July 23, 2012 - Monday Night Anarchy - Jacksonville, FL

Veterans Memorial Arena
Attendance: 14,100 (94%)

A replay of last week is shown, highlighting the ending to the main event, where RANDY ORTON attacked Heavyweight Champion Adam Cole post-match and connected with an RKO to end the show.

“Headstrong” plays as fireworks shoot off inside the arena. Josh Daniels and Scott Michaels welcome everyone to Jacksonville. Tonight, in a match that was signed last week, Rami Sebei will face AJ Styles in singles action. The number one contenders for the Tag Team Titles – The Briscoe Brothers – will be in action against The A-List Knockouts. And, Women’s Champion Leva Bates will take on Kelly Kelly in non-title action.

Adam Cole’s music begins to play as the Heavyweight Champion makes his way down to the ring. Cole grabs a microphone and wastes no time calling out Randy Orton for embarrassing Cole last week. Cole is the Heavyweight Champion and deserves… no, demands respect. Cole tells Orton to come into the ring and apologize, face-to-face, for what he did.

Randy Orton’s music plays as The Viper slowly makes his way to the ring. Orton says that Cole may be Heavyweight Champion, but that does not entitle him to any of Orton’s respect. Cole has to earn it… just like everyone else. Orton says that Cole wants an apology for the RKO that took him last week; and says he’ll apologize right after Cole apologizes for the cheap shot may be Heavyweight Champion, but that does not entitle him to any of Orton’s respect. Cole has to earn it… just like everyone else. Orton says that Cole wants an apology for the RKO that took him last week, and says he’ll apologize right after Cole apologizes for the cheap shot Orton suffered from the title belt. But, Orton says that he knows Cole isn’t going to apologize, so he’ll just have to beat one out of him at Unbreakable!

Before Cole can respond, Kurt Angle’s music begins to play. Angle beelines it to the ring and gets in between Orton and Cole, holding his own microphone. Angle says all he’s heard since last week was how Orton wanted his rematch. What everyone is forgetting is that Cole screwed Angle out of his title match. Angle gets into Cole’s face and says that if it weren’t for him, Angle would be standing here holding that title. If anyone deserves a shot at Unbreakable, it’s Angle.

Yet again, Cole gets interrupted before speaking, this time by HWL owner Peter Bradshaw. Bradshaw walks down the ramp but does not enter the ring. He says that both Orton and Angle have compelling reasons as to why they deserve a match against Cole. Bradshaw says the only way that can be determined is by having a number one contender’s match later tonight, with the winner getting a Heavyweight Title match at Unbreakable! Bradshaw heads back up the ramp as the camera goes backstage…

Backstage, Alisha Hicks is seen with TED DIBIASE, JR. Alisha welcomes him back and congratulates him on his victory last week. She asks how it feels to be back in the HWL. DiBiase thanks her and says that he’s back for one reason: money. DiBiase says that he went traveling around the world while he was gone, and the one thing he noticed was that money can get you anything you’ve ever wanted. He says his father was right – everyone’s got a price. DiBiase says that it’s his job to show his generation just how true that really is.

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Colt Cabana vs. Ted DiBiase, Jr.

It was obvious from his interview before the match that Ted DiBiase is coming bac to the HWL with a chip on his shoulder. Whether that’s a good thing or not for the rest of the roster remains to be seen, but tonight Colt Cabana got a first-hand look at the third-generation superstar. The former Tag Team Champion had better luck than Eric Young did last week, as he was able to control most of the match. But, DiBiase found a reserve to fight back, hitting a shoulderblock on Cabana. A double foot stomp knocked the air out of Cabana, allowing DiBiase to make the pinfall. DiBiase grabbed a handful of Cabana’s trunks, for extra leverage, during the three-count.

Ted DiBiase, Jr. pinned Colt Cabana after a double foot stomp in 6:04.
Rating: ** ¼

Backstage, Alisha Hicks is seen with Brie Bella and Women’s Champion Leva Bates. Alisha asks how they are feeling after their attempts to distract Kaitlyn last week seem to have backfired. Brie threatens to leave a hand print on Alisha’s “pretty little face”. Leva tells Brie to calm down and says that they feel how Alisha probably thinks they feel. Leva says that Kaitlyn got lucky last week, and beating Jacqueline last week doesn’t mean Kaitlyn is walking out of Unbreakable with the title.

In the locker room, Christopher Daniels confronts Kevin Steen. Daniels tells Steen he has no business sticking his nose in what’s going on between Daniels and Martin Maldonado. Steen says he’s simply an observer – an opinionated one – and thinks that Daniels is being a sore loser. Daniels says that he doesn’t care what Steen thinks because he is due a rematch, and that’s exactly what he’s getting. Steen says that Daniels can think that it doesn’t matter, but that will all chance when Steen proves he can do it better. Daniels challenges him to a fight to prove it. Steen says it won’t be tonight, he’s already booked. But, when the time is right, Steen will prove it.

