Monday NIght Anarchy (June 17, 2013)

Monday Night Anarchy is a weekly television program produced by the Horizon Wrestling League (HWL). This episode would be broadcast from the Fargo Dome in Fargo, North Dakota. The Fargo Dome is also home to North Dakota State University. This episode took place on June 17, 2013. The announcers for this episode were Josh Daniels and Scott Michaels. Alisha Hicks was the backstage interviewer. The announced attendance for this episode was 6,732. This episode would mark the 158th episode in Anarchy history.

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The show opened up with CM Punk coming to the ring after defeating Chris Hero by disqualification last night at Turning Point. Punk grabbed a microphone and said that he wouldn't complain about getting a victory, but he would be lying if he said he was happy with how he got it. Punk mentioned the past that he and Hero had on the independent scene. Punk said that, back then, things were done right. You shook hands before the match and after as a show of respect for the person you shared the ring with. Last night, Punk said that facing someone who came from that same background, he would have expected the same level of respect that he had given Hero. But instead, Hero got himself disqualified. Punk asked why, and wondered if in the back of Hero's mind, he knew he couldn't beat the "Best in the World" and found a quick way to end the match. He said that might satisfy Hero, but it has left Punk wanting more. A decisive victory and respect. Punk was interrupted as Chris Hero's music began to play, but Hero did not appear on-stage. Instead, Hero appeared after jumping over the guardrail and slid into the ring, attacking Punk from behind. The two men would brawl for several minutes before HWL officials rushed down and broke them apart.

The first match of the night saw Alex Riley take on Delirious, who came down to the ring with Daizee Haze. On paper, this match would have been contested with two different styles, as Delirious is known for being a high-flyer. However, this match turned into a slugfest, which Riley would get the better off. After a stiff-looking right hand from Riley, blood began dropping from the bottom of Delirious' mask, whether from a broken nose or busted lip was unknown. With Delirious wobbly on his feet, Daizee Haze jumped onto the apron, distracting Riley. The two got into an argument that was broken up with Delirious rolled up Riley, and with a handful of trunks, pinned Riley for the victory. After the match, Delirious was seen wiping blood away from his face as he and Haze walked up the aisle.

After a commercial break, Nikki Bella was seen wishing her sister Brie Bella good luck, Brie set out to defend the Women's Title. A moment later, a knock could be hard on the dressing room door. When Nikki opened the door, Beth Phoenix attacked! Phoenix and Bella brawled all over the locker room, trashing it, before Beth sent Nikki crashing into a set of lockers. Beth wanted to send a message to Brie that she would be coming for her title sooner than later.

In the next match, the HWL Women's Title was on the line as champion Brie Bella defended against Kaitlyn, who pinned Beth Phoenix last night at Turning Point to win the number one contenders tournament. Kaitlyn is a former champion in her own right, and both women knew what was at stake when the bell rang. After a grueling match that went over 20 minutes, Brie took Kaitlyn down with a cross body block for the pin. Kaitlyn was close enough to have her foot on the rope, but the referee continued to count the pin, awarding Brie with the victory. After the match, a frustrated Kaitlyn pled her case, as the referee could be heard saying he didn't see the rope-break. Kaitlyn stormed off as Brie celebrated a successful title defense.

Once the next commercial break ended, Steve Corino, followed by Shane Hagadorn, teamed up with Jesse Neal to take one the team of Brutus Magnus and Matt Morgan. Corino and Neal were making a rare appearance as a team, while Magnus and Morgan have been showing signs of getting stronger as a unit. This match was filled with a number on instances where Hagadorn intervened on behalf of his team. Both teams picked up a number of near-falls throughout the match, but in the end, Corino and Morgan found themselves outside the ring. After slamming Morgan's head into the ring post, Corino re-entered the ring. As Morgan attempted to find his footing, Hagadorn came from behind and hit him with a low blow that dropped Morgan to the ground. Hagadorn ran up the ramp, being chased by an upset Magnus, while the referee counted Morgan out.

The second hour of the show would start with X-Division Champion Kevin Steen coming out to the ring. Steen was successful in defending his title last night at Turning Point, and the champion said he had something very important on his mind. Steen said that whether people like him or not, he is a man of his word. Steen reminded the crowd that he had said, sooner or later, he would be coming for the Heavyweight Title, no matter who was holding it. He reminded everyone that he had already beaten the current champion and the former champion in matches in the past. Tonight, he would face another former champion in CM Punk. Steen said that the only reason he came out was to officially issue the challenge to Randy Orton for Justice on July 14th. Steen said he is officially putting Orton "on notice", and that at Justice, he would become an unstoppable dual champion! Steen would leave the ring to a roar of boos.

The fourth match of the evening was between Edwin Colon and the massive Great Khali. After picking up a loss in his attempt to win the Tag Team Titles - with Colt Cabana - last night, Colon found himself in singles action against the massive Indian superstar. Even with the size difference, Colon fought hard and didn't back down from Khali. In the end, Khali used the "Punjabi Plunge" to pick up the victory.

Returning from the break, an image is shown of HWL Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton, and it is announced that he will be live on Anarchy to answer the challenge posed by Kevin Steen tonight.

Last night at Turning Point, John Cena was unsuccessful in his attempt to regain the HWL Heavyweight Title from Randy Orton. Tonight, he stepped into the ring with one-half of the HWL Tag Team Champions, Kofi Kingston. Kingston, not normally known for his singles matches since winning the tag team gold, showed off his abilities in this match; but it was clear that not having a partner to tag in and out caused Kingston to run out of gas faster than usual. Cena pounced on Kingston’s lethargy and connected with the F-U for the win.

After both men issued challenges for Justice, CM Punk and X-Division Champion Kevin Steen squared off in a non-title match in tonight’s main event. After competing in grueling matches last night, it would be hard to imagine that either man was at 100 percent, but the champion and the self-proclaimed “Best in the World” had something to prove. At the end of the match, Punk looked like he had things in control, when Chris Hero came to the ring and tripped Punk. Punk and Hero shared words before Steen attacked Punk from behind. Soon after Steen would hit the Package Piledriver for the victory.


No. Matches Stipulation Time
1 Delirious (w/Daizee Haze) def. Alex Riley by pinfall Singles match 3:17
2 (c) Brie Bella def. Kaitlyn by pinfall Singles match for the HWL Women's Title 20:46
3 Jesse Neal & Steve Corino (w/Shane Hagadorn) def. Brutus Magnus & Matt Morgan by countout Tag Team match 14:10
4 The Great Khali def. Edwin Colon by pinfall Singles Match 9:00
5 John Cena def. Kofi Kingston by pinfall Singles Match 11:13
6 (c) Kevin Steen def. CM Punk by pinfall Non-Title Singles Match 11:21
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