July 25, 2011

Citizens Business Bank Arena
Attendance: 5,988 (54%)

Screenshots from Justice flash across the screen as Anarchy comes on the air. The final screen shot shows Cody Rhodes holding up the HWL Heavyweight Title, in the center of the ring. “Headstrong” plays as the inside of the arena is shown. Pyro flies from the stage, as the crowd goes crazy. The lights come on, and the camera pans the audience, as Josh Daniels and Scott Michaels welcome everyone to Ontario, California. It is announced that tonight is the first-ever HWL event held in the city, and that the crew and the Superstars couldn’t be happier to be here. It is announced that, tonight, Colt Cabana and Derrick Bateman would face off against Chris Hero and David Otunga, in a rubber match; and that the match will take place inside a Steel Cage! Also tonight, Adam Cole will face Kurt Angle, 24 hours after coming up short in his bid to become a two-time Heavyweight Champion.

Speaking of which, the new HWL Heavyweight Champion - and two-time title holder - CODY RHODES, comes down to the ring to start off the program. Dressed in his ring gear and a t-shirt, Rhodes wears the title around his waist, and enters the ring to a roar of cheers from the crowd. Grabbing a microphone, Rhodes says that last night was unbelievable. He says that he gets goosebumps now, 24 hours after walking out to the ring at Justice, where all of his fans watch him become a two-time Heavyweight Champion. Rhodes says that winning the title a couple months ago was great, but winning it last night means more, because he was able to bring the belt back with him. He was able to travel with it, knowing that he had earned it, and that it wasn’t stolen from him in a cheap attempt to take advantage of him. Rhodes says that every time he looks at his name on the Heavyweight Title, he thinks to himself how great it is to be included in the small group of elite athletes who have held multiple Heavyweight Titles in the HWL. Rhodes tries to continue, but is interrupted as AJ STYLES comes out to the ring, to a roar of boos.

Styles says that he thinks it’s comical that Cody wants to include himself with Styles and Desmond Wolfe as “elite” Superstars who have won multiple Heavyweight Titles. AJ says that Cody has held the Title twice, for all of one day; and that does not make him “elite”. AJ says that he beat his new friend, Matt Morgan, for his first title, nearly two years ago. Then AJ says that he and Desmond Wolfe went through hell, swapping the title back and forth, before finally losing it last summer. AJ says that until Rhodes puts up the kind of track record that he and Wolfe have, Rhodes can not call himself elite.

Rhodes counters and says that, unlike AJ and Wolfe, he went through three men to get his second Heavyweight Title. AJ says that’s true, and gives Cody credit for making it through the tournament, but says that the only person that gave him trouble was Angle, last night. AJ says that until Rhodes faces - and defeats - an elite Superstar, he cannot call himself one. But, AJ says that if Rhodes wants to call himself an elite Superstar, AJ has the perfect man for him to face: AJ Styles. Styles then challenges Cody to a match, for the Heavyweight Title, at Unbreakable. Without hesitation, Cody accepts the match, as the two men stare at each other while the crowd goes crazy.

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Rob Terry pinned Steve Corino with the Freakbuster in 0:25:30.

Newly crowned Tag Team Champion, Rob Terry, got a little more than he had bargained for tonight, as Steve Corino blasted Big Rob with a quick offense to start the match. Both men found their way outside the ring, shortly after the match started, where Corino connected with the Sliding Lariat on the concrete floor. But, it wasn’t enough as Big Rob was able to re-enter the ring before he could be counted out. Corino kept on Terry, until he missed a clothesline, and Terry connected with a double-arm choke slam. The match continue to go back and forth, and even saw Big Rob bring a table into the ring, and set it up in the corner. As Rob was setting the table up, Corino connected with a shoulder block, taking out his leg, before tossing him back outside the ring. Corino whipped Terry into the guardrail before tossing him back into the ring. Corino spent some time showboating to the crowd, as Terry slowly got back to his feet. As Corino re-entered the ring, Terry connected with a Big Boot before hitting the Freakbuster for the 1-2-3.

After the match, the crowd went crazy with anticipation as Terry got to his feet and noticed the table from earlier. He looked around, as the crowd grew louder, before picking up Corino and whipping him into the table, breaking it half in the corner! Terry then rolled out of the ring, grabbed his title belt, and celebrated as Anarchy went to commercials.

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Backstage, ALEX SHELLEY is seen walking through the hallways, carrying the X-Division Title over his shoulder, when he is confronted by TYSON KIDD. The two of them shake hands, as Kidd congratulates Shelley on retaining the title last night at Justice. Kidd asks how it felt to finally have gotten the better of Evan Bourne, and Shelley said that it felt great, but that Bourne should be given all the credit in the world for giving Shelley his all last night. The two of them go their separate ways, before Kidd attacks Shelley from behind, causing him to through the title belt onto the ground. Kidd lands a series of kicks to Shelley’s back and rib, before throwing him into the cement wall. Shelley slumps to the ground as Kidd grabs the title belt, and throws it into Shelley’s lap before walking away.

