July 4, 2011 - Monday Night Anarchy - Birmingham, AL

Birmingham-Jefferson Convention Center
Attendance: 9,576 (57%)

Highlights from last week’s show are shown. The camera goes inside the arena as “Headstrong” plays, and fireworks shoot through the darkness. As the lights come up, the crowd goes crazy, and Josh Daniels and Scott Michaels welcome everyone to Birmingham for this special 4th of July edition of Monday Night Anarchy. Last week, Kurt Angle and Cody Rhodes both moved one step closer to main-eventing Justice as they advanced to the second round of the Heavyweight Title tournament. Tonight, we will find out who their opponents will be as Mr. Anderson takes on David Hart Smith, and AJ Styles takes on “The Viper” Randy Orton…

MATT MORGAN’S music begins to play as he comes out to the ring, followed by Anderson, Styles, Ric Flair and Chelsea. The crowd greets them with a round of boos, and J.D. comments that after not hearing much from them for the past several months, after what took place at Turning Point, these five have generated a lot of hatred from the fans. Inside the ring, Morgan takes a microphone and says that he’s sure everyone is very happy to have seen him lose last week to Kurt Angle. (Crowd cheers and begins and “Angle! Angle!” chant) Morgan says that the crowd can chant for Angle all they want to, but he’s not out here to talk about “The Olympic Gold Medalist”. Morgan says that last week, he was made out to look like a fool because Cody Rhodes came down to the ring and cracked Morgan in the back with a steel chair. (Crowd cheers) Morgan says that he thinks it’s cute that Rhodes was trying to get him back for what happened at Turning Point, and says that Rhodes should be proud of himself; but to also consider himself very lucky. Morgan says that by helping Angle win last week, Rhodes made sure that he and Morgan didn’t face off against each other at some point during the tournament - most likely at Justice, for the Heavyweight Title. Morgan says that Rhodes’s actions saved him a little bit of time, but that at some point very soon, Rhodes will pay for what he’s done. Morgan then looks into the camera and wishes Cody good luck next week. Morgan drops the microphone as the five of them leave the ring, making their way up the ramp, as Anarchy goes to commercials.

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[6-Vixen Tag Team Battle Royal]:
Brie Bella & Daffney won a 3-Team Battle Royal:
X Natalya threw out V. Sky (partner: Nikki Bella) in 0:00:52.
X Daffney threw out Natalya (partner: Maryse) in 0:04:58.
Rating: ** ¼

The night started off with Peter Bradshaw’s celebration of the 4th of July, with a three-team bikini battle royal. Natalya and Maryse made their way to the ring first. The crowd began to buzz as Natalya came out in her normal ring attire. Inside the ring, she says that he doesn’t care of Maryse wants to show off her body, but that she does not want to be know for her physical attributes, but rather for what she can do inside the ring. The crowd booed as she and Nikki awaited their opponents. Velvet Sky and Nikki Bella came to the ring, followed by Brie Bella and the Women’s Champion, who was dressed in a 1930’s era bathing suit, which caused the crowd to come alive again. When the match started, Natalya wasted no time eliminating Velvet Sky, also eliminating Nikki Bella. Natalya, Maryse, Brie and Daffney continue to battle it out inside the ring until Daffney tossed Natalya over the top rope, picking up the victory for her team.

After the match, Natalya slammed her hands against the mat as she stared at Daffney, who was celebrating inside the ring, along with Brie Bella. J.D. and Scott Michaels both comment on the chosen attire of the Women’s Champion as Anarchy goes to commercials.

Commercial Break

Coming back from the break, DAFFNEY and BRIE BELLA are seen making their way backstage, when they are approached by VELVET SKY. Sky tells Brie to get lost before confronted Daffney. Velvet says that she doesn’t know what Daffney is trying to do, but that she defiling the Women’s Title. She says that she feels better for the title belt, because it has to be up against Daffney’s “disgusting” body every single week. Velvet says that she is a much more deserving champion, and that she is forgetting everything she said about not wanting to face Daffney again. Velvet says that she wants a shot at the Women’s Title at Justice. Velvet walks away as Daffney smiles sadistically into the camera…

[Heavyweight Title Tournament - Round One]:
Mr. Anderson defeated David Hart Smith by disqualification in 0:00:40.
Rating: *
[Natalya interfered against Mr. Anderson.]

David Hart Smith had his second chance to advance in a Heavyweight Title tournament tonight, since coming up short in the first-ever Wicked Games event last fall. Tonight, his undoing came at the hands of his cousin, Natalya, who wasted no time by tripping Mr. Anderson seconds after the bell rang. Anderson was awarded the victory, as Smith crumpled into the corner, looking at Natalya, who could do nothing but stare back at Smith. Anderson rolled out of the ring, laughing, as he met up with Ric Flair, AJ Styles, Matt Morgan and Chelsea on the ramp to celebrate his victory. J.D. reminds fans that, next week, Mr. Anderson will step into the ring against Cody Rhodes - one of the men they screwed out of the Heavyweight Title at Turning Point.

Commercial Break

As Anarchy returns, AJ STYLES, MR. ANDERSON, RIC FLAIR, MATT MORGAN, and CHELSEA make their way down to the ring, for the second time tonight, much to the chagrin of the crowd. Anderson grabs the microphone and says that tonight is going to be a great night for everyone inside the ring. He says that he and Styles are one step closer to becoming Tag Team Champions for the first time. Anderson says that he doesn’t really care which team he and Styles have to face at Justice, because nothing can stop the ride they’ve been on since Turning Point. He says that, on top of being one match away from becoming Tag Team Champions, he is one step closer for challenging for the Heavyweight Title at Justice. He says that AJ will be one step closer to the goal as well, after beating Randy Orton later tonight.

