June 7, 2010 - Monday Night Anarchy - Providence, RI

Monday Night Anarchy
June 7, 2010
Dunkin’ Donuts Center
Providence, Rhode Island

— A highlight video is shown of the confrontation between AJ Styles and Heavyweight Champion Desmond Wolfe and the ensuing challenge for Turning Point. The video then shows Styles’ victory over Randy Orton in the main event. Josh Daniels and Scott Michaels welcome everyone to the arena and announce the attendance at 6,235. They announce that tonight’s main event will feature Yoshi Tatsu taking on Desmond Wolfe, and that later tonight, Matt Morgan will face X-Division Champion Rhino, in a non-title match.

Non-Title Match
Angelina Love vs. © Natalya

For the second time in a matter of a few weeks, Angelina Love tried her hand against the Women’s Champion, and for the second time she faced the same ending result. Love came into this match hoping to work of some of the rest, and to get herself on the winning track, but Natalya has been on a rampage since winning the title. I’m second generation superstar locked in the Sharpshooter, for the second time, force Angelina to tap out. After the match, in a show of dominance, Natalya stood over Love - who was holding lower back in pain - holding up the Women’s Title.

Natalya made Angelina Love submit to the Sharpshooter in 11:35.
Rating: *** ¾

— Backstage, HWL Champion Desmond Wolfe is seen entering the arena, and is approached by Alisha Hicks. She asks for his thoughts of his opponent tonight, Yoshi Tatsu. Wolfe says that he hasn’t been paying much attention to Tatsu over the past weeks, but knows that he’s been having his difficulties in the ring. Wolfe tells Hicks that he knows Tatsu will get out of the rut he’s in… but, it won’t be today. Wolfe says that tonight is his chance to equal AJ Styles’ victory from last week, and that’s exactly what he plans on doing.

— Also, backstage, KAZ is seen walking toward the locker room when he is approached by RHINO. The X-Division Champion tells Kaz that, last week, he was right in saying that Rhino deserved to walk out of Fully Loaded with the title in-hand. But, Rhino warns Kaz that he might be speaking too soon about the idea of getting another shot at the title while Rhino still holds it. Rhino says that, if Kaz wants another shot, he’s gotta go through a lot of people to get it. Rhino says that he’s already beaten Kaz once, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to do it again, if the time ever comes.

David Hart Smith vs. Mr. Anderson
David Hart Smith got a chance to redeem himself, as he stepped into the ring for his second singles match, but he was facing a very focused challenger. Smith was looking to have a better outcome compared to his last match, but Mr. Anderson was determined to make up for his loss at Fully Loaded. These two battled inside and outside of the ring for nearly 15 minutes, trying to get the advantage on one another. The turning point in the match came when Smith reversed Anderson’s Somersault Slam into a crucifix for a two-count. The move clearly caught Anderson off guard, as he was never able to mount a comeback, and Smith picked up a huge upset, hitting the Saito Suplex for the victory.

David Hart Smith pinned Mr. Anderson with the Saito Suplex in 13:34.
Rating: **

Commercial Break

— Coming back from the break, RANDY ORTON comes out to the ring, and grabs a microphone as the crowd cheers his presence. Orton wastes no time, demanding answers from Kane, and calling “The Big Red Monster” out to the ring. After waiting for Kane to come out, Orton says that Kane is afraid to face him, man-to-man, now that Orton has found out who was being his attacks. Orton says he’s sure that Kane is in the building, and issues a challenge for Turning Point: a Street Fight, and says that if Kane’s a man he’ll accept the challenge. Then the lights suddenly turn out, and after a few moments, they come back on to reveal Kane, standing behind Orton just like at the end of Anarchy last week. Orton turns around as Kane kicks him in the gut, picks up him, and connects with the Tombstone! Kane stands over Orton and accepts the challenge for Turning Point, before leaving the ring.