Brie Bella pinned Velvet Sky with the Sitout Facebuster in 0:13:52.
Rating: * ¾

These two women haven’t been in the ring together too often, but one of their bigger matches, before tonight, was for the Women’s Title. Brie picked up the victory that night, just as she did tonight, but went on to vacate the title soon after. Brie looked confident in this match, as she was looking to hold firm to her claim of getting back into the hunt for the Women’s Title. With the victory tonight, she puts herself in a good position for a title shot some time in the future.

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Backstage, Peter Bradshaw is seen in his office, when NATALYA comes in, getting booed by the crowd. She tells Bradshaw that, last week, she was thinking of how she was thinking of setting higher goals for herself in the HWL. She tells Bradshaw that she has been the most dominant Women’s Champion in history of the company; and that she was the manager for the most dominant Tag Team in the company’s history as well. Knowing that, Natalya says that there is only one direction she sees her career going, and she poses the possibility of her facing a male Superstar at Unbreakable. The crowd roars in shock as Bradshaw takes a double take. Bradshaw says that he can’t deny how great Natalya has been in the Women’s division, or how influential she was as manager of The Hart Dynasty, but that he couldn’t possibly stand by and allow her to step into the ring with a male Superstar. Natalya tries to plead her case, but Bradshaw tells her that his decision is final, before telling her to leave his office.

[Steel Cage Match]
Chris Hero & David Otunga defeated Colt Cabana & Derrick Bateman when Hero pinned D. Bateman with the Hero’s Welcome in 0:18:08.

HWL Owner Peter Bradshaw assigned this match tonight, after witnessing the first two matches between these teams. Just 24 hours before, these four men went 25-plus minutes in a war that ended with Chris Hero hitting the Hero’s Welcome on Derrick Bateman. To ensure that Shane Hagadorn did not interfere, Bradshaw ordered that tonight’s match take place in a steel cage, which added fuel to the fire. The crowd was hot for the entire match, that saw all four men get their bodies damaged by the cage. The end of the match, much like last night, saw Chris Hero hit Bateman with the Hero’s Welcome to pick up the victory in their rubber match.

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Backstage, Alisha Hicks is seen with KURT ANGLE, 24 hours after coming up short against Cody Rhodes for the Heavyweight Title. Alisha asks about Angle’s mindset after the match, and Angle said that there’s nothing he can say that wouldn’t sound like an excuse. Angle says that Cody Rhodes, for the second time, beat him for the Heavyweight Title. Angle says that he underestimated Rhodes on two different occasions, and lost each time. Angle tells Alisha that, if he’s given a third shot at Rhodes, he wouldn’t make the same mistake again. He says that since last night, he’s been feeling a lot of anger towards not taking the match seriously enough at Justice. Angle says that, unfortunately for Adam Cole, he will feel the wrath of Angle’s anger tonight.

Tyson Kidd defeated Tommy Dreamer by countout in 0:11:11.
Rating: ** ¼

Tommy Dreamer made an appearance tonight, in Ontario, as he took on Tyson Kidd, who earlier in the night attacked Alex Shelley, unprovoked, backstage. Dreamer showed a good amount of offense throughout the match, nearly pinning Kidd on a couple of occasions. But the tide turned as Kidd pulled down the ropes as Dreamer tried to hit a clothesline, sending “The Innovator of Violence” crashing down to the concrete at ringside. Kidd exited the ring, and quickly assaulted Dreamer, before throwing him into the steel ring steps. Dreamer was laid out on the concrete as Kidd re-entered the ring, and the referee finished the 10-count.

After the match, Kidd rolled back out of the ring, picked Dreamer up and brought him over to the announce table. Kidd whipped Dreamer into the announce table before getting a steel chair and bending it over Dreamer’s back with a series of vicious shots. HWL officials rushed down to ringside, and pulled Kidd away from Dreamer as medical staff rushed down to administer aide.

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Kurt Angle defeated Adam Cole by countout in 0:07:41.
Rating: ** ¾
[Yoshi Tatsu interfered against Adam Cole.]

Angle was fuming coming into this match, after coming up short against Cody Rhodes last night at Justice. He took on the former X-Division Champion, Adam Cole, who appeared a little over-matched as the bell rang. Cole fought his way through the match, but quickly became a victim of YOSHI TATSU, who came down to the ring, and smacked Cole in the back with a steel chair as Angle distracted the referee. Angle then attempted to lock in the Ankle Lock, but Cole rolled out of the ring. As Angle continued to distract the referee, Tatsu surprised Cole with a Yakuza Kick before walking away from ringside. The referee turned around and counted Cole out as Angle celebrated in the center of the ring.

Card rating: ** ¾

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