July 18, 2011

Jobing.com Arena
Attendance: 15,479 (86%)

Highlights from last week’s Anarchy are shown including: Kurt Angle’s victory over Randy Orton; Skip Sheffield and Rob Terry’s victor over The Hart Dynast; Cody Rhodes’s victory over Mr. Anderson; and the confrontation between Rhodes and Angle as the show went off the air.

“Headstrong” hits as fireworks shoot from the stage. The lights come back on as J.D. and Scott Michaels welcome everyone to Glendale for the final Anarchy before Justice. In just six days the Tag Team Titles and the Heavyweight Title will have new owners, along with three other great matches. In tonight’s action, Colt Cabana will face Kaz, Derrick Bateman will face Tyson Kidd, and Eddie Edwards will step into the ring against “The Blueprint” Matt Morgan.

PETER BRADSHAW is introduced, and he makes his way to the stage, getting a mixed reaction from the crowd. Once he enters the ring, and grabs a microphone, he asks the crowd if they’re ready for Justice this Sunday night. Bradshaw says that there is going to be plenty of action taking place inside this ring in just six days, at Justice, but he says that he wants to give the people of Glendale a taste of what’s to come. He says that since it’s the HWL’s first-ever visit to Glendale, he feels they deserve something special. Bradshaw then announces that the main event tonight, that will take place in this very ring, will be an eight-man tag team elimination match! Bradshaw announces the teams as AJ Styles, Mr. Anderson, Evan Bourne and Kurt Angle taking on Skip Sheffield, Rob Terry, Alex Shelley and Cody Rhodes. Bradshaw thanks the fans for their time, and says he hopes they enjoy the show. As he leaves the ring, J.D. and Scott Michael talk about how huge tonight’s main event will be, and wonder what implications it will have on the matches this Sunday night.

Commercial Break

HWL Women’s Champion, DAFFNEY, makes his way to the ring as Anarchy returns. The crowd boos her as she gets into the ring and grabs a microphone. She says that they can boo her all she wants to, but that she is the only one that knows the truth about everyone’s little beauty, Velvet Sky. Daffney says, last week, she publicly made Velvet Sky look as ugly as she does behind the scenes, when the cameras aren’t rolling. Daffney says that she, herself, has never been one to enjoy public appearances, but that it pales in comparison to what Velvet Sky thinks about them. She says that she can count a number of times when Velvet would say that she hates being touched and grabbed by the people who pay to see her, because they are disgusting and don’t deserve to be anywhere near her. Daffney says that Velvet complains all the time about having to do appearances, and having her picture taken with fans, because she finds it to be a waste of her time. All the while, Daffney says, Velvet will fake a smile and pose for those pictures. But when it’s all over, Velvet is the first one into the locker room to clean herself off. Daffney says that the fans can take what she says and believe or not, because they will never hear the truth from Velvet herself. Daffney then leaves the ring, and joins J.D. and Scott Michaels at ringside as they await introductions.

Velvet Sky pinned Nikki Bella with the Beauty Mark in 0:05:10.
Rating: * ¼

Velvet Sky got a good reaction as she was introduced tonight, even after what Daffney had to say about her. Six days away from facing “The Demonic Princess” for the Women’s Title, Velvet stepped into the ring with the hometown-favorite, Nikki Bella. Nikki showed a lot of strong offense tonight, picking up a couple of near falls throughout the match. But, the tide turned when Velvet brought Nikki down by her hair and would not allow her to gain her footing. Velvet hit the Beauty Mark to pick up the 1-2-3.

After the match, Daffney stood up from the announce table, and slid into the ring behind Velvet. Daffney attempted to hit Velvet with the Women’s Title, but Velvet landed a kick to the midsection. Velvet then pulled Daffney down to the canvas, by her hair, and began to land rights and lefts onto the champion. The referee pulled Velvet off of Daffney, and Velvet rolled outside the ring, where she began to celebrated with the crowd. Velvet jumped over the barricade and began to high-five members of the crowd as J.D. and Scott Michaels talk about this moment being something they would never have expected from Velvet. Anarchy goes to commercials as Velvet makes her way through the crowd.

Commercial Break

Coming back from the break, Nikki Bella is making her way through the hallways, when she is consoled by her sister BRIE. Brie says that Nikki gave it her best shot and shouldn’t be upset about the way the match ended. Brie sent Nikki on her way as Alisha Hicks congratulating Brie on her victory last week over Maryse. Brie says that it was great to pick up the victory last week, but that that’s more interested on shaking things up in the Women’s division. She said that, ever since returning a few weeks ago, all she has heard about was Natalya, Velvet Sky and Daffney. Brie reminds everyone that she was a one-time Women’s Champion; and that she’s not going to be content with watching her chances pass her by.

Colt Cabana defeated Kaz by disqualification in 0:08:22.
Rating: ** ¾
[Chris Hero interfered against Colt Cabana.]

