s Division that needs to be stronger. Maryse says that, last week, when she defeated Women’s Champion Nikki Bella, she became the strongest woman in the division – in one night. Maryse says she came back to be a champion. Alisha tries to ask another question, but Maryse puts her hand in Alisha’s face before walking away, as Anarchy goes to commercials.

Returning from the break, the announcers discuss the vicious attack on X-Division Champion Chris Sabin by Martin Maldonado, as a video plays on the big screen. It is announced that the injuries sustained by Sabin will keep him out of action for some time, and they wish him a quick recovery.

Backstage, the camera shows Maldonado smiling as he stands next to Alisha Hicks. Alisha asks why he’s happy about taking Chris Sabin out of action. Maldonado says of course he’s happy. He made a statement last week. A statement that needed to be said earlier, but there’s never bad time to make a change. Maldonado says that’s exactly what he did, and exactly what he’s causing to happen. Maldonado says that Chris Sabin defied the odds by beating Matt Morgan for the X-Division Title. He says that Christopher Daniels defied the odds by becoming No. 1 Contender. But now, Maldonado is putting the odds back into his favor, and promises that things are going to change. Maldonado walks away as the camera goes back to ringside.

Maryse, Leva Bates & Brie Bella vs. Eve Torres, Sarita & Nikki Bella ©

Both of the Bella twins surrounded themselves with trusted allies tonight, in their on-going feud over the Women’s Title. Leva Bates - the new No. 1 contender for the title – and Sarita both looked impressive for the respective teams, picking up a number of near falls during the match. But, when Nikki was tagged in, she was a “ball of fire”, taking out both Bates and Maryse from the apron, before hitting Brie with the Bella Bomb for the 1-2-3.

Eve Torres, Sarita & Nikki Bella defeated Maryse, Leva Bates & Brie Bella when Nikki pinned Brie with the Bella Bomb in 7:14.
Rating: *

After the match, the winning team celebrates inside the ring, while Brie Bella stares down her sister from the bottom of the ramp. Anarchy goes to commercials.

Coming back from the break, Brie Bella is seen holding the back of her head, walking through the hallway. Leva Bates walks behind Brie, her head hanging. Brie turns around and tells Leva that all she had to do was have Brie’s back out there tonight, and she couldn’t do it. Brie says that Leva needs to get herself together, because if she doesn’t, there’s no chance of her winning the Women’s Title at Justice. Brie storms off, leaving Leva in the hallway, as the camera goes back to ringside.

The A-List Knockouts (Chris Hero & David Otunga) vs. Colt Cabana & Edwin Colon

With less than two weeks before their rematch against the Tyson Kidd and Eddie Edwards, Cabana and Colon were looking to get back on track and gain momentum after dropping the Tag Team Titles two weeks ago. They had their hands full tonight, in a very good match, against Hero and Otunga – who were trying to overcome a loss at the hands of Steve Corino and John Cena three weeks ago. With Hero and Otunga joining forces with The British Invasion and Jesse Neal to take on Cena and his crew, a victory would certainly help sway things in their side’s favor. A victory is exactly what they got, after Hero hit Colon with a powerslam in the center of the ring for the 1-2-3.

Chris Hero & David Otunga defeated Colt Cabana & Edwin Colon when Hero pinned Colon after a powerslam in 7:25.
Rating: *** ½

Backstage, Alisha Hicks is seen with Owner Peter Bradshaw. Bradshaw says that, due to the horrific attack on Chris Sabin, at the hands of Martin Maldonado last week, Sabin will be out of action for the foreseeable future. Therefore, Bradshaw says, as of tonight, the X-Division Title has been vacated. Bradshaw announces that, next week, a battle royal will be held to determine who will face Christopher Daniels at Justice for the vacant title. Bradshaw thanks the crowd, and walks off, as Anarchy goes to commercials.

Matt Morgan’s music plays as Anarchy returns, and “The Blueprint” makes his way to the ring. Morgan says that he has stood idly by, for weeks – if not months, so that Ric Flair could help AJ Styles get back on top of the HWL and become Heavyweight Champion once again. Morgan says that, through different variations, Flair tried to assemble the right people around AJ, only to help keep him on top. Morgan apologizes to the men and women of the roster that were nothing more than pawns in Flair and Styles’s game; a game that ultimately backfired at Turning Point, when AJ was not successful in winning the Heavyweight Title. Morgan says that he has the balls to come out, in front of 10,000 people and publicly apologize. He doesn’t think that Styles has the same amount of balls. Morgan calls out Styles and says, if Styles is a man, he’ll come out alone.

