June 26, 2011 - HWL Turning Point - Montreal, Quebec, CN

Bell Centre
Attendance: 14,322 (66%)

A video montage begins to play as “Deliver Us” by In Flames plays in the background. Fireworks shoot from the stage, lighting up the darkened arena, as Josh Daniels and Scott Michaels welcome everyone to Montreal. Six action-packed matches will take place tonight, including a Triple Threat Match for the Heavyweight Title. Tonight, Randy Orton and Cody Rhodes try to stake their claim to the Heavyweight Title against a man that no one has heard much from in the past few weeks, “The Monster” Abyss. Also tonight, there will be a Ladder Match to determine the X-Division Championship, and a Cage Match to determine the Tag Team Championships. J.D. then sends it to the ring for tonight’s first title match.

[Women’s Title Match]:
Daffney pinned Natalya with the Lobotomy in 0:05:08.
Rating: ** ½
(Daffney retained the HWL Women’s Title.)

The home-country crowd was behind Natalya tonight, and she didn’t disappoint, coming out strong in the early part of this match. She reversed a clothesline into a backslide for a near-fall, and didn’t let up from there. However, Daffney was about to mount offense when it counted, taking Natalya down with an arm drag, and followed it up with the Lobotomy out of nowhere! Daffney made the cover as the fans in Montreal looked on in amazement at what they just witnessed. Daffney left the ring, laughing at the top of her lungs, as the camera goes backstage…

Backstage, MR. ANDERSON is seen with AJ Styles, Ric Flair and Chelsea. Anderson tells Alisha Hicks that Kurt Angle doesn’t know “what the hell” he’s talking about, and should do everyone a favor by shutting his mouth. Anderson says he’s not concerned about not going anywhere in the HWL, because he has been learning from one of the greatest teachers the industry has ever seen. Anderson says that he and AJ are fully confident that they will be back in the title picture very soon. But, Anderson says that he’s not going to concern himself with thinking too far ahead, because tonight, he’s finally going to do what he’s wanted to do for a long time: beat “The Olympic Gold Medalist” 1-2-3. The four walk away as we go back to ringside.

J.D. and Scott Michaels mention that things are heating up between Anderson and Angle - and in only a short amount of time - much like the on-going feud between Adam Cole and Alex Shelley for the X-Division Title. A video package is played from Monday Night Anarchy, when Adam Cole “fired” Kyle O’Reilly and said that he would put in effect his rematch clause for Turning Point. The clip then shows Alex Shelley accepting the rematch, adding that the title would be on the line in a Ladder Match. The video ends as the camera shows the X-Division Title hanging above the ring and ladders lining the aisle and barricades at ringside…

[X-Division Title Match]:
Alex Shelley defeated Adam Cole in 0:20:58.
Rating: *** ¾
(Alex Shelley retained the HWL X-Division Title.)

Adam Cole made his way down to the ring first, and stared at the belt hanging from the rafters, that he used to call his own, as the current champion, Shelley, was introduced. Cole and Shelley started out in a classic wrestling match when the bell rang, but the tone of the match quickly changed after Cole sent Shelley headfirst through the ropes, crashing to the concrete at ringside. Cole continued to work over Shelley, focusing on his legs, trying to wear them down for later in the match. Cole through Shelley into the ring steps before grabbing a ladder from the guardrail, bringing into the ring, and setting it up. As Cole tried to climb the ladder, Shelley slowly made his way into the ring; and using his upper body strength, used the ladder to get to his feet before pushing the ladder over, sending Cole crashing down to the canvas! The match continued, with both men wearing each other day, scattering ladders all over ringside. A highlight of the match was Shelley using a propped up ladder - in the corner - to connect with the Sliced Bread #2! Both men lay broken on the canvas, and both began to move simultaneously. Shelley attempted to climb the ladder, but Cole grabbed a broken ladder from nearby, and cracked it against Shelley’s back, sending him down to the mat once more. The tension in the arena was thick as Cole slowly began to climb the ladder, hoping to regain his X-Division Title, when Shelley began to move below him. Tired and sore, Cole stopped on the ladder, giving Shelley enough time to grab his legs and send him to the canvas with a devastating power bomb! Shelly, limping from his injuries, garnered a second wind, and climbed up the ladder to retrieve the X-Division Title as the crowd went crazy.

