July 25, 2010 - HWL JUSTICE - Chicago, IL

July 25, 2010
Allstate Arena
Chicago, Illinois

Dark Match:
Gail Kim defeated Nikki Bella with the Eat Defeat in 0:06:18.
Rating: ** ¾

* * ***

Triple Threat Match
Kaz vs. Evan Bourne vs. Randy Orton

The high-flying abilities of Kaz and Evan Bourne were on display tonight, as was the talents of Randy Orton - who the HWL crowd hadn’t seen in the ring in a while. This match was filled with action, both inside and outside the ring, but things got very interesting as CODY RHODES came down to the ring. He waited at ringside for a few minutes before making his presence clear, pulling down the top rope and attacking “The Viper” outside the ring! The attack kept Orton out of the match, and allowed Bourne to pin Kaz for the only fall in the match. With very little time left, Bourne went outside the ring, and threw Orton back in. But, before he could capitalize on Orton’s state, the referee called the bell, as the time limit had expired.

Outside the ring, Cody Rhodes watched with a smile as Orton slowly made it to his feet, and Bourne left the ring.

Evan Bourne drew Kaz and Randy Orton:
- E. Bourne beat Kaz via the Shooting Star Press in 0:18:37.
- time limit expired (E. Bourne and R. Orton) in 0:20:00.
Rating: *** 1/2
[Cody Rhodes interfered against Randy Orton.]

— Backstage, Alisha Hicks is seen with Sarita, who is getting set to take on Natalya for the Women’s Title. Alisha asks how Sarita feels, being given a shot at the Women’s Title, and her chances of doing what so many before her couldn’t do. Sarita says that she has faced a lot of great competition - not only in the HWL, but around the world - and, that she has seen great champions at all levels. And, she admits that Natalya has been a great Women’s Champion, but tonight, Sarita feels confident about being the one to end Natalya’s reign as champion. She says that she has beaten some of the women that have challenged for the title before her, and hasn’t lost yet… and, that she’s going to do all she can to keep that winning streak alive.

— Also, backstage, DESMOND WOLFE and Chelsea are seen entering the arena. Wolfe is dressed in a suit, carrying the Heavyweight Title over his shoulder, and Chelsea is dressed a small, black dress and heels. The crowd whoops and hollows at the sight of her; Josh Daniels and Scott Michaels discuss tonight’s main event.

HWL Women’s Title Match
Sarita vs. © Natalya

Sarita’s hopes of becoming the new Women’s Champion were crushed as soon as the match began. Natalya ambushed Sarita right from the beginning, and it didn’t take long for the stronger champion to lock in the Airplane Spin. Sarita did her best to keep fighting, but soon tapped out, giving Natalya yet another successful title defense.

Natalya made Sarita submit with an Airplane Spin in 0:01:12.
Rating: **
(Natalya retained the Women’s Title.)

— Backstage, RIC FLAIR and AJ STYLES are seen entering the arena, when they are confronted by MR. ANDERSON. Anderson says that he doesn’t have much time, because his match is next, but that he wanted to know how things went on Monday night. Flair assures him that everything has worked out just fine, and that he and AJ have everything under control. Anderson smiles and walks away from the duo, on his way to the stage area.

— Also backstage, Alisha Hicks is with The Hart Dynasty. David Hart Smith says that tonight, the world has already witnessed the dominance that Natalya has over the other “Vixens” in the HWL, but that the Dynasty’s work isn’t complete. Smith says that, later tonight, he and Tyson Kidd plan on taking back what should’ve been their’s in the first place: the HWL Tag Team Titles. Smith says that “The Million Dollar Man” won’t be around to bribe anymore referees, and that he and Kidd will expose how truly un-gifted Legacy really is.

