July 16, 2012 - Monday Night Anarchy - Topeka, KS

Attendance: 5,100

Highlights from Justice are shown as the show comes on the air. Josh Daniels and Scott Michaels welcome everyone to Topeka. They announce that the new X-Division and Heavyweight champions will be in action tonight.

Heavyweight Champion Adam Cole makes his way out to the ring. The crowd boos as he stands in the corners, posing with the belt. Cole gets on the microphone and says that he will never forget the looks on the faces of the people of Wichita. Most importantly, he will never forget the image of Randy Orton laying prone on the canvas, as Cole was announced the winner and new Champion.

Randy Orton’s music plays and the former champion makes his way to the ring, limping on his injured ankle – suffered at the hands of Kurt Angle twenty-four hours ago. Orton gets in the ring and says that Cole must be on top of the world tonight. Orton admits that Cole shocked a lot of people last night. Orton says he was shocked not by Cole cashing in his Golden Opportunity, but that he actually won. Orton says that Cole got lucky and knows his time is limited as champion. Cole says he didn’t get lucky, that he seized an opportunity when he saw it, and is now the guy everyone else is looking up to. Cole says he will not agree with Orton, that his reign as champion is limited. Cole questions whether or not Orton thinks he can take the title back. Orton says he does want to invoke his rematch clause and makes a move towards Cole. Cole hits Orton with the title belt and slides of the ring, shaking his head. The crowd boos as Cole makes his way up the ramp, and the camera cuts to backstage.

In the back, Alisha Hicks is seen with Kaitlyn. Alisha congratulates Kaitlyn on her win last night to become the new number one contender for the Women’s Title. Kaitlyn says she’s still not over the high of winning last night, and that she spent all last night responding to texts from friends and family. Before she can continue, Brie Bella and Women’s Champion Leva Bates appear on-screen. Brie says that whatever “high” Kaitlyn is on should be looked at by the medical team. Leva chimes in that Kaitlyn must be high if she thinks she’s going to beat her for the title. The two of them walk away, while Kaitlyn stares after them, as Anarchy goes to commercials.

Commercial Break

After the break, Alisha Hicks is seen with Randy Orton backstage. Hicks starts to ask about the confrontation between Orton and Adam Cole but gets cut off. Orton says that losing the Heavyweight Title has caused him not to think straight since last night. Orton says he walked into a trapped and has a headache to show for it. Orton says that Cole has somehow gotten the better of him twice now, but promises that it will not happen a third time.

Ted DiBiase vs. Eric Young

The fans in Topeka were in for a surprise tonight, as Ted DiBiase Jr. returned to the ring after suffering an ankle injury earlier in the year. Eric Young debuted tonight, coming over from TNA. Before the match, Young spoke about how he was looking for the chance to elevate himself in professional wrestling. He said he was looking forward to stepping into the ring with DiBiase, who has a very long family history in the business. Young said he’s just looking for a chance to prove himself. Tonight, he got his first chance to prove himself, getting the crowd behind him against someone who didn’t leave a good taste in the HWL fans’ mouth before leaving the first time. Unfortunately for him, Young fell victim to a spinebuster slam, as DiBiase picked up the victory.

Ted DiBiase pinned Eric Young after a spinebuster slam in 7:09.
Rating: ** ½

After the match, a camera shows Claudio Castagnoli searching the backstage area for Matt Morgan. The announcers wonder what is going to happen if they meet and if anyone will be able to stop it.

Commercial Break

Jacqueline vs. Kaitlyn

Kaitlyn was ecstatic as she came to the ring tonight, as twenty-four hours before, she became the new number one contender for the Women’s Title. Her night got off to a bad start, though, as Jacqueline attacked her as Kailyn was stepping off the turnbuckles. Jacqueline took control from that point and continued as LEVA BATES and BRIE BELLA made their way to ringside. Kaitlyn, who showed she could perform under pressure last night, fought back… and it seemed as if the appearance of the champion invigorated her efforts. Kaitlyn was able to take back control of the match and connect with a belly-to-back suplex for the 1-2-3!