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Returning from the break, Alisha Hicks catches up with Kurt Angle and asks how he feels about the match made by Peter Bradshaw at the start of the show. Angle says that no one in the arena – and certainly no one in the back – can honestly say that Angle deserved what happened to him at Justice. Angle says that there’s a conspiracy against him and Bradshaw will do whatever he can to keep the title off Angle. Angle says he had Randy Orton beaten two weeks ago, but it looks like he’ll have to do it again tonight.

Non-Title Match
Kelly Kelly vs. © Leva Bates (w/Brie Bella)

Number one contender, Kaitlyn, made her way down to ringside in street clothes tonight, taking a seat at the announce table. Kaitlyn said she and Kelly Kelly might not see eye to eye, but she came out to make sure things were fair for Kelly tonight.

Kelly Kelly made eye contact with Kaitlyn after entering the ring, clearly not forgetting that it was she whom Kaitlyn beat to become number one contender at Justice. When Bates and Brie Bella made their way into the ring, both the champion and her “associate” stared down Kaitlyn at ringside, prompting Kaitlyn to say she was a “marked woman”.

Brie carried the Women’s Title over her shoulder during the match, and throughout the match would provoke Kaitlyn, hoping for a reaction. During the match, Leva tossed Kelly Kelly through the ropes and rammed her back into the ring apron, before whipping Kelly into the guardrail. With the referee’s back turned, Brie took the opportunity to inflict more damage, stomping and punching Kelly. This prompted a reaction from Kaitlyn, who left the announce table and pulled Brie away from Kelly! Brie and Kaitlyn fought at ringside, while Leva was held back by the referee. Other officials rushed to ringside, breaking Brie and Kaitlyn apart, while Kelly Kelly slowly reentered the ring. As the brawl came to an end outside the ring, Leva turned around and got speared by Kelly Kelly! Back on her feet, Kelly waited for Leva to stand up before hitting a flying cross body for the 1-2-3!

[Non-Title Match]:
Kelly Kelly pinned Leva Bates after a flying cross body in 6:06.
Rating: DUD

After the match, Kelly rolled out of the ring and stared at Kaitlyn, who was standing on the stage.

Backstage, Alisha Hicks is seen with Matt Sydal. Alisha congratulates Sydal on his debut victory over Matt Morgan and asks how he felt afterward. Before Sydal can answer, SHANE HAGADORN appears, saying that whatever Sydal felt after beating Morgan pales in comparison to the offer that he has for Sydal. Hagadorn offers Sydal a spot alongside Claudio Castanoli, Steve Corino and himself. Sydal looks to be thinking the offer over when MATT MORGAN grabs Hagadorn by the throat and shoves him against the wall. Morgan tells Hagadorn that he’s digging a hole he won’t be able to get out of. Morgan says if he sees Hagadorn again tonight, he’s going to break him in half. Morgan lets Hagadorn go, and he runs off holding his neck as Anarchy goes to commercials.

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Returning from the break, Alisha Hicks is seen with John Cena backstage. Alisha asks about Rami Sebei and Michael Tarver’s loss against The A-List Knockouts last week. Cena says that, of course, losing after having such a dominant win at Justice isn’t what he had in store. Cena says that they are taking care of things in-house, and that whatever learning curve they are on will be sorted out soon enough. He says that he’s not going to focus on the small things; that he sees the bigger picture, and when it’s all set and done, he and his true CeNation will stand tall.

The A-List Knockouts vs. The Briscoe Brothers

Chris Hero and David Otunga had recently reunited upon Hero’s return to the HWL. Last week they picked up an impressive victory over Rami Sebei and Michael Tarver, eliminating some of the sting from their showing during the 10-man Elimination Match at Justice. Their opponents tonight, Mark and Jay Briscoe, had a much better showing at Justice, as they became the new #1 Contenders for the Tag Team Titles. Tonight, they made their Anarchy debut, wanting to continue that momentum just three weeks away from their title shot at Unbrekable. Seeming to have succumb to nerves, the Briscoes allowed Hero and Otunga to take control early on. But, after double-teaming Otunga outside the ring, incapacitating him, they were able to focus on Hero – whom they know well from their time in Ring of Honor. Mark connected with a very stiff kick to the midsection on Hero, before hitting the Cutthroat Suplex to pick up the victory.

