June 28, 2010 - Monday Night Anarchy - Buffalo, NY

Monday Night Anarchy
June 28, 2010
HSBC Arena
Buffalo, New York

— Pictures are shown from the AJ Styles-Desmond Wolfe main event from last night with “The Good Life” by Three Days Grace playing in the background.

— Josh Daniels and Scott Michaels welcome the at-home audience to Buffalo, New York, where a crowd of 14,204 is ready to see the aftermath of Turning Point. They announce that tonight, Kaz will take on new X-Division Champion D’Angelo Dinero, in a non-title match. And, that in tonight’s main event, MVP will take on “The Blueprint” Matt Morgan.

— HWL Owner, Peter Bradshaw, comes out to the ring to a stunned response from the crowd. Inside the ring, Bradshaw asks the crowd if they enjoyed Turning Point last night, and smiles at the reaction from the crowd. Bradshaw congratulates the winners of the matches last night, but says that its time to look forward to Justice on July 25th. Bradshaw then says that he is out tonight, to make an announcement that will shock some people in the audience and at home, but that he can’t make the announcement alone; he then requests that ALEX SHELLEY join him in the ring.

Alex Shelley makes his way onto the stage, alone, carrying one of the HWL Tag Team Titles over his shoulder. He reluctantly makes his way down the ramp, staring a hole through the Owner, and shaking his head without looking at the crowd surrounding the ramp. Inside the ring, Shelley stands silently beside Bradshaw, as he announces that Shelley’s partner - CHRIS SABIN - chose not to re-sign his contract, and has effectively left the Horizon Wrestling League. And, because of that, Bradshaw says that he has no other choice but to vacate the titles; he demands that Shelley hand over the belt.

After getting the belt, and watching Shelley leave the ring, Bradshaw announces that tonight, later in the show, their will be a match between LEGACY and THE HART DYNASTY to name new champions.

Commercial Break

Angelina Love vs. Daffney
It had been a few weeks since either of these Vixens were in the ring, but neither of them showed much sign of rust since their last matches, respectively. Daffney came out strong, getting a few near falls on one half of The Beautiful People. However, her aggression got the better of her as, after what she thought was a slow count, Daffney threw the referee into the ring post! Another referee came down to the ring, but Daffney was unable to keep the momentum, as Angelina came back to even things up. Eventually, the original referee gained his composure and called for the bell, disqualifying Daffney. After the match, Daffney lost it and attacked Angelina as both officials tried to pull her away. VELVET SKY came down to the ring, and pulled Angelina out of the ring, as Daffney laughed hysterically as TBP made their way up the ramp.

Angelina Love defeated Daffney by disqualification in 7:31.
Rating: * ¾

— Backstage, CM Punk is seen walking through the hallways, when he bumps into Luke Gallows and Serena. Punk tells Gallows to get out of his way, and asks why both of them are still around, saying that there’s no point form them to be here. Gallows chuckles and says that he and Serena had their reasons for still hanging around; one of them being to see if Punk was capable of backing up his promise of winning a match without them. Gallows says that he was surprised by Punk’s victory over Yoshi Tatsu last night, but wondered if Punk was capable of getting a streak going. Gallows chuckles again as he walks away; Serena slaps Punk on the arm as she follows behind Gallow.

— Also, backstage, Alisha Hicks is seen with ALEX SHELLEY, and asks what’s going through his mind after the recent events over the last 24 hours. Shelley says that he had no idea that Chris Sabin wasn’t going to re-sign his contract; that he thought he knew Sabin better than that. Shelley says that Sabin not only skipped out on his contract, but also on any possible reunion of the Machine Guns. Shelley then says that, earlier tonight, handing over the tag team titles, and being told that he’d have to watch new champions be crowned tonight, was one of the hardest things he’s had to go through. But, he says that tonight was the only way that the titles were ever going to leave the Machine Guns; and that the rest of the tag team division could thank Chris Sabin for having the titles taken away.

