June 05 2,012 - PCW Special Event - Tampa, FL

PCW Special Event
June 5, 2012
Tampa Bay Times Forum – Tampa, Florida
Attendance: 11,262 (57%)

Alfred Pressley and James Westerfield welcome everyone to Tampa, for tonight’s two-hour Special Event, where tonight six men will compete for the chance to be called Number One Contender; and to challenge The Big Show for the PCW Heavyweight Title next month. Also, tonight, the newly christened Women’s Title; the Tag Team Titles; and the Television Title will all be on the line. Alfred sends things to the ring for the first qualifying match.

Number One Contender Qualifying Match
Cody Rhodes vs. Kenny King

The night started off with the first of three qualifying matches, with the winner moving on to the main event for a chance to become number one contender, and earn a Heavyweight Title match. That was apparently all the motivation Kenny King has needed since being named one of the six participants. Rhodes tried to come back at various times throughout the match, but King was too dominate to overcome. King put away Rhodes with a spinning heel kick to advance.

[Qualifying Match]:
Kenny King pinned Cody Rhodes after a spinning heel kick in 8:16.
Rating: ** ¾

Backstage, Brooke Barlow is seen with Taylor Wilde. Taylor says that last week was bittersweet. Over the past few weeks, she has been able to feel the surge of adrenaline when she won matches, advancing to the Women’s Title match last week. But she also experienced what it’s like to get so close, yet have the prize just out of reach. Taylor says that she is happy that Beth Phoenix is the PCW Women’s Champion, saying that no one else deserves it. She says that last week showed her that, even though she got to the final round, she might no longer have what it takes to be a champion in this business. Taylor then announces that her match against Tiffany will be her farewell match, and that she will be returning to retirement after the show. Taylor walks off as the show goes to commercials.

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Tiffany vs. Taylor Wilde

Taylor Wilde was given a huge ovation from the Tampa crowd, just moments after announcing that this would be her final match. When the bell rang, however, Taylor quickly found herself on the defensive, as Tiffany came out looking to fight. Tiffany certainly wanted to give Taylor a loss on her way out the door, but Taylor was one match away from winning the Women’s Title for a reason. Being the veteran that she is, Taylor bided her time, allowing for Tiffany to make a mistake. When that happened, Taylor took her opportunity. Taylor hit the Wilde Ride for her last victory in PCW.

Taylor Wilde pinned Tiffany with the Wilde Ride in 6:27.
Rating: -**

After the match, Taylor gets to her feet and celebrates the victory, as once again, the crowd gives her a standing ovation. She waits for the referee to assist Tiffany to her feed before offering her hand. Tiffany takes her hand, and the two women hug, before Taylor exits.

Backstage, Brooke Barlow is seen with Chris Hero. Brooke asks Hero about the comments made by Shane Hagadorn last week, and if Hero would like to respond. Hero says that he can remember the days when Shane Hagadorn would use his ability with words to make people believe that he was God’s gift to wrestlers. He says that he would say whatever he needed to get people to follow him or hate him. Hagadorn did it with Hero. And he’s doing it now with Claudio. Hero says that Claudio is believing Hagadorn’s lies. Hero says that Hagadorn’s mind games are working so well, it caused the Tag Team Champions to divide and lose their titles. Hero says that he would go broke to face Claudio later tonight, with no question. He asks whether or not Claudio would say the same thing. Before walking away, Hero asks Claudio what happens to him if he loses tonight.

Commercial Break

#1 Contenders Qualifying Match
David Otunga vs. Chris Hero

Chris Hero has had redemption on his mind for the past two weeks, ever since his former tag team partner, Claudio Castagnoli, turned his back on their partnership, costing them the Tag Team Titles. Frustration has set in over the following weeks, and Otunga used that to his advantage once this match got underway. Otunga took control of the match, but found it difficult to put away Hero. This caused Otunga to pull out all the stops as Hero began to make a comeback late in the match; pulling the referee in front of a clothesline attempt! With the referee down, Otunga and Hero took things outside the ring, where Hero whipped Otunga into the ring apron and guardrail, before hitting the Hero’s Welcome on the concrete floor! Hero rolled Otunga into the ring, as a new referee ran down from backstage. For good measure, Hero hit a second Hero’s Welcome before making the cover for the 1-2-3.

