July 27, 2009 - Monday Night Anarchy - Tulsa, OK

Monday Night Anarchy - 07/27/09
BOK Center, Tulsa, Oklahoma
G4 Network

A video package is shown, highlighting the events from “Rebellion” last night. Clips include the X-Title ladder match, Tag Team Title Match, and Matt Morgan winning the Heavyweight Title. Greg Daniels and Chris Michaels welcome everyone to the brand new BOK Center in Tulsa, 24 hours after the first-ever HWL pay-per-view: “Rebellion”. They announce that tonight, the new Tag Team Champions – Beer Money, Inc. – will be facing the Dark City Fight Club in a non-title match.

“The Blueprint” Matt Morgan appears on-stage with the Heavyweight Title draped over his shoulder. (Crowd boos) He makes his way down to the ring in a pair of blue jeans and an “Affliction” T-shirt. Inside the ring, he grabs a microphone and says that there’s a reason he’s called “The Blueprint”; that he is what wrestling promotions should be modeled after. He says that other wrestlers dream to, one day, be at the same level he is. He says that he proved he deserves the Heavyweight Title after “dismantling” CM Punk… and that soon, he has plans to dismantle the entire HWL roster.

Morgan is stopped as AJ Styles appears on-stage (crowd cheers). Styles says that Morgan might call himself “The Blueprint”, but that he doesn’t know anyone who would want to look up to Morgan. Styles says that, for sure, he doesn’t dream to aspire to be like Morgan, because Styles is “Phenomenal”, and that he doesn’t need to be like anyone else in the HWL (crowd cheers). Morgan says that he’d be “more than happy” to prove AJ wrong, begging Styles to join him in the ring (crowd cheers). Styles makes his way to the ring and gets into a stare-down with Morgan (crowd cheers).

The eventual shoving match is broken up as Randy Orton appears on-stage, in street clothes, to a roar of boos from the crowd. Orton says that Morgan can be the “Blueprint” and Styles can be “Phenomenal”… but, there’s only one “Legend Killer”. Orton says that everyone in the arena knows what he was able to do in his career; third-generation superstar and one of the top names in World Wrestling Entertainment before his contract was bought out. Orton says that he knows the real “truth” and that if anyone deserves a shot at the title, it’s him. But, he says that he – unlike Styles – knows that there’s something more important to worry about tonight. Orton says that he and Styles will be facing each other in a no-disqualification match; a bit of a rematch from last night at “Rebellion”. Before leaving the stage, Orton warns Styles to not get ahead of himself, because tonight, he has to get past “The Viper”.

Commercial Break

Match #1
Cody Deaner vs. Evan Bourne
… Evan Bourne hits Cody Deaner with a tornado kick. Evan Bourne hits Cody Deaner with a spinning heel kick. You can hear a few scattered fans cheering for Evan Bourne. Evan Bourne throws Cody Deaner out of the ring. Evan Bourne jumps onto him with a baseball slide. Evan Bourne takes Cody Deaner down with a koppo kick.
Danny Davis counts: 1. Evan Bourne climbs back into the ring.
Danny Davis counts: 2
Danny Davis counts: 3
Danny Davis counts: 4
Danny Davis counts: 5
Danny Davis counts: 6
Danny Davis counts: 7
Danny Davis counts: 8
Danny Davis counts: 9
Danny Davis counts: 10. Cody Deaner is counted out. A few fans are cheering on Evan Bourne.

Winner: Evan Bourne via countout (4:34) [*]

Commercial Break

Maryse and Angelina Love come out to the ring as “Anarchy” returns to commercials getting a bit of a mixed reaction from the crowd. Maryse is seen in a tight black and white dress, a long black leather jacket, and black knee-high leather boots. Angelina is seen in a white tank top, a plaid skirt with black fishnets, and wrestling boots. Greg Daniels and Chris Michaels ask why they are coming out to the ring together, as they enter the ring; Love grabbing a microphone. Angelina says that she has a “special surprise” for Maryse and the rest of the HWL. A video begins to play on the big screen above the stage, showing Angelina Love attacking Tara backstage at “Rebellion” (crowd boos). The video ends as Maryse high-fives Angelina. Maryse then take the microphone and says that Angelina was just doing Tara a favor because she knew that Maryse would have done the same thing to Tara had she actually gone on to fight her.

This brings out Tara, in her wrestling gear, who clears the ring as she enters; Angelina and Maryse making their way to the broadcast table with Greg and Chris. Tara stares the two women down as she waits for her opponent…

Match #2
Tara vs. Sara Del Rey
… Tara covers Sara Del Rey. Andrew Thomas counts: One, two, Maryse breaks the pin. Andrew Thomas calls for the DQ. The crowd is behind Tara all the way.

Winner: Tara via DQ (6:27) [* 1/2]

The bell rings as Angelina Love slides inside the ring, assisting Maryse in the attack on Tara. The crowd roars with disapproval as Angelina held Tara by the arms, allowing Maryse to slap her across the face; the sound echoing through the arena. With Tara down on the canvas, Angelina began to celebrate the attack as Maryse picked Tara and hit the French Kiss in the center of the ring. The crowd continued to boo as the two women stood over Tara as “Anarchy” went to commercials

Commercial Break

Coming back from commercials, Beer Money, Inc. comes out to the ring, dressed in suits and ties, carrying the HWL Tag Team Titles over their shoulders. (crowd boos) They enter the ring and acknowledge the jeers coming from the crowd as James Storm grabs a microphone. Storms says that the crowd can boo all they damn well want to, but that it wouldn’t change the fact that he and Robert Roode are the best tag team in the Horizon Wrestling League. (Crowd boos louder) Storm says that last night at Rebellion, they took down the team that everyone in Tulsa wanted to win the titles… and, now, they were looking for a new tag team to wipe the canvas with.

