July 31, 2012 - PCW Wrestling - Greenville, SC

PCW Wrestling
July 31, 2012
Bi-Lo Center, Greenville, SC
Attendance: 11,591 (67%)

The constant hum of the crowd can be heard in the background, as the scene opens up on a pedestal standing in the middle of the ring. On top of the pedestal is the PCW Heavyweight Title. The camera shifts as Commissioner Rex Butler makes his way down to the ring, a microphone in-hand. Butler tells the audience that he’s been in the wrestling business for over 15 years, and has seen some pretty questionable things take place in and out of the squared circle. But he says that he cannot recall the last time a man, a champion, walked away and left without defending his title one last time.

Butler says that’s exactly what Claudio Castagnoli did last week when he decided to turn his attention to the main roster. Butler says he can’t really blame Claudio for his desire to remain a part of the HWL, but says that he could have handled things differently. Instead, things will be handled for him. Butler says that as of last Tuesday night, the PCW Heavyweight Title is vacant. He also says that, as of right now, The Big Show has no opponent for the main event at Battle at the Bay in 13 days. Butler then announces that starting tonight, a tournament will be held to determine The Big Show’s opponent, and that match will be for the vacant Heavyweight Title.

Butler leaves the ring as the announcers question what four superstars will be taking part in the tournament.

Commercial Break

Returning from the break, Brooke Barlow is seen with The Big Show, backstage. Brooke asks Show about the changes being made to his match at Battle at the Bay, and who, out of the four participants, he’d like to face in 13 days. Show says that he’s not surprised Castagnoli tucked his tail and ran. He says it doesn’t matter who wins the tournament because whoever it is will get what Castagnoli had coming to him. Show promises that he will walk out of San Francisco as a two-time champion.

Tournament Match #1
Kenny King vs. Luke Gallows

Kenny King is already set to have a full schedule at Battle at the Bay, but he was given a chance to add to that schedule if he could defeat Gallows tonight. Gallows, on the other hand, was given a chance to make plans for Saturday, August 11, hoping to step into the ring against The Big Show for the vacant Heavyweight Title. Gallows and King were just in the ring together a number of weeks ago, with Gallows coming out on top. King seemed distracted tonight, or as if he was trying too hard, looking for a second title shot in one night. Gallows took advantage of that distraction, hitting the Gallows Pole to advance.

[Tournament Match #1]:
Luke Gallows pinned Kenny King with the Gallows Pole in 8:11.
Rating: **

Harlem Bravado is seen standing in the parking lot outside the arena, when a car speeds in. The car parks and out steps Lance Bravado, getting a mixed reaction from the crowd. Lance says he doesn’t know why Harlem wanted him to come here tonight, and Harlem encourages him to just come inside and talk. Lance relents and the brothers head towards the entrance, where they are stopped by Rex Butler. Butler tells Lance to leave the premises or be arrested for trespassing. Both Lance and Harlem turn and walk away. The show goes to commercials as Butler watches them drive away.

Commercial Break

Returning from the break, Vickie Guerrero confronts Jack Swagger backstage. Vickie once again apologizes for costing Swagger a match but says that she was only trying to help. Swagger wants to know what Vickie is helping him with, and she struggles for an answer. Swagger acknowledges their past together but says it ended. He says that he’s moved on and encourages Vickie to do the same. Swagger walks off, leaving Vickie speechless.

Non-Title Match
Bayley vs. © Beth Phoenix

Bayley found herself with the chance of a lifetime tonight, as she stepped into the ring with the Women’s Champion. If Bayley could secure a victory over Beth tonight, it would catapult the young Vixen into the title picture. She had her work cut out for her, as The Glamazon was looking to make a statement heading into “Battle at the Bay”. But, shockingly, Bayley received some assistance from TAMINA, who made her presence known at ringside early on. Bayley held her own – whether that was based on her skills or the distraction caused by Tamina – and had a couple near falls on the champion. However, Beth was able to overcome the distraction and hit a vicious-looking snap mare before covering Bayley. But, before the referee could count to three, Tamina entered the ring and broke up the count.

After the match, Tamina went to work on Beth, focusing on her left arm. Tamina stopped on the elbow and forearm as Beth screamed out in pain. Tamina dragged Beth to the ropes, before wrenching Beth’s arms over the middle rope. Officials rushed out to the ring, pulling Tamina off of Beth, as medical personnel tended to Beth.

[Non-Title Match]:
Beth Phoenix defeated Bayley by disqualification in 8:42.
Beth Phoenix suffered an elbow injury and will be out for three (3) weeks.
Rating: 1/4*
[Tamina interfered against Beth Phoenix.]

Commercial Break

Returning from the break, Drew McIntyre is showing walking through the backstage area, towards the arena exit. Just as he walks through the door, he is viciously attacked by Delirious. Daizee Haze shouts encouragement as Delirious stomps on McIntyre. Delirious stops the assault and says that he’s going to make Drew pay for putting his hands on Daizee, at “Battle at the Bay”. Delirious and Daizee walk off as the camera goes back to ringside.

Tournament Match #2
Bobby Roode vs. The Great Khali (w/Ranjin Singh)

Luke Gallows could only sit and watch from the backstage area as the final match of the evening started. The Great Khali was given a chance to earn a second title shot in one night, as he was already slated to face Chris Hero for the Television Title at “Battle at the Bay”. Earning a shot at the Heavyweight Title would have really turned his fortunes around heading into next Saturday’s event. Roode, on the other hand, was looking to get his ticket punched to San Francisco. Roode gave this match all he had. He was outweighed by over 200 pounds and was at a height disadvantage, but somehow was able to hold his own against the Punjabi Giant.

When things seemed to be falling out of Khali’s grasp, Rajin Singh climbed onto the apron and tried to interfere against Roode. When that backfired, Roode knocked Singh to the concrete, before getting attacked by Khali. Outside the ring, Singh looked ready to strike but was stopped as CHRIS HERO ran down from the back and held Singh back. The appearance of Hero at ringside caught Khali’s attention and seeing Hero putting his hands on Singh enraged Khali. But, before could leave the ring, Roode – who had staggered to his feet – readied himself, and as Khali turned around, hit a vicious forearm smash for the 1-2-3!

[Tournament Match #2]
Bobby Roode pinned The Great Khali after a forearm smash in 11:43.
Rating: -*

After the match, Roode crumpled down in the corner, as the crowd cheers him on. It is announced that next week, Roode will take on Luke Gallows for the right to face The Big Show for the vacant Heavyweight Title at “Battle at the Bay”. The announcers sign off from Greenville, as the show goes off the air.

Card Rating: -1/2*

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