Contenders Qualifying Match:
Chris Hero pinned David Otunga with the Hero’s Welcome in 8:05.
Rating: *** ¾

Backstage, Claudio Castagnoli and Shane Hagadorn are seen watching Chris Hero’s celebration on a monitor. Claudio tells Brooke Barlow that Hero should be happy with his win, no matter how cheap it was. Hagadorn adds that the only reason Hero was able to win was because of Otunga’s bad decision to use the referee as a shield. Hagadorn promises that, after Claudio defeats James Storm, he won’t be running from Chris Hero.

Commercial Break

#1 Contenders Qualifying Match
James Storm vs. Claudio Castagnoli (w/Shane Hagadorn)

Claudio Castagnoli has gained a very egotistical attitude since aligning himself with Shane Hagadorn a number of weeks ago. The backstabbing of Chris Hero, and the placement in the hunt for a Heavyweight Title shot, have only strengthened that attitude. Tonight, though, Castagnoli was nearly brought back to reality by James Storm. Storm, who is searching for another run as a singles champion, would’ve been in a great position with a victory tonight. Storm controlled a good portion of this match, needing to hit a number of “big-time” moves to weaken his opponent. However, as has been seen in the past, having Hagadorn at ringside seems to work in his charges’ favor. Hagadorn jumped onto the apron, distracting the referee, as Claudio was able to connect with a low blow. Hagadorn jumped off the apron just in time to watch Claudio hit the Ricola Bomb for the 1-2-3.

Contenders Qualifying Match:
Claudio Castagnoli pinned James Storm with the Ricola Bomb in 8:08.
Rating: *** ¼

Backstage, Rhett Titus is seen preparing for his up-coming match, when Kenny King comes up and slaps him on the back. King says that they are both in a great position tonight, and could both be singles champions by next month. King tells Titus that he’ll be the first one to congratulate him when he walks backstage with the TV Title tonight. King walks off as the show goes to commercials.

Commercial Break

PCW Television Title Match
Rhett Titus vs. © Justin Gabriel

Rhett Titus picked up a victory over Alex Payne last week, in the place of Jeremy Buck last week, to earn his title shot tonight. Gabriel, who has held the belt on two other occasions, knows what it’s like to defend the belt on the big stage; and he was prepared for another such defense. This match with back and forth, and the crowd was beginning to brace for a possible upset, when JEREMEY BUCK came down to ringside, attacking Titus as he went for a cover. The referee called for the bell as Buck continued to lay into Titus.

[PCW Television Title Match]:
Rhett Titus defeated Justin Gabriel by disqualification in 6:30.
Rating: ** ¼
(Justin Gabriel retained the PCW Television Title.)
[Jeremey Buck interfered against Rhett Titus.]

After the match, Buck grabbed a microphone and said that he said that he never lost his shot at the Television Title. He said that Titus took the spot, and that Buck was coming back to claim it. Buck challenged Gabriel to a TV Title match, next week, before storming out of the ring.

Dressed in her ring gear, holding the Women’s Title over her shoulder, Beth Phoenix is seen backstage with Brooke Barlow. Brooke asks what went through Beth’s mind after winning the title last week. Beth says that, even if it’s not her first title victory, the feeling is still one of the best… knowing that you’re the best and being rewarded for it. She says those feelings changed when Leva Bates showed up, offering congratulations. Beth says she doesn’t get freaked out too easily, but that was a weird moment. Brooke asks if Beth thinks Leva’s tactics were to play mind games, and Beth says that it’s possible. But she’s had a week to compose herself, and get used to being called champion again. Beth says no amount of mind games will keep her from successfully defending the title tonight.

Commercial Break

Returning from the break, Heavyweight Champion The Big Show is seen with Brooke Barlow. Brooke asks if Show is ready to find out who he will defend the title against at next month’s special event. Show says that Peter Bradshaw came up with an ingenious way of filtering out who deserves a chance and who doesn’t. Show says that all three men have proven that they deserve a shot, so it doesn’t matter who wins. He says that he will be at ringside, to get an up-close and personal look at his competition.

[PCW Women’s Title Match]:
Leva Bates vs. © Beth Phoenix

Tonight was the night that Leva Bates got recognized for the success she’s had over the past few weeks. Tonight was also the fight title defense in Beth Phoenix’s reign as newly crowned Women’s Champion. Bates has shown that she can mix it up with varying styles; and tonight she tried to keep Beth on the canvas, staying away from the champ’s power. Beth struggled with this game plan – and at times it looked like it was getting the best of her. But, having earned the title, she had to overcome adversity before. She did so again, tonight, hitting the Glam Slam for the 1-2-3.