Storm then passed the microphone to Robert Roode who says that he doesn’t care whether the crowd likes them or not; but, that they can never deny the fact that they are the HWL Tag Team Champions. Roode says that the belts around their waists mean they are the best tag team the HWL has to offer, and no team has been able to beat them yet…

They are interrupted as Jay Lethal and Consequences Creed make their way on-stage, in street clothes, to a mixed reaction from the crowd. Lethal says that Beer Money can run their mouths all they want to, and it’s OK because they just won the Tag Team Titles. But, Lethal says, they didn’t beat Lethal and Creed for the belts, so it’s “stupid” to think that Beer Money is the best team in the HWL. Lethal says that he and Creed would be more then happy to prove the new Tag Team Champions wrong at “Turning Point on August 23rd.

Storm grabbed the microphone from Roode and said that Beer Money never backs down from a challenge, and that Lethal Consequences were getting their match at “Turning Point”. “Anarchy” then goes to commercials as the two teams stare at each other across the arena.

Commercial Break

Match #3
Non-title Match
Brent Albright vs. © “The Blueprint” Matt Morgan
… Jack Doan counts: 1. They're brawling inside the ring area. Matt Morgan goes for a clothesline, but Brent Albright ducks out of the way. Brent Albright throws Matt Morgan into the guardrail. Brent Albright executes a fist to the midsection on Matt Morgan. Jack Doan counts: 2. Brent Albright goes for a monkey flip, but Matt Morgan blocks it. Jack Doan counts: 3. Matt Morgan whips Brent Albright into the guardrail. They're brawling inside the ring area. Jack Doan counts: 4. Matt Morgan shoves Brent Albright into the guardrail. Jack Doan counts: 5. Matt Morgan reenters the ring. Brent Albright rolls back in under the bottom rope. Matt Morgan executes the Hellevator on Brent Albright. The arena is exploding in a chorus of boos. Matt Morgan goes for the pin. Jack Doan counts: One, two, three. The decibel level in the building is unbelievable.

Winner: Matt Morgan via pinfall (30:42) [**** 1/4]

The crowd gives out a mixed reaction as Matt Morgan is announced the winner. Jack Doan hands Morgan the Heavyweight Title as he uses the ropes to get to his feet. Morgan holds the title in the air as the mixed reactions turns more to boos. He exits the ring and drapes the title over his shoulder as he walks up the ramp. He heads backstage as “Anarchy” goes to commercials.

Commercial Break

HWL General Manager, Tim Jacobs is seen with Alisha Hicks as “Anarchy” returns from commercials. Jacobs says that, due to the actions that took place earlier tonight, he has signed a match between Angelina Love and Tara for next week’s show. Jacobs says that if Tara wins, she will be guaranteed a title match against Maryse at “Turning Point”. However, if Angelina wins, Maryse will have her choice of opponents at the pay-per-view.

Match #4
Non-Title Match
Dark City Fight Club vs. © Beer Money, Inc.
… James Storm takes Jon Davis down with a Northern Lights suplex. Chad Patton counts: One, two, kickout. James Storm hits Jon Davis with a flying dropkick. The crowd breaks into a "Cowboy, Cowboy" chant. James Storm executes the Last Call on Jon Davis. James Storm goes for the pin. Chad Patton counts: One, two, Kory Chavis makes the save. James Storm executes an inverted Swinging DDT on Jon Davis. Chad Patton counts: One, two, three. A fan at ringside badmouths James Storm.

Winners: Beer Money, Inc. via pinfall (12:03) [**]

Roode enters the ring as the champions are handed their titles. The crowd is giving them a mixed reaction as they celebrate their victory. Seeing Davis still lying on the canvas, Roode and Storm kick him under the bottom rope, where Kory Chavis helps him to his feet. “Anarchy” goes to commercials with Beer Money standing victorious in the center of the ring.

Commercial Break

Match #5
No Disqualification Match
“The Phenomenal” AJ Styles vs. “The Legend Killer” Randy Orton
… AJ Styles throws Randy Orton into the guardrail. Mike Chioda counts: 6. AJ Styles takes Randy Orton down with a back elbow. AJ Styles spreads his arms out like a cross. The crowd is giving AJ Styles a standing ovation. Mike Chioda counts: 7. AJ Styles runs Randy Orton into the ringsteps. AJ Styles runs Randy Orton into the ringpost. AJ Styles nails Randy Orton with a legsweep. Mike Chioda counts: 8. AJ Styles takes Randy Orton down with a kip-up Frankensteiner. Mike Chioda counts: 9. AJ Styles spreads his arms out like a cross. The crowd is going into a frenzy. AJ Styles executes a clothesline on Randy Orton. AJ Styles throws Randy Orton into the guardrail. Mike Chioda counts: 10. The verdict: A DOUBLE COUNTOUT!

No Contest: Double Countout (23:18) [** 3/4]

The bell rings as Styles and Orton continue to brawl outside the ring. Mike Chioda exits the ring – to break up the brawl – but is unsuccessful as Orton whips Styles over the guardrail! Orton followed Styles over and two began to brawl through the crowd as “Anarchy” went off the air.

Card Rating: ** ¾

HWL TURNING POINT - 08/23/09 - Minneapolis, MN
Tag Team Title Match: Lethal Consequences vs. (c) Beer Money, Inc.

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