June 19 2012 Pcw Wrestling Reno Nv

PCW Television
June 18, 2012
Lawlor Events Center, Reno, Nevada
Attendance: 7,888 (68%)

A recap of last week’s show, ending with the backstage brawl between Claudio Castagnoli and Chris Hero, plays. The camera goes inside the arena where James Westerfield and Alfred Pressley welcome everyone to Reno. We are just two weeks away from the next PCW Special Event, in Buffalo, New York; and questions still remain surrounding just who will face The Big Show for the Heavyweight Title.

David Otunga’s music plays. Otunga makes his way to the ring, dressed in street clothes. Grabbing a microphone as he enters the ring, Otunga says that there has been a lot on his mind since last week. He says that he and Chris Hero have been friends for a while now. They’ve been champions together. Otunga says that he sat in the back, watching his tag team partner and Claudio Castagnoli brawl at the end of the show. As he watched, he knew that he needed to come out to the ring this week, to speak his mind. Otunga says that he didn’t speak with Hero, didn’t run by what he wanted to say tonight, because he doesn’t need to run his actions by anyone anymore. Otunga says that, two weeks ago, he came out to this very ring and become number one contender. He says her earned himself a shot at the Heavyweight Title in two weeks. With a smile, Otunga says that he had to take matters into his own hands in order to do that. He admits that the man who attacked Claudio Castagnoli was not Chris Hero… but, instead, him. Otunga says that Claudio has acted like he was entitled to a title shot ever since aligning himself with Shane Hagadorn – a man whom Otunga knows all about. Otunga says he took Castagnoli out, in order to knock him down a peg, and to remember that anyone, anywhere, can be his undoing.

Otunga is interrupted as a furious Castagnoli storms down to the ring, followed by Shane Hagadorn. Castagnoli gets into the ring, nose-to-nose with Otunga, as the crowd starts to get riled up. Castagnoli snatches the microphone from Otunga and tells Otunga that he just signed himself up a beating of a lifetime! Castagnoli says that Otunga has no right to claim himself as the Number One Contender, because he didn’t belong in that match. Castagnoli says that Otunga physically stole his spot. And, since Otunga won by taking his spot - by default, Claudio should be facing The Big Show in two weeks. But, since Otunga won’t listen to reason, he’ll beat him for his rightful spot tonight! Castagnoli throws down the microphone and leaves the ring, as the scene fades.

Backstage, Rhett Titus is seen inside Commissioner Rex Butler’s office. Titus says it’s not fair that Jeremy Buck is Television Champion, when he interfered in Titus’ match two weeks ago, costing him the title. Butler says that Titus can’t come to him complaining, when last week, he was at ringside doing the same thing. Titus’s jaw tightens, as he gets into Butler’s face, and says that he’s tired of playing games. He wants one last shot at the belt. Butler, staring back at Titus, says if he thinks he can take it, he’s got his match. But, if he loses, it will be a very long time before he gets another opportunity.

Also backstage, Brooke Barlow is seen with Women’s Champion, Beth Phoenix. Brooke asks about the influx of women in the PCW nowadays; and says that it was a tough loss to lose Tiffany, Taylor Wilde, and Leva Bates all in a matter of weeks. Beth says that those were tough losses, but each person has their own path. She says that, if things went differently, she might not be holding the title belt tonight. But, she says, the more women that come into the PCW, the better. As champion, she says she wants to see the competition grow. She says it’ll make her and everyone else better on the roster, and that’s always a good thing.

Commercial Break

Becky Bayless vs. Tamina

After bowing out in the first round of the Women’s Title tournament, Tamina was set for action tonight, looking to get back on track. Making her debut tonight, Becky Bayless, who has been around the business for a few years. A former TWE Texas Ladies Champion, Bayless was hoping to make a splash in PCW. However, running into a second generation wrestler with a chip on her shoulder didn’t help much. Bayless held her own, but after being dropkicked through the ropes and nearly being counted out, she rolled back in, only to get hit with a Samoan Drop for the 1-2-3.

Tamina pinned Becky Bayless with the Samoan Drop in 5:12.
Rating: -** 1/2

Backstage, Brooke Barlow asks David Otunga to respond to Claudio Castagnoli’s challenge earlier tonight. Before Otunga can speak, Jack Swagger appears, interrupting the interview. Swagger says whether Otunga takes on Castagnoli tonight or not, he’ll have a match lined up next week. Swagger says doesn’t care whether Otunga is number one contender. Otunga had no right to be at ringside during Swagger’s match, and next week, Swagger says he’ll make Otunga tap.

