July 19, 2010 - Monday Night Anarchy - Grand Rapids, MI

Monday Night Anarchy
July 19, 2010
Van Andel Arena
Grand Rapids, Michigan

Evan Bourne vs. Matt Morgan
The night got off to a quick start in this match-up of speed versus strength. Both men had the crowd going early on, as the action inside the ring went back and forth, with neither man being able to get a firm grip on the match. Midway through the match, the tide turned when Bourne was able to connect with a jawbreaker that visibly stunned “The Blueprint”. Bourne took advantage of the move, as Morgan was never able to regain his composure, and was able to wear down his bigger opponent with his speed and agility. Bourne finished off the unexpected upset by hitting the Shooting Star Press for the 1-2-3. The loss puts a lot of questions on the line as Morgan awaits word on whether or not he will get his rematch against Kurt Angle this Sunday night at Justice…

Evan Bourne pinned Matt Morgan with the Shooting Star Press in 0:12:27.
Rating: * ¾

— Backstage, Ric Flair and AJ Styles entered the arena, dressed in finely pressed suit, to a roar of boos from the crowd. Continuing through the hallways, they were confronted by MR. ANDERSON. Anderson said that, even though he and AJ had both already challenged Desmond Wolfe for the Heavyweight Title, he thought that he had a surefire way for AJ to walk away with the gold this Sunday night; however, Anderson stipulated that, if the AJ and Flair take his advice, and AJ walks out of Justice as the new Heavyweight Champion, the first person that gets a title shot is Anderson. Clearly interested, Styles and Flair walk with Anderson out of view of the camera.

— Also, backstage, YOSHI TATSU is confronted by KAZ. Kaz said that things didn’t go very smoothly last week, when it came to their tag team match against The British Invasion, but that he wanted to get on the same track in order for the two of them to taste gold for the first time. He told Tatsu that he’s willing to do whatever it takes to get the team on a winning streak… just as long as Tatsu is willing to do the same. Kaz then left Tatsu alone, staring after Kaz.

Handicap Match
Daffney vs. The Beautiful People

This match was set up after Daffney’s blatant disregard for either Angelina Love or Velvet Sky’s safety, or for any of the basic rules held within the business. For weeks, Daffney had been making TBP’s life miserable, defeating them in the ring, and then continuing the onslaught until HWL officials forced her off them. HWL President agreed, that Daffney’s actions were out of line, and allowed TBP the advantage of the Handicap Match tonight. However, Daffney has proven to be quite intimidating inside the ring, and tonight was no different. Angelina and Velvet did what they could to use their advantage to wear down Daffney, but their opponent’s experience allowed her to never really lose control. After getting frustrated with Velvet’s apparent fear of Daffney, Angelina tagged herself in but soon made a mistake that landed her in a reverse headlock backbreaker! It didn’t take long for Angelina to tap out, and award Daffney her third straight victory over The Beautiful People.

Daffney defeated The Beautiful People (Angeling Love & Velvet Sky) when Love passed out in a half Boston in 0:09:47.
Rating: **

Commercial Break

— Coming back from the break, Alisha Hicks is seen with HWL Owner Peter Bradshaw, who said that over the weekend, he had finalized the details for the match between KURT ANGLE and MATT MORGAN for this Sunday at Justice. Bradshaw announced that the two men would compete in a Last Man Standing Match; and that over the next few days, Bradshaw would be getting signatures from both men, making the match official before Sunday night.

— Backstage, MONTEL VONTAVIOUS PORTER confronted X-Division Champion D’ANGELO DINERO, wishing him good luck tonight against Desmond Wolfe. Porter says that he realizes both men are undefeated, but if Dinero wanted to retain the title at Justice, he’d better make sure to come out on top. Porter then walked away, leaving Dinero with a disgusted look on his face.

David Hart Smith (w/Natalya) vs. CM Punk
Last week, David Hart Smith interjected himself into the tag team match between The British Invasion and Legacy, but tonight he found himself facing off against a very determined CM Punk. Both of these men showed that they weren’t going to back down from the fight, and neither of them gave the advantage to their opponent. The crowd loved the fact that a majority of the match was spent at ringside, using everything from the ring apron to the guardrail as weapons. However, after take a late advantage, David Hart Smith connected with a Running Powerslam, but CM Punk was able to kick out before the three-count. Enraged, Smith viciously threw the referee into the guardrail, before turning his attention back to Punk. Dazed, and slowly getting back to his feet, the referee had enough power to call for the bell, and award the match to CM Punk via disqualification.

After the match, as Smith and Natalya made their way up the ramp, SARITA appeared on-stage, to a tremendous cheer from the crowd! Sarita said that Natalya crossed a line the other week, attacking her with the Women’s Title, and that this Sunday, at Justice, Sarita would “gladly” take the belt off Natalya’s hands. She then slapped the Women’s Champion before turning and heading backstage. Natalya and DHS could only stand in shock as the crowed continued to cheer.

CM Punk defeated David Hart Smith by disqualification in 0:11:07.
Rating: ** ½

Commercial Break

— Coming back from the break, CHELSEA is seen walking back towards the Heavyweight Champion’s locker room, dressed in a form-fitting black dress, and carrying a bottle of water in her hand. She nods politely to a few of the staff members, talking against the wall, but is stopped suddenly as RIC FLAIR turns the corner. With a huge smile on his face, Flair tells Chelsea that she’s just the person he’s been looking for; and that he doesn’t want to do anything to her. He says, if she’s interested, he has a proposition for her - and pulls out a wad of $100 bills from his pocket. Chelsea, intrigued, looks around before following Flair down the hallway and off-camera.

