June 14 2010 Monday Night Anarchy Boston Ma

Monday Night Anarchy
June 14, 2010
TD Garden
Boston, Massachusetts

— A highlight is shown of Desmond Wolfe’s victory over Yoshi Tatsu from last week as “Headstrong” by Trapts plays in the background. Josh Daniels and Scott Michaels then welcome the at-home audience to the TD Garden, where the crowd of 8,028 are ready for Anarchy; just two weeks away from Turning Point. They announce that, tonight, CM Punk will face Tyson Kidd in his first match without Serena or Luke Gallows at ringside. Also, Kurt Angle will take on MVP, and The British Invasion will be in action.

Daffney vs. Nikki Bella
These two Vixen’s squared off again, about a month after their last meeting, and “The Demonic Princess” was looking to duplicate her victory. Both women gave their best during the match, and Daffney went for the top-rope Frankensteiner, but Nikki was able to counter it, and hit a top-rope power bomb to pick up the surprise victory.

Nikki Bella pinned Dafffney after a power bomb in 11:15.
Rating: * ½

— Backstage, Luke Gallows and Serena are seen entering the arena to a mixed reaction from the crowd. Josh Daniels and Scott Michaels say they aren’t sure why the two are in Boston tonight, as CM Punk was very clear last week, saying he wanted nothing else to do with them. They continue to walk backstage as staff and crew members look at them suspiciously.

— In another area backstage, Alisha Hicks is seen with KAZ, who is smiling. He says that last Monday night was like a vacation that he didn’t want to return from, and after watching Matt Morgan embarrass Rhino, Kaz feels like he should be the one that takes the credit for it. He says that he knows Rhino hasn’t forgotten what happened at Fully Loaded; and Rhino knows that, if he’s able to keep that title for a while, Kaz will get another chance to take it from him. As Kaz begins to walk away, he is stopped by D’ANGELO DINERO, who tells Kaz to find something else to worry about, because he has Rhino under control. Dinero smirks and pats Kaz on the arm before walking away; Kaz stares at him…

Chris Sabin vs. Evan Bourne
These two high-flyers squared off tonight, and didn’t disappoint, as they showed off the skills for the Boston crowd. Chris Sabin was given the chance to compete in another singles match, and Evan Bourne was hoping to overcome is loss to AJ Styles at Fully Loaded. However, in the end, Chris Sabin was able to hit the Cradle Shock to pick up the victory.

Chris Sabin pinned Evan Bourne after the Cradle Shock in 10:35.
Rating: ** ¼

Commercial Break

— Coming back from the commercials, D’ANGELO DINERO is walking through the backstage area when he is confronted by X-Division Champion RHINO. Rhino demands to know what business Dinero had at ringside last week during the Champion’s match and says he’ll beat an answer out of Dinero if he has to. Dinero says that he thinks Rhino has a bit of an “anger issue”, and says that he was just at ringside to see what Rhino could do against Matt Morgan; Dinero says he now knows what Rhino can - or can’t do - against a bigger opponent. Dinero says that, for Rhino’s sake, he can change that before Turning Point. Dinero smiles and walks away, leaving Rhino to glare at him…

— In the ring, BRUTUS MAGNUS and ROB TERRY announce that they have something to say before their match tonight. Magnus wants to know how Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley like the taste of crow, and where they get the nerve to say that Magnus and Terry have to prove themselves worthy of a title shot, when the Tag Team Champions can’t defeat The Legacy. Magnus says that he and Terry are willing to put away their title shot to prove their dominance in the wrestling ring, but says that the best way to test that dominance is to put it on the line in a match with huge consequences: a match for the Tag Team Titles. He wonders if, after their poor showing, if the Machine Guns are willing to put their titles on the line against them at Turning Point.

The British Invasion vs. Lethal Consequences
The team of Magnus and Terry had a lot to say about the Tag Team Champions not backing up their words last week, but suffered the same fate, at the hands of the team they defeated in their debut match. With the focus solely on getting to Turning Point, and facing the Machine Guns for the titles, it was apparent that the English duo had overlooked Jay Lethal and Consequences Creed, who haven’t been heard from much since their loss a couple weeks ago. They came out with something to prove; an intense need to, one day, find themselves back in contention for the Tag Team Titles. Tonight’s victory was a huge step in the right direction, and it’ll be interesting to see what the Champions have to say about this outcome.

Lethal Consequences defeated The British Invasion when J. Lethal pinned Big Rob with the Flying Elbowdrop in 14:04.
Rating: ** 1/4

— A preview for the up-coming pay-per-view, Turning Point, is shown with “The Good Life” by Three Days Grace playing in the background. The Heavyweight Title match between Desmond Wolfe and AJ Styles is highlighted; as is the Street Fight between Randy Orton and Kane. The last match shown is the Women’s Title Match between Gail Kim and Natalya.

Commercial Break

— Coming back from commercials, KANE is seen walking through the empty parking garage of the Boston Garden. Out of nowhere, RANDY ORTON appears from behind a parked car, and attacks Kane with a tire iron! Orton repeatedly hits Kane in the back with the iron, but “The Big Red Monster” tries to fight back, until Orton slams the iron into the side of Kane’s head, knocking the big man to the concrete. Orton stands over Kane, and says that he’s messed with the wrong guy, before walking away as a small pool of blood begins to form under Kane’s head.

Tyson Kidd (w/Natalya) vs. CM Punk
Tyson Kidd made his single’s debut tonight, against CM Punk, who came out to the ring all alone for the first time in a matter of months. After ridding of Serena and Luke Gallows from his side, Punk wanted to use this match to prove that he didn’t need anyone to help him win. And, tonight, that was partially true as YOSHI TATSU made his way down to the ring, making his presence known, interfering against Punk and getting Kidd disqualified. After the match, both Punk and Kidd - and Natalya - stared in wonderment as Tatsu made his way up the ramp.

CM Punk defeated Tyson Kidd by disqualification in 3:13.
Rating: * ¾
[Yoshi Tatsu interfered against CM Punk.]

— Backstage, Alisha Hicks is seen with Kurt Angle, who comments on his victory over Matt Morgan at Fully Loaded. Angle says that he got the victory of Matt Morgan, but now in the fashion he wanted it, and that he would’ve rather had Morgan tap out then get counted out. But, Angle says that he’s finished with Morgan; that he proved his point, and can now move on to other things.

— Also backstage, CM PUNK, is seen walking through the hallways, searching for Yoshi Tatsu, when he is approached by Serena and Luke Gallows. Punk demands to know what the two are doing at the arena, and Gallows cuts off him, asking how it felt to have someone attack him tonight. Serena tells Punk that the attack could’ve been stopped had she and Luke been at ringside. Punk stares at them and says that his decision was final, and that he wants nothing to do with them. He pushes his way past them as Serena and Luke shake their heads.

Commercial Break

Montel Vontavious Porter vs. Kurt Angle
In the first-ever meeting between these two in the HWL, Kurt Angle came in looking to have an impressive performance like the one at Fully Loaded. MVP was making his return to the ring after a month without any action, and came out strong, taking the fight to the Olympic Gold Medalist. Both men fought hard throughout the match, and there were plenty of near-falls to keep the crowd interested, but in the end, MVP was able to hit the Playmaker for the one-two-three.

Montel Vontavious Porter pinned Kurt Angle with the Playmaker in 11:27.
Rating: ***

Card rating: ** ¼

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