June 6, 2011 - Monday Night Anarchy - Columbus, OH

Monday Night Anarchy
June 6, 2011
Nationwide Arena - Columbus, Ohio
Attendance: 11,033 (59%)

Scenes from last week’s episode of Anarchy are shown, ending with the lights going out during the David Hart Smith - Cody Rhodes match.

“Headstrong” begins to play though out the arena as fireworks shoot into the air from the stage. As the lights come back on, the camera pans around the audience as Josh Daniels and Scott Michaels welcome everyone to Columbus, just three weeks away from Turning Point. They announce that, tonight, Colt Cabana and Derrick Bateman will take on The American Wolves in a battle of two fast-rising tag teams. Also, tonight, Maryse will take on former Women’s Champion, Velvet Sky, in singles action…

Randy Orton’s music hits as “The Viper” makes his way to the ring, getting a mixed reaction from the crowd. Orton grabs a microphone and says that he sat in the back last week, watching Cody Rhodes come down to the ring and demand a rematch against Abyss for the Heavyweight Title at Turning Point, and all he could do was shake his head in disbelief. Orton says that he understands that Cody has a reason to want a rematch, seeing as how he had been champion for five minutes, but says that Rhodes lost the match; and that it’s the nature of the game. He says that Rhodes would’ve done the same exact thing if the roles were reversed, just like everyone else on the HWL roster. Orton says that, just like Rhodes, he is out to make his case for being the Number One Contender, and feels that he should be the one to challenge Abyss for the Heavyweight Title. Orton says that he and Rhodes but feel they should be the challenger, but there’s one small difference between the two: Cody Rhodes lost to Abyss at Fully Loaded. Orton didn’t.

Orton says that Rhodes is upset because he feels “screwed” out of the Heavyweight Title, and says that Rhode has every way to feel that way, but that he’s not the only one it’s ever happened to. He says that for weeks, leading up to Fully Loaded, Orton and Abyss tore each other apart, essentially trying to end one another’s careers. Orton says that he has been the only one on the HWL roster to make “The Monster” look as bad as he did during their 20-minute war at Fully Loaded. His only flaw is that Orton wasn’t able to put Abyss down for the three-count. Orton says that he wants another chance to prove that he can beat Abyss, and says that he knows Abyss can’t be content with having a draw on his record without finding out who really is the better of the two. He says that, at Turning Point, one way or another, he will get his hands on “The Monster”, and if he walks away with the Heavyweight Title in the process, then it’ll have been worth it.

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Skip Sheffield pinned Steve Corino after a forearm to the back in 0:13:10.
Rating: *** ½

Steve Corino stepped into the ring for the first time in a number of weeks tonight, against a man who came to Columbus ready to fight! Sheffield bullied Corino around the ring for the first few minutes of the match; making everyone think it would be overly quickly. But Corino was able to kick out of a Running Clothesline by the “Cornfed Meathead”, and fight his way back into the match. Later in the match, outside the ring, Corino was able to stun Sheffield with a vicious lariat when Sheffield attempted a body slam. Corino rolled back into the ring, and stunned Sheffield again, by locking him into a fisherman suplex; but the pinfall only received a two-count. The moment of weakness seemed to have angered Sheffield who didn’t allow Corino to fight back any further, knocking him to the canvas with the forearm to the back, and getting the three-count.

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In the locker room, YOSHI TATSU is seen sitting in a chair, looking down at the floor as KAZ enters the room. Kaz stands by Yoshi for a moment, until Yoshi looks up at him, emotionless. Kaz says that he doesn’t know what’s been going on inside Yoshi’s mind for the past few weeks, but that he has stood by his side through everything during their time in the HWL. Kaz says that he never thought - out of everyone on the roster - that Yoshi would be the one he’d be bailing out of jail. Kaz tells Yoshi that he was willing to let all of that slide, because they’re friends, but says that he can’t let go what happened last week. Kaz tells Yoshi that he demands an explanation as to way Yoshi walked away from the ring during their match…

Yoshi quickly gets to his feet and punches Kaz on the jaw, sending his partner down to the ground! Kaz continues to attack Kaz, before getting back to his feet and screaming out that he was sick and tired of being told what to do by everyone! Yoshi says that he’s not going to let Kaz - or anyone else - verbally push around any more, and that he’s going to prove once and for all that he can be something other than the laughing stock of the roster! Yoshi storms out of the room as the camera closes in on Kaz…

Velvet Sky pinned Maryse with the Beauty Mark in 0:13:26.
Rating: *

Maryse looked to continue her winning ways this week, as she stepped into the ring with the former Women’s Champion, Velvet Sky. Maryse looked impressive, at times, during the match; but using her title loss as fuel, Velvet came out on a mission to get back into the title hunt. Sky picked up the victory after hitting the Beauty Mark, putting herself back into a position to again challenge for the Women’s Title.

