March 07, 2011

Attendance: 14,264 (69%)

The final moments of last week’s episode are shown, highlighting Kurt Angle’s successful title defense over Abyss in a steel cage match. The clip ends as Angle is escorted from ringside by the medical staff…

“Headstrong” blares through the darkened arena as fireworks shoot from the stage. As the lights come on, the camera pans through the arena, showing the crowd and their signs. The smoke clears to the top of the arena as the camera goes to the broadcast table, where Josh Daniels and Scott Michaels welcome everyone to the nation’s capital, just three weeks away from the biggest event in the history of the Horizon Wrestling League. They announce that, the big story of the night, is the number one contender’s match - between Alex Shelley and Randy Orton - will be tonight’s main event; with the winner earning the chance to go to Wrestleocolypse to face Kurt Angle for the Heavyweight Title. It is also announced, tonight, that X-Division Champion Adam Cole will team up with Kyle O’Reilly to face the newly crowned Tag Team Champions, Skip Sheffield and Rob Terry.

ALEX SHELLEY makes his way down to the ramp, getting a good response from the crowd. He stands in the center of the ring, and says that he has made a lot of memories throughout his years in the wrestling business, and that they all mean something different to him. But, he says that it’s good to be back in Washington, DC (cheap pop), the place where, just about a year ago, he and his former tag team partner won the HWL Tag Team Titles, at the first-ever Rebellion pay-per-view. Shelley says that he didn’t expect his career to go on the kind of roller coaster ride it’s been since that night, but that he stands here, a year later, as the number one contender for the Heavyweight Title…

RANDY ORTON interrupts Shelley, and comes down to the ring, getting a tremendous amount of boos from the crowd. Orton says that he didn’t want to sit in the back, and listen to Shelley come out and “remember the good days”, because he could see that Shelley was just wasting time. Orton says that Shelley was out here, running his mouth, because he wanted to wait as long as possible before stepping into the ring with Orton, later tonight. Orton says that he could tell that Shelley knows his time as number one contender is counting down to the mere hours now, and that Shelley wants to hold on to that spot for just a little bit longer. He says that Shelley had his moment, to bask in the glory of winning the Tag Team Titles in DC last year, but that tonight his luck was going to be drastically different when Orton got finished with him. Orton throws down the microphone, and leaves the ring, as the crowd continues to boo. Shelley stares a hole through “The Viper” as Anarchy goes to commercials.

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(1) Steve Corino vs. Kaz

Last week, Steve Corino interfered against Jey Uso, costing Kaz the match. Afterwards, Kaz demanded to face Corino, in the ring tonight, hoping to get retribution. What he got, instead, was a fight with a man who really had nothing to lose. Kaz nearly had the match won, after hitting the Beach Break, but Corino was able to get his foot on the ropes before the three-count. The match continued, and eventually both men made their way outside the ring, where Corino connected with a vicious Lariat, causing Kaz’s head to bounce off the concrete! Not wanting to win by countout, Corino rolled Kaz back into the ring and went for the cover, but Kaz was able to lift his shoulder before the three. Infuriated, Corino went back outside, and grabbed a steel chair from the announcer’s booth. Back inside the ring, Corino dented the chair over Kaz’s head, opening up a small gash that started to bleed quickly. The referee called for the bell, and Corino left the ring, holding the chair in the air, as the crowd booed.

Kaz defeated Steve Corino by disqualification in 0:12:11.
Rating: *** ¼

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Backstage, Alisha Hicks is seen with ADAM COLE and KYLE O’RIELLY. Cole says that, at Best of the Best, he showed that he truly was better then D’Angelo Dinero, and that the one - and only - thing that proves it, is the X-Division Title draped over his shoulder. Cole says that he’s already fulfilled one promise he made, in the center of that ring; and tonight, he and O’Reilly are making another promise, so that all the “idiots and losers” watching on TV - and in the arena - know that they’re for real. Cole says that, tonight, they are stepping into the ring with the new Tag Team Champions. He says that, he and O’Reilly, have every intention on beating them in the center of the ring; and in due time, becoming the new Tag Team Champions. Cole says that stands by his statement… that he and O’Reilly will be the men to beat in the Horizon Wrestling League.

(2) Sarita vs. Natalya

Eight days after getting a black eye from Natalya’s right fist; and a week after demanding a match against the second-generation star, Sarita was finally able to step back into the ring to get the match she wanted. Still showing signs of the black eye from the pay-per-view, Sarita was taken off guard by Natalya’s airplane spin in the opening moments of the match. But, Sarita fought back, and after a strong showing of high-flying offense she rolled up Natalya in a Victory Roll, to get the surprising 1-2-3! After the match, Sarita quickly rolled out of the ring, and celebrated with the fans, as Natalya screamed out in frustration inside the ring.

Sarita pinned Natalya after a Victory Roll in 0:04:03.
Rating: ***

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CM PUNK makes his way down to the ring, getting a mixed reaction from the crowd. Punk says that he came out to get something off his chest; something that is the sole reason for him returning to the HWL just two weeks ago. Punk says that, for nearly eight months, he sat in the locker room - every single week - and waited for his chance to prove that he had what it took inside the ring. For eight months, he had a message that he wanted to get across to the ignorant people who looked up to the liars, alcoholics, and drug addicts that filled up the HWL roster. Punk says that, when he did get his chance to do what he got paid to do, he was constantly stabbed in the back by the very people whom he had taken under his wing. He says that, had things continued any longer, he would’ve found himself inside this ring with one of those follows; and that he would’ve taught him a very valuable lesson… but, Punk says that he’s put that issue behind him.