AJ’s music plays, as he comes out and stands on the stage, staring at Morgan. Morgan says he’s impressed that Styles made it from backstage without Flair holding his hand; he just wonders if Styles can make it to the ring. This infuriates AJ, who runs down the ramp and slides into the ring, getting face-to-face with Morgan. Morgan smiles and says that the only way to get Styles down here was to question his manhood. He says that he’ll stand in this ring until Styles apologizes for screwing over everyone he called a “friend”. Styles tells Morgan he has nothing to apologize for, because Morgan would have done the same thing if given the chance. Morgan says that Styles keeps saying that everyone else would do what he did, and asks where it got him. Morgan tells Styles to look around, and see all the people who have his back. Morgan says that he was given the same chances, time and time again, but because Styles was Flair’s “project”, no one else mattered. Morgan says he’s not bitter about losing their match, because he would much rather have earned a shot at the Heavyweight Title the right way… not the way Styles did. Morgan, again, says that Styles owes him – and everyone else – an apology; and if he doesn’t get one tonight, he’ll be more than happy to beat one out of him at Justice.

Styles laughs, shaking his head, and tells Morgan that he’ll have to try and make him apologize, because it isn’t happening tonight. Styles throws his microphone into Morgan’s chest and leaves the ring. Morgan looks on as Styles walks up the ramp, only to get blindsided by MICHAEL TARVER! Tarver beats down Styles on the ramp, as Morgan exits the ring. Tarver stops his attack and stares at Morgan as he walks past the scene. Tarver continues his assault as the announcers say that whatever friendship remained between Styles and Morgan ended tonight. HWL officials rush down the ramp, pulling Tarver off of Styles, as Anarchy goes to commercials.

Returning from the break, Alisha Hicks is seen with Kofi Kingston. Alisha asks about the situation between he and Kevin Steen. Kofi looks at Alisha for a moment before saying that the situation between them escalated to its highest level two weeks ago, when Steen left Kingston high and dry during their tag match, and then attacked him afterwards. Kingston says that he will make things right at Justice.

Kaz vs. Kevin Steen

After hearing the comments made by Kofi Kingston just moments before his match, Kevin Steen came to the ring determined to send his Justice opponent a message. Kaz, fought valiantly, trying not to be on the receiving end of Steen’s message; but ultimately came up short, as Steen hit a Package Piledriver for the 1-2-3.

Kevin Steen pinned Kaz with the Package Piledriver in 6:47.
Rating: ***

Backstage, Matt Morgan is seen walking through the corridors, when he is approached by Ric Flair. Flair demands to know what Morgan is thinking, calling AJ out, tonight. Morgan tells Flair that, if he hasn’t noticed, Morgan doesn’t answer to him anymore. Morgan pushes past Flair and walks off, while Flair looks on, fuming, as Anarchy goes to commercials.

A preview for the Justice pay-per-view is shown. Justice will take place July 15th, LIVE from the Intrust Bank Arena in Wichita, Kansas!

After the clip, Josh Daniels and Scott Michaels are shown at ringside, as they talk about the events that took place between Matt Morgan and AJ Styles earlier in the show. A clip is played of their verbal altercation, and the following attack on Styles by Michael Tarver. It is announced that the match has been signed and will take place at the Justice PPV.

Claudio Castagnoli (w/Shane Hagadorn) vs. Matt Morgan

After his confrontation with Ric Flair backstage, Matt Morgan came down to the ring determined to pick up the victory tonight. Castagnoli – with Hagadorn at his side – was looking to pick up a huge win himself, as in 24 hours he would challenge for the PCW Heavyweight Title. A good showing against “The Blueprint” would be just what he needed before stepping into the ring with The Big Show. Unfortunately, neither men were willing to give up or be beaten tonight. Both men battled back and forth, eventually making their way outside the ring, where they were both counted out while brawling on the ramp.

Claudio Castagnoli and Matt Morgan battled to a double countout in 11:27.
Rating: ***

Castagnoli and Morgan continue to brawl on the ramp, as HWL officials rush down in an attempt to break them apart. Moments later, the officials are able to separate the two, and Anarchy goes to commercials with them staring at each other.

Returning from the break, Josh Daniels and Scott Michaels recap the statements made by Kurt Angle at the start of the show.

Non-Title Match
Steve Corino (w/Shane Hagadorn) vs. © Randy Orton

Shane Hagadorn’s charges had quite an interesting night leading up to the main event. This was Steve Corino’s chance to put a huge notch in his win column, if he could knock of the reigning Heavyweight Champion. Things got a little easier for Corino – whether he liked it or not – when KURT ANGLE made his way to the ring, distracting Orton. Angle pulled down the ropes, sending Orton crashing to the concrete. Angle stood watch over Orton’s prone body as Corino slid out and got into Angle’s face. Angle backed away, with his hands in the air, as Corino went to work on Orton. Back in the ring, Orton fought back, trading shots with Corino, but Angle jumped onto the ring apron, taking Orton’s attention away from the match. As Angle jumped down, Orton turned and was caught by a back heel kick. Corino covered Orton for a shocking non-title victory!

[Non-Title Match]:
Steve Corino pinned Randy Orton after a back heel kick in 7:17.
[Kurt Angle interfered against Randy Orton.]

After the match, Angle entered the ring, pulling Orton to his feet, before hitting an Angle Slam in the center of the ring! Angle rolled out of the ring, and looked at Orton, laughing, as Anarchy went off the air.

Card rating: *** ¼

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