March 12, 2012 - Cedar Rapids, IA

Josh Daniels and Scott Michaels welcome everyone to Cedar Rapids, jut six dfays before the biggest wrestling event on HWL’s calendar, Wrestleocalypse 2. It is announced that the returning Chris Sabin will be in action tonight; as well as the 10-man battle royal to determine who will take part in the Golden Opportunity Match this Sunday night.

Randy Orton makes his way down to the ring, and says that he has something important to show everyone. A video plays, showing Orton attacking CM Punk in the parking garage earlier in the day. Orton says that he has never been as humiliated as he was last week, when Punk attacked him as Orton was leaving the arena. Orton says that Punk used his family to get one by him, and that after getting GTS’d onto the trunk of a car, Orton promised himself that he wouldn’t let that happen again.

Orton says that, after picking himself off the concrete, and facing the facts of what happened, he still had to fly to St. Louis and take care of his family and repair the damages that Punk caused to his property. All the while, Orton says, the one thing he couldn’t stop thinking about was making Punk pay for what he had done. What happened in the parking was only a taste, Orton says; and that whatever happens inside the ring tonight, will just be a reminded of what Punk has coming to him this Sunday night. Orton says that Punk has made things personal. He says that Punk’s reign as Heavyweight Champion is not the only thing likely to end this Sunday.

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Coming back from the break, Daniels and Michaels talk about the clip of Santino Marella defeating Kurt Angle last week.

Tag Team Champion Kurt Angle makes his way to the ring, and doesn’t appear to be in a good mood. Angle enters the ring, slinging the title belt across the canvas. Angle says that he has spent a whole week trying to accept the fact that Santino Marella beat him. Angle says he just can’t accept that, saying that it was a one-time thing, and wouldn’t happen again. Angle calls out David Otunga, saying that there’s no way Angle can lose to both of them one-on-one. Otunga’s music hits, as he makes his way to the ring, and the match begins…

Kurt Angle vs. David Otunga

Last week, in what could be called an upset, Angle lost to one-half of the number one contenders for the Tag Team Titles. Tonight, after saying his luck would be better heading into the pay-per-view, he stepped into the ring against David Otunga. Angle started off early, reversing an abdominal stretch. After Otunga reached the ropes, Angle dropped him with a DDT for a quick 1-count. Angle picked up another pinfall after a picture-perfect release German suplex, and after reversing a powerslam attempt into a small package. Otunga held his own, but fell victim to Angle’s mat skills for most of the match. However, Otunga was smart and stayed away from the Ankle Lock. After being on the defensive for most the match, Otunga shocked the crowd by blocking a backbreaker attempt, and hitting a powerslam for the 1-2-3.

David Otunga pinned Kurt Angle after a powerslam in 0:10:29.
Rating: ** ¾

After the match, Otunga rolls out of the ring, as the crowd looks on in amazement. Inside the ring, Angle tells the referee that Otunga was grabbing a pair of his singlet, but the referee counts the match. Scott and Josh talk about how this could only be feeding fuel to the fire as these two men will meet again, on Sunday night, with the Tag Team Titles on the line.

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Coming back from the break, Daniels and Michaels announces the ten men taking part in tonight’s battle royal main event: Adam Cole, Claudio Castagnoli, Colt Cabana, Jeff Hardy, Jesse Neal, Kaz, Luke Gallows, Michael Tarver, and Steve Corino.