The Briscoe Brothers defeated The A-List Knockouts when M. Briscoe pinned C. Hero with the Cutthroat Suplex in 6:21.
Rating: ** ½

Backstage, X-Division Champion Martin Maldonado is seen walking through the hallways, when Kevin Steen approaches him. Maldonado wants to know why Steen was thinking, showing up after his match last week. Steen says that he was just congratulating Maldonado on his victory, and showing respect to a champion. Steen then looks at Maldonado and says he’ll expect the same kind of respect when he has the X-Division Title over his shoulder. Steen walks away as Anarchy goes to commercials.

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Brutus Magnus’s music welcomes us back from the break. The announcers discuss Magnus’s absence since Justice as he walks down the ramp. Magnus enters the ring an grabs a microphone, pacing around. He says that he’s been taking some time to compose his thoughts after what took place at Justice. He says he has always been willing to accept defeat, but the way he lost at Justice cannot go unanswered. Magnus says that he knew John Cena was coming into the HWL in order to show his true colors, and to shrug off the “cookie cutter” image that he got elsewhere… but all he’s done is prove that he’s nothing but a coward that relies on his cronies to help him get ahead. Magnus demands Cena meet him in the ring and face him like a man.

Cena’s music hits, as Magnus turns his attention to the stage. He and the crowd wait for Cena to appear on-stage, but Magnus is attacked from behind by Rami Sebei and Michael Tarver! They work over Magnus as the crowd boos. Tarver hits Magnus with a stiff clothesline. Slowly, Magnus makes his way to his feet, standing in the corner, where Sebei connects with a Helluva Kick. Sebei and Tarver leave the ring as Magnus lays prone in the corner.

Backstage, Alisha Hicks is seen with former Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton. Alisha asks what Orton must be thinking, knowing he has to face Kurt Angle one more time, this time to be named Number One Contender. Orton says it’s no secret that he’s had his history with Angle and that tonight is going to be another match in that storied history. But Orton says that Angle isn’t the problem. His new problem Adam Cole. No matter what happens tonight, Orton is guaranteed a rematch; but if he can beat Angle on his way to getting that rematch, it makes the night all that sweeter.

Returning to ringside, the announcers discuss the events that took place last week between Rami Sebei and AJ Styles, as a video plays. Their match will be coming up later tonight.

Commercial Break

Shannon Moore vs. Kevin Steen

Over the past couple weeks Kevin Steen has been making his presence known in the eyes of Christopher Daniels and Martin Maldonado. Earlier in the evening, Steen prophesized his intentions, telling Maldonado that he would be coming for the X-Division Title sooner or later. Steen looked to show what he could do in the world of “X”, against Shannon Moore – who was making his singles debut tonight. Steen had control early on, using his unique size and athleticism. However, after sending Moore outside the ring and bodyslamming him onto the concrete, Steen taunted the crowd before attempting a senton off the ring apron, only to have Moore move out of the way. Steen crashed down onto the concrete, and laid motionless as Moore re-entered the ring. The referee, showing concern for Steen, began the ten-count as Moore caught his breath in the corner. Somehow, Steen managed to get to his feet and slide into the ring before the count of ten, but was obviously in pain. Moore began to work over Steen, but the referee pulled him off, allowing Steen to get to his feet. After clearing Steen to continue, the referee resumed the match, only to see Moore sprint across the ring. Steen dodged, shoving Moore into the ringpost! As Moore staggered around, Steen kicked him in the gut before hitting a Package Piledriver for the 1-2-3.

Kevin Steen pinned Shannn Moore with the Package Piledriver in 8:05.
Rating: *** ½

After the match, Steen fell to the canvas, holding his back. EMTs rushed down to the ring to assist him. They slowly pull Steen out of the ring, placing him on a stretcher. They slowly wheel the stretched up the ramp, as the announcers voice over the preview for Unbreakable.

Backstage, Alisha Hicks is seen with Rami Sebei. She talks about AJ Styles facing fellow CeNation member Michael Tarver at Unbreakable. Alisha refers to last week’s confrontation with Styles, and asks if Sebei has any comment before they step into the ring tonight. Sebei stares at Alisha for a moment before walking away, saying nothing, as Anarchy goes to commercials.

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Rami Sebei vs. AJ Styles

With animosity brewing from last week’s altercation, Rami Sebei and AJ Styles both came to the ring with the idea of finishing what was started a week ago. AJ started off on offense, using his speed and agility to get the better of Sebei. But, having fought each other in the past, Sebei knew was what coming next, whether he was able to stop it or not. Sebei kicked out of a snap suplex by Styles, only to get rocked by an enzurgiri after getting to his feet. With the crowd cheering, AJ stopped to soak in the admiration. His attention turned away from Sebei as MICHAEL TARVER came down to ringside, begging Styles to fight him instead. Sebei took control after hitting a drop kick to back of Styles’ leg, crumpling him to the ground. Sebei took over, focusing on AJ’s leg. Sebei worked over AJ before hitting a Blue Thunder Bomb, but AJ kicked out at two. Sebei began getting frustrated as Tarver slid a chair into the ring before getting onto to the apron. Sebei went to hit AJ with the chair, with the referee’s back turned, but Styles connected with a Pele kick. Styles ran over and knocked Tarver off the apron. Styles then connected with a flying forearm on Sebei for the 1-2-3!

