July 24, 2011 - HWL Justice -San Jose, CA

HP Pavilion at San Jose
Attendance: 10,848 (62%)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SlC6Z3nlr5U - "In Waves", Trivium

“In Waves” begins to play over a video highlighting the matches that made up the Heavyweight Title Tournament. A video is also shown of the matches in the Tag Team Title Tournament. The video ends as the camera goes inside the arena, as fireworks explode from the stage, lighting up the darkness. As the lights come back on, Josh Daniels and Scott Michaels welcome everyone to San Jose for Justice. They give a recap of the five matches that will be taking place tonight, before sending it to Alisha Hicks backstage, who is standing by with MR. ANDERSON.

Alisha asks Mr. Anderson how he feels coming off the victory his team had Monday night at Anarchy. Anderson says that his team was successful because they were positive that they were going to come out on top. He says that the odds were stacked against Cody Rhodes against himself and Kurt Angle, but that, in the end, it doesn’t matter, because he was the one that outlasted everyone else. Anderson says that it was a team victory, but he feels pretty damn good about being the last one standing at the end of the match. Alisha then asks him about the match that’s coming up next, as he and AJ Styles take on Skip Sheffield and Rob Terry for the Tag Team Titles. Anderson says that he’s confident that he and Styles will walk out of San Jose as champions, because they’ve proven they were the best team throughout the tournament. He says that no one gave them a shot against Colt Cabana and Derrick Bateman; and tonight, he and Styles will prove people wrong once again.

[Match for Vacant Tag Team Titles]:
Skip Sheffield & Rob Terry defeated AJ Styles & Mr. Anderson when Sheffield pinned Anderson after a power slam in 0:28:48.
Rating: ½
(Skip Sheffield & Rob Terry won the HWL Tag Team Titles.)
[Ric Flair interfered against Skip Sheffield.]

The stage was set as these two teams got ready to find out who would be crowned the new Tag Team Champions in the HWL. This was a very brutal match, that saw both teams put all they had into finding out which team was better. Sheffield and Terry, using their size and strength advantage, took control of the match early on, until Ric Flair tripped Sheffield, allowing Mr. Anderson to connect with the Mic Check! Anderson went for the cover, only to have Big Rob break up the fall. Styles tried to intervene, only to be throw over the top rope as Sheffield and Terry began to wear down Anderson. The match continued as Sheffield continued to work over Anderson, isolating him from AJ. Anderson ducked a clothesline attempt and was able to make the hot tag to Styles, who came here in took down Sheffield, before stunning Terry with a dropkick that sent him to the concrete floor. Styles focused on Sheffield, but “The Cornfed Meathead” was too powerful, as he hoisting Styles into the corner and connected with a number of shoulder blocks into the abdomen. Sheffield made the tag, as Terry entered the ring to continue the match, picking up a near-fall after hitting a Big Boot in the center of the ring. The end of the match saw Anderson and Sheffield back inside the ring. Sheffield connected with the backpack buster and made the cover, but AJ Styles distracted the referee. Rob Terry dropped to the floor, walling across the ring, and pulled Styles to the floor with, hitting a Big Boot outside the ring! Inside the ring, Sheffield picked up Anderson and hit a power slam, and the referee counted 1-2-3.

After the match, Rob Terry stood over AJ Styles as Ric Flair and Chelsea looked on in horror. Terry slowly rolled back into the ring as the referee awarded him and Sheffield the HWL Tag Team Titles. Both men raised their belts into the air as the crowd cheered. J.D. and Scott Michaels said that, if this match is any indication, tonight is going to be an unbelievable evening.

- A video package plays showing the on-going situation between Velvet Sky and HWL Women’s Champion, Daffney. The video ends with Daffney’s comments from Monday night, the post-match brawl between the two, and Velvet’s celebration with the crowd.

- Backstage, Alisha Hicks is seen with VELVET SKY. Alisha says that Velvet has a video to show. A video from “Yesterday” plays, of Velvet signing autographs and taking pictures with fans young and old. The video ends, and Velvet is seen smiling as Alisha asks her what she felt after hearing what Daffney said on Monday night. Velvet says that everyone who comes to an HWL event knows that she is more than willing to take a photo or sign her name on something. She says it’s the least she can do for the people that have spent their hard-earned money to see her perform. Velvet says that Daffney’s comments aren’t really about her, they’re more about Daffney. She asks the HWL fans a rhetorical question: if any of them have ever seen Daffney - the HWL Women’s Champion - in public before or after she won the title belt. Velvet says that Daffney is a hypocrite, and that tonight, she looks forward to bringing the title back to where it belongs.

