July 03, 2012 - PCW Special Event - Buffalo, NY

PCW Special Event
July 3, 2012
First Niagara Center – Buffalo, NY
Attendance: 7,289 (39%)

A recap of last week’s confrontation between Claudio Castagnoli and The Big Show is shown. James Westerfield welcomes everyone to Buffalo, New York, and wishes everyone a happy Fourth of July holiday. Alfred Pressley joins James at ringside, as they announce the line-up for tonight’s Special Event. They then send things to the ring for the opening contest.

No. 1 Contenders Match
Beer Money, Inc. vs. The Bravado Brothers

Both teams won qualifying matches last week to get to this point, with a shot at the Tag Team Titles later in evening hanging in the balance. Beer Money tried to gain the advantage by attacking the brothers before the bell, but the Bravados were able to fight their way back. Things got interesting as RHETT TITUS made his way to the ring. Titus led on that he was only at ringside to watch the match, unless Robert Roode tried to grab the ropes will being held in an abdominal stretch. Titus pulled the rope away and slapped Roode in the mouth! Lance released the hold, and bodyslammed a stunned Roode for the pinfall.

[No. 1 Contenders Match]:
The Bravado Brothers defeated Beer Money, Inc. when Lance pinned R. Roode after a bodyslam in 7:07.
Rating: *** ¾
[Rhett Titus interfered against Robert Roode.]

After the match, Titus makes his way up the ramp, laughing, as the scene cuts backstage.

Backstage, PCW Heavyweight Champion The Big Show, is seen entering the arena. The announcers discuss Claudio Castagnoli’s chances of defeating “The World’s Largest Athlete” later tonight.

A recap of Jeremy Buck’s departure from the PCW – and the vacation of the Television Title – is shown. A 10-Man Battle Royal for the vacated title is coming up, after the break.

Battle Royal for vacant Television Title

Coming back from the break, all 10 men are shown standing in the ring, eyeing each other down. When the bell rings, Kenny King attacks Alex Payne, locking him in an armbar submission. Kazarian breaks the hold, and continues on in the match. King connects with an enzuigiri and tries to throw Payne over the top rope. King attempts to knock Payne off the apron, but Payne slides between his legs, under the ropes, and starts his own offense. Chris Hero attacks Kazarian in the corner, while on the other side newcomers DREW MCINTYRE and DELIRIOUS battle each other. Delirious takes McIntyre down with an Ace Crusher, before tossing him over the top rope. Drew McIntyre has been eliminated by Delirious

Cody Rhodes comes from behind and tries to dump Delirious out of the ring, but gets stopped by the third surprise entrant – ROB TERRY. Terry and Rhodes do battle as Delirious escapes the ropes, but falls into the clutches of The Great Khali. Delirious slides through Khali’s legs and escapes to safety, as we see Chris Hero and Kazarian continuing to brawl. Delirious ducks a surprise clothesline attempt by Kenny King, and starts laying into him. Delirious’ offense comes to an end after a backdrop. King locks in an armbar submission, which is broken up by Cody Rhodes. Across the ring, Hero and Kazarian put on quite the show, cutting off a section of the ring from everyone else. Hero punches Kazarian, but Kazarian kicks Hero a little below the belt, causing Hero to beg off. A battle of big men ensures as The Great Khali and Rob Terry square off in the center of the ring, as do Cody Rhodes and Justin Gabriel. Gabriel breaks free of Rhodes, and helps Terry throw Khali over the ropes, but only one of Khali’s feet touch the concrete! They walk away, as Terry goes after Kenny King. Khali rolls under the ropes, and attacks Delirious from behind, locking him in a bearhug. Gabriel hits Khali in the back, forcing him to drop Delirious. Khali turns around and head-butts Gabriel, before throwing him over the top rope. Justin Gabriel has been eliminated by The Great Khali

Khali then sets his sights on Chris Hero. He gets some help from Cody Rhodes, but Hero counters a double team into a double clothesline, allowing him to catch his breath. Rhodes gets to his feet, as he and Hero begin to duke it out. Across the ring, Alex Payne hits Delirious with a clothesline. Getting up, he dodges an attack from Rob Terry, hitting Terry with a kneelift. Terry recovers and lands a stiff kick to Payne. Backing away, Terry is caught off-guard, and thrown over the top rope by Kenny King! Terry slams the canvas as he stares at King, before leaving ringside. Rob Terry has been eliminated by Kenny King

