July 20 2009 - Monday Night Anarchy - Dallas, TX

American Airlines Center, Dallas, Texas

A video package plays, showing highlights from last week's main event as AJ Styles ran down to the ring and attacked Randy Orton while he stood inside the ring after throwing Jon Davis to the floor. The video then shows Orton furiously staring at Styles as he made his way through the crowd. He then turns and stalks Davis before hitting the RKO before leaving the ring himself.

The video then shows the footage of CM Punk walking away after attacking HWL Heavyweight Champion Matt Morgan with a steel pipe. The video ended as Morgan came out to the ring with the Heavyweight Title draped over his shoulder and small bandage on his forehead. He said that in six days, he'll be facing CM Punk with the title on the line; and that he's a little surprised by the tactics Punk has been taking as of lately to get the upper hand heading into Rebellion. He asked why the people in Dallas cheered for Punk because he is a hypocrite. Morgan said that Punk loves to call himself the "Straight-Edge Superstar" and that he lives by the montra of "no drugs… no drinking".

But, Morgan said that beside the fact that Punk had to use a steel pipe to get his message across last week, that Morgan had information that would ultimately destroy Punk's reputation as a clean role model for the children in the HWL audience. He called Punk, saying that if he didn't meet him in the ring, Punk's dark side would be revealed in front of the world…

After a few minutes, CM Punk's music started as the "Straight-Edge Superstar" made his way down to the ring with a tremendous ovation from the crowd. Punk said that he came down to the ring, not to hide whatever information Morgan had, but to finish the job he started last week. Morgan said that if Punk did finish the job tonight, it'd be the biggest mistake of his career, because he wouldn't get the chance to take the title away from Morgan Sunday night at Rebellion. Morgan said that he still had six days to get the cobwebs out of his head and focus on beating Punk inside the ring. He also said that Punk had his word that nothing would happen before REBELLION and offered his hand. Relunctantly, Punk shook Morgan's hand - much to the dismay of the Dallas crowd - before turning to exit the ring. As Punk went through the ropes, Morgan smashed him in the back of the head with the Heavyweight Title sending Punk crashing to the concrete at ringside! The crowd boos as Morgan stands in the ring, holding the title into the air.

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Match #1
X Title Tournament Semi-Final
Tyson Kidd (w/Natalya) vs. Primo
The beginning of the match saw a fury of back and forth action as both men wanted to prove their dominance heading into the final round of the tournament at Rebellion. Tyson got the early advantage after connecting wth a clothesline and a beautiful dropkick. Kidd then hit a snap suplex but only got a two-count. More back and forth action as Primo was able to regain even ground. Kidd goes for a second dropkick, but Primo pushes him away. Kidd hits the canvas and rolls out of the ring to catch his composure as he gets a pep talk from Natalya.

Commercial Break

Returning from the break, Primo has the advantage, whipping Kidd into the corner and following it up with a running clolthesline. Primo drags Kidd out of the corner and takes him down with a DDT but only gets a two-count. Primo runs into the ropes and misses with a clothesline as Kidd ducks and hits a spinning heel kick. The crowd roars with disapproval. Kidd whips Primo into the ropes where Natayla grabs his ankle! Primo spins around and stares at Natalya as the referee warns her. Kidd takes advantage of the interference as he grabs Primo and hits a reverse DDT. He runs into the ropes and hits a Springboard Elbowdrop for the 1-2-3!

Winner: Tyson Kidd via pinfall (18:22)

Austin Aries was seen walking through the backstage area when he was viciously attacked by Kurt Angle. Aries attempted to fight back but Angle's blindside was too much to overcome. Angle slammed Aries against the concrete walls before telling him that when they meet on Sunday that the "better wrestler" will be revealed. Angle then kicked Aries in the midsection before walking away as Aries gasped for breath.

Match #2
Angelina Love/Maryse/Sara Del Rey vs. Daizee Haze/Melina/Tara
The women of the HWL took center stage in the second match of the night as Angeline Love and Tara brought their teams to ringside before their Women's Title match this Sunday night. Former Shimmer stars Haze and Del Rey started off the match with an impressive back-and-forth display. Daizee connected with a hurancarana but was only able to get a two count. Tag into saw Melina with a series of clotheslines and a dropkick that sent Del Rey outside the ring to catch her composure.

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Tara and Angelina Love are in the ring when Anarchy returns. Love with the advantage after pulling Tara down to the ground with the referee's back turned to Maryse who tried to interfere. Tara lifted Angelina up for the Widow's Peak, but Del Rey grabbed onto Love's foot. Tara begged for Del Rey to get into the ring and two of them battled it out in the center of the ring. Maryse tried to intertere but was thrown out off the ring as Daizee Haze came in for the save, throwing Maryse outside the ring. Haze and Tara took advantage of the double team and hit a double backdrop and a double clothesline on Del Rey before Haze exited the ring. Tara hit the Widow's Peak on Del Rey for the 1-2-3.