[HWL Women’s Title Match]:
Daffney pinned Velvet Sky with the Lobotomy in 0:16:17.
Rating: ** ¾
(Daffney retained the HWL Women’s Title.)

The accusations were flying between these two Vixen’s for weeks, leading up to tonight’s title match, and both women came out looking for salvation in winning the Women’s Title. Velvet Sky had all the fuel she needed to come out strong, after getting attacked and having her face smeared with black paint; and the accusations of her discontent for the HWL fans. All of this got under Velvet’s skin, and she took her aggression out on the Women’s Champion. Velvet wore down Daffney after a back-and-forth match, and hit the Beauty Mark, but Daffney was able to lift a shoulder JUST before the three count. Daffney, showing signs of fatigue, let out a very wry smile as she and Velvet got back to their feet. Sensing that the frustrations of the last few weeks were getting to her challenge, Daffney appeared to have had Velvet exactly where she wanted her. Daffney fought back, hitting a bulldog near the ropes. She got back to her feet as Velvet struggled, using the ropes to get to her feet. As Velvet turned around, Daffney connected with the Lobotomy to pick up the victory.

After the match, Daffney rolled out of the ring, and grabbed her title. She ran away from ringside and up the ramp as the camera focused on Velvet momentarily.

- Backstage, Ted Hanson is seen with COLT CABANA and DERRICK BATEMAN. Hanson asks about getting this match signed tonight, and how they feel going in. Cabana says that he feels fine, asking how Hanson feels in return. He says that, last week, he and Bateman got the better of Chris Hero and David Otunga, when they tried to ambush him after his match. Cabana says that they’re just upset at themselves for having Shane Hagadorn cost them their match a couple weeks ago, and that they’re just going to be upset again tonight. Bateman then says that he and Cabana aren’t going to just be happy with getting a victory tonight. He says that they will not be satisfied with anything less then a pinfall or submission victory.

- The scene changes to show Alisha Hicks standing by with HWL X-Division Champion, ALEX SHELLEY. Alisha says that he and Evan Bourne have kept their truce with each other leading up to tonight, but asks if Shelley was shocked by the comments Bourne made Monday night. Shelley says that he’s not shocked at all by what was said, because Bourne is that kind of competitor. He says that Bourne proves that every time he steps into the ring; and it’s something that Shelley has known since their days as rivals. Shelley says that Bourne, like everyone else with this chance, would stop at nothing to make sure they walked away with the X-Division Title. He says that, as Champion, he has every intention on doing the same thing to make sure he keeps it. Shelley says that he and Bourne both want this title, and that, at the end of the night, the better man will walk away with it over his shoulder.

Chris Hero & David Otunga defeated Colt Cabana & Derrick Bateman when Hero pinned D. Bateman with the Hero’s Welcome in 0:26:44.
Rating: *** ½

Both of these teams came into this match with something to prove tonight. Cabana and Bateman were looking to secure themselves a straight victory, while Hero and Otunga were looking to avenge their DQ loss to their opponents a couple weeks ago on Anarchy. And, just like that Monday night, Shane Hagadorn interfered in his team’s business early on in the match, only to take a shot by Bateman outside the ring. Hagadorn kept his distance for the rest of the match, which ended up going past the time limit. All four men did their best to pick up the win for their respective teams, but neither team was willing to relent to the other. Cabana, Otunga and Bateman all hit their finishers in the final few minutes of the match, only to get two-counts each time. The end of the match saw Otunga and Cabana brawling outside the ring as Chris Hero connected with the Hero’s Welcome on Bateman to pick up the victory, tying their overall record at 1-1.

After the match, Shane Hagadorn ran around the ring as Hero rolled out, and the two of them - along with Otunga - assaulted Colt Cabana, leaving him motionless on the steel ramp. Hero, Otunga and Hagadorn celebrated their victory, and the cheap shot attack, as the crowd roared with disapproval.

- Backstage, Alisha Hicks is seen with EVAN BOURNE. Hicks says that the HWL fans saw a side of Bourne that they haven’t seen before, Monday night. Bourne says that it’s nothing new for him to think that way about big matches; it’s just the first time he’s been able to vocalize his thoughts to the fans and to his opponent. Bourne says that Alex Shelley is a great competitor, and that he meant no offense by his comments on Monday night. But, Bourne says that he is as confident as he has ever been about going into a title match. He says that the fans should expect a great match, and that he will do whatever he can to make sure he walks away as the new X-Division Champion.