— Backstage, Alisha Hicks is with the Tag Team Champions, The Motor City Machine Guns, and asks them to comment on the challenge issued by The British Invasion last week. ALEX SHELLEY wonders who the British Invasion are, and where they get the nerve to think that they can come into the Machine Guns’ company and start demanding matches. Shelley says that TBI have only won once since joining, and that was nothing but a softball match against Lethal Consequences. CHRIS SABIN interjects and says that, if TBI wants a title shot at Turning Point, they have to prove it to the Machine Guns. Sabin says that the “dominance”, that Brutus Magnus talked about last week, got them disqualified. He asked if Magnus and Rob Terry were willing to sacrifice a title shot for the chance to show their dominance again…

Non-Title Match
Legacy vs. © The Motor City Machine Guns

The Machine Guns came out to make a strong point against The British Invasion before the match, but things didn’t go exactly as the champions had planned. The Legacy came in fighting, in guard the champs off guard in a match that saw the referee take a huge spill after colliding with Alex Shelley. The Legacy used that to their advantage, and ultimately, Cody Rhodes locked in the figure-four leglock on Shelley. But Shelly, not wanting to let his team down, did not tap out. Instead, he fought the pain for as long as he could, before finally passing out, causing the referee to call for the bell. After the match, DiBiase and Rhodes celebrated their victory as Chris Sabin and HWL officials looked over Alex Shelley.

The Legacy (Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase) defeated The Motor City Machine Guns (Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin) when C. Rhodes made A. Shelley pass out to the Figure-Four Leglock in 15:29.
Rating: ** ¾

— Backstage, Serena and Luke Gallows are seen standing with their heads down, inside the locker room. CM Punk paces in front of them and says that he’s made a decision that is going to change all three of their lives, forever. Punk says that he started out in this business, all alone, and made it to the top wherever he went. He says that, while he was at the top, he brought the two of them in to help keep up at the top; and for a time, it was successful. But, Punk says, now things are starting to get a little out of control. Punk says that he has repeatedly told the two of them to stay out of his matches, unless it was absolutely necessary. Punk says that, for so long, he looked past it, hoping that they’d figure it out on their own; but they never did. Punk says that, for two straight weeks, he has had matches called against him because of their continued interference, when it wasn’t needed. Punk says that after having the match in hand last week, and then having it taken away from him because of a stupid decision by Serena, he has decided that he doesn’t want - or need - their services any longer. Punk demands that Serena and Luke hand over their t-shirts and “get the hell” out of his locker room. As Serena and Luke leave the locker room, Punk throws their t-shirts in the garbage can…

Commercial Break

— Backstage, AJ STYLES and RIC FLAIR are seen, inside their locker room, sitting in front of a monitor. Styles tells Flair that he can’t wait until Turning Point, because he’s waited nearly six months since he last held the Heavyweight Title. Styles says that he hopes Yoshi Tatsu finds a way to end Desmond Wolfe’s winning streak, and lessen his confidence. Flair interjects and says that he just wants to see Wolfe taught a lesson… and that’ll have to wait until Turning Point.

Non-Title Match
Matt Morgan vs. © Rhino

This match was over before it really even started, as Matt Morgan appeared to have something to prove after coming up short against Kurt Angle at Fully Loaded, and totally dominated Rhino. Morgan caught the X-Division Champion so much by surprise, that he was able to hit a suplex, and pick up the victory. After the match, D’ANGELO DINERO appears on-stage and sarcastically applauds Rhino, as the champion slowly gets to his feet. Rhino catches a glimpse of Dinero and becomes furious, screaming from inside the ring, as Dinero turns and leaves the stage.

Matt Morgan pinned Rhino after a vertical suplex in 1:59.
Rating: ** ½

— A video, promoting Turning Point, is shown, highlighting the matches scheduled for the event; “The Good Life” by Three Days Grace plays in the background. The event will take place on June 27th, live from the Blue Cross Arena in Rochester, New York.

— Backstage, Alisha Hicks is seen with Yoshi Tatsu. Hicks asks about facing the Heavyweight Champion, and Tatsu says that it’s a huge opportunity for him; a chance to show what he’s capable off against the best wrestler in the HWL. He says that a win tonight will feel great, and it would help me build the confidence to challenge for the X-Division Title in the near future.

Commercial Break

Non-Title Match
Yoshi Tatsu vs. © Desmond Wolfe (w/Chelsea)

This match was a great way to end the evening in Providence! Yoshi Tatsu gave his absolute all in this match, giving Desmond Wolfe all he could take, and nearly getting a victory over the champion. But, just like in the past, Wolfe found a way to pull out the win, taking advantage of Tatsu’s constant complaining to the referee. While Tatsu was debating a near-fall, Wolfe grabbed Tatsu by the trunk and threw him outside the ring. As Tatsu made his way inside, Wolfe set up - and connected - with the Jawbreaker Lariat for the 1-2-3.

Desmond Wolfe pinned Yoshi Tatsu after the Jawbreaker Lariat in 14:05.
Rating: *** ¾

Card Rating: ***

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