March 13, 2012

PCW Wrestling – House Show
Wells Fargo Arena – Des Moines, Iowa
Attendance: 10,930 (72%)

Byron Saxton vs. Jeremy Buck

Bryon Saxton took the fall for his team last week, as he and David Otunga fell to the returning Jeremy Buck and Justin Gabriel. Tonight, Saxton was tasked with regaining some footing for himself and Otunga to gain momentum heading into the title rematch, next month. Saxton put up a very solid effort from the get-go, but the time away from the ring must’ve done Buck a lot of good, as he took everything Saxton could give him, but kept fighting. Buck hit a picture-perfect 450 Splash that only got a two-count. Buck worked over Saxton, before surprising him with a jawbreaker for the 1-2-3.

Jeremy Buck pinned Bryon Saxton after a jawbreaker in 0:10:16.
Rating: ** ½

A video taken earlier in the day shows Wade Barrett and a woman entering the locker room. Barrett introduces her as his sister, Lara, to Jay Lethal. Lara says that she’s heard about Wade’s life on the road, but wanted to see it for herself. Lethal says that Lara picked the best time, because she can see them take out Beer Money later tonight. Lethal walks away as the Barretts continue down the hallway.

David Otunga vs. Eddie Edwards

The second match of the night saw the other half of the former Tag Team Champions – David Otunga – take on Eddie Edwards, who was coming off an impressive victory over Alberto Del Rio last week. This was a back and forth match, with both men trading offense back and forth. Otunga came in with a chip on his shoulder, having lost the titles he had worked so hard to get, and connected with a back elbow, right to the bridge of Edwards’ nose, stunning him long enough to allow Otunga a pinfall and the victory.

David Otunga pinned Eddie Edwards after a back elbow in 0:08:14.
Rating: *** ¼

In a video message taken last week, Ranjin Singh says that he and The Great Khali are putting The All-Night Express – and everyone else in the PCW – on alert. Singh says that the roster will pay the consequences for the actions taken by Rhett Titus and Kenny King.

Non-Title Match
Kenny King vs. © Lance Bravado

Both men came into this match having walked away with impressive victories at last week’s live show. Bravado picked up a much-needed victory over Daniel Bryan; and King, along with Rhett Titus, defeated The Great Khali in a Handicap Cage Match. Tonight, both men gave an even fight, with the champion having to hold hiown against someone who is normally known as a tag team specialist. King fought hard throughout the match, and surprised Bravado with a spinning leg lariat for the 1-2-3 in an impressive upset.

[Non-Title Match]:
Kenny King pinned Lance Bravado after a spinning leg lariat in 0:08:06.
Rating: * ¼


The second half of the show starts with James Westerfield introducing PCW Heavyweight Champion, The Big Show, to the stage. Show says that James Storm is one helluva competitor. Show says that he has had back-to-back all-out fights with Storm and David Hart Smith for the Heavyweight Title. But, Show says that he has come out on top both times; and the belt has stayed in his possession. Show knows that there is more high-quality competition on the roster, and issues an open challenge for a title match at next month’s live event. This brings out Alberto Del Rio, to a roar of boos from the crowd. Del Rio tells Show that he is looking at the man who will take the Heavyweight Title away from him, and show the PCW what a true champion is. Del Rio and Show stare down each other as the camera moves to the ring.

2/3 Falls Match
Jay Lethal & Wade Barrett vs. Beer Money, Inc.