Kaz made his return to the ring tonight, after his hiatus from Turning Point, and he looked ready to get back on the right foot. Colt Cabana came into this match looking to gain some momentum heading into his match with Derrick Bateman as they take on Chris Hero and David Otunga this Sunday night. This was a back-and-forth match that had the crowd’s interest the entire time. During the match, CHRIS HERO and DAVID OTUNGA made their way to ringside, doing their best to distract Colt. When their tactics didn’t work, Otunga distracted the referee while Hero threw in a pair of brass knuckles that Kaz used on Cabana! Kaz went for the cover, but Colt was able to kick out at two! Shocked, all Hero and Otunga could do was watch, as Colt slowly made his way back into the match, before finally hitting a dropkick before covering Kaz. But, before the referee could count the pinfall, Hero slid into the ring and attack Colt, forcing the referee to call for the bell.

After the match, Otunga entered the ring as he and Hero continued to attacked Colt, until DERRICK BATEMAN run down from the back and broke up the fight. Bateman ducked an Otunga clothesline, and got back to his feet and connected with a forearm to Otunga’s back. Cabana and Bateman easily tossed Otunga over the top rope, as the crowd cheered wildly. Cabana and Bateman stared on as Hero and Otunga made their way up the ramp, vowing that they Cabana and Bateman would get their’s this Sunday night, as Anarchy went to commercials.

Commercial Break

Kurt Angle’s music hits as the Olympic Gold Medalist makes his way out to the ring, getting a mixed reaction from the crowd. Angle gets into the ring, grabbing a microphone, and tries to look composed while trying to fight back a smile. Angle says that he and Randy Orton have fought each other so often, inside the ring, that he has forgotten how many times it’s been. He says that they have both share their victories over the other, but that one of his sweetest victories over Orton was the one that took place last week; the victory that will send Angle into the main event this Sunday night, at Justice, for the Heavyweight Title. Angle says that the only victory that would be sweeter, is the one he will taste after making Cody Rhodes tap out on Sunday night. Angle says that it’s time to right the wrongs that took place at Fully Loaded, and even the score with Rhodes…

Then, Randy Orton appears on-screen, from his home in St. Louis, where he interrupts Angle. Orton says that Angle is out, running his mouth, because he knows Orton isn’t in the arena tonight - and won’t be for the next couple weeks. Orton says that Angle can gloat about beating Orton last week, and how he’s in the main event this Sunday, but that Angle, Orton, and everyone else knows that Angle got away with a tainted victory. Orton says that Angle knows “The Viper” has his number, and because of that, Angle stopped at nothing to make sure he came out as the winner last week. He says that, if he was allowed to resume normal activity, Orton would be in the middle of that ring, begging Angle to say everything to his face. Orton tells Angle that he can have his fun, and go into Justice this Sunday night; but that Angle should know that things between them are not over.

The video feed goes away as Angle stands in the center of the ring. Anarchy goes to commercials.

Commercial Break

Alisha Hicks is seen with Natalya as Anarchy returns. Alisha says that, coming up next, Tyson Kidd will face Derrick Bateman in singles action. She then asks Natalya how she’s coping with the events that took place last week between herself, Kidd and David Hart Smith. Natalya asks Alisha how she’d feel if she was told by a member of her family that they didn’t want to seem her anymore. She says that the three of them had been through a lot to get to the HWL, and that she will always be a part of the most dominant Tag Team Champions the company has ever seen. But, Natalya says that she’s not going to dwell on the past too much, because she’s going to turn her attention to her own goals. She says that she has already been the most dominant Women’s Champion in the HWL, so maybe it’s time to look for something bigger than that. Natalya walks away, leaving Alisha alone in front of the camera.

Derrick Bateman pinned Tyson Kidd with the Man-Tastic in 0:09:24.
Rating: ** ¾

Tyson Kidd came out strong at the beginning of this match, apparently free from the concerns of having Natalya at ringside, and had Bateman wheeling. Kidd continued the offensive, hitting a dropkick and going for the quick cover, only getting a two-count. Bateman was able to fight his way back, into the match, hitting a clothesline. He followed that up with a body slam and quick elbow drop. Bateman went for the cover, but only got a two-count himself. Bateman then whipped Kidd into the ropes and brought him down with a massive back body drop that caused Kidd to roll out of the ring, holding his back. Kidd used the time to get a breather, getting back into the ring at six, but he quickly fell victim to a very stiff clothesline by Bateman. Bateman then picked up Kidd and connected with the Man-Tastic, picking up the 1-2-3.

Commercial Break

Returning back from the break, Ted Hanson is standing backstage with Evan Bourne and HWL X-Division Champion, Alex Shelley. Hanson mentions that both men will be on opposite sides in tonight’s eight-man tag match, and that this Sunday night, they will face off for the X-Division Title. Hanson asks Alex Shelley about both men wanting to keep their distance from each other until tonight and Justice. Shelley says that he and Bourne have been in this business for a long time, and that they’ve traveled around the world doing what they love more than anything. He says that, over that time, Shelley and Bourne have only squared off a handful of times, but that Shelley’s opinion, his best matches were when Evan Bourne was standing across the ring from him. Shelley says that he has spent a lot of time, racking his brain, and has only come up with the fact that throughout his career, he is only one-and-one against Evan Bourne. Shelley says that, this Sunday night, would be a perfect career “rubber match” for them; and it doesn’t get better than having the X-Division Title on the line at Justice.