- Also backstage, Ted Hanson is seen with CODY RHODES. Hanson asks Rhodes about the double countout that he and Kurt Angle suffered Monday night, and how that will effect their match tonight. Rhodes says that he and Kurt Angle have a history together, and that it all revolves around the Heavyweight Title. Monday night, he and Angle battled each other all over that arena, because this match - and this title - is something they both want more than anything else in the world. Plain and simple. Rhodes says that he’s beaten Angle for the belt once before… and walks away without finishing his statement.

[X-Division Title Match]:
Alex Shelley pinned Evan Bourne with the Sliced Bread #2 in 0:15:51.
(Alex Shelley retained the HWL X-Division Title.)

Evan Bourne stunned the champion, once the bell rang, with a flurry of action that hinted at the fact that Bourne was true to his word; that he would stop at nothing to win his first HWL Title. Bourne kept up the offense until Shelley ducked a clothesline and locked in an abdominal stretch. The referee checked Bourne’s arm, which fell twice, but on the third attempt, Bourne was able to fight out of the move and land a beautiful dropkick before going for the cover, which only resulted in a two-count. Bourne, then, connected with a body slam that got a two count; a DDT that got another two count; and finally, Bourne hit the Shooting Star Press in the corner! But, as he went for the cover, Alex Shelley put his foot on the ropes to break the count! Bourne, disgruntled, paced around the ring, as Shelley rolled to the outside. As Bourne regained his composure, and went outside to get Shelley, the Champion hit Bourne with the handle of a torque wrench that he found under the ring! Shelley gathered up the power to roll Bourne into the ring, before hitting the Sliced Bread #2 for the 1-2-3.

After the match, Shelley celebrated with the X-Division Title, while the crowd responded with a mixed reaction. Shelley left the ring, holding the title in the air, as the referee tended to a motionless Evan Bourne inside the ring.

- Backstage, Ted Hanson is seen with KURT ANGLE, and asks about his thoughts on Monday night’s main event. Angle says that Cody Rhodes was right: they do have a history together; and in the center of that history is the Heavyweight Title. He says that Cody Rhodes got lucky, when he beat Angle for the title, at Fully Loaded. Angle says that Rhodes won’t be so lucky tonight, but that he can count his blessings if Rhodes is able to walk out of the ring under his own power. Angle says that the tournament has led up to this - a rematch between Rhodes and himself - and Angle promises that, tonight, he will end things with Cody Rhodes, for good.

- A preview for next month’s pay-per-view event, Unbreakable, is shown. The pay-per-view will consist of all stipulation matches, in what will be the toughest night for the HWL Superstars. Unbreakable will take place on August 21st, from the FargoDome in Fargo, North Dakota!

[Match for vacant HWL Heavyweight Title]:
Cody Rhodes pinned Kurt Angle with the Cross Rhodes in 0:17:47.
Rating: ¼
(Cody Rhodes won the HWL Heavyweight Title.)

This match was nearly a month in the making, as both Rhodes and Angle made their way through the tournament to get to this point. The crowd was ready as both men stepped into the ring, looking for another great match between these two after their match at Fully Loaded. Neither man let them down. The match started off with quick action, as Rhodes and Angle swapped control. But, eventually, the match turned into a test of each man’s mettle as the submission moves were brought out. Rhodes locked in the Figure Four twice, almost getting Angle’s shoulders pinned to the canvas both times. After fighting back, later into the match, Angle was able to lock in the Ankle Lock, in the center of the ring. Rhodes tried to get to the ropes, but Angle brought him back to the center, Rhodes insisted on not giving up, finally reaching the ropes after being stuck in the hold for nearly a minute! Rhodes, on only one good foot, was able to fight his way back a few minutes later. Angle attempted the Angle Slam, but Rhodes slid down this back, and connected with a dropkick. As Angle got to his feet, Rhodes locked in the Cross Rhodes, hitting the move and pinning Angle for the 1-2-3!

After the match, Rhodes slowly got to his feet, and celebrated his second Heavyweight Title win by holding the title in the air as the crowd went crazy. Josh Daniels and Scott Michaels thanked everyone for tuning in before saying goodnight. The event went off the air as Rhodes continued to celebrate inside the ring.

Card rating: *** 3/4

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