A preview for the next PCW Special Event is shown. It will take place July 3rd, live from Buffalo, New York!

Commercial Break

Returning from the break, Brooke Barlow tries to get a word from Claudio Castagnoli, whom is still fuming over the news from earlier in the show. Castagnoli tells Barlow that he has nothing else to say; that what he does to Otunga in the ring tonight, will speak volumes. He tells Brooke to leave him alone, before she regrets trying to find him.

Also, backstage, Rhett Titus is seen making his way down the hallway, heading towards the stage, when he is stopped by Luke Gallows. Gallows laughs, shaking his head at Titus. Gallows says he doesn’t understand what Titus was thinking – if he even was – last week, showing up during his match. Gallows says he doesn’t care if Titus wins the TV Title or not tonight, because next week, he’s going to embarrass Titus. Gallows walks off, leaving Titus to stare after him, his teeth grinding. After a moment, Titus takes a deep breath and continues towards the stage…

PCW Television Title Match
Rhett Titus vs. © Jeremy Buck

This heated rivalry began two weeks ago, at the last Special Event, when Rhett Titus used Buck’s shot at the TV Title, coming up short against Justin Gabriel. Buck claimed that Titus stole his spot, making good on his own chance a week later, despite interference by Titus. In such a short time, both men felt so much contempt for each other, when Titus demanded his match against Buck earlier in the show, there was no way it could be denied. Titus was determined to take the title off of Buck, and showed a willingness to do whatever he needed to do so. However, Buck, a multi-time former TV Champion, had been in this spot before, and an answer for most of Titus’s offense. This refusal to lose eventually got to Titus, as he seemed to falter as his aggravation level grew, causing a lapse in judgment that led to Buck using a cross body block to pick up the 1-2-3.

[PCW Television Title Match]:
Jeremy Buck pinned Rhett Titus after a flying cross body press in 12:18.
Rating: ** ¾
(Jeremy Buck retained the PCW Television Title.)

After the match, Buck quickly rolled out of the ring and grabbed his title, making his way up the stage. On the top of the ramp, Buck laid the Television Title down and walked away, stunning the crowd. The announcers questioned Buck and what he was doing, as the show went to commercials.

Commercial Break

Returning from the break, Brooke Barlow tells the crowd that Commissioner Butler has an announcement. Butler thanks Barlow, and says that he has always believed in fair competition. If someone has the ability to take something from another, why not give them the chance? Butler announces that, next week, there will be four-team tournament. The winners of those two matches will face each other in a Number One Contenders Match to kick off the July 3rd Special Event. The winner of that match will face Jay Lethal and Wade Barrett for the Tag Team Titles later on in the evening.

The announcers say that the teams will be revealed next week. They then discuss the events from earlier tonight, between David Otunga and Claudio Castagnoli, as a recap video plays.

Number One Contenders Match
David Otunga vs. Claudio Castanoli (w/Shane Hagadorn)

It was clear from the beginning of the night that the last person anyone wanted to see inside a ring was Claudio Castagnoli. With a chip on his shoulder, and a rage burning from his victimized absence in the Triple Threat Match – not to mention Shane Hagadorn stoking those flames, Castagnoli was not going to stop until he got his hands on David Otunga. Though, to him, his intentions were good, Otunga quickly found out what type of monster his actions created. Otunga fought valiantly, wanting to secure his place in the main event in two weeks, but Castagnoli was not going to be denied. He connected with a vicious European uppercut that rattled Otunga. Though Otunga had the wherewithal to hoist Claudio in the air, Castagnoli slid down his back, and connected with the Ricola Bomb for the victory.

Claudio Castagnoli pinned David Otunga with the Ricola Bomb in 7:30.
Rating: ** ¾

After the match, Castagnoli kicks Otunga out of the ring, as Hagadorn enters. Hagadorn grabs a microphone and tells everyone to look at their soon-to-be new Heavyweight Champion. Suddenly, The Big Show’s music hits, and the PCW Heavyweight Champion appears on-stage. Claudio motions for Show to come to the ring, but Show shakes his head “no”. He holds up the title belt, pointing to it. The show goes off the air as Castagnoli and Show stare at each other from across the arena.

Card rating: ** ½

PCW Special Event - 07/03/12 - Buffalo, NY
Heavyweight Title Match: Claudio Castagnoli vs. (C)The Big Show

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