Hanson then asks Bourne how he feels about getting his chance to challenge for the X-Division Title in just six days. Bourne says that he agrees with Shelley, and that they have shared a number of moments together - mostly as enemies - so it’s only fitting that Alex Shelley be the man he faces for the X-Division Title this Sunday night. Bourne says that he has worked his ass off, since Day One, to get a shot at the title belt, and that his effort has gotten him what he wanted. But, he says, that he wouldn’t be happy until he wins the X-Division Title. Bourne says that he respects Shelley, and that he has done everything he’s needed to do to earn the right to be called a champion, but that Bourne will do whatever he needs to do to walk out of Justice with the belt around his waist.

Matt Morgan pinned Eddie Edwards with the Carbon Footprint in 0:08:58.
Rating: ** ½
(Ric Flair interfered against Eddie Edwards.)

Matt Morgan came down to the ring with “The Nature Boy” and Chelsea, tonight, looking to take down one-half of the former Tag Team Champions, in Eddie Edwards. Morgan had the upper hand in the early part of the match, as Flair tripped Edwards, putting a stop to the offense that Edwards had began garnering. Morgan used the distraction to pick up the advantage, and The Blueprint used his size and strength advantage to pummel Edwards. The end of the match saw a close call for both men, as they took each other down with a double clothesline, that brought the crowd to their feet. Morgan was able to get to his feet first, at the count of seven, and waited as Edwards did the same. When Edwards turned around, he was met with a Carbon Footprint that allowed Morgan to make an easy cover for the victory.

Commercial Break

The final preview for Justice is shown as “In Waves” plays in the background. All five matches are announced, including the match for the vacant Heavyweight Title between Cody Rhodes and Kurt Angle. Justice will take place, this Sunday night, from the HP Pavilion in San Jose, California.

[8-Man Elimination Match]:
AJ Styles, Mr. Anderson, Evan Bourne and Kurt Angle beat Skip Sheffield, Rob Terry, Alex Shelley and Cody Rhodes 4 falls to 3:
X K. Angle beat A. Shelley via the Ankle Lock in 0:10:29.
X R. Terry beat Styles via disqualification in 0:12:33.
X E. Bourne beat R. Terry via the Shooting Star Press in 0:14:44.
X Sheffield beat E. Bourne via the Running Clothesline in 0:15:27.
X Anderson beat Sheffield via the Mic Check in 0:20:50.
X C. Rhodes and K. Angle battled to a double countout in 0:26:53.
Survivors: Mr. Anderson
Rating: ***
[Chelsea interfered against Rob Terry.]

Eight men, who will all be vying for championship gold this Sunday night, stepped into the ring tonight for the biggest main event in Monday Night Anarchy history. The crowd was excited throughout the whole match, as the action never seemed to slow down. Both teams tried to wear the other down, because all signs pointed to this match being a long one. The Olympic Gold Medalist picked up the first elimination as he made Alex Shelley tap out to the Ankle Lock. The match continued with Big Rob and AJ Styles. Terry connected with the Freak Buster and went for the cover, only to have Chelsea put Styles’s leg on the bottom rope. The referee saw the move and quickly disqualified Styles, evening the teams up. The next eliminations came in quick succession as Evan Bourne entered the ring and connected with a reverse neck breaker on Rob Terrry before hitting the Shooting Star Press for a huge elimination! Bourne got to his feet, as Skip Sheffield entered the ring, wanting retribution for his partner’s elimination. Sheffield rolled under Bourne’s springboard cross body block attempt, and hit a vicious Running Clothesline to eliminate the high flyer. The match slowed down a bit as Sheffield and Mr. Anderson battled it out inside the ring. Sheffield was able to lock in the airplane spin, until Anderson reached for the ropes. Both men appeared dazed after the move, but holding on to the ropes, Anderson was able to gain his composure first, stunning Sheffield with the Mic Check to make things 2-1 in favor of Anderson’s team. Cody Rhodes fought valiantly against Anderson, but the crowd went crazy as Kurt Angle was tagged back in, and a preview of Sunday’s main event was given to them. Rhodes and Angle brawled all over the ring, taking their fight outside the ring, and over the barricade. The referee had no other choice by to count both men out, and award the victory to Mr. Anderson!

After the match, Anderson celebrated with Ric Flair and Cheslea, as the camera continued to follow the Rhodes/Angle brawl through the crowd. J.D. and Scott Michaels hoped that someone could break it up quickly, or the main event at Justice might be in jeopardy. Anarchy goes off the air with Anderson, Chelsea and Flair celebrating in the ring.

Card rating: ** 3/4

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