Backstage, Rob Terry stuns Ric Flair, grabbing him by the collar and slamming him against the brick wall. Terry says that he’s done everything Flair has told him to do, and that Flair is lucky Terry doesn’t rip his head off. Flair tells Terry to take his hands off him, or Terry will be sorry. Terry demands to know who he will face this Sunday night. Before Flair answers, MATT MORGAN and AJ STYLES attack Terry from behind. They beat him in the hallway, with Flair giving instructions. Styles cracks Terry in the head with a steel chair, and Morgan whips him into the wall, stomping him in the gut. Flair calls off the attack, gets down to Terry’s face, and says that he will be facing “The Blueprint” this Sunday night. The three of them walk away as the camera goes back to the ring…

Non-Title Match
Brie Bella vs. © Hamada

Brie Bella was back in the ring after more than a month, and facing a big test in the form of the new Women’s Champion, Hamada. Just six days before her title defense, Hamada looked to have the match in the bag, due to Brie’s time away from the ring. But Brie pulled out all the stops, giving Hamada a match fitting for both a former champion and the current title holder. Hamada picked up a near-fall early with a powerbomb. Hamada kept up the offense, until Brie flipped her over the top rope. From the apron, Brie hit a flying clothesline onto the concrete. Brie went for a suplex, but Hamada pushed off, re-entering the ring. Back in the ring, Brie worked over Hamada. Brie gets Hamada in a headlock. Hamada whips Brie into the ropes, connecting with a back elbow, catching Brie in the nose. From the second turnbuckle, Hamada connects with a flying dropkick for the 1-2-3.

[Non-Title Match]:
Hamada pinned Brie Bella after a flying dropkick in 0:08:02.
Rating: ** ½

After the match, Hamada rolled out of the ring, grabbing her title belt, and made her way up the ramp. Inside the ring, Brie rolled onto an elbow, checking her nose for any damage as the cameras go backstage.

Alisha Hicks is backstage with CM Punk. Alisha asks how Punk is feeling after the attack by Randy Orton earlier today. Punk asks Alisha how she thinks he’s feeling. Punk says that the good mood he had last week, watching the fear creep into Orton’s eyes, and knowing there was nothing he could do to stop what was going on. Punk says that all went away tonight. Punk gives credit to Orton for evening the score. Punk says it shows that Orton isn’t going to back down from the fight this Sunday, and that Punk wants Orton to come at him. He says he wants to face “The Viper” of old, not the garden snake that he made submit a couple months ago. Punk says that he hopes Orton shows up when the stakes are the highest, because Punk wants to beat Orton at the top of his game. And, when he does, just like all the times before, everyone will know that he is the “Best in the World”.

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Coming back from the break, Daniels and Michaels recap the attack on CM Punk by Randy Orton, and discuss the comments made by Punk before the break.

© Rami Sebei & Randy Orton vs. Colt Cabana & © CM Punk

Before Anarchy came on the air, CM Punk was viciously attacked by Randy Orton outside the arena. Orton spent the entire night, backstage, gloating of his actions, saying that he had taken out the Heavyweight Champion. But, Punk has shown in the past, that he won’t let things stand in his way – even a brutal beatdown by the challenger for his title.

Punk, who was still feeling the effects of Orton’s attack, came to the ring, and play as much of a part as he could in this match, facing his current challenger, and the man he defeated last month at Best of the Best, Rami Sebei. His partner, Colt Cabana, was a main fixture in this match, as he didn’t want Punk to enter the match due to his condition. Cabana valiantly fought off both Sebei and Orton for most of the match, succumbing to double-teams, and eventually allowing the tide to turn. Punk, however, demanded to get into the ring, and made the tag. Punk cleared the ring, as the crowd chanted his name, but soon he fell victim to the numbers game, as Orton and Sebei turned the match in their favor. Orton worked over Punk, before tagging in Sebei, who hit Punk with a – for the 1-2-3.

Rami Sebei & Randy Orton defeated Colt Cabana & CM Punk when R. Sebei pinned Punk after a DDT in 0:13:19.

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Returning from the break, Daniels and Michaels recap the situation between The Conglomerate and Brutus Magnus.