After the match, Shelley fell to the canvas, grasping the title belt in his arms, as EMTs rushed down to the ring to tend to both participants. J.D. and Scott Michaels both gave the praises to both men, and said that the match was a very good candidate to steal the show…

Backstage, KURT ANGLE is seen with Alisha Hicks. Angle says that he thinks it’s funny that Mr. Anderson is saying Angle doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Angle responds by saying that he isn’t the one who’s delusional, thinking that he still has anything to prove. He says that Anderson may be getting lessons from the greatest wrestler in the business, but that it doesn’t mean anything if Anderson doesn’t put those lessons to good use. Angle says that Anderson has had his chances - time and time again - to prove to everyone that would listen, that he could beat Kurt Angle; but he has yet to do it. Angle says that he is going to humor Anderson one more time, but that after he makes Anderson tap out, he hopes “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair cuts his losses and stops wasting his time…

Also backstage, THE AMERICAN WOLVES are seen with Ted Hanson. Eddie Edwards says that they were screwed Monday night, out of the Tag Team Titles, because Natalya stuck her nose - like always - where it doesn’t belong. He says that he knows Natalya was trying to support her family, but if he were either David Hart Smith or Tyson Kidd, he’d be getting pretty sick of retaining the Tag Team Titles on technicalities. Davey Richards then adds that he could think of no better way to finally decide who the better tag team in the HWL is, then by putting a steel cage around them and taking Natalya out of the equation. Richards says that Peter Bradshaw made an excellent choice Monday night, and after they lose, The Hart Dynasty will have no excuses…

Kurt Angle defeated Mr. Anderson when Mr. Anderson passed out in an ankle lock in 0:11:08.

The rivalry between these two had gone mostly unnoticed until a few weeks ago, when Anderson attacked Angle from behind just a week after losing the Heavyweight Title. Anderson apparently took Angle’s words to heart, and came out like a fireball in the opening moments of the match; taking the fight to Angle. Anderson held control of the match until Angle reversed a DDT attempt into a Northen Lights Suplex, getting himself a two-count. Angle stayed on Anderson, wearing him down with mat wrestling, also taking away the threat of interference by either Ric Flair or Chelsea who had accompanied Anderson to ringside. The end of the match saw Angle whip Anderson into the ropes, but Anderson ducked a clothesline attempt and set up for the Mic Check. Angle quickly reversed the hold and connected with the Angle Slam, getting a huge reaction from the crowd. Angle locked on the Ankle Lock, looking directly at Flair and Chelsea as Anderson’s arm fell to the canvas for the third, and final, time.

After the match, Angle was announced the winner, as MATT MORGAN ran down the ramp with a steel pipe! Morgan entered the ring and struck Angle in the back of the leg with the pipe, dropping Angle to the canvas in agony. The crowd looked on in shock as Morgan dropped the pipe and left the ring as Flair and Chelsea looked on…

Backstage, the Tag Team Champions, THE HART DYNASTY, were seen with Ted Hanson. David Hart Smith says that Davey Richards would be sick of retaining the Tag Team Titles by technicalities? Smith says that he’s just jealous because Smith and Kidd continue to hold claim to the title belts. Smith says that Richards and Edwards can whine and moan all the want; he adds that their complaining got Peter Bradshaw to force a rematch tonight, in a steel cage. Smith says that The Wolves got their wish, and Natalya has been taken out of the picture; but that it wouldn’t change things when the bell rings. Tyson Kidd then adds that he hasn’t forgotten about what the Wolves had said to he and Smith; or what they’ve done to him personally, going after his injured neck. Kidd says that tonight, The Wolves and the people of Montreal, are going to see The Hart Dynasty like they’ve never seen them before. And, when things are all set and done, he and Smith will once again walk out with the Tag Team Titles.

