June 13, 2011

Attendance: 8,984 (48%)

“Headstrong” blares throughout the darkened arena as fireworks shoot from the stage, and the crowd goes crazy. Josh Daniels and Scott Michaels welcome everyone to Milwaukee, just 13 days away from Turning Point, where tonight Cody Rhodes will address the HWL fans about the actions he took last week against “The Viper” Randy Orton. A video plays, showing Randy Orton’s argument to be a part of the Heavyweight Title Match at Turning Point, and the attack by Rhodes during Orton’s match against Kaz.

Cody Rhodes comes out to the ring, getting a mixed reaction from the crowd, as Josh Daniels notices the seriousness that showed on his face; something he had never seen before from Rhodes. Rhodes enters the ring and paces around, with microphone in hand, before stopping beside the ropes, looking up at the ramp. Rhodes says that he doesn’t understand it. He says he doesn’t understand how someone, who has had pretty much everything handed to him since he walked into the business, could feel the need to put his nose in a situation where it didn’t belong. Rhodes stares at the ramp and says that he’s talking about “The Viper” Randy Orton. Rhodes says that Orton wasn’t the one that got screwed out of the Heavyweight Title at Fully Loaded; it was him. Rhodes says that he never saw Abyss coming at Fully Loaded, because he had just finished having the match of his life against Kurt Angle. Orton, on the other hand, had his chance to beat Abyss the same night, but couldn’t get the job done. Because of that, Rhodes says, that Orton should accept that fact and let other people take care of their business… but that Orton doesn’t allow people to take care of their own business.

But, before Rhodes can continue, PETER BRADSHAW makes his way down to the ring, getting a bad scowl from Rhodes. Bradshaw says that he understands what Rhodes is saying, and that he feels that Rhodes has a definite case to be number one contender. But, he says that just like Rhodes, Randy Orton has unfinished business with Abyss due to what happened at Fully Loaded. Therefore, Bradshaw announces that tonight, Cody Rhodes and Randy Orton will face each other in a number one contenders match, with the winner facing Abyss at Turning Point on June 26th. Bradshaw then leaves the ring as Rhodes screams that it’s not fair.

Josh Daniels informs the television audience that, coming up next, KAZ will take on SKIP SHEFFIELD.

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Kaz defeated Skip Sheffield by countout in 0:07:05.
Rating: **

For the second straight week, “The Cornfed Meat Head” grabbed an early advantage, this time quickly tossing his lighter opponent outside the ring. Sheffield connected with a vicious clothesline, sending Kaz crashing onto the concrete at ringside before rolling him under the bottom rope. Sheffield looked like he had everything under control, but Kaz fought back, and with the crowd getting more and more behind him, ducked a clothesline attempt by Sheffield, before hitting a high cross body for a near fall! Kaz ran back into the ropes and hit Sheffield with a flying shoulder block that sent the big man falling through the ropes, tumbling down to the concrete below! Stunned, Sheffield got to his feet and slowly walked up the ramp as the referee counted him out.

After the match, as Kaz stood in the ring, shaking his head at the sight before him, YOSHI TATSU appears, jumping over the barricade and sliding into the ring behind Kaz. As Kaz turns around, Yoshi connects with a Roundhouse kick that sends Kaz to the canvas, motionless. The crowd boos as Yoshi exit’s the ring and makes his way up the ramp

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Backstage, Alisha Hicks welcomes back KURT ANGLE to Anarchy, after losing the Heavyweight Title at Fully Loaded. Angle says he doesn’t want to be welcomed back, because there’s nothing “welcome” about coming back without the Heavyweight Title over his shoulder. Angle says that he has sat back and watched Cody Rhodes and Randy Orton put each other down, hoping to make a case for their own title shots against Abyss. Angle says that, out of everyone involved at Fully Loaded, he is the one that has nothing to say. Angle says he lost, and in keeping with his integrity on the matter, he will wait until his time comes up again. Angle says he had a great run as champion, and that he will be waiting for the chance to hold the title again.