King turns his attention to the recovering Delirious, hitting a gutbuster. Cody Rhodes and King double team Delirious as, across the ring, Kazarian and Chris Hero continue their fight from earlier in the match. This is short-lived as The Great Khali grabs Hero in a bearhug. Khali then works over Hero. Hero is able counter a clothesline, hitting one of his own, stunning Khali. As Hero backs away, he is attack by Cody Rhodes. They trade offense, until Rhodes body slams Hero and locks on the Figure Four. Kazarian makes the save while, on the other end of the ring, Kenny King and Delirious go at each other once again. Delirious takes King down with a shoulder block, and attacked by Alex Payne. Delirious blocks some punches, stunning Payne with a hurricarana. An all-out brawl takes place between Kazarian, Delirious, King, Hero and Rhodes. From the outside, Daizee Haze – Delirious’ manager – trips Payne. Delirious tries to blindside Payne, but Payne ducks, sending Delirious over the top rope! Delirious barely hangs on; and, thanks to quick thinking by Haze, who grabbed one o Delirious’ legs, he was not eliminated. As Delirious re-enters the ring. Kenny King connect with a knee lift, before back-dropping him over the top rope. Delirious has been eliminated by Kenny King

Kenny King sets his sights on Chris Hero, and the two men go after each other. With the action focusing on King and Hero, a gasp from the crowd alerts that Kazarian has been eliminated from the match! Kazarian has been eliminated by Chris Hero

Cody Rhodes takes advantage o what King has done, and goes after Hero. Rhodes locks in the Figure Four. With not submissions, Hero writhes in pain until Rhodes decides to release the hold and find a new target. This opens Hero up for Alex Payne, who powerbombs Hero in the center of the ring! Rhodes comes over, pushing Payne aside, to finish what he started on Hero. Payne decides to help Rhodes, and they hit a double fist. Rhodes attempts a bodyslam, which is countered with a small package. Rhodes rolls away, as Hero hits Payne with a side suplex. Hero nails a forearm to Payne’s back, pushing him over the top rope. Alex Payne has been eliminated by Chris Hero

After eliminating Payne, Hero became the target of a three-on-one assault, as Rhodes, King and Khali all set their sights on him. Rhodes and Hero were allowed room to let their aggression out. A shock ran through the crowd as SHANE HAGADORN ran down to the ring, and smashed a steel chair over Hero’s head! Hero began to bleed, but was not able to be eliminated, which infuriated Rhodes. Both Khali and King found their opening to add to the assault on Hero. Anytime Hero would gain the offensive, one of the three were there to break it up. Standing outside the ring, Hagadorn tells King to stand Hero up. Hagadorn jumps onto the apron and smashes the chair over Hero’s head a second time! The all-on assault continued on Hero; but somehow(!) Hero was able to fight through everything that was thrown at him; and with blood streaming down his face, he tosses Kenny King over the top rope. Kenny King is eliminated by Chris Hero

Hero wiped the blood from his face, and set himself to face both Khali and Rhodes as the match wore down. Khali balked as Rhodes went after Hero. Rhodes raked Hero’s eyes, and tossed him over the ropes. Rhodes began to celebrate as Hero hung on, rolling back into the ring. Hero stunned Rhodes with the Hero’s Welcome, before tossing him over the top rope. Cody Rhodes has been eliminated by Chris Hero Soon after, Khali tried to use a big boot, but Hero ducked. Hero ran into the ropes and connected with a double-boot dropkick that staggered Khali. Hero, back on his feet, ran and clotheslined Khali over the top rope for the victory!

After the match, Hero crumpled down to the canvas, blood pouring from his face, as a stunned Shane Hagadorn watched from the bottom of the stage. The referee signals for assistance, as medical personnel rush to the ring to tend to Hero. The announcers applaud Hero’s performance, as he eliminated half the field in the match. They say if anyone deserves to be Television Champion, it is Chris Hero!

[Battle Royal for vacant Television Title]:
Chris Hero won a 10-man Battle Royal, eliminating The Great Khali in 33:50.
Rating: ***
(Chris Hero won the PCW Television Title.)

The medical team and HWL officials continue to work on Hero – slowly bringing him out of the ring – as we go to commercials.

Backstage, Brooke Barlow has caught up with Rhett Titus, and asks him why he interfered in the previous match. Titus smiles and says that there are going to people asking a lot of questions. The fun part is keeping them guessing.

A recap is shown of last week’s attack on Rhett Titus - by Luke Gallows - that resulted in the up-coming match being signed.