He says that he returned to the HWL to not only get that message across - that he was better then the majority of people in the arenas around the world, and those watching at home - but, to prove that he deserved a better chance than what he received a year ago. Punk says that he wasn’t very happy with his showing in the Battle Royal, at Best of the Best, but neither did Randy Orton. Punk says that, Randy Orton came out last week, and demanded that he face Alex Shelley for the chance to face Kurt Angle at Wrestleocolypse… but has done nothing to prove that he’s worthy of it. Punk says that Randy Orton is proving that anyone can come out here and complain, and be handed whatever they want. Punk says that, unlike Orton, he’s not out demanding a shot at the Heavyweight Title; because Punk was raised with the belief that you have to earn what you get. Punk says that he wants to “earn” the right to challenge for the Heavyweight Title… whenever the chance may come. Punk says that he’s out here to inform everyone on the roster that he will not be held down a second time; and, that he has come out to make an “open challenge” to anyone in the back, that feels they are tired of being held back themselves. Punk says that there would be no greater stage for the match to take place on, then at Wrestleocolypse, on March 27th. Punk drops the microphone, and leaves the ring, as the crowd returns with a mixed reaction.

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(3) © Alex Cole/Kyle O’Reilly vs. © Skip Sheffield/Rob Terry (non-title match)

Cole and O’Reilly were very confident tonight, heading into this match against bigger and stronger opponents, but they seemed unfazed by that fact when the bell rang. They got a little extra help from THE HART DYNASTY, who made their presence known early on in the match; keeping a strong presence at ringside, without interfering. Although distracted, the newly crowned champs kept the match at even keel, as it went back and forth between both teams, splitting offense throughout. Half-way through the match, Adam Cole and Rob Terry took things outside the ring, where Terry threw the X-Division Champion into the ring steps, sending them flying! But, back inside the ring, Cole had the wherewithal to reverse a body slam into an inside package for a very close two-count. The match went past the time limit, with neither team wanting to give in, but TYSON KIDD got involved, smacking Sheffield in the back of the head with one of the Tag Team Titles! This allowed Cole to quickly lift Sheffield up and execute a fireman’s carry into a knee neck breaker. Cole quickly made the cover and scored a huge upset over the Tag Team Champions! After the match, Cole, O’Reilly and the Hart Dynasty quickly made their way up the ramp as Rob Terry checked on his partner, inside the ring.

Adam Cole & Kyle O’Reilly defeated Skip Sheffield & Rob Terry when A. Cole pinned S. Sheffield after a fireman’s carry into a knee neck breaker in 0:21:57.
Rating: ***
[Tyson Kidd interfered against Skip Sheffield.]

Commercial Break

Backstage, Alisha Hicks is seen with PETER BRADSHAW. Bradshaw announces that there will be a special match taking place at Wrestleocolypse; something that he thinks will have the chance to shock and surprise the fans of the HWL. Bradshaw says that the match will consist of six men, and that the winner of the match will receive a guaranteed contract - for a Heavyweight Title Match - any time within the next six months. Bradshaw says that qualifying for the match will begin next week…

(4) Tyson Kidd (w/Natalya) vs. Evan Bourne

Tyson Kidd came into this match, poised to knock Evan Bourne off the track to the X-Division Title, but seemed to be more concerned with making sure there was no retribution by either of the Tag Team Champions for his interference in their match earlier tonight. That distraction, on Kidd’s part, was all Bourne needed to continue his winning ways. Bourne didn’t resort to his usual high-flying ways in this match; wanting to show that he can excel on the mat, as well. And he did just that, by debilitating Kidd with a backbreaker, long enough to pick up the 1-2-3.

Evan Bourne pinned Tyson Kidd after a back breaker in 0:08:09.
Rating: ***

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(5) Alex Shelley vs. Randy Orton (#1 Contenders Match)

The tone for this match was set at the beginning of the show, when Randy Orton promised that Alex Shelley’s luck would change from the last time he was in Washington, DC. Orton came out, looking to do more then stopping the dreams of his former tag team partner; but, to do enough damage to fully take him out of the Wrestleocolypse card altogether. But, Shelley persevered, and gave “The Viper” a fight that Orton wasn’t expecting. Both men hit their finishers, early on in the match, to no avail, leaving the crowd guessing. The match found it’s way outside the ring, and both men showed no signs of letting up as the referee began his 10-count. Shockingly, the bell rang after the referee counted both men out, but neither of them seemed to notice, as the fight continued outside the ring. The referee tried to break up the fight, but was pushed to the ground by Orton, who then hit a devastating RKO onto the concrete floor! HWL officials rushed down to the ring as Orton stood over Shelley’s motionless body, demanding that “The Viper” go backstage. Anarchy went off the air as the officials tended to Shelley at ringside…

Alex Shelley and Randy Orton battled to a double countout in 0:19:14.
Rating: *** ¼

Card rating: *** ¼

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