HWL Turning Point (2013)

Turning Point was pay-per-view event, produced by the Horizon Wrestling League (HWL). It took place on June 16, 2013 and was broadcast from the Alerus Center in Grand Forks, North Dakota. It was the fourth event in Turning Point history. The announcers for the broadcast were Josh Daniels and Scott Michaels; with Alisha Hicks as the backstage interviewer. The total attendance for this event was 16,800.

"Circus For A Psycho" by SKILLET was used as the event's theme song.


Main Event

At Fully Loaded Randy Orton defeated then-champion John Cena and Jay Briscoe in a Triple Threat Match to win the HWL Heavyweight Title This would be the start of Orton's third reign as champion. The next night on Monday Night Anarchy Cena said that he was never pinned for the title and demanded to use his rematch clause that night against Orton. HWL Owner Peter Bradshaw informed Cena that Orton was already scheduled for the night, but signed the rematch to take place at Turning Point. In that episode's main event Cena interfered, attacking Orton during his match with Claudio Castagnoli.

On the May 27 episode of Anarchy Orton teamed with Castagnoli to take on Cena and X-Division Champion Kevin Steen in a tag team match. Cena and Steen would pick up the victory as Cena used the F-U to pin Castagnoli.

On the go-home episode of Anarchy on June 10, Orton started off the show responding to Steen's claim of being the best wrestler in the HWL. Orton then ran down the list of the other multiple champions in HWL history before saying that Cena had a chance to become a three-time champion at Turning Point, but wasn't on the same level as Orton. This, annoyed Cena, who came to the ring and said he wasn't going to waste his time beating up Orton when he could do it at Turning Point and win the Heavyweight Title.

Undercard Matches

After successfully defending the X-Division Title at Fully Loaded, Kevin Steen had a face-to-face confrontation with new HWL Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton the following night on Anarchy. The two would square off in that night's main event, a match that would end in a no-contest as John Cena attacked Randy Orton and Claudio Castagnoli would attack Steen. On the June 3 episode of Anarchy, Castagnoli and tag partner Steve Corino faced off in a Number One Contenders Match, with the winner facing Steen at Turning Point, a match ultimately won by Corino.

In an effort to bring in more competition to enhance the Women's Division, HWL Owner Peter Bradshaw announced that a tournament would be held, with the winner being named the Number One Contender and getting a title match against HWL Women's Champion Brie Bella. Besides the four remaining participants (ODB, Kaitlyn, Nikki Bella, and Beth Phoenix), the tournament also consisted of Ayako Hamada, Eve Torres, Leva Bates, Melina and Winter. It was announced that the Semifinal and Final rounds would take place at Turning Point, with the winner receiving her title match the following night on Anarchy.

Since losing to John Cena in a "Three Stages of Hell" Match at Rebellion CM Punk, who could no longer challenger for the Heavyweight Title as long as Cena was champion, had been seen sparingly on TV. On the April 29 episode of Anarchy Punk won a Triple Threat Match against Adam Cole and Chris Hero. On the May 6 episode of Anarchy Punk would be victorious in a Fatal Four Way Match against Claudio Castagnoli, Steve Corino and Kurt Angle. Punk would not appear on Anarchy again until the June 10 episode where he claimed to still be The Best in the World. Punk then issued an open challenge to anyone for a match at Turning Point. The challenge was answered by Chris Hero.



The pre-show included a number of video packages for the matches scheduled on the main show. It also included a message from HWL President Peter Bradshaw announcing that a Brutus Magnus and Matt Morgan would take on Colt Cabana and Edwin Colon in a number one contenders match, with the winners getting their title match on the main show. That match was won by Cabana and Colon after Magnus knocked down the referee, as he was unhappy with what he thought was a slow three-count. Cabana rolled Magus up with an inside cradle for the victory.


The event started off with a fireworks display and an introduction from Josh Daniels and Scott Michaels.

The first match of the main card was the first semi-final match of the Women's Number One Contender Tournament. In that match, Nikki Bella and Beth Phoenix faced off, with the winner going to the finals later in the evening. Phoenix would pick up the victory after choking Nikki, releasing the hold just before the referee's five-count, and then quickly pinning Nikki before she could catch her breath. After the match, Phoenix left the ring, looking disgusted.

The second semifinal match in the Women's Number One Contender Tournament was next. Kaitlyn had said, on the previous episode of Monday Night Anarchy that she wasn't afraid of getting her hands dirty in order to defeat ODB. Kaitlyn stayed true to her word, fighting through a number of chokes and submission attempts by ODB before hitting a spear to pick up the victory. Kaitlyn would now move on to face Phoenix in the tournament finale.

After the second match, Brie Bella confronted Beth Phoenix in the backstage area. Brie said she wasn't happy with what Beth did out in the ring against Nikki. Beth said it was nice of Brie to take up for her sister, but she would do the same - and worse - tomorrow night.

