June 27, 2011 - Monday Night Anarchy - Quebec City, Quebec, CN

Attendance: 7,238 (47%)

“In Flames” plays in the background as screenshots from last night’s Turning Point pay-per-view are shown on the screen. The final photo shows Ric Flair, AJ Styles, Mr. Anderson, Matt Morgan and Chelsea standing on the stage as Cody Rhodes and Randy Orton lay prone outside the ring and on the canvas, respectively.

“Headstrong” plays as fireworks shoot from the stage, lighting up the darkened arena. The camera pans the crowd as Josh Daniels and Scott Michaels welcome everyone the first-ever HWL event held in Quebec City! Tonight, everyone is wondering how the most pressing question to come from last night’s pay-per-view will be answered: What happened to “The Monster” Abyss? J.D. announces that, tonight, Evan Bourne will face Steve Corino; and the Women’s Champion, Daffney - coming off an impressive victory last night - will face Brie Bella in non-title action.

“WOOOOO!” The commentary is interrupted as RIC FLAIR, AJ STYLES, MR. ANDERSON and CHELSEA make their way down the ramp. The crowd greets them with a roar of boos, that the quartet lets roll off their collective back. Inside the ring, Flair says that he and the others have been discussing a way to bring themselves back into the spotlight, because he could feel that the idiotic fans of the HWL were beginning to forget about them. Flair says that they did just that, last night, by having AJ Styles take the place of Abyss in the Triple Threat Match at Turning Point. Flair says that, even though Styles didn’t win the match, it was still memorable; and that ha hasn’t stopped hearing people talk about it since last night. But, he says that last night never would’ve happened without a little help. A video plays, from last night, showing Abyss making his way through the backstage area when he is attacked from behind by MATT MORGAN! Morgan takes out Abyss’s leg with the same steel pipe Morgan used on Kurt Angle last week, before laughing and leaving the scene. After the video is played, Flair tells the crowd to give a round of applause to “The Blueprint” MATT MORGAN.

Morgan makes his way down the ramp, dressed in a finely pressed suit, and enters the ring where he shakes hands with everyone in the ring. Morgan says that, just like the men and woman in the ring right now, he too had to do something that would keep him in the minds of the HWL fans. He says that Peter Bradshaw has forgotten about him - the first-ever HWL Heavyweight Champion - in recent months; and that he had to show that he would stop at nothing to make his way back to the top. Morgan says that he’s not doing this for himself only, but for Mr. Anderson and Styles, who have all been title contenders - especially AJ, who has been a two-time Heavyweight Champion - and who are now fighting their way through the garbage heap at the bottom of the ladder. Morgan says that last night was the night they all decided that enough was enough; and that they were going to make their futures happen, whether Peter Bradshaw approved of it or not.

This brought out PETER BRADSHAW, who came on-stage with the Heavyweight Title over his shoulder. Bradshaw says that the four of them were right. The HWL had forgotten about them. Bradshaw says that he remembers when AJ Styles was at the top, challenging Desmond Wolfe for the Heavyweight Title. He says the same for both Matt Morgan and Mr. Anderson, before stating that the worst thing that happened to the three of them was Wolfe leaving the company. Bradshaw says that the actions taken by Matt Morgan surely did get Bradshaw’s attention, but taking out their competition would not put them at the top so easily. Bradshaw says that, since Abyss was unable to defend the Heavyweight Title last night at Turning Point, he has officially been stripped of the title. He says that, tonight, an eight-man Tournament will begin to crowd the new Heavyweight Champion. Bradshaw looks at Morgan and says that he will be in the first match of the tournament, against someone who’s looking for payback, before introducing KURT ANGLE! In the ring, Morgan looked on in shock as Angle hobbled his way onto the stage. The two of them stared across the arena as Anarchy went to commercials…

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[Non-Title Match]:
Daffney pinned Brie Bella with the Lobotomy in 0:03:05.
Rating: **

The Women’s Champion made quick work of Brie tonight, locking in a half Boston Crab, before connecting with the Lobotomy for the easy 1-2-3. After the match, Daffney left the ring, holding the title in the air as the Quebec crowd met her with boos.