Evan Bourne vs. Kurt Angle
Evan Bourne and Kurt Angle were both coming off losses two weeks ago and looking to get back on track. Bourne gave a great effort against his bigger opponent, but Angle came out strong and carried the entire match. Angle was able to hit the Angle Slam to pick up the victory.

Kurt Angle pinned Evan Bourne after the Angle Slam in 5:59.
Rating: ***

Commercial Break

— Backstage, Alisha Hicks catches up with AJ STYLES and RIC FLAIR. AJ says that a lot of stuff happened that took everyone’s attention away from what was going on inside the ring. He says that he had Desmond Wolfe right where he wanted him; that AJ was going to finally end Wolfe’s winning streak, but because the referee got distracted before Wolfe pinned AJ, the referee didn’t see that Wolfe was holding onto AJ’s trunks. AJ says that he and Wolfe both know that it’s the truth, and because of that, AJ demands a rematch for the Heavyweight Title, at Justice. Flair then interjects and says he has a message for Chelsea. Flair says it was cute of Chelsea to put herself in harm’s way to save Desmond Wolfe from getting blind-sided, but Flair says if she thinks about doing it again, he won’t hesitate to show her how wrong of a decision that is. Wooo!

— New X-Division Champion D’ANGELO DINERO is seen walking through the hallway and is approached by MONTEL VONTAVIOS PORTER. MVP congratulates Dinero on the victory and says that it was about time that Rhino lost the belt; but, he says that it’s a shame he wasn’t the one who took the title from him. MVP says that would’ve been the way to do it: to have MVP take the belt from the man who beat him for it the first place. MVP says that, since that wasn’t how things went down, he’d have to settle for taking the title off Dinero when the time was right.

HWL Tag Team Title Match
Legacy vs. The Hart Dynasty (w/Natalya)
Both of these teams had the chance to do something huge tonight; they both had the chance to be the next Tag Team Champions after a lengthy reign by The Motor City Machine Guns. All four men put their bodies - and hearts - on the line in this match, fighting all over the ring and outside the ring, nearly getting counted out on several occasions. The match also had plenty of near-falls, but neither team was going to allow their opponents to get the better of them. Therefore, as the match neared the 20-minute mark, the referee had no other choice but to call for the bell, ending the match in a DRAW. After the match, both teams entered the ring and began to brawl - much to the enjoyment of the fans - but, it was quickly broken up by HWL officials.

Legacy and The Hart Dynasty battled to a draw in 20:00.
Rating: * ¾
(The HWL Tag Team Titles remained vacant.)

— A preview for the up-coming pay-per-view, JUSTICE, is shown as “Another Way to Die” by Disturbed plays in the background. —

Commercial Break

— Coming back from the break, Alisha Hicks is seen backstage with Desmond Wolfe and Chelsea. Chelsea stands quietly behind Wolfe as the Heavyweight Champion responds to comments made earlier by AJ Styles. Wolfe mentions that AJ thinks he held AJ’s trunks during their match last night, at Turning Point, but tells AJ to “watch the tape”, and that he would be cleared of any wrong doing. However, Wolfe says that, if AJ were in the same position, he’d probably pull Wolfe’s trunks if he knew he wouldn’t get caught. He then switched topics and brought up AJ’s challenge for a rematch at Justice. Wolfe says that he hasn’t lost a single bout since he stepped foot into the HWL, and that another match against AJ would just add to that feat; but, Wolfe says that he wants to make their next match a little more interesting. Wolfe says that, if AJ wants another shot at taking the title, then he would have to do it inside the confines of a steel cage. Wolfe then switched topics and said that he had a special message for Ric Flair. Wolfe said that, if Flair ever laid a hand on Chelsea for any other reason, Wolfe would make sure to do what Flair’s infamous plane crash couldn’t…