Last week, these two teams went the distance, battling for 20 minutes, with the match ending in a draw. So, Rex Butler signed a Best of Three Falls Match for tonight, and things started where they left off. Lethal and Barrett are still trying to come into their own as a team, and having to beat a well-organized team like Beer Money is a tall task for anyone. The new duo worked well in the early part of the match, picking up an early fall as Lethal hit Storm with a Flatliner. Lethal stayed in as the second fall started. Lethal tried to take care of the match early, but Storm and Roode had other ideas. They worked Lethal over in their corner, keeping him away from Barrett. Roode brought Lethal outside the ring whipped him strongly into the guardrail. Lethal went down holding his back, as Roode slid back into the ring. The referee counted Lethal out for the second fall, as Barrett jumped off the apron, helping his partner back to their corner. Lethal argued his case with Barrett, and started the third fall. Lethal fought through the pain, picking up a near-fall over Roode, but was overtaken as Storm blindsided him. Beer Money worked over Lethal for a moment, before Barrett entered to clear the ring. As Roode re-entered the ring, Barrett was officially tagged in. Barrett worked over Roode, before hitting the Wasteland for the final 1-2-3.

[Best of Three Falls Match]:
Jay Lethal & Wade Barrett beat Beer Money, Inc. (James Storm & Robert Roode) 2 falls to 1:
X Lethal beat J. Storm via a Flatliner in 0:08:58.
X R. Roode beat Lethal via countout in 0:13:22.
X W. Barrett beat R. Roode via the Wasteland in 0:20:14.
Rating: ** ½

After the match, Barrett and Lethal celebrated the victory as the crowd celebrates. Barrett helps Lethal back up the aisle as James Westerfield is seen, standing by with the newly crowned Tag Team Champions, Justin Gabriel and Jeremy Buck.

James Westerfield welcomes Justin Gabriel and Jeremy Buck back to the PCW, and congratulates them on winning the Tag Team Titles last week. Westerfield asks Jeremy how his brother, Max, is doing. Jeremey says that his brother is doing well, but it’s a shame that let a little neck injury stand in his way of greatness. Buck says that their dream growing up was to make a name for themselves, and that’s exactly what they’ve done in the PCW. But Jeremy isn’t done, and that’s why he came back. This time, he has a partner that will be in it for the long haul. Gabriel says that he just couldn’t sit around and watch the likes of Jay Lethal and Daniel Bryan lay claim to the Tag Team Titles. So when Buck suggested a partnership, he jumped at the chance, and it caused them to become champions. Gabriel says that they came back when there is no real threat in the Tag Team division, and he and Buck will reign for the foreseeable future. This brings out Rhett Titus and Kenny King to a mixed reaction. Titus says that he and King haven’t gotten a fair shot at the Tag Team titles yet, and, after he’s done with The Great Khali tonight, that’s exactly where his attention is going to be. King challenges Buck and Gabriel to a title match at the live event in two weeks.

Rhett Titus vs. The Great Khali (w/Ranjin Singh)

The All-Night Express picked up an impressive win against The Great Khali, last week, in a Handicap Cage Match. It’s a loss that neither Khali nor Ranjin Singh have been able to come to grips with, and they made note of that fact earlier tonight. They blamed Rhett Titus for the loss, and said that he would face Khali’s wrath tonight. That is exactly what happened, as Khali made very short work of Titus, putting him away with the Punjabi Plunge for the 1-2-3.

The Great Khali pinned Rhett Titus with The Punjabi Plunge in 0:05:06.
Rating: ¼*

Harlem Bravado vs. Alberto Del Rio (w/Roberto Rodriguez)

A week after coming up short in his bid to regain some momentum in his feud with Eddie Edwards, Alberto Del Rio stepped into the ring with Harlem Bravado, who sat out last week. Bravado worked over Del Rio rom the onset of the match, but the tide quickly turned as the match made its way outside. There, Roberto Rodriguez was able to distract Bravado, allowing Del Rio to take advantage of the match. Del Rio worked Bravado over, as the referee neared his ten-count, before rolling Bravado back into the ring. Del Rio whipped Bravado into the ropes, and connected with a back elbow. Del Rio quickly made the cover, grabbing a handful of tights, as the referee counted the 1-2-3.

Alberto Del Rio pinned Harlem Bravado after a back elbow in 0:10:03.
Rating: ** ¾

Card rating: * ¾

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