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[Heavyweight Title Tournament - Round One]:
Kurt Angle made Matt Morgan submit to the Ankle Lock in 0:24:00.
Rating: *** ½
[Cody Rhodes interfered against Matt Morgan.]

Matt Morgan made his way to the ring, still showing disbelief that his opponent would be the “Olympic Gold Medalist”. Morgan stood in the ring as Angle made his way out, limping on his injured leg, slowly getting into the ring as the referee called for the bell. Morgan wasted no time going after Angle’s leg, using any submission move he could think of to make the former champion tap out. Angle was able to fight back, but the damage had clearly been done to his leg, and he crumpled to the canvas in pain. Morgan brought Angle to his feet and connected with the Carbon Footprint. He went for the cover but Angle kicked out at two-and-a-half. Angle wisely rolled out of the ring as Morgan argued with the referee, gaining some measure of rest before “The Blueprint” realized what had happened. As Morgan came outside the ring, he was met with a low blow Angle, who shoved Morgan forward into the ring steps, opening up a small gash on Morgan’s head. Dazed, Morgan stumbled around the ring as Angle struggled to get to his feet, and as Angle limped around the corner, Morgan connected with a vicious clothesline! Morgan picked up Angle and whipped him into the guardrail, but Angle’s leg gave out on him, causing Angle to fall face-first into the steel railing, opening up a gash on HIS head, too. Morgan re-entered the ring and waited as Angle slowly got to his feet and rolled under the bottom rope before the referee’s ten-count. As Angle stood up, Morgan prepared to hit another Carbon Footprint, but from behind, CODY RHODES connected with a sickening chairshot to Morgan’s back! Morgan turned around as Rhodes jumped off the apron and ran through the crowd. Angle took the chance to roll into Morgan and locking in the Ankle Lock. Morgan tapped out as the crowd went crazy!

After the match, Cody Rhodes grabbed Angle and brought him to safety, assisting him up the ramp as Anarchy goes to commercials.

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Coming back from the break, an outside shot of the arena is shown, followed by photos from last night’s X-Division Title Match between Alex Shelley and Adam Cole. When the photos are finished, ALEX SHELLEY makes his way out to the ring, carrying the X-Division Title over his shoulder. In the ring, he stands as the crowd applauds his efforts last night in retaining the title. Shelley says that no one in the arena can fully understand what it’s like to walk out to the ring, knowing that they withstood the biggest thorn in their side and came out on top. He says that for months, Adam Cole had done nothing but run his mouth and have his friends help him retain the X-Division Title. Shelley admitted to being a little jealous of that at first, because his best friend in the industry left the company almost a year ago; and therefore has not been around to see Shelley win the Best of the Best battle royal, or headline Wrestleocolypse, or to see him put his body on the line last night in a Ladder Match, and still be able to stand here tonight as Champion.

Shelley is interrupted as EVAN BOURNE walks on-stage. Shelley watches as Bourne makes his way down to the ring and enters, grabbing his own microphone. Bourne says that he’s not here to cause any trouble, and that he didn’t want to interrupt what Shelley was saying. He says that he just wanted to come out and congratulate Shelley on his victory last night. Bourne says that he wishes he could sympathize with Shelley, and feel bad about the fact that his friend is no longer with the company, but says that it’s just hard for him to do. He says that he can’t do it, because he has never had a friend in the HWL; he’s never had anyone watching his back. Bourne says that every little thing he has gotten during his time here, he has gotten by himself. Bourne says that he has had to fight - week in and week out - to get noticed by the HWL brass, not to mention the HWL fans. He says that he’s not bitter, just happy to finally know that he is one step closer to getting his chance to prove that he belongs. Bourne says that he knows Shelley no longer has to worry about Adam Cole for as long as he’s Champion; but says that he and Shelley both know how great of match they’d give the fans if they stepped into the ring together at JUSTICE. Bourne leaves the ring as Shelley just stares at him; the crowd buzzing with anticipation.