Kaitlyn pinned Jacqueline after a belly-to-back suplex in 5:58.
Rating: ¾*

After the match, Leva and Brie are seen looking on in shock as Kaitlyn stares at them from inside the ring. The announcers mention that the champion’s intended distraction backfired. Leva and Brie turn and head up the ramp as Kaitlyn watches from the ring.

Backstage, Alisha Hicks is seen with Christopher Daniels. Hicks asks Daniels about facing Heavyweight Champion Adam Cole tonight, after coming up short against Martin Maldonado for the X-Division Title last night. Daniels says that Maldonado used a cheap shot to get him the X-Division Title, waiting until the referee’s back was turned to kick Daniels below the belt. But, Daniels says that he has the chance to pick up a huge victory tonight, and that’s what his sights are set on. Daniels goes to leave but gets stopped by Kevin Steen. Steen says that he and Daniels go back quite a bit, and he doesn’t remember the last time Daniels complained about losing a match. Steen tells Daniels that he lost, so Daniels should suck it up and move on. Steen walks off as Daniels stands silently.

Highlights are shown of the 10-man Elimination Match from last night. John Cena will have an announcement after the break.

Commercial Break

John Cena’s music hits as Anarchy returns. Cena, Rami Sebei, and Michael Tarver make their way to the ring. Cena grabs a microphone and lets the crowd boo him before speaking. Cena says he’s let the hillbillies have their say, now it’s his turn to speak. Cena says that everyone saw the highlights from last night - because he didn’t think the people in the crowd could afford the money for the pay-per-view – so that was enough to show everyone just dominant his team was. Cena says that he, Sebei and Tarver, along with Claudio Castagnoli and Steve Corino came out on top just like they said they would. Cena says that the “CeNation” has arrived in the HWL, and there is nothing anyone can do to stop them from becoming the biggest force the company has ever seen!

Rami Sebei & Michael Tarver vs. Chris Hero & David Otunga

This match was signed after the events of last night when all four men were eliminated from the 10-man Elimination Match after being counted out. Tonight, all four men were hoping to put get their hands on each other in a match that counted. The referee had a hard time keeping this match under control, as there was still a bit of hatred coming from both sides. However, the A-List Knockouts, who are more comfortable as a team, took advantage late in the match. Hero connected with the Hero’s Welcome on Michael Tarver for the 1-2-3.

Chris Hero & David Otunga defeated Rami Sebei & Michael Tarver when Hero pinned Tarver with the Hero’s Welcome in 5:04.
Rating: ** ¾

After the match, as Sebei and Tarver are celebrating, AJ STYLES jumps the barricade and slides into the ring, attacking Tarver from behind! Styles lands a number of punches before Sebei pulls him off of Tarver. Styles escapes Sebei’s grasp and slips out the ring, getting a good reaction from the crowd. Styles has words with both Sebei and Tarver as Anarchy goes to commercials.

Commercial Break

Returning from the break, Alisha Hicks is seen with new X-Division Champion Martin Maldonado. Alisha congratulates him on the victory and asks for a response to comments made by Christopher Daniels earlier in the evening. Maldonado says that Daniels knew what he was getting into; he had been a part of the X-Division elsewhere. Maldonado says that the rules are simple: pin your opponent in the ring. That’s exactly what he did. He says if Daniels has a problem with that, Maldonado’s not a hard person to find.

Matt Sydal vs. Matt Morgan

Matt Morgan came into this match tonight feeling pretty beat up after taking part in the 10-man Elimination Match last night at Justice. For the past couple weeks, Morgan has been dealing with an on-going situation with the PCW Heavyweight Champion, Claudio Castagnoli. After the events that took place last night, Castagnoli wasted no time in making his presence known at ringside. The distraction allowed the much smaller Sydal – who is coming over from Ring of Honor - to take advantage and shock Morgan with a crucifix that got a very close two-count. Sydal was back on his feet quickly and connected with a flying lariat to finally put away Morgan for the night's first upset.