Also backstage, YOSHI TATSU is seen walking around, when he is approached by Alisha Hicks, who asks how he’s feeling as his match with Kaz nears. Tatsu says that he’s done enough talking over the past few weeks; and that he has answered every question possible. Tonight, Tatsu says that the biggest question of all will be answered; and that the true Yoshi Tatsu will be seen by all…

[Tag Team Title - Cage Match]:
The American Wolves (Davey Richards & Eddie Edwards) defeated The Hart Dynasty (David Hart Smith & Tyson Kidd) when D. Richards pinned T. Kidd with the DR Driver in 0:18:19.
Rating: *** ¾
(The American Wolves won the HWL Tag Team Titles.)

Both teams were introduced before the steel cage was lowered down. From the outside, Natalya could only watch as the door was locked shut and the bell rang. The only way to pick up a victory was via pinfall or submission, and both teams had a lot of animosity toward the other; stuck inside the cage they had no other option but to let it all come out. Both teams work very well together, and the showed that throughout the match, gathering a member of the opposing team into their respective corners and wearing them down. Soon, though, all four men found themselves in the ring, and the referee tried all he could to control it, but to no avail. He allowed the match to continue, focusing solely on Davey Richards and Tyson Kidd. Kidd sprang off the ropes, attempting a Springboard Clothesline, only to be caught in mid-air! Richards connected with the DR Driver, and as Edwards and Smith fought in the corner, the referee counted the 1-2-3!

After the match, Edwards pushed Smith into Richards, who connected with another DR Driver, sending the crowd into a booing frenzy! The officials unlocked the cage, and Edwards and Richards exit as Natalya slides in behind them to check on Smith and Kidd. The Wolves are awarded the Tag Team Titles as the camera goes backstage…

Backstage, KAZ is seen with Alisha Hicks, who asks him to respond to what his former tag team partner had to say earlier tonight. Kaz says that some answers have been questioned, but none of them have been as important as the one that he wants to ask Yoshi Tatsu personally. Kaz says he just wants to know why. He says that he wants to ask Tatsu that question, but that the answer doesn’t really matter anymore. Kaz says that Yoshi has made up his mind, and that there’s only one thing left to do. But, Kaz says that Yoshi is forgetting one thing about who he’s stepping into the ring with tonight: that Kaz has been there through all of Yoshi’s hardships. And if there’s anyone in the HWL who knows more about Yoshi’s weaknesses, it’s Kaz. He looks into the camera and Yoshi to “think about that” before walking away…

Also, backstage, Ted Hanson is seen with “The Viper” RANDY ORTON. Ted asks Randy about his thoughts heading into tonight’s Triple Threat Match against Cody Rhodes and Abyss. Orton says that he’s not surprised that tonight is a Triple Threat Match; and that he wasn’t surprised almost a month ago, when Cody Rhodes started acting like a baby, demanding that he get a shot at Abyss. Orton says he feels comfortable in the Triple Threat format, because it seems to be the only way he gets a shot at the Heavyweight Title. Orton says that he came up short last time, at Wrestleocolypse, but that this time there’s a feeling in air that things are going to be much different. Orton knows that Rhodes wants to prove himself tonight, but that no one - not even Abyss - has more to prove then “The Viper”. He says he will not be satisfied until he pins Abyss’s shoulders to the canvas and walks out of Montreal as the new Heavyweight Champion.

Yoshi Tatsu pinned Kaz with the Roundhouse Kick in 0:12:11.
Rating: ¼

This may have been the second most anticipated match-up of the evening, as these two men have been going after each other for nearly a month, and they certainly did not disappoint the crowd in Montreal. Tatsu and Kaz battled it out inside the ring and out; at one point Kaz connected with the Beach Break onto the concrete floor. But, it wasn’t enough to count out Tatsu as he slowly pulled himself back into the ring. The match continued for some time, with Kaz holding onto the advantage. Kaz hit Tatsu with the Wave of the Future and went for the cover, only to have Yoshi kick out at two-and-a-half! Shocked, Kaz pleaded to the referee that it was a three-count, giving Yoshi enough time to gain his bearings and get back to his feet. As Kaz turned around, Yoshi hit him with a Roundhouse Kick that sent Kaz down, motionless. Yoshi covered his former partner and the referee counted 1-2-3!