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[Tag Team Title Tournament - Semi-Final]:
AJ Styles & Mr. Anderson defeated Colt Cabana & Derrick Bateman when Styles pinned Cabana after a Frankensteiner from the top rope in 0:14:23.
Rating: *** ¼

Twenty-four hours after staging one of the biggest attacks since they joined forces, AJ Styles and Mr. Anderson stepped into the ring with the very impressive up-and-coming duo of Colt Cabana and Derrick Bateman. Cabana and Bateman jumped out to the early advantage, just minutes after the match started, as Cabana connected with the Colt .45 on Mr. Anderson outside the ring, on the concrete floor! Cabana rolled back into the ring as the referee started his ten-count, only to have Ric Flair assist Anderson to his feet and back inside the ring. The match continued with both teams showing some great offense; J.D. and Scott Michaels commented on the surprising fact that neither Flair nor Chelsea interfered in the match-up, after what they did last night during the Triple Threat Match at Turning Point. The end of the match saw Mr. Anderson connect with the Mic Check before setting Cabana on the top turnbuckle. Derrick Bateman came into the ring and attacked Anderson, throwing him to the outside. As Bateman turned around, Styles connected with a Pele kick before jumping onto the turnbuckle and hitting the top rope Frankensteiner! Styles made the cover as the referee counted the 1-2-3!

After the match, Styles left the ring as he, Flair and Chelsea helped Anderson to his feet and made their way up the ramp.

Commercial Break

A preview for the up-coming pay-per-view event, Justice, is shown. The event will take place from the HP Pavilion in San Jose, California, live, on July 24th! Who will be the new HWL Heavyweight Champion?

Evan Bourne pinned Steve Corino with the Shooting Star Press in 0:12:41.
Rating: ** ¾

Earlier in the evening, Evan Bourne made his case to challenge for the X-Division Title at Justice. He was then given his chance to back his case up, as he stepped into the ring with Steve Corino, and that’s exactly what he did. Though it took fighting through some very painful moments that took place outside the ring - including getting thrown into both sets of steel rings steps and being hit with the Sliding Lariat onto the concrete floor - Bourne showed the crowd that it takes a lot more to make him stop. After finally battling back, Bourne was able to plant Corino with a spinning DDT, before jumping onto the turnbuckle and hitting the Shooting Star Press for an impressive victory.

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[Heavyweight Title Tournament - Round One]:
Cody Rhodes defeated Jey Uso by disqualification in 0:08:35.
Rating: ** ¼
[Tamina interfered against Cody Rhodes.]

Cody Rhodes had been a man to avoid since the events that happened at Turning Point took place. Last night was his chance to get retribution on the man who stole his Heavyweight Title at Fully Loaded. Instead, Rhodes was handed a victory - and a fall from the top rope to the concrete at ringside - by “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair. Tonight, Rhodes looked like a man possessed as he stepped into the ring with Jey Uso - who was just simply trying to survive in the tournament. Both men fought as hard as they could, and Uso managed to startle Rhodes with an aggressive array of offense during the match. In the end, though, as Rhodes ran into the ropes, Tamina reached in and tripped Rhodes, causing the referee to disqualify Uso and award the match to the former Heavyweight Champion.

After the match, Rhodes rolled out of the ring, shaking his head at having been the victim of another interference call. Inside the ring, Jey Uso fell to his knees, staring at Tamina, and asking her Why. Tamina turned away from the ring, embarrassed by the mistake she had made, as Uso fell to his elbows while J.D. and Scott Michaels thanked everyone for watching. Anarchy goes off the air…

Card rating: ** 3/4

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