PCW Wrestling TV #149

PCW Wrestling TV is a weekly program, showcasing the PCW developmental program, and is produced by the Horizon Wrestling League (HWL). Episode 149 took place from the Verizon Center in Mankato, Minnesota on June 11, 2013. The announced attendance for this episode was 5,904. The announcers for this episode were Alfred Pressley and James Westerfield. Brooke Barlow was the backstage interviewer. Episode 149 would be the final episode leading into the Malicious Intent pay-per-view on June 15, 2013.

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PCW Heavyweight Champion Hernandez started off the show by coming down to the ring and apologizing for his actions on last week's episode. He admitted that the situation between himself and The Esperanza was weighing heavily on his mind, but that doesn't excuse him putting his hands on an official. Hernandez says that it's not how a champion should represent himself or the company. PCW Commissioner Rex Butler joins Hernandez in the ring. Butler says there is a protocol that must be followed, no matter if it's a rookie or the top guy; Butler says that he is fining Hernandez ten percentage of his earnings from last week. Butler then tells Hernandez that he and Justin Gabriel will team up to take on Drew McIntyre and The Esperanza later tonight.

The opening match of the night saw Carnage return from the injured list to take on David Otunga Carnage would lock in the Fujiwara Armbar, forcing Otunga to tap out for the victory. After the match, the PCW Tag Team Champions Austin Aries and Bobby Roode came down to the ring and attacked Otunga, focusing on his weakened arm. Otunga's tag partner Shinya Ishikawa ran down and cleared out the ring, standing over Otunga as Aries and Roode walked up the ramp.

In the Civic Center parking lot, a gray Ford F-150 pulled in and stopped. Josh Daniels and Scott Michaels speculated on who might be inside the vehicle.

Nikki Bella faced off against her sister Brie Bella in the second match. In what was announced as the Number One Contenders match, the winner would receive a title match against PCW Women's Champion Natalya at Malicious Intent. Brie would win the match after Nikki hit the back of her head against the metal guardrail and would be unable to re-enter the ring before the referee's 10-count. After the match, Brie would check on her sister, helping Nikki to the back.

In an interview with Brooke Barlow, Austin Aries and Bobby Roode gave their reasoning for attacking David Otunga earlier in the evening. They claimed that by interfering in their match last week, Otunga deserved what happened to him tonight. It's what happens with people stick their nose where it doesn't belong. Commissioner Rex Butler stopped by, interrupting the interview, to announce that since there seemed to be an issue between the two teams, they would be able to settle their differences at Malicious Intent, with the Tag Team Titles on the line!

The next match saw the debut of Jey Uso and Tarkan Aslan as they took on Jon Ryan and Petey Williams. Uso had been a member of the HWL roster before joining WWE. His return tonight signified the end of that working relationship. Aslan had been a fixture in the German wrestling scene and was making his American debut tonight. Ryan and Williams picked up the victory after Williams hit "The Canadian Destroyer" and a flying forearm to pin Aslan.

In another backstage interview with Brook Barlow, Kenny King and Rhett Titus said last week was a good comeback for them. They admitted there is a lot of work that needs to be done between the two of them, and nothing will ever go back to normal, but defeating the Tag Team Champions last week was a great start. They issued a challenge, for next week's episode, to face whoever comes out victorious on Saturday night in the Tag Team Title Match.

In the fourth match of the night, Daniel Bryan took on Bobby Roode. During the match, it appeared that Bryan had landed awkwardly and was having problems with his left knee. Roode focused on the apparent injury before finally hitting "The Payoff" for the victory. After the match, Bryan was escorted from the ring with the help of medical personnel.

Suicide took on Austin Aries in the fifth match of the evening. Aries picked up the victory after hitting a 450 splash. After the match, David Otunga and Shinya Ishikawa appeared on the big stage screen, attacking Bobby Roode backstage. Aries would leave the ring, running backstage. An all-out brawl would ensue in the backstage area before HWL officials could separate everyone.

In the sixth and final match of the night, Hernandez and Justin Gabriel took on Drew McIntyre and The Esperanza, the two men they would be defending their respective titles against at Malicious Intent. McIntyre won the match for his team after hitting a Northern Lights Suplex on Gabriel. With a little help from Newling-sama at ringside, who grabbed the leg of Hernandez, making him unable to break up the pin attempt. After the match, McIntyre and The Esperanza celebrated their match while standing on the stage.


No. Matches Stipulations Times
1 Carnage def. David Otunga by submission Singles Match 9:11
2 Brie Bella def. Nikki Bella by countout Singles Match (Winner would receive a Women's Title match at Malicious Intent) 3:17
3 Jon Ryan & Petey Williams def. Jey Uso & Tarkan Aslan by pinfall Tag Team Match 15:03
4 Bobby Roode def. Daniel Bryan by pinfall Singles Match 9:51
5 Austin Aries def. Suicide by pinfall Singles Match 15:19
6 Drew McIntyre & The Esperanza (w/Newling-sama) def. Hernandez & Justin Gabriel by pinfall Tag Team Match 8:21

Extra News

Due to the injury sustained by Daniel Bryan tonight, the PCW medical staff have determined that he will be out of action for six weeks.

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