July 30, 2012 - Monday Night Anarchy - N. Charleston, SC

A recap of last week’s main event is shown, ending in a double countout between Randy Orton and Kurt Angle. A shot at the HWL Heavyweight Title is still up for grabs just 13 days away from Unbreakable. Who will get the opportunity to face Adam Cole?

Josh Daniels and Scott Michaels welcome everyone to North Charleston, South Carolina. Thirteen days away from the Unbreakable pay-per-view, they announce three matches for tonight: a Vixens tag team match as Kelly Kelly and number one contender Kaitlyn square off against Brie Bella and Women’s Champion Leva Bates. Also, Kofi Kingston and AJ Styles will team up against Michael Tarver and Rami Sebei. And, the number one contenders for the Tag Team Titles – The Briscoe Brothers – will be in action!

Adam Cole’s music begins to play as the Heavyweight Champion makes his way to the ring. Cole says that he feels bad for both Randy Orton and Kurt Angle because they both wanted a shot at getting their hands on Cole one more time. Actually, he says, he doesn’t feel bad for them. Why should he? Cole says that Orton and Angle’s greed are the only reason why neither of them will be facing him at Unbreakable. But, it doesn’t matter if they both somehow managed to walk away victorious last week because he proved at Justice that he could outsmart and beat both of them in the same night.

This brings out Peter Bradshaw who says that Cole still does not have an opponent for Unbreakable. Bradshaw says that it’s a shame that neither Orton nor Angle were able to walk out with a title shot last week, after putting on a great match. But, Bradshaw says that Cole might not want to get too cocky so quickly. Bradshaw reminds Cole of what he just said – how he’s already beaten Angle and Orton on the same night – but says that’s not entirely true. However, Bradshaw says that Cole has the chance to do just that tonight. Bradshaw announces that, tonight, Cole will face both Orton and Angle in singles matches. If either of them are able to defeat Cole, they will earn their respective title shot at Unbreakable. Bradshaw announces that the first match will be taking place… right now!

Randy Orton’s music begins to play as “The Viper” walks on-stage. He makes his way down the ramp as Anarchy goes to commercials.

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Non-Title Match
Randy Orton vs. © Adam Cole

Dressed in his street clothes, Cole tossed the title belt outside the ring and motioned for Orton, ready for a fight. As Orton slid into the ring, Cole attacked him, and the match began. Cole took an early advantage, working over Orton’s lower body, trying to take away the ability to hit the RKO. But knowing this could be his final chance to earn a shot at winning back the title he lost, Orton was not going to be out-done. Orton fought back, but his rally was cut short as Cole connected with a Yakuza kick for a two-count. Cole seemed to get distracted, arguing with a member of the audience, which allowed Orton to grab his jeans, tossing Cole through the ropes. Outside the ring, Orton whipped Cole into the ring steps. Orton ripped open Cole’s shirt and hit a chop that could be heard throughout the arena, getting a “Wooooo!” from the crowd. Orton whipped Cole into the guardrail and started to stomp on Cole until the referee left the ring to pull Orton away. Orton re-entered the ring as the referee began his count. Orton stood in the corner, waiting for Cole to enter the ring, and as Cole crawled under the bottom rope, Orton connected with an RKO! Cole kicked out at two, shocking Orton, who smacked the canvas and quickly got to his feet, walking across the ring. Orton set up and hit a running boot to Cole’s head. Somehow, Cole was able to get his foot on the rope before three, breaking the count. Visibly furious, Orton mounted Cole and landed a number of rights to the champion’s head. Orton pulled Cole to his feet before hitting a vicious clothesline in the center of the ring. Orton made the cover for the 1-2-3, earning a spot in the Unbreakable main event.

[Non-Title Match]:
Randy Orton pinned Adam Cole after a clothesline in 8:47.
Rating: ** ¾

Backstage, Alisha Hicks asks Brie Bella and Women’s Champion Leva Bates about what happened last week during Bates’ match against Kelly Kelly. Bates blames Kaitlyn for her loss, saying that Kaitlyn had no right to be at ringside. Brie says that Kaitlyn might feel like she pulled one over on her and Leva, but all she did was make it worse for herself.

A pre-recorded message from Ted DiBiase, Jr., is shown next. DiBiase says that money cannot buy success. It can buy you the right people, the right tools, that will help lead to success. But that doesn’t apply to him. DiBiase says that he doesn’t need to worry about money, and he certainly doesn’t need to worry about success because being successful was ingrained in him from birth. DiBiase says his winning streak speaks for itself. You can’t put a price tag on that because DiBiase is… simply priceless.

Commercial Break

Shannon Moore vs. Ted DiBiase, Jr.