Brutus Magnus makes his way to the ring, showing signs of the attack by Rob Terry two weeks ago. Magnus says that its funny how, just a few weeks ago, he wasn’t on The Conglomerate’s radar. He toiled away, inside the ring, picking up a paycheck for doing what he loved to do. Then, one day, he spoke to Chelsea – a fellow Brit – and for the last three weeks, has been paying the price for that. Magnus says that it’s clear that Ric Flair’s plan for AJ Styles to be Heavyweight Champion didn’t fall through. But now it seems like they’re just trying to find reasons to start issues with people. Magnus says he has no problem with that, because it has become a very personal issue for him. Magnus says they crossed a line, sending Terry out to attack him in his hotel, trying to send a message. A message of what, he asks: that he stay away from Chelsea? Magnus says that he has watched every member of The Conglomerate treat her like trash. And, the only reason she’s with Styles is because he won a match for her “services”. Magnus says Sunday night is, without a doubt, about things between himself and Styles; but that there are more important things at stake – like the safety of a woman who has nothing to do with The Conglomerate’s goal of ruling the HWL.

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Returning from the break, Daniels and Michaels recap the #1 Contenders tournament up this point, showing Martin Maldnado’s and Matt Morgan’s victories over the past few weeks.

Backstage, Alisha Hicks is with X-Division Champion Rami Sebei. Alisha asks who Sebei would like to defend the title against, if he had the luxury of choosing. Sebei says that there would be no luxury in picking between Maldonado and Morgan. He admits that he’s giving up both size and strength to whoever walks out as the challenger, but says that’s what’s great about the X-Division. Sebei says he’s been champion for a while; that he’s been able to find ways to keep the belt around his waist, and that this Sunday will be no different.

No. 1 Contenders Tournament – Finale
Martin Maldonado vs. Matt Morgan (w/Ric Flair)

Just six days before defending the title at Wrestleocalypse 2, Rami Sebei sat backstage, feeling elated after pinning Heavyweight Champion CM Punk in the previous match, watching as the two biggest competitors in the tournament squared off for a chance to challenge for the X-Division Title on Sunday. Maldonado and Morgan have had plenty of history with each other, and Josh and Scott made note of it during the match. In a match of two beasts, there was little need for weapons, and very little need for either man to take the match outside the ring. It became of contest to see who could over power the other, and with Flair screaming encouragement from ringside, Morgan was able to get the best of the Tag Team Champion, hitting a Gorilla Press slam for the 1-2-3.

[No.1 Contenders Tournament – Finale]
Matt Morgan pinned Martin Maldonado after a Gorilla Press in 0:09:17.
Rating: ** ½

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Backstage, Alisha Hicks is seen with Eve Torres. Alisha asks how Eve is feeling, just six days away from her first title shot in the HWL. Eve says she’s excited, and that it’s a huge opportunity to get her first title match at the biggest event of the year. But, she says, she’s having trouble focusing on Hamada, because of the attack by Nikki Bella two weeks ago. Eve says that, after this Sunday, win or lose, she will be coming after Bella to settle things.

A recap of Chris Sabin’s re-debut and attack on former partner Alex Shelley is shown.

Claudio Castagnoli vs. Chris Sabin

Chris Sabin made his return to the ring tonight, two weeks after re-debuting, and attacking his former partner Alex Shelley. Sabin said, last week, that he wasn’t going to allow himself to be held down any longer, and he looked eager to prove that point as he took on Claudio Castagnoli tonight. The match quickly went outside, but Sabin whipped Castagnoli into the ring post, shoulder-first. Back in the ring, Sabin worked over the injured shoulder. But Castagnoli fought back, rocking Sabin with European uppercuts. Castagnoli looked to be on the verge of changing the tide, but Sabin connected with an Ace Crusher out of nowhere to pick up the 1-2-3.

Chris Sabin pinned Claudio Castagnoli after the Ace Crusher in 0:09:11.
Rating: ** ¾

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A preview of Wrestleocalypse 2 is shown. The event will take place LIVE from the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans, Louisiana on Sunday, March 18th!

