July 24, 2012 - PCW Wrestling - Savannah, GA

Attendance: 8,064 (84%)

A recap of the confrontation between The Great Khali and Television Champion Chris Hero is shown as the show comes on the air. The recap then shows Khali’s victory over Justin Gabriel in the main event.

Alfred Pressley and James Westerfield welcome us to Savannah, less than two weeks away from the Battle at the Bay pay-per-view event. They announce three big matches on the show, but are quickly interrupted as The Great Khali’s music begins to play.

Khali makes his way to the ring, followed by Ranjin Singh, as the crowd voices their disapproval. Inside the ring, Singh says that he is absolutely appalled on Khali’s behalf due to the fact that Chris Hero – the PCW Television Champion – has had the previous two weeks off. Singh says that he’s stunned that Hero is scheduled to be here tonight, but will keep an eye on whether or not he actually shows his face inside the arena. Singh says that, no matter what he was doing last week, he hopes that Chris Hero saw what Khali did to poor Justin Gabriel. Singh says that last week was a clear message that Hero would be wise to heed.

Backstage, Brooke Barlow asks Becky Bayless about the comments made by Women’s Champion Beth Phoenix last week. Becky says that she doesn’t care if Beth took what she did personally at the last Special Event, because sooner or later, she’s coming for the Women’s Title. As Becky starts to leave, she is stopped by TAMINA. Tamina says that “sooner or later” is going to be a lot later after tonight.

At ringside, Alfred and James introduce footage that was taken last week, of a confrontation between Lance Bravado and General Manager Rex Butler. The video shows Lance barge into Butler’s office, tossing his Tag Team Title belt onto Butler’s desk. Bravado tells Butler that he and his brother have worked their asses off to get where they are, and from Day One, they’ve been held back. Lance says that they are a damn good tag team; so good in fact that they won the Tag Team Titles. But, there seems to be something that Butler has against them. Lance says that he and Harlem won a tournament to become champions, only to be told they’d turn around and defend them in a Triple Threat Match in three weeks. Lance calls Rex ridiculous and says that he’ll have to find new tag champions. Lance then tells Rex that he quits and walks out the door. The show goes to commercials.

Commercial Break

Returning from the break, Harlem Bravado is seen backstage, pacing while talking on the phone. It’s revealed that he is speaking with his brother, Lance. Harlem says he understands why Lance is upset but says that he could’ve handled things a lot better. Harlem knows Lance feels like they’re being disrespected, but reminds Lance that they are champions. Harlem says he knows Lance doesn’t want to give up the belts by not being here to defend them. Harlem pleads with Lance to take the week and think about things. He asks Lance to show up next week, so they can discuss things in person.

Becky Bayless vs. Tamina

Earlier tonight, in an interview backstage, Becky said that she didn’t care how Beth Phoenix felt about Becky’s interference in Beth’s title defense at the last Special Event; but that she would be coming for the Women’s Title. However, it looked as if Tamina was determined to back up her words to Becky. Tamina, the victim of Becky’s interference – which ultimately cost Tamina a chance at the Women’s Title – took weeks of anger out on Becky in this match. Tamina did not give Becky an inch to stage a comeback, though she did try. Her attempts were interrupted as KELLY KELLY made her way to ringside, distracting Becky. This allowed Tamina to roll Becky up after sling-shooting her into the turnbuckle for the 1-2-3.

After the match, Tamina got on the microphone and said since one problem has been taken care of, it was time to move on to the other, bigger problem. She then issued a challenge to Beth Phoenix, to a rematch for the Women’s Title, during Battle at the Bay.

Tamina pinned Becky Bayless after a slingshot in 5:18.
Rating: -1/4*

Backstage, Jack Swagger confronts Vickie Guerrero, who is very happy to see him. Swagger says he saw the video of what Vickie did last week and asks why she is sticking her nose where it doesn’t belong. Vickie says that she was only trying to help. Jack says that he has everything under control and tells Vickie to stay backstage.