Shannon Moore stood in the ring, awaiting DiBiase’s arrival, when the announcers inform the audience that a commotion is happening backstage. The camera goes backstage, showing DiBiase brawling with COLT CABANA. The two of them destroy the backstage area during their fight, as officials attempt to separate them. Cabana gets the upper hand after a low blow, and sends DiBiase into some equipment cases. Cabana stomps on DiBiase, but is finally restrained by officials and escorted from the scene. The remaining officials tend to DiBiase as we seen Moore, in the ring, being told by the referee that the match will not happen.

The match between Shannon Moore and Ted DiBiase is ruled a no-contest.

A video montage shows the Tag Team Champions, Tyson Kidd and Eddie Edwards, training inside the famed “Hart Dungeon” in Calgary. It is announced that they will be action later tonight.

In the locker room, Kaitlyn walks up to Kelly Kelly and says that she knows they’ve had their differences lately, but she hopes they can put them aside and focus on Leva and Brie tonight. Kaitlyn says that once they finish with them, she and Kelly can settle their own differences. Kelly smiles and agrees.

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Kaitlyn & Kelly Kelly vs. Brie Bella & © Leva Bates

The last couple weeks have not been the best for Brie Bella and the Women’s Champion. They were looking to get back on even ground, tonight, thinking that the personal rift between Kelly and Kaitlyn would crumble their alliance from the inside. However, it appeared that the opposite was true, as Kaitlyn and Kelly proved capable of putting their differences aside. Kaitlyn worked over Brie, stemming from their altercation last week when suddenly, Kelly tagged herself in by smacking Kaitlyn in the back. Kaitlyn stopped and stared at Kelly, who entered the ring and continued working over Brie. Because of the disruption, Brie was able to roll into her corner and tag in Leva. Kelly and Leva, who fought last week, went right at each other until the music began to play and NIKKI BELLA appeared on-stage. This distraction allowed Kelly to roll up Leva for the 1-2-3!

Kaitlyn & Kelly Kelly defeated Brie Bella & Leva Bates when Kelly pinned L. Bates via pinfall in 6:14.
Rating: ¼*

On the stage, Nikki says that it’s pathetic for someone to walk around, thinking they’re high and mighty because they’re champion when deep down they know that their victory was tainted. She says that the only reason Leva is champion is that Brie attacked her and pretended to be her. Nikki says that she has been working with Peter Bradshaw for weeks, pleading her case and showing him footage from Justice. Nikki apologizes to Kaitlyn, who she says rightfully earned her shot, but Bradshaw as agreed to make the Women’s Title Match at Unbreakable a TRIPLE THREAT!

Backstage, Kurt Angle confronts Randy Orton in the hallways. Angle says that Orton can guarantee that he will see Angle in the main event at Unbreakable. Angle promises to make Cole tap out tonight, just like he’ll make Orton tap out on August 11th.

Commercial Break

The Briscoe Brothers are live backstage. They say there is no amount of video footage that Tyson Kidd and Eddie Edwards can watch that will prepare them for Unbreakable. There is no amount of training – no matter where it is or what kind – that will get them ready to lose their Tag Team Titles. They say Kidd and Edwards will face a beating, unlike any others, in 13 days.

Claudio Castagnoli comes down to the ring, without his PCW Heavyweight Title, followed by Shane Hagadorn. Castagnoli says that he walked away from the PCW because there was nothing left for him to prove there, and he had issues here that needed to be dealt with. Claudio says that he and Matt Morgan are set to face each other at Unbreakable, but after Morgan put his hands on Shane last week, he wants to seal Morgan’s fate tonight! He calls out Morgan, who comes down to the ring. The two men stare each other down, but before anything can happen, STEVE CORINO chop blocks Morgan’s left leg. Hagadorn instructs Castagnoli and Corino to attack Morgan’s leg until HWL officials rush to the ring and break up the assault.

Commercial Break

Non-Title Match
Colt Cabana & Edwin Colon vs. © Tyson Kidd & Eddie Edwards

This rivalry was rekindled, if only for a night, as Colt Cabana and Edwin Colon faced off against the duo that defeated them for the Tag Team Titles. There was certainly no love lost, as Cabana and Colon focused their attention on Tyson Kidd, trying to keep him isolated. Both Cabana and Colon had a number of near falls, but Kidd was able to kick out and fight back with some offense of his own. The tide turned with Kidd ducked a double clothesline attempt with one of his own. Making the tag, Edwards was able to clean house. Edwards went outside after Cabana, as Kidd made sure Colon would not be a distraction. Edwards rolled Cabana back into the ring before tagging Kidd back in. Edwards bodyslammed Cabana, and Kidd quickly connected with the Springboard Elbowdrop for the 1-2-3.