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Backstage, DAVID HART SMITH is seen with Alisha Hicks, who first asks how Tyson Kidd is recovering from the injury he sustained last week. Hart says that Kidd’s back in Calgary, resting, and getting ready to return to action. Hart says that both he and Kidd think that The American Wolves are trying to replicate the actions that AJ Styles and Mr. Anderson took before their match at Fully Loaded. When asked for further reasoning, Hart says that The Wovles set the gauntlet, last week, when they challenged the Hart Dynasty for the Tag Team Titles, without actually coming out and saying it. Hart says that, The Wolves had a plan going into last week all along; and that it started with taking out Tyson Kidd.

Hart says that he doesn’t want to, but has to give credit where it’s due; saying that The Wolves did overcome odds at Fully Loaded to walk away with a victory. He says they lost every ounce of that credit last week, when they attacked Kidd; and they’re nowhere close to getting any of it back by thinking they will be the team to “finally” end the Hart Dynasty’s reign as Tag Team Champions. Hart says that it’s a running theme in the Horizon Wrestling League: everyone, who can find a partner, claims that their team will be the one to put an end to The Hart Dynasty. Numerous teams have tried. Most have failed, yet some have been successful; but their success was short-lived, as he and Kidd would always wind up with the titles around their waists. Hart says that the Wolves are no different then any other team that has passed through the HWL; and that there is very little either Davey Richards or Eddie Edwards can do that they haven’t seen before. Hart says that their challenge will be accepted, because it’s time to make another worthless team eat their words…

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The American Wolves (Davey Richards & Eddie Edwards) defeated Colt Cabana & Derrick Batman when D. Richards pinned D. Bateman after a tiger driver in 0:08:22.
Rating: ** ¼
[Natalya interfered against Eddie Edwards.]

Both of these teams have been on a tear recently, quickly moving their way up the ladder to challenge for the Tag Team Titles. The Wolves - the current #1 Contenders - sent a message to David Hart Smith, earlier tonight, by attacking him backstage as Tyson Kidd recovers from a neck injury. During the match, Cabana and Bateman surprised a lot of people with their intensity as soon as the bell rang. The Wolves struggled to fight their way back into the match; and found things to be even tougher after NATALYA made her way down to ringside. Using the former Women’s Champion to their advantage, Cabana and Bateman brought the possibility of an upset closer and closer. But, things quickly changed as Davey Richards reversed an irish whip, and Natalya - blinding turning her head from the action - tripped Bateman instead! Cabana began screaming at Natalya from the apron, as Richards took Bateman down with a tiger driver. Cabana realized too late, and entered the ring after the referee had counted to three.

After the match, Richards slid out of the ring, as he and Edwards celebrated their victory. Natalya, shaking her head in disbelief, apologized to Cabana and Bateman for her miscue…

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Backstage, Alisha Hicks catches up with Natalya and asks about the confrontation she had with Cabana and Bateman. Natalya says that she didn’t go out there to help Cabana and Bateman, but to even things up with Richards and Edwards. Natalya says that, if Cabana and Bateman couldn’t take advantage if, it’s not her problem. Natalya storms off as Alisha looks on, wide-eyed.

Alex Shelley pinned Kaval with the Sliced Bread #2 in 0:10:20.
Rating: *** ¼

Before the match, Alex Shelley came down to the ring and said that no one could understand how much time and effort he has put into trying to enlighten everyone on the ways that Adam Cole and Kyle O’Reilly are screwing everyone over in the X Division. Shelley said that he has been trying to show everyone in the HWL - from the ring crew to management - that Adam Cole has not had a legitimate match, or victory, since he became X-Division Champion. Shelley said that he will continue to fight for the people who believe in fairness in competition; and until he gets another shot at Adam Cole, with no interference from “his buddy”. Shelley said that, if Cole were a true man, and believed in keeping pride associated with the X-Division Title, then he would put in on the line next week. Shelley dropped the microphone and got ready for his match…

The match itself was a very fast-paced encounter. Kaval, coming back a couple weeks after receiving a second, small concussion at the foot of Mr. Anderson, appeared to be back at top form throughout the whole match. Shelley, though, came out impassioned by his thoughts on the X Division, and took his aggression out on Kaval. Shelley picked up the victory after hitting the Sliced Bread #2 and getting the three-count. Josh Daniels and Scott Michaels mentioned that they had never seen Shelley in this “state” before; not even as he challenged for the Heavyweight Title earlier this year…

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Randy Orton defeated Kaz by disqualification in 0:02:31.
Rating: ** ½

Earlier tonight, “The Viper” stated his case for why he should be the number one contender for the Heavyweight Title, and should face “The Monster” Abyss at Turning Point. Kaz, who has been having a difficult time with his partner, Yoshi Tatsu, came out looking to get a grip on his in-ring confidence, at least. But, this match ended as quickly as it started as the lights in the arena went out - for the second week in a row - halting the match. Josh Daniels and Scott Michaels speculated that it was Abyss, giving Orton his answer, but as the lights come back, CODY RHODES stood behind Orton with a steel chair! Orton turned around as Orton smashed the chair over his head! The referee quickly rang the bell, and awarded the match to Orton.

After the match, Rhodes stood over Orton’s body, holding in the chair in the air, as Anarchy went off the air.

Card rating: ** 1/2

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