As Angle walks away from Alisha, he is attacked from behind by MR. ANDERSON! Anderson lands a series or kicks to Angle’s back and midsection, keeping him on the ground. Anderson then picks Angle up and Irish-whips him into the concrete wall! Angle slumps down to the ground as Anderson continues to land kicks to Angle’s midsection. Anderson gets down beside Angle and tells him that Anderson has been waiting a long time to get his hands on Angle once again; and now that Angle isn’t champion, that chance has arrived. Anderson smacks Angle across the face before leaving the scene as the camera zooms in on Angle…

Natalya defeated Velvet Sky by countout in 0:12:25.
Rating: * ½

The former Women’s Champion looked to continue her ascent back up the ladder in the Vixens’ Division, as she stepped into the ring with the current number one contender for the title belt. These two Vixens have had quite the rivalry over the past year, and things were quickly rekindled after the bell rang. Both women stopped at nothing, in the hopes of getting the better of the other, but for most of the match neither of them could gain any ground. That is, until, Natalya connected with a boot to the midsection before throwing Velvet through the ropes, to the concrete below. Natalya quickly slid through the ropes and locked on the Sharpshooter as the referee began his 10-count. Velvet screamed in pain, and didn’t stop until Natalya released the hold at the referee’s count of six. Natalya picked up the former champion and connected with a devastating back suplex onto the concrete floor! Natalya rolled under the bottom rope as Velvet was counted out.

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Anarchy returns from the break, showing an outside shot of the Bradley Center. Back inside the arena, Josh Daniels is standing in the center of the ring, and announces a special interview with the Tag Team Champions, The Hart Dynasty. Tyson Kidd, David Hart Smith and Natalya make their way to the ring, getting a mixed reaction from the crowd. J.D. thanks them for their time, and starts off by asking how Tyson Kidd is feeling, after he surprised everyone last Tuesday night by showing up at the PCW event in Dayton, Ohio. Kidd says that he’s feeling a lot better after last week, but still isn’t 100 percent. He says that he needed to get back into the ring before he and DHS defend the titles against The American Wolves. J.D. announces that the Tag Team Titles will be on the line, live, next week on Monday Night Anarchy; and wonders if Kidd with be fully healthy in a week’s time. Kidd says that it’s nothing to worry about, because he’s gone through worse pain; he had to in order to get where he is today. He and DHS both.

Smith says that he knows Tyson is ready for their match next week against the Wolves, but that it’s not going to be just an ordinary match, yet it’s going to be a fight. Smith says that he knows he’s ready for a fight, because he wants to make Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards pay for the things that they’ve said over the past couple weeks. And, what makes it even better is that the match will take place in their homeland, Canada. Smith says that it’s they’ve had their successes in Canada since joining the HWL, but that they still hold a lot or resentment for their loss there last year, where they had to watch the Tag Team Titles leave the ring under the possession of Americans. Smith promises that the same result will not repeat itself next week.

J.D. thanks the Champions for their time as the leave the ring. As they make their way up the ramp, THE AMERICAN WOLVES run down the ramp, and all four men start brawling in the aisle! Richards sends Kidd into the guardrail, as DHS takes Edwards down to the steel ramp with a clothesline! Smith attacks Richards from behind, knocking him to the ground, before he and Kidd assault Richards with a series of kicks. Edwards slowly gets back to his feet, and attempts to grab Smith from behind, but Natalya connects with a low blow that sends Edwards to the ground in agony! Smith brings Richards onto the ramp, and picks him up, as Kidd runs down the ramp, connecting with the Hart Attack on the steel ramp! Both Kidd and Richards cry out in pain as the crowd goes crazy. Smith and Natalya help Kidd to his feet, as The Hart Dynasty make their way up the ramp. Anarchy goes to commercials…

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Evan Bourne & Kaval defeated Matt Morgan & Mr. Anderson when Kaval pinned Anderson with the Warrior’s Way in 0:10:49.
Rating: ***

