July 26, 2009 - HWL Rebellion - Oklahoma City, OK

Ford Center, Oklahoma City, OK

Greg Daniels and Chris Michaels welcomed everyone to the first-ever pay-per-view event held by the Horizon Wrestling League. They thanked Oklahoma City for allowing the event to take place in their city and announced that seven matches were going to take place tonight.

Match #1
Up In Smoke vs. Lethal Consequences
This open challenge match started things off with a lot of high-risk, high-energy moves from all four members. Cheech and Consequences Creed got things started with Creed using his weight for a slight advantage, pushing Cheech to the canvas and following up with a clothesline Creed kept up the attack and went for a suplex, but with the referee's attention blocked, Cheech hit a low blow and was able to make the tag to Cloudy who quickly went for the pin, but only got a two count. Cloudy kept the advantage as, Creed tried to get his barrings, hitting a snap suplex for another quick two-count. Frustrated, Cloudy threw Creed to the outside of the ring where Cheech attacked him as the referee's back was turned once more. Jay Lethal jumped off the apron and blindsided Cheech and the crowd went up in a roar of applause as Cloudy and Lethal shared words.

Back in the ring, Creed fought back and blocked a kick to the midsection before making the hot tag to Lethal. Lethal cleared Cloudy out of the ring and went after Cheech. A dropkick sent Cheech to the outside as the crowd went crazy. Back and forth action saw a near fall by Lethal after a second-rope suplex that was broken up by Cloudy. Creed entered the ring as a brawl ensued. Creed and Cloudy continued the fight outside the ring as Lethal hit the Flying Elbowdrop for the 1-2-3! After the match, Lethal tossed Cheech out of the ring as Cloudy made a run up the ramp.

Winners: Lethal Consequences via pinfall (27:31).

A promotional video is shown for next month's "Turning Point" pay-per-view live from Minneapolis, Minnesota on August 23rd! Daniels and Michaels hype the event by asking who will be defending the Heavyweight Title in a month's time.

Alisha Hicks interviewed Tyson Kidd and Natalya about the upcoming match for the vacant X Title. Kidd said that tonight was the night he was going to make a name for himself. He said that he hadn't lost a match since debuting in the HWL and that his winning streak would continue once he climbed up that ladder and grabbed the X Title. He said that his family has their name etched in the wrestling history books… and that tonight, his name will be added to them as well.

Match #2
X Title-Ladder Match
Kenny Omega vs. Tyson Kidd (w/Natalya)
… Omega is half-way up the ladder. He gets closer to the top as the crowd begins to cheer wildly. He's in grabbing distance as Kidd slowly gets back to his feet. As Kidd begins to climb the ladder, Omega grabs the belt and falls to the ring as the referee calls for the bell! After the match, Omega slowly rolls out of the ring and hold the X-Title in the air as the crowd goes crazy.

Winner: Kenny Omega - NEW X Champion (32:20)

A video package is shown highlighting the Battle Royal victories of both Tara and Maryse leading up to the Women's Title Match.

Match #3
Women's Title Match
Maryse vs. Tara
The crowd was shocked as Sara Del Rey replaced Tara in tonight's match. Lots of back and forth action saw plenty of near falls for each woman as they tried to claim the right to be the first-ever Women's Champion. Del Rey picked up the victory after hitting the Royal Butterfly for the 1-2-3. After the match, Randall Baker appeared on-stage with the Women's Title. He said that since the match was originally schuedled to be betweenn Maryse and Tara, that the title would remain vacant until a later date. He left the stage as Sar Del Rey looked on in shock.

Winner: Sara Del Rey via pinfall. (14:53) *Title remains vacant*

Alisha Hicks interviewed Randy Orton before his match against AJ Styles. Orton said that Styles may have won the battle last Monday night, due to a horrible decision by Kurt Angle, but said that the war between them ends tonight. Orton said that this match had "huge implications" and that he would be the one with his hand raised in victory when the bell rang.

Match #4
AJ Styles vs. Randy Orton
The "war" Orton had spoke about just minutes before the match never really begun as Styles took the advantage with a non-stop attack to start off. Orton hit a lowblow to end the attack, and grabbed Style in a chokehold. The referee gave Orton the five-count before calling for the bell. After the match, referee Chad Patton tried to pulled Orton away from Styles. Out of nowhere Orton hit the RKO on the referee before rolling out of the ring to a large roar of boos from the crowd.

Winner: AJ Styles via DQ (1:42).

Shad Gaspard and JTG were interviewed by Alisha Hicks about the chances of becoming the first-ever HWL Tag Team Champions. JTG said that there are two things that are more important to him than anything in the world: money and gold. He said that tonight, he would get both of those things after he and Shad defeat Beer Money for the titles.

Shad then said that he knows Storm and Roode would be looking for a fight, and asked who better to give them that fight that two thugs from the streets of Brooklyn. He said that tonight, he and JTG would show the world why they deserve to be Tag Team Champions.

Match #5
Tag Team Title Match
Beer Money Inc. vs. Cryme Tyme
… JTG tags out to Shad Gaspard. JTG goes for a clothesline, but Robert Roodecounters it with a crucifix. Mike Sparks counts: 1… 2… kickout. James Storm hits a rolling reverse cradle on JTG. Mike Sparks counts: 1…2…3! A wave of boos goes through the crowd. After the match, Storm rolls out of the ring while Roode joins him at the announce table, as they grab the Tag Team Titles and hold them in the air. The crowd boos as they walk around the ring - with Cryme Tyme staring at them in the ring. Storm and Roode stop on top of the stage and hold the titles into the air one last time before turning and walking backstage.

Winners: Beer Money Inc. via pinfall (6:52) *New Tag Team Champions*

A video package plays showing the on-going feud between Austin Aries and Kurt Angle leading up to the next match.

Match #6
Austin Aries vs. Kurt Angle
… After the match, Angle keeps the sleeperhold locked in as the bell rings, signaling the end of the match. The referee pries Angle's arms from around Arie's neck, forcing Angle to get back to his feet. Angle stands in the center of the ring, over Arie's body, smiling at what he was able to accomplish. His music blasts through the arena as he leaves the ring, getting booed by the fans with every step.

Winner: Kurt Angle via submission (14:48).

A video package is played highlighting the on-going fued between Matt Morgan and CM Punk leading up to the Heavyweight Title Match. After the video ends, CM Punk was backstage with Alisha Hicks. Alisha asked how Punk was feeling after getting hit with the steel pipe just six days ago on "Anarchy". Punk said that getting hit by a steel pipe is definitely not the best feeling in the world, but that he wasn't asking for pity from the fans because he's wasn't going to give any to Matt Morgan. However, Punk said that the pain he felt early on Monday night was taken awway after he and Cryme Tyme won the six-man tag match. He said that the good feelings were going to continue tonight after he left Oklahoma City as the Heavyweight Champion.

Match #7
Heavyweight Title Match
CM Punk vs. Matt Morgan
… CM Punk is inching his way towards the ropes. CM Punk tries to escape the hold. Morgan lets go after 31 seconds. Matt Morgan executes the Hellevator on CM Punk and goes for the cover. Mike Sparks counts: 1…2…3! The arena explodes in a chorus of boos. After the match, Morgan gets to his feet as the referee hands him the Heavyweight Title Morgan stands over Punk and holds the title in the air.

Winner: Matt Morgan via pinfall (20:27) *New Heavyweight Champion*

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