The third televised match up the night saw AJ Styles and Kofi Kingston defending the HWL Tag Team Titles against Colt Cabana and Edwin Colon, who had won the pre-show match, earning them this title shot. There is a long history between these two when it comes to the title belts, as Cabana and Colon have tried for months to dethrone the champions, but have been unable to do so. This match ended after Kingston and Cabana brawled outside to the count of six. Soon after re-entering the ring, Kingston would hit the "Trouble in Paradise" for a successful title defense.

The next match of the night saw CM Punk return for his first pay-per-view match after losing the Three Stages of Hell match at Rebellion. He took on Chris Hero, who during the acceptance of Punk's challenge, mentioned their history together on the independent scene. Hero must have been one of those naysayers that thought Punk would not be the same once returning to action, but it was clear that, although not 100 percent, Punk was in good form. Hero tried everything he could to keep Punk down, but the "Best in the World" fought back. Hero connected with a running forearm that caught Punk cleanly. But after a two-count, where Punk got his foot on the bottom rope, Hero shoved the referee down to the canvas. Punk seized his chance and rolled Hero up, waiting for a three-count. When the referee got back to his feet, he quickly called for the bell, disqualifying Hero. After the match, Hero got into the referee's face, screaming at him. Punk grabbed Hero and connected with the G.T.S before leaving the ring.

In an interview with Alisha Hicks, Steve Corino was asked about Kevin Steen's fighting style, and having to take part in a match where count-outs and disqualifications would not affect the outcome of the match. Corino said that Steen had made a name for himself as the X-Division Champion. He's beaten everyone that's challenged for his title, and he deserves respect for that. But Corino said he is above "hardcore" wrestling. He admitted to having been in hardcore matches during his time in other companies, but he felt like was lowering himself to Steen's level tonight. The only way to fix that, Corino said, was to win the X-Division Title and give it the proper credibility it deserved.

The next match would be the finals of the Women's #1 Contenders Tournament. Beth Phoenix and Kaitlyn won their matches in drastically different fashions, but both Vixens had their eye on a Women's Title match the next night on Anarchy. Not long after the bell rang, both Brie and Nikki Bella appeared on-stage, watching the match from afar. Their appearance caught Phoenix off guard, due to her interaction with Brie earlier in the night. That distraction was all Kaitlyn would need as she hit the Flatliner to win the tournament and earn herself shot at gold.

In a match that was contested under "X-Division" rules, X-Division Champion Kevin Steen defended his title against Steve Corino, who earlier in the night said that competing in a hardcore match was beneath him. However, that did not stop Corino from engaging in hardcore tactics nor did it stop him from taking advantage of the no-disqualification stipulation. On more than one occasion Shane Hagadorn interfered on behalf of Corino, putting the champion at a clear disadvantage. But too much interference wound up being a bad thing for Corino. At the end of the match, after escaping from a Package Piledriver attempt, Corino held Steen while Hagadorn entered the ring with a steel chair. Hagadorn swung the chair, only for Steen to move out of the way, and connected with the top of Corino's skull! Shocked, Hagadorn was quickly tossed out of the ring before Steen covered Corino to retain the title.

In the night's main event, Randy Orton defended the HWL Heavyweight Title against John Cena. After what happened at Fully Loaded last month, Cena used his rematch clause to challenge for a title he was never beaten for. Cena had the chance to become a three-time champion with a victory tonight, a rare feat in the history of the company. However, Orton has shown in the past that he is able to overcome adversity when he digs himself in, and that's what he was able to do again tonight. Cena had Orton set up for the F-U, but Orton countered the move, landing on his feet, and in the same motion, hitting the RKO! Orton pinned Cena for the victory.


No. Matches* Stipulations Time
1p Colt Cabana & Edwin Colon def. Brutus Magnus & Matt Morgan by pinfall Tag Team #1 Contenders Match 12:41
2 Beth Phoenix def. Nikki Bella by pinfall Women's #1 Contender Tournament - Semifinal 13:23
3 Kaitlyn def. ODB by pinfall Women's #1 Contender Tournament - Semifinal 10:11
4 (c) AJ Styles & Kofi Kingston def. Colt Cabana & Edwin Colon by pinfall Tag Team Match for the HWL Tag Team Titles 6:12
5 CM Punk def. Chris Hero by DQ Singles Match 11:26
6 Kaitlyn def. Beth Phoenix by pinfall Women's #1 Contender Tournament - Final 3:35
7 (c) Kevin Steen def. Steve Corino (w/Shane Hagadorn) by pinfall Singles match for the X-Division Title 20:06
8 (c) Randy Orton def. John Cena by pinfall Singles match for the HWL Heavyweight Title 11:11

Extra News

This event would end up being the final show for both Claudio Castagnoli and Adam Cole, both of whom could not come to terms with a contract extension and decided to leave the company.

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