July 10, 2012 - PCW Wrestling - Mankato, MN

Highlights from last week’s special event are shown. James Westerfield welcomes up to the show, and is joined by Alfred Pressley at ringside.

Chris Hero’s music begins to play as the new Television Champion makes his way on-stage to a chorus of cheers. Here makes his way into the ring and holds the title belt in the air, as the announcers praise his work and determination during last week’s battle royal. Hero grabs a microphone and lets the crowd calm down before speaking. Hero says that last week was an incredible week for him, in two ways. The first, which he says won’t be popular with the fans, is that he witnessed a man he’s known for most of his career – Claudio Castagnoli – walk out of Buffalo, New York as the new PCW Heavyweight Champion. Hero says that he and Castagnoli might not see eye to eye anymore; but as someone who has traveled the roads with him, Hero gives Castagnoli a lot of credit for being able to defeat The Big Show last week.

Hero says the second reason last week was incredible, is because of the strap that’s sitting on his shoulder. Hero says that there have been a number of people to hold the Television Title before him, and there will be people that hold it after him – but not for a while. Hero says he put his body on the line last week, and lasted nearly thirty minutes inside the ring, and eliminated the biggest member of the PCW roster to walk away with the belt. Because of the toll he took last week, Hero says that he has been given the night, but will compete next week.

As Hero begins to leave the ring, The Great Khali’s music plays. Khali and Ranjin Singh come out to the stage to boos from the crowd. Singh questions who they are booing: Khali, the man who, being the last eliminated in the battle royal last week, is the rightful number one contender for the Television Title; or Hero, the champion, who just said he’s too sore to perform. Singh says it doesn’t matter, because the peoples’ opinions don’t matter to neither he nor Khali. The only thing that matters is that it’s inevitable that Khali will be the next Television Champion. Singh promises to show Hero what’s in store for him, tonight, when Khali competes in tonight’s main event. Khali’s music plays again, as they leave the stage, and we go backstage as Hero looks on from the ring.

Backstage, Brooke Barlow is standing with Women’s Champion Beth Phoenix. Beth is asked about her victory last week over Tamina. Beth says that her “victory” was tainted; and any self-respecting champion would not feel good about how they won a match like that. Beth says that she neither had nor wanted any part of the situation between Becky Bayless and Tamina; but Becky made things personal by interfering last week. Beth walks away as the show goes to commercials.

Alex Payne vs. Luke Gallows

After a hard-fought victory at the Special Event last week, Luke Gallows was determined to have a better showing tonight against Alex Payne. Payne should be given credit for not backing down from Gallows – whom he had a significant height and weight disadvantage against. Payne went to the top rope, in hopes of using high-risk moves to take down Gallows, but Gallows caught him in midair. Gallows connected with the Gallows Pole for the victory.

Luke Gallows pinned Alex Payne with the Gallows Pole in 4:27.
Rating: **

Backstage, Brooke Barlow asks Justin Gabriel about his match against The Great Khali later tonight. Gabriel says that Khali is a massive man, and that just by size alone, Khali would appear to have the upper hand. But, Gabriel says that Khali eliminated him from the battle royal last week. Gabriel says he’ll show everyone what determination looks like, later tonight.

Kelly Kelly vs. Becky Bayless

It had been just over a month since Kelly Kelly was last seen in a PCW ring, and it appeared that she had gained a more aggressive attitude in her absence. Kelly rammed Becky into the ring-steps before rolling Becky back into the ring for a two-count. However, the opportunistic Bayless surprised Kelly with a snap mare and, while grabbing a fistful of Kelly’s tights, picked up the pinfall.

Becky Bayless pinned Kelly Kelly after a snap mare in 2:54.
Rating: *

Bayless rolls out of the ring, celebrating her victory, as Kelly Kelly looks in in disgust. As Bayless stands on the stage, Tamina attacks from behind, knocking her down. Tamina works over Bayless, before tossing her into the stage structure. Tamina walks off, while the camera focuses on Bayless, as the show goes to commercials.

Returning from the break, Brooke Barlow catches up with Tamina as she’s coming from the stage. Brooke asks Tamina what’s going through her mind. Tamina says what’s on her mind should be obvious. Becky cost her a shot at the Women’s Title, and now Becky is going to pay for it.

Back at ringside, the announcers discuss the absence of David Otunga last week, as he was scheduled to face Jack Swagger. A video has been released, showing closed circuit footage from inside the arena in Buffalo. The video plays, showing David Otunga and Vickie Guerrero walking into view, having a heated discussion. They stop in front of a door, where Vickie says something, before pulling the door open. Otunga walks inside and responds to Vickie. Vickie closes the door and walks off-screen. She returns, slowly pushing an equipment cart in front of the door. Smiling, Guerrero walks off-screen as the video ends. At ringside, the announcers say that Guerrero will have questions to answer next week; and they ponder what type of mood Otunga will be in.

Delirious (w/Daizee Haze) vs. Drew McIntyre

Drew McIntyre gave the PCW fans quite a shock last week, when he filled in for the missing David Otunga, and was able to defeat Jack Swagger. Tonight, he stepped into the ring with the unorthodox Delirious, who had the “sane” Daizee Haze at ringside. Delirious looked impressive at the beginning, but when he was unable to score an early pinfall, he began talking to himself. McIntyre took advantage of this, and both men eventually found their way outside the ring, where Daizee attempted to use herself as a distraction – only to get laid out on the concrete by McIntyre! McIntyre rolled Delirious back in the ring and hit the Future Shock for the victory.

Drew McIntyre pinned Delirious with the Future Shock in 4:27.
Rating: *** ¼

After the match, McIntyre leaves the ring to a mixed reaction. Delirious, slowly getting back to his senses, rolls out of the ring and checks on Daizee, as the show goes to commercials.

Returning from the break, Brooke Barlow is seen with Commissioner Rex Butler. Butler says that he is upset and baffled by the video that was played earlier tonight, and the actions of Vickie Guerrero. Butler says that, in light of what took place in the video, next week, David Otunga will get his match against Jack Swagger.

Back at ringside, the announcers replay the confrontation between The Great Khali and Television Champion Chris Hero from the start of the show.

Justin Gabriel vs. The Great Khali (w/Ranjin Singh)

Earlier tonight, Khali and Ranjin Singh stated that they were coming after Chris Hero’s Television Title. Justin Gabriel was a tune up for Khali, but Gabriel didn’t see it that way. Gabriel came out kicking – literally – and using his high-risk moves, hoping to take The Punjabi Giant off his game. However, a back elbow that struck Gabriel in the chin put an end to those hopes. After gaining advantage, Khali made an example of Gabriel. Things only got worse as Gabriel had enough fortitude to kick out after one Punjabi Plunge. This infuriated Khali, who lifted Gabriel up with a second Plunge, driving him into the canvas for the victory.

The Great Khali pinned Justin Gabriel with the Punjabi Plunge in 7:04.
Rating: *

After the match, Khali stands tall in the ring, as the announcers say goodnight from Mankato!

Card rating: * ¾

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