Non-Title Match
The British Invasion vs. © Legacy

Brutus Magnus and Rob Terry had a chance tonight to put a pothole in Legacy’s road to Justice, taking on the Tag Team Champions in a non-title match. The two bigger, stronger Brits struggled at the beginning to match up with the agility and speed of the smaller champions. But, to make matters more interesting, THE HART DYNASTY did not waste much time making their presence known at ringside. After inadvertently pulling the top rope down on Brutus Magnus, David Hart Smith and Tyson Kidd stayed quiet, not wanting to ruin things for their supposed allies for the night. The miscue, however, gave the champions all they needed, and as Rob Terry went for a massive clothesline, Ted DiBiase reversed it into a backslide for the 1-2-3!

After the match, Tyson Kidd distracted Cody Rhodes outside the ring, as David Hart Smith slid in and attacked DiBiase! After a vicious clothesline, Smith picked up DiBiase and planted him with a Running Powerslam. Outside the ring, Kidd and Rhodes went at it, but Kidd was able to throw Rhodes into the ring steps before entering the ring as well. Standing in the center of the ring, Kidd and Smith demanded that they get their Tag Team Title match, Sunday night, at Justice.

Legacy (Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase, Jr.) defeated The British Invasion (Brutus Magnus & Rob Terry) when DiBiase pinned Terry with a backslide in 0:18:29.
Rating: * ¼
[David Hart Smith interfered against Rob Terry.]
[The Hart Dynasty interfered against Ted DiBiase.]

— Backstage, D’ANGELO DINERO is seen stretching before his main even match, when MONTEL VONTAVIOUS PORTER confronts him once again. Annoyed by his presence, Dinero asks if Porter is there to wish him luck - again - on his match against Desmond Wolfe. Porter says, in fact, that he is there to wish him luck because he knows how tough of an opponent the Heavyweight Champion is. Dinero says nothing in response, and Porter begins to walk away, as Dinero returns to stretching. Suddenly, Porter returns and attacks Dinero from behind! Porter sends Dinero back-first into the cement wall before landing a few swift kicks to the X-Division Champ’s ribs. Satisfied, Porter walks away, as Dinero is seen gasping for air.

Commercial Break

Fatal Four-Way Elimination Match
Tyson Kidd (w/Natalya) vs. Rhino vs. Mr. Anderson vs. Kane

This match was nothing more of a showcase for the fans in Grand Rapids tonight. It was also a chance for Tyson Kidd to prove that he could take on some of the bigger talent in the HWL. The fans were not disappointed as this match went way beyond anyone’s expectations! Neither man was willing to go down for nearly the first 30 minutes, but finally, Rhino was able to connect with a Gore to big away the biggest man in the match - Kane. The battling continued until Tyson Kidd score a huge upset over Mr. Anderson, connecting with a Springboard Elbowdrop to pick up the second pinfall. Coming down to the final two participants, Kidd looked like he had a shot of pulling off a major victory for himself, but Natalya decided to help in the only way she could, tripping Rhino, to take him off his game. However, Natalya’s actions were seen in clear view of the referee, who quickly called for the bell, disqualifying Kidd. Visibly upset, Kidd turned and had some words for Natalya, unaware that “The Man Beast” was waiting. As Kidd turned around, he was met with a vicious Gore as the crowd began to boo. Rhino left the ring as Natalya slid into check on Kidd.

Rhino defeated Tyson Kid, Mr. Anderson, and Kane:
- Rhino defeated Kane via the Gore in 0:27:38.
- Kidd defeated Mr. Anderson via the Springboard Elbowdrop in 0:35:44.
- Rhino defeated Kidd via disqualification in 0:37:35.
Rating: * ¾
[Natalya interfered against Mr. Anderson.]
[Natalya interfered against Rhino.]

— Backstage, DESMOND WOLFE is heading out of the locker room when he sees CHELSEA coming towards him, a smile on her face. Wolfe asks where she’s been all night, and is told that Chelsea has just been walking around backstage, talking to staff members. Wolfe says that he’s been stressed out all night, trying to figure out where she was, and she assures him that nothing happened. She says that she wants him to stop worrying about her, and to concentrate on D’Angelo Dinero tonight, saying that, with his mind being on MVP Wolfe should have an easy victory. Wolfe agrees, and wraps his arm around Chelsea, as they make their way towards the ramp.

— The final preview for “Justice” is shown, highlighting the matches that will be taking place on Sunday night, with “Another Way to Die” by Disturbed playing in the background.

Non-Title Match
© D’Angelo Dinero vs. © Desmond Wolfe (w/Chelsea)

Just six days before Justice, these two champions fought off, hoping to put themselves in a position for victory - not only tonight - but also heading into the pay-per-view. Things got a little out of control early on as both MONTEL VONTAVIOUS PORTER and AJ STYLES made their way to ringside, interfering whenever they could. This match saw plenty of near-DQ’s on both ends, but the X-Division Champion had the last bit of luck as Wolfe was distracted, arguing with the referee, hitting the DDE and pinning the World Heavyweight Champion and ending his undefeated streak!
After the match, Dinero - showing signs of an injury, holding his lower back - and Porter shared words from across the arena as AJ Styles left ringside, smiling, having seen his opponent for Sunday night go down in defeat.

D’Angelo Dinero pinned Desmond Wolfe after the DDE in 0:08:51.
- D’Angelo Dinero injured his back, and will be out for two (2) cards.
[AJ Styles interfered against Desmond Wolfe.]
[Montel Vontavious Porter interfered against D’Angelo Dinero.]

Card Rating: ** ½

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