July 11, 2011

Rupp Arena
Attendance: 11,270 (49%)

Video footage of last week’s main event between Randy Orton and AJ Styles is shown as Anarchy comes on the air. The video ends with Orton standing on top of the stage as Ric Flair and Chelsea tended to Styles at ringside…

“Headstrong” blares through the arena as fireworks shoot from the stage. The lights come on, and the smoke clears, as Josh Daniels and Scott Michaels welcome everyone to the home of the Kentucky Wildcats - Lexington, Kentucky! Tonight, it is announced that the finals for both the Tag Team and Heavyweight Title tournaments will be finalized in three big matches. Who will face off for the Heavyweight Title at Justice; and who will face AJ Styles and Mr. Anderson for the vacant Tag Team Titles?

Backstage, KURT ANGLE is seen getting ready for his match, when he is approached by RANDY ORTON. The two men get face to face with each other as Orton says that they have had a lot of history of the past few months, and that, once again, it comes down to them to decide who will have a chance to be Heavyweight Champion. Orton tells Angle that he may’ve gotten lucky the last time they stepped into the ring, but that Angle’s luck is about to change. Angle smiles and says that, if anyone needs luck it’s going to Orton. But, he says that Orton ran out of luck last week, when he beat AJ Styles. Angle pats Orton on the arm and walks away as the Anarchy goes to commercials.

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Brie Bella pinned Maryse with the Sitout Facebuster in 0:09:10.
Rating: *

Good opening match from these two Vixen’s. With the situation brewing between Velvet Sky and Women’s Champion, Daffney, the rest of the Vixens roster has gone roughly unnoticed lately. This was a good back-and-forth match, that saw Brie connect with the Sitout Facebuster to pick up the victory.

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Returning from the break, Alisha Hicks is seen backstage with CHRIS HERO, DAVID OTUNGA and their manager Shane Hagadorn. Alisha welcomes them to the HWL, and says that they probably aren’t too pleased with how their first match ended last week. Chris Hero says they’re not happy about the loss, but that they’re OK with it. He says that neither Colt Cabana nor Derrick Bateman pinned he and Otunga, or made either of them submit. Hero says that if Shane had not gotten busted for tripping Bateman, the ending of that match might be a little bit different. David Otunga then asks whether Cabana or Bateman are upset about not being put on the card for Justice. He says that they should pay attention to what he and Hero are saying, because at Justice, everyone will find out of there will be a different outcome to their match. Otunga says that they are challenging Cabana and Bateman to a rematch, before walking away, as the camera goes back to ringside.

[Heavyweight Title Tournament - Semi Final]:
Kurt Angle pinned Randy Orton after a flying forearm in 0:08:35.
Rating: *** ½

These two have had quite an interesting past over the last few months, and tonight, this rivalry was renewed as both men knew the stakes would be high. The winner of this match would go to Justice to take on either Cody Rhodes or Mr. Anderson for the vacant Heavyweight Title. Early on it looked as if both men would be counted out, as they did battle outside the ring, but smartly, they re-entered the ring to continue the match. Orton was unable to get a lot of momentum as Angle used his mat-wrestling skills to keep “The Viper” off his feet. The end of the match saw Orton reverse and Irish whip and Angle duck a clothesline attempt. Coming off the opposite ropes, Angle connected with a flying forearm and quickly covered Orton, grabbing a handful of tights in the process! The referee counted to three and awarded Angle the match.

After the match, Angle rolled out of the ring, laughing as Orton stood on all fours, in the center of the ring, glaring at “The Olympic Gold Medalist”. Orton gets to his feet and turns his attention to the referee, as the crowd’s anticipation grows. As the referee turns around, Orton connects with an RKO before rolling under the bottom rope as his music plays. Orton stands outside the ring, staring at his damage as Anarchy goes to commercials.

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Backstage, DAVID HART SMITH and TYSON KIDD are seen discussing something backstage, when they are approached by NATALYA. She says she wants to apologize to Tyson for last week, but before she can continue, she’s interrupted by Smith, who says that neither of them want to hear her apology. Kidd said that Natalya knows how hard he’s been trying to make a name for himself in the singles ranks. He said he hasn’t gotten any closer to getting where he wants to be, and blames her for it. He says that things could be much different if she would’ve stopped trying to “help” by interfering. Natalya tries to interject as Kidd walks away, but stops as Smith stands between them. Smith says that he and Kidd have one more shot at getting a Tag Team Title match tonight. He says that he doesn’t want Natalya anywhere near the ring, and if she costs them this match, there will be hell to pay. Smith walks off to join Kidd, while Natalya looks on, with a mixture of emotions showing on her face, as Anarchy goes to commercials.