A recap of last year’s Golden Opportunity match is shown, as Daniels and Michaels explain the rules, and the reward – a six-month contract, guaranteeing a Heavyweight Title shot – that goes to the winner.

Golden Opportunity Qualifying Battle Royal

Ten men stepped inside the ring tonight, with the chance of entering the Golden Opportunity Match this Sunday at Wrestleocalypse 2. Only five men would advance, and go on to face the harshest structure to ever enter professional wrestling – The Elimination Chamber. Claudio Castagnoli, coming off a quick, stunning loss to Chris Sabin just before the break, took his frustration out on Jeff Hardy, disposing over the top rope with a European uppercut for the first elimination. Castagnolie wasn’t finished, as he went on to throw shots at whoever he could get a free chance at. Over in the corner, Steve Corino and Kaz – who are no strangers to each other – battled each other. Corino ducked a clothesline and tossed Kaz to the floor for the second elimination. Corino found Colt Cabana off by himself, and attacked him from behind. Cabana fought back, whipping Corino into the ropes. But Corino reversed it, and SHANE HAGADORN pulled down the top rope, sending Cabana crashing to the concrete for the third elimination. A mass of brutality ensued, as everyone who remained jockeyed for position. Luke Gallows, who had quietly been dominating his match-ups, found Jeremy Buck – who was debuting in tonight’s main event from PCW – and bodyslammed him to the canvas. After a stiff kick to the gut, Gallows tossed Buck over the top rope for the 4th elimination. The match continued on, as the six remaining me started to wear down. Gallows and Corino were battling on one side of the ring. Corino dropped Gallows with a dropkick. Corino attempted the Sliding Lariat, but Gallows blocked it. Gallows whipped Corino into the turnbuckles, chest-first, before dumping Corino onto the floor for the 5th elimination. Jesse Neal and Adam Cole had stayed quiet throughout this match, until their squared off in the final minutes. Cole ran into the ropes, and was stunned when Neal backdropped onto the floor for the 6th elimination. Neal then set his sights on Castagnoli, who looked to be a favorite in this match from the start. They battled each other for a few minutes. Neal placed Castagnoli into a neck crank. As Castagnoli reached for the ropes, Neal lifted him up and he hit the floor for the 7th elimination. Michael Tarver, another newcomer from a short stint in the PCW, had survived this match, making it to the Final Three. Tarver, Gallows, and Neal started going after one another, hoping to wear each other down to the point of getting just two more eliminations. Tarver dropped Gallows with a double-leg takedown, landing rights and lefts on the big man. Disoriented, Gallows fell prey to elimination, and was dumped onto the floor for the 8th exit. Tarver and Neal gave everything they had left in the final minutes of this match. Tarver tried to throw Neal out multiple times, but Neal hung onto the ropes, infuriating Tarver. Neal fought back, but Tarver downed Neal with a vicious clothesline. But, again, Neal hung on to the top rope. This time, though, Tarver was there, hitting a sick knee to the face, breaking the hold and winning the battle royal.

[10-Man Battle Royal]:
Michael Tarver won a 10-Man Battle Royal:
X Castagnoli threw out Hardy after an elbow drop in 0:03:04.
X Corino threw out Kaz in 0:07:16.
X Corino threw out Cabana in 0:08:48.
X Gallows threw out Buck after a kick to the midsection in 0:12:47.
X Gallows threw out Corino after a kick to the head in 0:18:15.
X Neal threw out Cole in 0:19:09.
X Neal threw out Castagnoli after a neck crank in 0:24:54.
X Tarver threw out Gallows after a double-leg takedown in 0:29:02.
X Tarver threw out Neal after a knee to the face in 0:32:42.
Rating: ** ¾
[Shane Hagadorn interfered against Colt Cabana.]

After the match, Tarver, exhausted, celebrates in the middle of the ring. Daniels and Matthews thank everyone for watching, saying they will see “us” in New Orleans on Sunday night!

Card rating: ** ¾

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