Luke Gallows vs. Rhett Titus

Luke Gallows looked like he was going to start where he left off last week, when he attacked Titus before the opening bell. Gallows used his size and strength to wear down Titus – who had an interesting night leading up to the match. Gallows was unable to put Titus away, and Titus fought his way back into the match. However, Gallows’ size made it impossible for Titus to hit the Muff Diver, and he appeared to have tweaked his back during one of the attempts. This allowed Gallows the opening he needed, and he put away Titus with the Gallows Pole for the 1-2-3.

Luke Gallows pinned Rhett Titus with the Gallows Pole in 19:01.
Rating: ** ¾

Backstage, Brooke Barlow is seen with Tamina. Brooke says that Becky Bayless had some pretty strong words for Tamina last week. Tamina says that Becky Bayless has every right to be upset, because she Tamina beat her in Becky’s debut match. Tamina says she’d be upset, too. The difference is that Tamina is a second-generation wrestler, who grew up in this business; not someone who picked it up as a job after high school because she was too stupid to go to college. Tamina says that, if Becky is looking for a fight, she knows where to find her. She says she’ll be the one, standing in the center of the ring, holding up the Women’s Title. Tamina walks off as the show goes to commercials.

Returning from the break, Women’s Champion Beth Phoenix is with Brooke Barlow. Beth says that there’s no denying that Tamina is the daughter of one of the most well-known wrestlers in the past 40 years. She says that Tamina has dominated her way to get to where she is tonight. Whatever issue Tamina has with Becky Bayless is not Beth’s problem. The only thing that matters to Beth is keeping the Women’s Title around her waist. Beth walks away as we go to ringside.

PCW Women’s Title Match
Tamina vs. © Beth Phoenix

Tamina looked to continue her dominating ways inside the Women’s Division with a victory over Champion Beth Phoenix. Beth has a long history of championship reigns in her career, but Tamina might just be one of her toughest opponents to-date. This match went back and forth, with neither woman wanting to give up control. Things got interesting with BECKY BAYLESS made her way to ringside, getting and up-close view of things. After watching the action for a few moments, Bayless jumped onto the ring apron, as Tamina whipped Beth into the ropes, and clocked Beth in the back with a forearm. Bayless hopped off the apron, as the referee called for the bell, and made her way around the ring while Tamina stared her down. Seeing Beth holding the back of her head, Tamina connected with a superkick, sending the champion crashing onto the canvas!

[Women’s Title Match]:
Beth Phoenix defeated Tamina by disqualification in 6:02.
Rating: * ¼
(Beth Phoenix retained the PCW Women’s Title.)
[Becky Bayless interfered against Beth Phoenix.]

Backstage, Jack Swagger is seen getting ready for his match, when Vickie Guerrero approaches. Guerrero says it’s good to see Jack again and wishes him good luck in his match. Guerrero turns to walk away, but stops, turning back to Swagger, and saying that she would be happy to replace The Swagger Eagle at ringside, if it would be OK. The show goes to commercials as Swaggers ponders the question.

Returning from the break, Brooke Barlow is seen backstage, looking around. The announcers ask her what she is doing, and Brooke explains that she was trying to find David Otunga for an interview, but has yet to locate him. The announcers say that Otunga is scheduled to be in the next match, and begin to question his whereabouts.

Jack Swagger (w/The Soaring Eagle) vs. David Otunga

Jack Swagger and The Soaring Eagle made their way to the ring. Swagger says that he is concerned about where David Otunga is, only because he wanted the chance to beat him in the middle of the ring tonight. Swagger says that it’s clear Otunga is afraid of being embarrassed in front of all the people in attendance… or he’s just afraid of birds. Swagger says that he’s already in the ring and ready for a match, and if Otunga isn’t coming out, then someone in the back – who wants a match – is more than welcome to one.

Drew McIntyre appeared on-stage, looking to avenge his early exit from the Television Title Battle Royal earlier in the evening. McIntyre, a former singles and tag team champion, came out firing stunning Swagger, as he and McIntyre had routinely teamed up during their time in the WWE. McIntyre didn’t let their past frieAndship stop him from taking the fight to Swagger. McIntyre secured a victory after a quick DDT, using a headlock takedown to roll Swagger over for the 1-2-3.

Drew McIntyre pinned Jack Swagger after a headlock takedown in 7:08.
Rating: **
(David Otunga no-showed.)

The announcers recap the Television Title Battle Royal, and the performance put on by Chris Hero to win the title. Hero is then shown, backstage, being treated by PCW medical personnel.

A preview for the next PCW Special Event is shown. The Event will take place Saturday, August 11th – the night before HWL’s Unbreakable PPV – live from Everett, Washington! A shot of the Tag Team Title Match is shown as the show goes to commercials.