Styles gets on the mic and says that he knows that Randy Orton is fuming about what happened at Turning Point. But, he says, that he can really only be mad at himself and Cody Rhodes, because they both had the chance to take Abyss out; but neither of them could do it. Styles says that Orton is angry because Styles, Anderson and Matt Morgan did something he couldn’t do. Styles says that, tonight, he will do something else that Orton can’t: advance to the next round of the Heavyweight Title tournament; and eventually become Heavyweight Champion for the third time! Styles dropped the microphone as the crowd filled the arena with boos. The group left the ring as J.D. announced that, coming up next, Colt Cabana and Derrick Bateman would be in tag team action.

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Colt Cabana & Derrick Bateman defeated Chris Hero and David Otunga when D. Bateman defeated Hero by disqualification in 0:11:29.
Rating: * ½
[Shane Hagadorn interfered against Derrick Bateman.]

The fans in Birmingham were introduced to two new members of the HWL roster tonight, as Chris Hero and David Otunga made the jump up from Premiere Championship Wrestling, teaming up to take on Cabana and Bateman. Hero and Otunga had a very strong showing in this match, as neither of them appeared weary of taking the fight to the HWL veterans. During the match, Otunga connected with The Verdict onto the concrete floor on Cabana, essentially taking out of the match. Shane Hag adorn - Chris Hero’s manager - became involved in the match, as he picked up Cabana and rolled him back into the ring. As Otunga went for the cover, Bateman broke it up, evening out the match. Eventually Cabana made the tag into Bateman, but moments later, Hagadorn interfered, tripping Bateman, disqualifying his charges.

After the match, Hero and Otunga entered the ring and attacked Bateman as Hagadorn distracted Cabana. Cabana knocked Hagadorn to the ground, before sliding into the ring, sending Hero and Otunga running through the ropes. Cabana stood over Bateman, as Hero, Otunga and Hagadorn made their way up the ramp with the crowd booing them.

Commercial Break

As Anarchy comes back, JEY USO is seen sitting in the locker room, his head in his hands. Tamina comes into view and says that she’s sorry for what happened last week, and that Jey knows she’d never do anything to keep him from succeeding. Uso says that’s exactly what Tamina did; and it cost him a shot at the Heavyweight Title. He said that last week could’ve been his only chance to get anywhere close to holding the top belt in the HWL, and because of her interference, the chance blew up in his face. He says that, since Day One, they have been claiming that they were going to do their families proud, and continue to honor their careers through their own. Now, Uso tells Tamina, that there’s no one to blame but her. Uso gets up from his chair and walks out of the locker room as Tamina looks on, fighting back tears…

[Non-Title Match]:
Alex Shelley defeated Tyson Kidd by disqualification in 0:10:26.
Rating: ** ¾
[Natalya interfered against Alex Shelley.]

A week after watching Evan Bourne pick up a successful victory, the X-Division Champion came out hoping to match that result as he took on Tyson Kidd. With Natalya at ringside, Shelley found himself worrying about two things, and for good reason. During the match, Natalya interfered for the second time tonight - pulling down the top rope and sending Shelley crashing onto the concrete floor - allowing Kidd to take advantage. Kidd continued to work over the champion’s lower back, but was unable to put Shelley away with any submission move. With his mat skills not working, Kidd went to the air, and connected with the Springboard Clothesline, pinning Shelley. But, Shelley was able to kick out at two-and-a-half! This sent Kidd into a frenzy, and he grabbed the referee, tossing him outside the ring, and attacking Shelley as the crowd went crazy! The referee slowly got to his feet and called for the bell, disqualifying Kidd.

After the match, as Kidd continued to attack Shelley, EVAN BOURNE ran from the back and cleared the ring. The crowd cheered for Bourne, who checked on Shelley, as Kidd and Natalya made their way back up the ramp.

Commercial Break

[Heavyweight Title Tournament - Round One]:
Randy Orton defeated AJ Styles by countout in 0:06:47.
Rating: ** ¼

Tonight’s main event saw AJ Styles stepping into the ring with Randy Orton for the second time in as many weeks, after taking the place of “The Monster” Abyss at Turning Point. Styles came out to the ring with Ric Flair and Chelsea, but the referee made a stern point that any interference would cause Styles to lose the match, so for the duration of the match, both Flair and Chelsea stood near the announce table. All they could do was stand and watch as Styles connected the Pele kick, sending Orton outside the ring. Styles looked to Flair for praise, wasting time, and allowing Orton to get to his feet on the concrete. Styles turned around and attempted a spinning plancha onto Orton, but Orton moved out of the way, and Styles crashed down hard onto his midsection. Styles appeared to not have been able to block the blow, as his head was busted open upon hitting the concrete. Orton rolled back into the ring as the referee counted Styles out.

After the match, Orton turned to look at Flair and Chelsea, as they both had looks of shock on their faces. Orton then left the ring as Flair and Chelsea mad e their way around the ring to check on Styles. Anarchy went off the air as the medical staff made their way down the ramp.

Card rating: **

HWL Newsline:

- After the events that took place two weeks ago, during the Heavyweight Title tournament, and the confrontation with manager Tamina earlier in the show, JEY USO has told Peter Bradshaw that he is leaving the HWL. Asked for a statement as he was leaving the arena tonight, Uso said that he had sat back and quietly let Bradshaw look over him, giving less deserving people a chance to prove themselves. He said the last draw was being put in the Heavyweight Title tournament and having someone he considered a friend screw him out of the chance of a lifetime. Uso said that he should’ve seen the signs when his brother left the company months ago, but that he was holding out hope that things would be different for him. Peter Bradshaw and the rest of the HWL wish Mr. Uso the best in his future endeavors.

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