Also backstage, a camera shows Television Champion Chris Hero entering the Civic Center.

A recap of “Monday Night Anarchy” is shown before going to commercials.

Commercial Break

Jack Swagger (w/The Swagger Flying Eagle) vs. David Otunga

It would be fair to say that David Otunga was beside himself as he came down to the ring for tonight’s match. Enraged by the actions taken by Vickie Guerrero two weeks ago, Otunga could not wait to get his hands on Jack Swagger. But as Swagger said earlier in the night, he didn’t want Vickie’s help and could defeat Otunga on his own That was made more difficult as, witnessing that Otunga was taking control of the match, the Swagger Flying Eagle interfered, giving Swagger time to get back into the match. As Swagger took over, Vickie made her wait to ringside and grabbed the Eagle, trying to drag it backstage. Swagger left the ring, trying to convince Vickie to go backstage and leave the Eagle alone, only to get counted out in the process!

After the match, Swagger demands that Vickie go backstage, before taking his anger out on the guardrails at ringside.

David Otunga defeated Jack Swagger by count out in 5:50.
Rating: ½*

Backstage, Becky Bayless storms into Rex Butler’s office and demands a match against Kelly Kelly next week, after she cost Becky her match. Butler says that Becky will get her match, but it will take place at Battle at the Bay. Becky huffs in disgust and storms out of the room.

Also backstage, Brooke Barlow is seen with Drew McIntyre. McIntyre says his victory last week was needed after not coming out victorious in the battle royal. Brooke asks about him hitting Daizee Haze outside the ring, and Drew says that he’s sorry that she got hit, but that’s what happens when you involve yourself in a match. Brooke then asks about Drew’s match against Television Champion Chris Hero. Drew says that tonight is a huge opportunity for him to prove that, just because he didn’t win the battle royal, doesn’t mean he can’t be a contender for the TV Title.

A preview for “PCW: Battle at the Bay” is shown. Battle at the Bay will take place LIVE on Saturday, August 11th, from the Cow Palace in San Francisco, California!

Commercial Break

Backstage, Brooke Barlow catches up with Chris Hero before his match and asks about the comments made by Ranjin Singh earlier tonight. Hero says that he’s not going to make excuses for why he wasn’t here the last two weeks. But he says that the decision to be inactive was not his, so Khali and Singh are mad at the wrong guy. Hero says that he did see Khali’s match against Justin Gabriel, but that the message wasn’t needed because Hero is very aware of what Khali can do in the ring. He’s a monster; a giant. Hero knows he has his work cut out for him at Battle at the Bay. He says he had his work cut out for him during the battle royal three weeks ago. He slaps the title over his shoulder and walks away.

Non-Title Match
Drew McIntyre vs. © Chris Hero

After missing two weeks of action, Chris Hero did show some signs of ring rust at the beginning of this match, but they quickly went away as he realized that Drew McIntyre wasn’t going to be an easy opponent. Hero worked over McIntyre and tried to hit a Hero’s Welcome to put things away early, but McIntyre escaped. McIntyre took over control after hitting a Flatliner but wasn’t able to put Hero away. Things started to calm down as both men wound up putting each other in respective submission holds, in a game of “anything you can do, I can do better”. When those tactics didn’t work, things were taken outside. At ringside is where McIntyre took over, as he connected with a flying dropkick, sending Hero into the guardrail. Rolling Hero back into the ring, McIntyre climbed the turnbuckles and connected with a flying leg drop for only a two-count. McIntyre’s momentum was stopped as DAIZEE HAZE appeared at ringside, screaming at McIntyre for putting his hands on her two weeks ago. This allowed Hero to gain his composure, and connect with a cavate kick as McIntyre turned around. A Hero’s Welcome followed for the 1-2-3.

[Non-Title Match]:
Chris Hero pinned Drew McIntyre with the Hero’s Welcome in 11:17.
Rating: *** ¼

Card Rating: **

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