AJ Styles defeated Rami Sebei after a flying forearm in 10:03.
Rating: ** ½

Tarver slides into the ring, after the bell sounds, and attacks Styles. Tarver shoves AJ into the corner, landing lefts and rights. Tarver hits a shoulder block. AJ reverses an irish whip into the opposite corner. AJ runs across the ring, but gets blindsided by a clothesline from Sebei. Sebei and Tarver double-team AJ inside the ring until KOFI KINGSTON runs down the ramp. Kingston clears the ring, standing over AJ, as Sebei and Tarver head up the ramp, smiling.

Backstage, Adam Cole is seen sitting, with his feet up, in front of a monitor. Alisha Hicks asks Cole his thoughts on the main event tonight. Cole says that he couldn’t be happier about tonight. He says that he’s honor that both Orton and Angle are willing to sacrifice their bodies just for the chance to face him at Unbreakable. Cole smiles and says he’s at the top of the mountain now, and it’s a great sight to see everyone trying to climb the ladder to get to him. But, he says, he’ll always be at the top, waiting to kick everyone back to their rightful place.

Commercial Break

Number One Contenders Match
Kurt Angle vs. Randy Orton

Tonight’s main event was yet another chapter in the on-going rivalry between two of the biggest stars in professional wrestling over the last decade. Over the last year specifically, Angle and Orton have been at each other’s throats, all in the hopes of carrying the Heavyweight Title. For the past few months it had been Orton carrying the belt, with Angle close on his heel. However, all of that was shifted in a big way when Adam Cole cashed in his Golden Opportunity contract and stunned both Angle and Orton by becoming the new champion. That just added another wrinkle in the feud between Angle and Orton, and tonight, each of them had one chance to earn their place in the Heavyweight Title match against Cole at Unbreakable.

Angle took control earlier on, working over Orton’s legs, trying to weaken him enough to lock in the Ankle Lock but also to take away the possibility of the RKO. After using his knowledge of mat-based wrestling, putting Orton in a number of stretch holds, Angle rolled Orton up for a two-count. Angle worked over Orton more and connected with an Angle Slam, but Orton was able to kick out after another two-count. Angle could be seen getting frustrated.

Orton was able to take advantage of that frustration, taking control of the match after connecting with a boot to the face as an aggressive Angle charged the corner. Orton landed lefts and rights, wearing down Angle. Orton caught Angle off the ropes with a quick powerslam in the center of the ring, but only getting a two-count. Orton connected with the Garvin stomps on Angle. Orton braced for the RKO as Angle slowly got to his feet. Before he could strike, Angle jumped through the ropes and onto the apron. Angle taunted the crowd, claiming to be smarter than Orton. But as Angle re-entered the ring, Orton connected with a running punt. Orton grabbed Angle and planted him with a suspended DDT from the second rope. Somehow, Angle was able to drape his foot on the rope, breaking the count. Orton got back to his feet and prepared for another RKO. This time, Angle escaped to the concrete, collecting himself.

As Orton left the ring after Angle, Angle connected with a stiff knee to the midsection. Angle whipped Orton into the barricade before mounting Orton and landing a number of punches to Orton’s head and face. The referee exited the ring, trying to break up the fight. Angle got into the referee’s face, saying he was going to end things there. Angle went for an Angle Slam onto the concrete, only to have Orton push him into the ring post! Seeing that he was losing control of the match, the referee slid back into the ring and began a ten-count. Orton grabbed Angle and slammed his head into the announce table as the referee reach the count of three. Orton landed a couple punches before placing Angle on the announce table at the five-count. Orton jumped onto the table, grabbing Angle, and connecting an RKO through the announce table! Both men lay motionless on the concrete floor as the referee reached the count of 10, calling for the bell.

[Number One Contenders Match]:
Kurt Angle and Randy Orton battled to a double countout in 13:00.
Rating: *** ¼

After the match, the crowd began a “Holy shit!” chant, as EMT personnel made their way to ringside. As Orton and Angle were checked on, the announcers noted that the question of who would face Adam Cole for the Heavyweight Title was still unanswered. Would the question be answered next week? Find out, next Monday night! The announcers signed off, and Anarchy went off the air, with both men being treated at ringside.

Card rating: ** ½

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