[Non-Title Match]:
Tyson Kidd & Eddie Edwards defeated Colt Cabana & Edwin Colon when T. Kidd pinned Cabana with the Springboard Elbowdrop in 6:14.
Rating: ***

After the match, THE BRISCOE BROTHERS attack Kidd and Edwards outside the ring. Edwards is incapacitated after being thrown into the ring steps. The Briscoes then send Kidd crashing into the announce table with a double powerbomb! The Briscoes announce to everyone that their match at Unbreakable will not be a Tables Match.

Backstage, John Cena is seen berating Michael Tarver and Rami Sebei for being embarrassed last week by AJ Styles and Kofi Kingston. Cena says that there can only one result for tonight or he will have to take care of things by himself. Cena dismisses Tarver and Sebei; as they walk away, BRUTUS MAGNUS appears in the doorway. Magnus approaches Cena and says if Cena wants to run his mouth in the ring about him, then Cena can walk down to the ring at Unbreakable and get his ass kicked.

Commercial Break

A preview for Unbreakable is shown. It’s announced that the Tables Match for the Tag Team Titles has been added to the card. Unbreakable will take place next Sunday, live from Sacramento, CA!

Michael Tarver & Rami Sebei vs. Kofi Kingston & AJ Styles

These two on-going rivalries will come to a head in just 13 days at Unbreakable, but tonight the unlikely allies – Kofi Kingston and AJ Styles – joined forces to take on the more-established team of Tarver and Sebei. Even though it was clear that they both have the same enemy in the duo that is aligning themselves with John Cena, it took a little time for Kingston and Styles to get into a groove. This allowed Tarver and Sebei to take control early on. Later in the match, when Kingston and Styles were able to gel, their aerial style proved to be too much for Tarver, who was in the ring at the time. Soon, a brawl broke up between all four men outside the ring. Kingston and Sebei, the legal two men, were battling near the ramp, when JOHN CENA ran down to the ring and blindsided Kingston! As Cena worked over Kofi, Sebei assisted Tarver in taking out Styles on the other end of the ring. As Sebei and Tarver re-entered the ring, Cena watched from the ramp as the referee counted Kingston out.

Michael Tarver & Rami Sebei defeated Kofi Kingston & AJ Styles by countout in 8:25.
Rating: ** ¼

Backstage, Alisha Hicks tries to get a comment from Randy Orton about the possibility of having Kurt Angle added to his match against Adam Cole at Unbreakable. Orton stares at Alisha before walking out, silently, as Anarchy goes to commercials.

Commercial Break

Returning from the break, the announcers recap the opening segment of the show and Randy Orton’s subsequent victory over Adam Cole to earn a shot at the Heavyweight Title.

Non-Title Match
Kurt Angle vs. © Adam Cole

It had been quite a disastrous night for the Heavyweight Champion leading up to this match against Kurt Angle. Hoping to avoid another loss, and add another opponent to the main event at Unbreakable, Cole seemed to be pressing in the early going; this allowed Angle to take and gain control. Angle worked over the exhausted Cole, locking in an Ankle Lock looking for a submission victory. Cole was able to grab the ropes, breaking the hold, but the damage had been done. Cole was able to fight back, but he gained the advantage after hitting a low blow on Angle as the referee’s back was turned. Cole worked over Angle, setting him up for the Panama Sunrise. As Cole connected with his finisher, RANDY ORTON’S music plays inside the arena. Orton slides into the ring as Angle slowly starts getting to his hands and knees, shaking off the effects of Cole’s finisher. Orton looks at Cole and sets up to “punt” Angle. As Orton, runs, he shocks Cole, connecting with an RKO in the center of the ring! The referee rings the bell, disqualifying Angle!

[Non-Title Match]:
Adam Cole defeated Kurt Angle by disqualification in 11:15.
Rating: ** ¾
[Randy Orton interfered against Adam Cole.]

After the match, Orton slides out of the ring, soaking in the mixed reaction from the crowd. Orton walks up the ramp as Angle gets to his feet. Angle fumes, watching Orton walk backstage, while Anarchy goes off the air.

Card Rating: ** ¼

HWL Unbreakable PPV - 08/12/12 - Sacramento, CA
Heavyweight Title Match: Randy Orton vs. (c) Adam Cole
X-Division Title, Ladder Match: Christopher Daniels vs. (c) Martin Maldonado
Tag Team Title, Tables Match: Mark & Jay Briscoe vs. (c) Tyson Kidd & Eddie Edwards
Women's Title, Triple Threat Match: Nikki Bella vs. Kaitlyn vs. (c) Leva Bates
Street Fight: Claudio Castagnoli vs. Matt Morgan
AJ Styles vs. Michael Tarver
Kofi Kingston vs. Rami Sebei
Brutus Magnus vs. John Cena

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