After the match, the fans went crazy in shocked belief as Tatsu stood over Kaz’s body, staring at him. J.D. and Scott Michaels wondered if this was the “true self” that Tatsu had talked about earlier tonight…

An advertisement for the next HWL pay-per-view, Justice is shown. The event will take place, live, from San Jose, California on July 24th! The video ends as CODY RHODES is seen backstage, with Ted Hanson. Rhodes says that he still understands the reasoning behind Randy Orton wanting to be in this match, but that Abyss didn’t take away something of Orton’s, like he did to Rhodes. He says that Abyss used his Golden Opportunity - within reason - to win the Heavyweight Title, Rhodes should have a fair shot at “The Monster”. But, because Orton can’t let the chips fall where they may, he has to weasel his way into the match. Rhodes says that he and Orton have history that dates back almost a year. Rhodes says that he hasn’t forgotten the wars he and Orton had gone through; and that tonight is going to be no different. He says that the only difference is, there’s one more person in the ring, and it’s for the biggest prize in the HWL. Rhodes tells Orton that he hopes the pressure isn’t too much for “The Viper” before walking away…

Also backstage, Alisha Hicks is seen with the Heavyweight Champion, ABYSS. Alisha says that the HWL fans haven’t heard much from “The Monster” since winning the Heavyweight Title last month; and that she was wondering what he had to say about tonight’s title defense. Abyss says that there’s nothing he can say verbally that will ever match what he’s going to say by the actions he takes tonight. He says that sitting back and watching Orton and Rhodes go back-and-forth has only made him relish taking advantage of the situation at Fully Loaded. He says that tonight, inside the ring, his actions will speak volumes. Abyss begins to laugh as the camera goes back to ringside…

[Triple Threat Match for the Heavyweight Title]:
Cody Rhodes defeated Randy Orton and AJ Styles when C. Rhodes defeated Styles by disqualification in 0:22:18.
[Ric Flair interfered against Cody Rhodes.]
(Abyss no-showed.)

All of the great action of the evening had led up to this match. The crowd rocking as Cody Rhodes and Randy Orton were introduced to the crowd. They stood across the ring from each other as the lights in the arena went. Silence filled the air for what seemed an eternity until… “WOOOOO!” A spotlight shined onto the stage as RIC FLAIR, MR. ANDERSON, AJ STYLES and CHELSEA appeared on-stage. Flair said that there had been a change in plans, and that “The Monster” Abyss would not be defending his Heavyweight Title tonight. Flair says that, instead of having either Orton and Rhodes screwed out of the Heavyweight Title, he took the liberty of having both of them screwed over at the same time! Styles made his way down the ramp and into the ring as the lights came back on. Flair and Chelsea made their way down the ramp as the referee waited for instructions from the back. Finally, he signaled for the bell, as the crowed looked on in disbelief.

When the match finally started, Rhodes and Orton seemed to have forgotten about their differences, and seemed intent on taking out Styles for ruining their chances of winning the Heavyweight Title. Styles eventually fought back, shoving Orton outside the ring as he and Rhodes went toe-to-toe. Orton entered the ring as the fight continued. The end of the match saw Orton connect with an RKO on Styles, before Rhodes connected with the Cross Rhodes on Orton! Rhodes went to the top rope, as J.D. and Scott Michaels wondered why he wouldn’t go for the pin, only to have Ric Flair jump onto the apron and push Rhodes to the concrete floor! The referee called for the bell, awarding the match to Cody Rhodes.

After the match, Flair entered the ring and pulled Styles to safety as Mr. Anderson ran down to the ring. He and Flair carried Styles up the ramp as the referee went outside to check on Rhodes. Turning Point went off the air with a stunned-silent crowd looking on at the carnage in front of them…

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