Mr. Anderson vs. Kane

These two men took part in the Fatal Four Way match, six days ago on Anarchy, and squared off once again tonight. Kane has been pretty quiet as of late, and was hoping for a better showing than the one he gave on Monday night. Mr. Anderson, too, has been pretty quiet himself, but has recently put himself in a position of alignment with AJ Styles and Ric Flair. Tonight, he appeared to be making a case for their approval, as he used every trick in the book to get the better of “The Big Red Monster”. However, none of them worked - including the multiple shots with the brass knuckles - and Kane was able to connect with the Chokeslam From Hell for the 1-2-3.

Kane pinned Mr. Anderson with the Chokeslam From Hell in 0:10:08.

— Backstage, the Tag Team Champions - Legacy - are with Alisha Hicks. Ted DiBiase says that they had to smile when they heard what The Hart Dynasty said about them earlier tonight. DiBiase says his father may’ve had something to do with them winning the titles, and that he could be a very persuasive man, but there is no proof that he “paid” for the titles. He says that no matter what the people around the world think, the better team won that night, and the better team will walk out of Chicago with the Tag Team Titles.

— At ringside, Josh Daniels and Scott Michaels mention the steel cage hanging above the ring, and begin to dissect tonight’s main event. It’s announced that, for tonight’s match, managers will be banned from ringside, giving both AJ Styles and Desmond Wolfe a fair shot of walking away with the HWL Heavyweight Title.

HWL Tag Team Title Match
The Hart Dynasty (w/Natalya) vs. © Legacy

At this point in the pay-per-view, this rematch from Anarchy three weeks ago, was the highlight of the event. Over the past few weeks, both of these teams had grown to resent one another, and they finally got the chance to let their aggression out, tonight, with the titles on the line. Neither team was willing to lay down and die, as numerous times everyone involved was able to fight back from what seemed to be certain defeat. With no give in sight, and the time limit nearing it’s end, Ted DiBiase connected with the Dream Street, but David Hart Smith was barely able to get his foot on the ropes to break up the pin. Soon after, the time limit passed, however, the referee let the match continue, much to the appreciation of the fans! After jockeying for position, The Harts were able to take control and hit the Springboard Hart Attack out of nowhere! Tyson Kidd made the cover for the 1-2-3, and the Hart Dynasty was rewarded with their first-ever HWL Tag Team Title.

The Hart Dynasty (David Hart Smith & Tyson Kidd) defeated Legacy (Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase) when T. Kidd pinned DiBiase with the Springboard Hart Attack in 0:25:24.
Rating: *** ½
(The Hart Dynasty won the HWL Tag Team Titles.)

— Backstage, Matt Morgan tells Alisha Hicks that for weeks, he has been asking himself how he could’ve lost to Kurt Angle back at Fully Loaded. He says that he hasn’t let himself forget about the count-out loss, and how embarrassing it was for him. He says that he’s been waiting a long time to get back into the ring with Angle, and that the stipulation couldn’t be more perfect for this match - and for how he’s feeling coming into it. He says that tonight, he will make things even with Angle, and set his sights to more important matters.

— At ringside, HWL Owner Peter Bradshaw surprises the fans, by coming out to the ring with an announcement. Bradshaw says that, on Monday night, D’Angelo Dinero had suffered a leg injury in his non-title match against Desmond Wolfe. There, because of the rules stating that he must defend the belt at least once every 30 days, and knowing that those 30 days would end before he returns, Dinero would be stripped of the X-Division Title. However, he says, the title will still be on the line tonight, before announcing both Montel Vontavious Porter and Jay Lethal as the two men who would be challenging for the belt. Bradshaw then leaves the ring, and joins the broadcast team at ringside.

X-Division Title Match
Jay Lethal vs. Montel Vontavious Porter

Jay Lethal found himself challenging for the X-Division Title tonight, as the impromptu number two, taking on MVP, who was already scheduled to take on Dinero before the champion’s injury. Lethal clearly had the fans on his side in the match, as he was trying to further his singles resume, in only his second singles match since Consequences Creed left the company, however, MVP has challenged for the title before - and had dealt with being in X-Division matches before - and, he used that experience to his advantage, hitting the Playmaker to pick up the 1-2-3, and become the new X-Division Champion.