Winners: Daizee Haze/Melina/Tara via pinfall (14:15)

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“Anarchy” returned as Jay Lethal and Consequences Creed made their way to the ring. Jay Lethal said that he and Consequences Creed are once again offering up an open challenge for Sunday night at “Rebellion”… to any team on the HWL roster who wants to go two-on-two. Creed got on the microphone and said that the was tired of being over looked over as possible contenders for the HWL Tag Team Titles. He said that this Sunday night was going to be their chance to prove their worth in the Horizon Wrestling League. Before they can say anything else, they are interrupted as Up In Smoke appear on-stage. Cheech and Cloudy say that they would be more then happy to take the challenge and “beat the hell” out of Lethal and Creed. Lethal got back on the microphone and asked that if Cheech and Cloudy want them so bad, why wait until Sunday. Cheech and Cloudy ran down to the ring as all four men started to brawl until HWL officials rushed down and broke up the battle.

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Match #3
X-Title Tournament Semi-Final
Kenny Omega vs. Brent Albright
Speed and power fought off in this match as both men were fighting for the chance to face Tyson Kidd for the vacant X-Title Sunday night at Rebellion. Omega came out with a quick burst of action that caught Albright by surprise, hitting at second-rope dropkick for a quick 2-count. Back-and-forth action followed as Albright was able to block a suplex attempt, and got his own 2-count after hitting a vicious clothesline in the center of the ring. The crowd got into was getting more and more into this match as it went on, after Albright hit a massive powerslam and went for the cover. Omega, continuing to fight, barely got his shoulder up before the 3-count. Omega slid out of the ring after the powerslam and Albright followed suit, taking the fight outside. Omega connected with a lowblow that buckled Albright down to his knees as the referee started the 10-count. Omega hit a few stomps to Albright's midsection before throwing him back into the ring at the count of seven, breaking the count. Back in the ring, Omega connected with a Tornado DDT but was only able to get a 2-count. Back to their feet, Omega dropkicked Albright's knee from under him before hitting a fisherman suplex and locking the big man's legs for the surprise 1-2-3.*

Winner: Kenny Omega via pinfall (18:17)

Alisha Hicks caught up with “The Olympic Gold Medalist” Kurt Angle as he made his way to the stage for the next match. Hicks asked what Angle’s motives were for the attack on Austin Aries earlier tonight, and Angle said that he wasn’t going to let some second-rate independent wrestler – who couldn’t cut it in the world of TNA – disrespect him. Angle said that he wanted to send a message to Aries tonight, but that he was issuing a challenge for “Rebellion”, so he could finish the job in front of the world.

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Match #4
Austin Aries/AJ Styles vs. Kurt Angle/Randy Orton
All four of these men were looking to gain some sort of advantage heading into their individual matches on Sunday night. Orton and Styles started things off giving the crowd a taste of what is to come at Rebellion when will face-off in singles action. Styles was able to use his quickness to get the better of Orton early in the match and connected with a flying forearm for a 2-count. The match continued with some good back and forth action from all four men. Orton made a quick tag to Angle who went after Styles and locked in the Ankle Lock near the ropes. The hold was broken after Styles grabbed the ropes. Angle drug Styles back into the center of the ring and reapplied the Ankle Lock as the crowd began chanting Styles's name. Just seconds before Styles tapped, Aries jumped into the ring and broke up the hold. Orton entered the ring and threw Aries to the outside, following him to continue the brawl. Taking advantage of the interference, Angle choked out Styles as the crowd roared with disapproval. The referee turned around and issued the 5-count before disqualifying Angle and Orton!

Winners: AJ Styles/Austin Aries via DQ (9:10)

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Match #5
Cryme Tyme/CM Punk vs. Beer Money Inc./Matt Morgan
The ending of the match saw Matt Morgan put Shad Gaspard in a boot choke. Nick Patrick warned Matt Morgan to let go. Nick Patrick counted: One, two, three, four. Morgan released the hold before reaplying it a second time. Nick Patrick counted: One, two, three. Matt Morgan hit Shad Gaspard with a headsmash into the turnbuckle. Matt Morgan used a headsmash into the turnbuckle on Shad Gaspard. Matt Morgan executed a belly-to-back suplex on Shad Gaspard. Matt Morgan caught Shad Gaspard in a choke lift. Nick Patrick warned Matt Morgan to let go. Nick Patrick counted: One, two, three, four, five. Nick Patrick disqualified Beer Money, Inc. and Matt Morgan. The crowd was behind Shad Gaspard all the way.

Winners: Cryme Tyme & CM Punk via DQ (39:20)

HWL REBELLION - July 26, 2009 - Oklahoma City, OK
Heavyweight Title Match: CM Punk vs. Matt Morgan
X Title-Ladder Match: Tyson Kidd vs. Kenny Omega
Tag Team Title Match: Beer Money, Inc. vs. Cryme Tyme
Women's Title Match: Maryse vs. Tara
Kurt Angle vs. Austin Aries
Up In Smoke vs. Lethal Consequences

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