Tonight, the crowd in Milwaukee was given a chance to see these unusual pairings, and they didn’t seem to be disappointed. All four of these men have had history with each other in the past, and they seemed to rekindle those fires once the bell rang. Evan Boure and Kaval were the fan-favorites tonight, but were overmatched by their larger, stronger opponents. Morgan and Anderson used their size to keep the high-flyers on their feet, but neither Bourne nor Kaval would let it last for long. Kaval spent most of the match as at the mercy of both Morgan and Anderson, until a quick tag brought in the fresher man, Bourne. Bourne came in with a fury for fists and boots, but ultimately came crashing down as Morgan caught a cross body attempt from the top rope and power slammed him to the canvas! Morgan tagged in Anderson, and it appeared that both men were ready to do more damaged to Bourne, but surprisingly, he was able to reach the corner and tag in Kaval! Kaval came into the ring - and with an urgency not seen before - took down both men. Kaval dropkicked Morgan through the ropes, before hitting a picture-perfect DDT on Anderson, and jumped onto the turnbuckle and connected with the Warrior’s Way. Kaval made the cover as the referee counted to three!

After the match, Bourne and Kaval celebrated in the center of the ring as Anderson slowly rolled under the bottom rope. The noise in the arena was deafening as Josh Daniels wondered if Kaval felt any sense of retribution after being knocked out of action by Anderson a few weeks ago…

Commercial Break

Returning from the break, KAZ is seen walking through the backstage area when he is approached by Alisha Hicks, who apologizes for interrupting him, but wanted to ask him how he was dealing with the situation surrounding Yoshi Tatsu. Kaz stops and looks at Alisha, shaking his head, and says that he has done everything he could think of to get Yoshi to talk to him; to get him to open up about what was going on. But Yoshi wouldn’t have any of it. Kaz says that last week was shocking, because he’s never seen that side of Yoshi before, but that what happened earlier tonight was the last straw. Kaz says that it seems there’s only one way he’s going to get through to Yoshi, and that’s to fight him. He says it’s not something he wants to do, but he’s running out of options. Kaz walks away from Alisha as the camera goes back to the ring…

[X-Division Title Match]:
Alex Shelley pinned Adam Cole with the Sliced Bread #2 in 0:12:51.
Rating: *** ¾
(Alex Shelley won the HWL X-Division Title.)

After weeks of back and forth verbal attacks by both men, Alex Shelley and Adam Cole came out to the ring, prepared to put their bodies on the line… all to become X-Division Champion. Adam Cole agreed that Kyle O’Reilly would stay backstage for this match, so that a true winner could be announced; and for that, the crowd got one helluva match! Both men showed off their amazing aerial maneuvers while the match was between the ropes, but it didn’t take long for the fight to run into the seating area of the arena. Shelley and Cole brawled their way through the arena, using everything they could possibly get their hands on to wear the other one down. As they fought down an aisle-way, Shelley grabbed a fire extinguisher and sprayed foam in Cole’s eyes, before using the cement wall to hit the Slice Bread #2! Shelley went for the cover, as the referee counted to three, and the crowd went crazy as Shelley was announced the NEW X-Division Champion.

After the match, fans nearby congratulated Shelley on his victory, as he fought his way through them on his way to ringside. Jumping over the barricade, Shelley was awarded the X-Division Title, and he celebrated inside the ring as Anarchy went to commercials.

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Cody Rhodes pinned Randy Orton after a DDT in 0:04:10.
Rating: ***
[Abyss interfered against Cody Rhodes & Randy Orton.]

Rhodes and Orton have shared a long history together in the HWL, and tonight they met with the echance to face Abyss for the Heavyweight Title at Turning Point. After the bell rang, the match was hijacked as “The Monster” made his way down to the ring, and interfered on behalf of BOTH men who want to take the title away from him in two weeks! Abyss cracked Orton in the back with a steel chair, and just moments later, pulled the top rope down from under Cody Rhodes, sending him crashing to the canvas. The referee, having seen enough, quickly banished Abyss from ringside, allowing the match to continue. But, with both men having felt the affects of the champion’s actions, either of them were at the mercy of fate. Rhodes was able to grab it, connecting with a DDT - planting Orton’s head into the canvas - before covering him for the 1-2-3!

After the match, Rhodes slowly got to his feet, and was announced the winner as the crowd went crazy! He leaned up against the ropes and celebrated his win as Anarchy went off the air.

Card rating: ***

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