Montel Vontavious Porter pinned Jay Lethal with the Playmaker in 0:16:47.
(Montel Vontavious Porter won the HWL X-Division Title.)

— Backstage, Alisha Hicks is seen with KURT ANGLE. Angle says that he heard what “The Blueprint” said in his interview earlier, and that he agrees with Morgan on how their last match ended. Angle says that he had a point to prove to Morgan back at Fully Loaded, and wasn’t able to do it the way he had hoped. He says that he would’ve given anything to have pinned Morgan to the canvas, but he had to settle for making him tap after the bell rang. He says that, just like Morgan, Angle still has something to prove, and with this match, he intends on doing just that. Angle says that, this time, Morgan will have no excuse to use when he loses for the second time to the “Olympic Gold Medalist”.

— Back at ringside, Josh Daniels and Scott Michaels readdress the AJ Styles-Desmond Wolfe match, scheduled for later tonight. They say that it is the second match between the two, and that tonight, a steel cage will keep them confined to the ring area, with pinfalls and submissions as ways to win the match, as well as being the first one to escape the cage.

Last Man Standing Match
Matt Morgan vs. Kurt Angle

Matt Morgan and Kurt Angle have both waited for this match for nearly two months. They were given the entire arena to use at their will, and they didn’t hesitate to do just that. This match was mostly fought throughout the crowd, and on both levels of the arena, but thanks to the Jumbotron, those fans who weren’t directly near the action didn’t miss a thing! Angle was cut open pretty early on, taking a shot from the ring bell, but continued to fight on as the blood poured from his face; he even managed to get a very close near-fall on “The Blueprint”. However, over the course of the nearly-hour long match, the constant loss of blood began to take it’s toll on the “Olympic Gold Medalist”, and Morgan was able to connect with a vicious power slam onto the concrete floor to pick up a very impressive - and brutal - victory.

Matt Morgan pinned Kurt Angle after a power slam in 0:44:05.
Rating: ¼

— A preview for the HWL’s next pay-per-view, “Unbreakable” is shown, with “Bad Company” by Five Finger Death Punch playing in the background. The event will take place on August 29th, live from the Qwest Center in Omaha, Nebraska.

— Highlights from the evening’s events are shown, in a video montage, with “Another Way to Die” playing in the background. The video ends, and the camera shows the steel cage lowering around the ring, as Josh Daniels and Scott Michaels once again talk about the AJ Styles-Desmond Wolfe match.

HWL Heavyweight Title Match (Cage Match)
AJ Styles vs. © Desmond Wolfe

With the amount of anticipation this match had coming into tonight, the fans can blame AJ Styles and Ric Flair for the events that took place. Sensing that Wolfe would have the advantage with Styles all alone, Flair and Mr. Anderson appeared on-stage, distracting Wolfe, as Styles watched, smiling. Flair got a microphone and announced that he had an announcement that would change Wolfe’s life forever. He then introduced Chelsea, who appeared on-stage, and hugged Flair and Anderson! Standing in utter shock, Wolfe’s head dropped into his hands, and he turned around, only to get met with a kick to the midsection; Styles then executed the Styles Clash in the middle of the ring! Styles then pinned Wolfe for the 1-2-3, picking up the VERY cheap victory, and becoming the new Heavyweight Champion!

After the match Flair, Anderson, and Chelsea made their way to the ring, where the referee opened up the cage door, and they joined Styles for an in-ring celebration as the fans booed as loud as they possibly could.

AJ Styles pinned Desmond Wolfe with the Styles Clash in 0:05:05.
Rating: *** ¾
(AJ Styles won the HWL Heavyweight Title.)

Card Rating: *** 3/4

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