Returning from the break, James Storm and Robert Roode confront Harlem and Lance Bravado backstage. Roode says that either of them better start talking, or they won’t make it to their tainted title match. Lance says that he knows nothing about why Roode got attacked earlier tonight. Harlem says that Rhett Titus was clearly just jealous for not being in the match. Storm asks why Titus didn’t attack either of the Bravados, aTnd just focused on Roode. Lance says he really doesn’t know, and says if they want answers, to go find Titus and Kenny King. The Bravados walks off as Storm and Roode shake their heads.

PCW Tag Team Title Match
The Bravado Bros. vs. © Jay Lethal & Wade Barrett

Jay Lethal and Wade Barrett have held onto the Tag Team Titles for nearly a month-and-a-half. They were running roughshod over the division until Commission Butler – in the spirit of competition – created a four-team tournament to decide their new challengers. Lance and Harlem had to fight – and win – three matches in two weeks if they wanted to become Champions for the first time in PCW. All of their hard work for over that time helped erase the near misses and close calls from the past, as Harlem hit the “X Marks the Spot” to pick up the victory.

[Tag Team Title Match]:
The Bravado Bros. deeated Jay Lethal & Wade Barrett when Harlem pinned Lethal with the X Marks The Spot in 8:27.
Rating: ** ¾
(The Bravado Bros. won the PCW Tag Team Titles.)

After the match, while they celebrated in the ring, The Bravados were attacked by RHETT TITUS and KENNY KING, who appeared out of the crowd. Titus and King worked over the new champions, leaving them lying in the center of the ring; their titles just barely out of their grasps. Titus and King leave the ring, and the show goes to commercials, while showing The Bravados laid-out in the ring.

Returning from the break, Brooke Barlow stops The Big Show on his way to the ring for his title defense. Show says that he has to give credit where it’s due. Show says that Castagnoli has a lot of natural talent; and could be one of the strongest men on the roster. But, Show says that Castagnoli has a reputation of rubbing guys the wrong way. A couple weeks ago, when Castagnoli put his hands on Show, unprovoked, he rubbed Show the wrong way. As Show starts to walk away, Shane Hagadorn can be heard laughing as he and Castagnoli appear. Hagadorn says that he could care less if Show was rubbed the wrong way by anything that Castagnoli has done up to this point. Hagadorn says the only thing he’s worried about, is how Show is going to feel when Castagnoli beats him for the Heavyweight Title. Castagnoli and Show face off. Without fear or intimidation, Castagnoli tells Show that he’ll see him in the ring. Castagnoli and Hagadorn walk away as Show looks on, fuming.

A video is shown, recapping the past few weeks between Claudio Castagnoli and The Big Show.

PCW Heavyweight Title Match
Claudio Castagnoli (w/Shane Hagadorn) vs. © The Big Show

Castagnoli finally got the match he felt he deserved – and rightfully so, after defeating David Otunga two weeks ago. Things didn’t start off as easy as the challenger thought, as the champion used his size and strength advantage to gain an early advantage. In an effort to gain separation, Castagnoli grabbed Show’s singlet and used his momentum to send Show through the ropes. Outside the ring, Castagnoli whipped Show into the ring steps before stomping him on the concrete. Castagnoli rolled into the ring, breaking the 10-count, before rolling back out and bringing Show back under the bottom rope. Castagnoli covered Show, for a two-count. Castagnoli’s power moves were kept at bay due to the size of Show, and this allowed Show to work his way back into the match. Both men found their way back outside the ring, this time with Show in charge. Show whipped Castagnoli into the barricade, before being distracted by Shane Hagadorn. Castagnoli hits a forearm to Show’s back, only for Show to turn around with a thunderous clothesline, sending Castagnoli to the concrete. Show rolls Castagnoli back into the ring, and goes for the Chokeslam. Castagnoli kicks out, and gets another clothesline in return. Hagadorn jumps onto the apron, distracting Show, allowing Castagnoli to get to his feet. As Hagadorn jumps off the apron, Show turns around, and is met with a vicious European Uppercut. Castagnoli covers Show, hooking his leg for the 1-2-3!

[PCW Heavyweight Title Match]
Claudio Castagnoli pinned The Big Show after a European Uppercut in 16:08.
Rating: ** ¼
(Claudio Castagnoli won the PCW Heavyweight Title.)

After the match, Hagadorn rushes into the ring, handing Castagnoli the Heavyweight Title. The crowd watches, stunned, as Castganoli and Hagadorn celebrate in the ring. The announcers thank everyone for watching, and the show goes off the air.

Card rating: ** ¼

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