[PCW Women’s Title Match]:
Beth Phoenix pinned Leva Bates with the Glam Slam in 6:04.
Rating: ½*
(Beth Phoenix retained the PCW Women’s Title.)

The Bravado Brothers are seen, backstage, hyping themselves up for their title match in just a few moments. Brooke Barlow asks what has them so excited, and Lance says that tonight is the night they prove to everyone that they are worthy of being called champions together. Harlem says brothers make the best teams… and the best champions. They walk off, towards the ring, as the show goes to commercials.

Commercial Break

PCW Tag Team Title Match
The Bravado Brothers vs. © Jay Lethal & Wade Barrett

Lance and Harlem came out to the ring, still very eager and excited get their chance against the Tag Team Champions. Jay Lethal and Wade Barrett continued to fend off questions on the legitimacy of their title win two weeks ago, but came into tonight determined to put an end to peoples’ discrediting. The Bravados looked strong throughout this match, obviously giving the champions more than they bargained for. The magnitude of the match clearly helped propel the challengers to raise their games; but so did the champions in response. No matter what was thrown at them, Lethal and Barrett fought back. An impressive match was ended when Barrett hit the Wasteland on Harlem for the 1-2-3.

[PCW Tag Team Title Match]:
Jay Lethal & Wade Barrett defeated The Bravado Brothers (Harlem & Lance) when Barrett pinned Harlem with the Wasteland in 10:07.
Rating: **
(Jay Lethal & Wade Barrett retained the PCW Tag Team Titles.)

After the match, Lethal and Barrett celebrated in the ring, with their titles, as Lance rolled Harlem out of the ring. The Bravados made their way up the ramp as the show went to commercials.

Commercial Break

Returning from the break, the ring announcer introduces The Big Show, and he walks out to ringside with the Heavyweight Title over his shoulder. Alfred and James welcome Show to the broadcast table. Show says he’s ready to see who wants a shot at him bad enough.

#1 Contenders’ Triple Threat Match
Kenny King vs. Chris Hero vs. Claudio Castagnoli (w/Shane Hagadorn)

After the night that had taken place, the stage was set to see who would have the remaining energy or fortitude to earn a spot in the Heavyweight Title match next month. The Big Show watched from ringside as King and Hero were announced; but everyone in attendance was stunned when Peter Bradshaw came out to the stage and announced that Claudio Castagnoli had been found unconscious, backstage. Bradshaw then introduced DAVID OTUNGA as Castagnoli’s replacement – the man Hero defeated earlier in the night!

It was obvious that King and Hero were surprised by the events of the evening, because neither of them appeared to find their footing in the early part of the match. Otunga, the clear beneficiary of what happened, took advantage of his opponents’ shock, and quickly took control of the match. Josh, Scott, and Show discussed the possible reasons why Castagnoli may’ve been targeted, and the possible suspects behind the attack. Hero came out of nowhere to hit the Hero’s Welcome on Kenny King, but Otunga broke the pin up at two. Otunga and Hero went after each other – continuing their fight from earlier – as SHANE HAGADORN made his way to ringside, pointing and screaming at Hero. Distracted, Hero got into a shouting match with Hagadorn. Hero turned to get back into the match, and was tripped by Hagadorn, behind the referee’s back. Hero slipped out of the ring, chasing after Hagadorn, as Hero and King fought in the ring. King was still feeling the effects of the Hero’s Welcome, and Otunga wasted no time in hitting the Verdict for a shocking 1-2-3!

Contenders’ Triple Threat Match:
David Otunga defeated Kenny King and Chris Hero when D. Otunga pinned K. King with the Verdict in 14:11.
Rating: *** ½
(Claudio Castagnoli no-showed.)
[Shane Hagadorn interfered against Chris Hero.]

After the match, Otunga quickly rolled out of the ring, celebrating his victory. He made his way up the ramp as, from ringside, The Big Show stood and raised the Heavyweight Title in the air. The show goes off the air with both men staring across the arena.

Card rating: ** ½

PCW Special Event – July 3, 2012 – Buffalo, NY
Heavyweight Title Match: David Otunga vs. © The Big Show

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