Non-Title Match
Kaz vs. © D’Angelo Dinero
There has been a pretty turbulent history between Kaz and Dinero in recent history, stemming back to the re-opening of the HWL, but it all came to a head last night at Turning Point. Kaz told “The Pope” that, one day, they’d meet in the ring again, whether or not Dinero was X-Division Champion. He made his distaste clear with a slap in the face! But, all that did was fuel Dinero into defeating Rhino and winning the X-Division Title. And, tonight, Kaz got his wish - a little sooner than he’d hope - but, he found himself in the ring with the newly crowned champion; and “The Pope” surely wasn’t about to forgive Kaz for his actions 24 hours ago. Kaz wanted to prove - to himself and the fans - that he was better than Dinero. All Dinero wanted to do was show that his title win wasn’t a fluke, and that’s exactly what he did. Fueled by his anger towards Kaz, Dinero didn’t allow his opponent much offense, as he took hi time wearing Kaz down. Dinero connected with the DDE, but wasn’t able to get the three-count, as Kaz had fallen close to the ropes. Sensing that Kaz had had enough, Dinero picked up him for a vertical face buster and picked up the victory. After the match, Dinero stood in the center of the ring - with the X-Division Title over his shoulder - and stared at the carnage he had created.

D’Angelo Dinero pinned Kaz after a vertical face buster in 11:51.
Rating: ** ¾

— Backstage, Alisha Hicks is seen with JAY LETHAL, who is dressed in street clothes and appears to be upset. When asked, Lethal says that haven’t been too many times that he’s been upset or disgusted by things that happen inside the business. He says that last night, when Consequences Creed told him that he wouldn’t be re-signing with the HWL, it was one of the biggest shocks of his career. But, after 24 hours of thinking about it, and trying to find ways to move on, he says that the only thing he could think of was this: Creed was tired of waiting around for his chance to become a champion in the HWL; he was tired of being held back so that other teams could get the chances he felt he and Lethal were deserving. Lethal said that Creed’s reasoning behind leaving was the same reason Lethal resigned with the company; so that with or without Creed, he would make the best of his time and try to do what he hadn’t been able to do: win championship gold. Lethal tells Alisha that now he’s free; he has no tag team partner to worry about. He can go out and do what he feels is the best for his career, and he doesn’t have to answer to anyone.

— In an abandoned area of the arena, standing alone, MATT MORGAN stares into the video camera, dressed in his ring attire. With a slight smirk, he says that he’s been out of the picture for a few weeks, because he’s had to deal with the fact that he wasn’t able to finish off Kurt Angle, when he had him right where he wanted Angle. Morgan says that their match at Fully Loaded was one of the biggest disappointments of his career - outside of losing the HWL Heavyweight Title to AJ Styles. But, Morgan says, that he’s done hiding in the shadows; and that if he were given another chance at Kurt Angle, the results would be drastically different. He then says, that tonight, MVP happened to be the one the draw the short straw, and that any hopes of winning just got a little smaller.

Commercial Break

Montel Vontavious Porter vs. Matt Morgan
“The Blueprint” came out to the ring looking like a man with a mission to destroy everything in his path, and the crowd couldn’t wait to see what he had in-store for Porter. MVP, coming off his challenge to D’Angelo Dinero, had something up his sleeve for his much larger opponent. Porter came out with a flash of offense, taking Morgan by surprise, but Morgan quickly retaliated and used his strength to gain the upper hand. Morgan looked to have the match in-hand, but MVP quickly ducked behind the referee as Morgan went for the Big Boot! With the referee down, and Morgan trying to revive him, Porter slipped outside the ring and pulled something out of his attire. As the referee got up, and Morgan turned his attention back to the match, Porter connected with a right hand - covered in brass knuckles! Dazed, Morgan was an easy target as Porter hit the Playmaker for the victory! After the match, Porter dashed out of the ring - with the crowd booing him all the way - as a small cut began to bleed on Morgan’s forehead.

Montel Vontavious Porter pinned Matt Morgan with The Playmaker in 11:35.
Rating: **

Card Rating: ** ¼

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