Mike Sydal pinned Matt Morgan after a flying lariat in 6:21.
Rating: ** ¼
[Claudio Castagnoli interfered against Matt Morgan.]

After the match, Castagnoli is seen smirking at Morgan. Morgan gets to his feet and starts challenging Castagnoli to enter the ring. Claudio turns and heads up the ramp, but Morgan exits the ring and attacks him from behind! The two start to brawl at the bottom of the ramp as officials rush down to the scene. The officials are not able to separate the two, as they take the brawl to ringside. Morgan whips Claudio over the guardrail and into the crowd. Both men fight their way through the crowd and into the back, as officials continue to break them apart. Anarchy goes to commercials with the camera showing the two men fighting through a backstage curtain.

Commercial Break

Returning from the break, the camera shows Castagnoli and Morgan continuing to fight in the backstage area. The officials are finally able to break them apart as Peter Bradshaw stands by. Bradshaw tells both men to stop. He says that if they want to end things, and see who the better man is, then they can do it in three weeks, at Unbreakable, in a Street Fight! Bradshaw tells the officials to escort both men to their locker rooms, and he tells both Morgan and Castagnoli that they are being sent home immediately!

Non-Title Match
Alex Riley vs. © Martin Maldonado

Twenty-four hours after becoming the new X-Division Champion, Martin Maldonado found his motives in winning the title being questioned by the man he beat, Christopher Daniels. Those questions, however, did not seem to faze Maldonado, as he made very quick work of Alex Riley tonight.

[Non-Title Match]:
Martin Maldonado pinned Alex Riley with the Gringo Killa in 3:05.
Rating: * ½

After the match, KEVIN STEEN makes his way onto the ramp, as Maldonado leaves the ring. Steen is seen clapping, cheering Maldonado’s victory. As Maldonado walks up the ramp, he and Steen stare at each other without saying a word. Maldonado turns and leaves the stage.

A preview for the next HWL pay-per-view Unbreakable is shown. Unbreakable will take place, LIVE, August 12th from the Cow Palace in San Francisco, California! The theme song for the event is “This Is Gonna Hurt” by Hoobastank.

Commercial Break

Non-Title Match
Christopher Daniels vs. © Adam Cole

Earlier tonight, Christopher Daniels spoke about the chance at redemption after losing the X-Division Title last night at Justice. All he would have to do is beat Adam Cole, who was coming out of a very shocking previous twenty-four hour period. Cole had a run-in with the former champion, Randy Orton, to start the show. Both men are evenly matched with the skills and speed, and it made for a very engaging contest. Daniels took control early on, but a misstep allowed Cole to toss Daniels through the ropes. Outside the ring, Cole was able to take advantage by using the guardrail and ring apron work on Daniels’ lower back. Back inside the ring, Cole continued to work over Daniels’ back and attempted to hit the Panama Sunrise, but Daniels was able to get his foot on the rope. Daniels tried his best to fight back, but Cole caught him off guard with a dropkick from the second rope. Cole went for the cover, grabbing a handful of Daniels’ tights, as the referee counted the 1-2-3.

[Non-Title Match]:
Adam Cole pinned Christopher Daniels after a dropkick from the second rope in 13:09.
Rating: *** ¾

After the match, Cole slides out of the ring as Daniels gets to his feet and begins arguing with the referee. Cole grabs his title and heads up the ramp, while Daniels yells at him. Cole walks up the ramp and celebrates – holding the belt in the air – when RANDY ORTON appears and hits Cole with an RKO! The crowd roars in cheers as Orton stands over Cole’s body. Anarchy goes off the air with Orton posing on-stage.

Card rating: ** ½

HWL Unbreakable PPV – 08/12/12 – San Francisco, CA
Women’s Title Match: Kaitlyn vs. © Leva Bates (w/Brie Bella)
Tag Team Title Match: Mark and Jay Briscoe vs. © Tyson Kidd & Eddie Edwards
Street Fight: Claudio Castagnoli vs. Matt Morgan

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