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[Tag Team Title Match - Semi-Final]:
Skip Sheffield & Rob Terry defeated The Hart Dynasty (David Hart Smith & Tyson Kidd) when Sheffield pinned D.H. Smith with the Running Clothesline in 0:10:40.
Rating: *** ½

Tonight, the crowd in Lexington would find out which of these two teams would be traveling to San Jose to take on AJ Styles and Mr. Anderson for the vacant Tag Team Titles at Justice. In a running theme throughout the night, these two teams were in the heart of a heated war of words earlier in the year, that saw Sheffield and Terry defeat The Hart Dynasty for the Tag Team Titles at Wrestleocolypse. Also, tonight, Smith and Kidd made their first appearance without Natalya by their side in some time, so they were forced to use their wrestling ability to gain a victory. The former champions looked impressive early on, but Sheffield and Terry proved too much for them as Sheffield pinned Smith after a Running Clothesline. Kidd tried to enter the ring to break up the three-count, but NATALYA showed up at ringside, grabbing Kidd’s leg! Kidd watched as the referee counted to three, and awarded the match to Sheffield and Terry!

After the match, Natalya left ringside to a mixed reaction from the crowd as Kidd watched - stunned - from the apron. J.D. and Scott Michaels wondered why Natalya would cost her own family a chance at the titles next Sunday night…

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A preview for HWL’s up-coming pay-per-view event, Justice, is shown. As “In Waves” by Trivium plays, it is announced that the vacant Heavyweight Title will decided; Skip Sheffield and Rob Terry will take on AJ Styles and Mr. Anderson for the HWL Tag Team Titles; Velvet Sky will face Daffney for the Women’s Title; Colt Caban and Derrick Bateman will face Chris Hero and David Otunga; and Evan Bourne will challenge Alex Shelley for the X-Division Title. Justice will be LIVE, Sunday, July 24th, from the HP Pavilion in San Jose, California!

Backstage, VELVET SKY is seen walking through the hallways, talking on her cell phone, when she is attacked from behind by Women’s Champion, DAFFNEY. Daffney pushes Velvet to the ground before getting on top of her and pummeling her with rights and lefts. Daffney gets off of Velvet, and grabs something out of her skirt, before smearing black paint all over Velvet’s face! Daffney laughs and says that she will expose Velvet as the ugly person she really is. Daffney walks away as the camera closes up on Velvet’s face before going back to the ring.

Evan Bourne pinned Yoshi Tatsu after a crucifix in 0:09:41.
Rating: ***

X-Division Champion Alex Shelley came down to ringside for commentary during this match tonight. Shelley said that there is no tension between himself and Evan Bourne, and that their match at Justice will simply be to see who is the better X-Division wrestler, and to see who deserves the right to be champion. Tonight’s match went back and forth as Bourne was trying to continue his winning ways, as he stepped into the ring against a newer version of Yoshi Tatsu. After coming off his victory against Kaz at Turning Point, Tatsu had laid low. Tonight, he had his chance to upend the number one contender, and almost had Bourne pinned after a dropkick, followed up by an inside cradle. But, Bourne was able to kick out at two. Tatsu then attempted a clothesline, which Bourne reversed into a crucifix for an unorthodox victory.

After the match, Bourne celebrated the victory inside the ring, as Tatsu quickly got to his feet. As Bourne jumped off the turnbuckle, Tatsu connected with a spinning heel kick that sent Bourne to the canvas! Tatsu jumped on Bourne and began assaulting him, as Alex Shelley jumped up from the announce table and slid into the ring, breaking up the attack! Shelley and Tatsu brawled inside the ring, until Shelley clotheslined Tatsu over the top rope! Shelley stood in the center of the ring as Tatsu stood up and made his way up the ramp. The crowd was buzzing as Anarchy went to commercials…

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[Heavyweight Title Tournament - Semi Final]:
Cody Rhodes pinned Mr. Anderson after a moonsault body block in 0:11:33.
Rating: ** ¾

Cody Rhodes was given a chance to face off with one of the people responsible for him losing out on his chance to become a two-time Heavyweight Champion tonight; and Mr. Anderson was looking for the chance to challenge for two separate titles at Justice. Rhodes came out with a different game plan tonight, using a variety of headlocks and submission moves to wear down his slightly larger opponent, but Anderson was able to fight back, after pushing Rhodes hard into the turnbuckle, escaping a sleeper hold. Anderson then jumped onto the attack, using his strength advantage to even the score. The end of the match saw Anderson whip Rhodes into the corner, only to have Rhodes jump onto the second turnbuckle and connect with a moonsault body block, covering Anderson for the 1-2-3!

After the match, as Rhodes celebrated his victory, KURT ANGLE made his way down to the ring. Angle entered the ring, and he and Rhodes stared down each other, as J.D. announced that at Justice, they would be facing off in a rematch from the Fully Loaded pay-per-view. Anarchy went off the air as the two men continued to stand inside the ring.

Card rating: ***

HWL Newsline:

David Hart Smith has opted to not re-sign with the company Peter Bradshaw and the rest of the HWL wish Mr. Smith the best in his future endeavors.

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